Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2) by Scott Reintgen

Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2)

Getting to Eden brought Emmett and his crewmates one step closer to their promised fortune. But surviving Eden may be the biggest reward of all. Discover book two in the trilogy Marie Lu called, “a high-octance thriller.”Emmett Atwater thought Babel’s game sounded easy. Get points. Get paid. Go home. But it didn’t take long for him to learn that Babel’s competition was full of broken promises, none darker or more damaging than the last ...

Details Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2)

TitleNyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2)
Release DateJul 17th, 2018
PublisherCrown Books for Young Readers
GenreScience Fiction, Young Adult

Reviews Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2)

  • Melanie
    1.) Nyxia ★★★★★ “As the descent begins, I hold on to one truth: I am more than what they would make of me.” This is such an amazing YA Sci-Fi series that is so beautifully inclusive with some very important themes and discussions. The writing is amazing, I pulled around thirty quotes for this review alone. The characters have completely stolen my heart and soul, and they are a tier above most in all of literature. This series is a...
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    Considering how badly I fail at enjoying the middle installment of trilogies, I think the fact that I gave this one 3 stars really shows how top notch Reintgen's writing is. Even though I didn't enjoy this one QUITE as much as I did Nyxia, I think it's a really important book that highlights so many wonderful things, mainly a robust diverse character list that is neither forced nor cliche. I found so many wonderful themes encouraging here, especi...
  • Tomi Adeyemi
    So after finishing NYXIA last week I pestered Scott for NYXIA UNLEASHED. I was so excited to have the sequel early but now I write this crushed because I loved the sequel and finished it in one sitting and now I can’t pester him for the third book (or can I? we shall see lol)But in all seriousness, sequels can be so hard and this is a sequel that doesn’t disappoint. It gives us what we loved in book two but with a meaningful conflict that unf...
  •  ⚔ Sh3lly - Cranky Crone of Rabid Hedgehogs and Fire Breathing Kittens ⚔
    RELEASE DAY! July 17, 2018Nyxia (The Nyxia Triad #1): ★★★★Thank you Random House/Crown Books and Netgalley for providing an eARC!This book doesn't come out until July (yes, read another one crazy early), but I couldn't resist. I won't go into it because it's too early and spoilers and all. But, I do think it delivered, and was a good second book in a trilogy. It's different from book one enough to keep things interesting. It didn't feel l...
  • Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen)
    Hello darkness my old friend... 🎶 (Look, literally no one is more disappointed by this rating than me. RTC)-----------I loved the first book so I am P U M P E D
  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    This just-published sequel to Nyxia is a fun YA SF adventure! Review first posted on Fantasy Literature:(Recap of Book 1 in this paragraph; I've tried not to be too spoilery) Emmett Atwater, a sixteen-year-old African American from Detroit, has spent the last year on board a spaceship owned by Babel Communications, lured in ― along with nineteen other disadvantaged teenagers from across the globe ― by Babel’s offer of immense wealth if he w...
  • Carrie
    Nyxia Unleashed by Scott Reintgen is the second book in the young adult science fiction fantasy The Nyxia Triad series. In the first book of the series the Babel Corporation had recruited ten teens including Emmett Atwater. The group was from all around the world and didn’t know why they had been recruited but when offered a contract with the company that would change not only their own lives but their families they had to accept.The contract w...
  • Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    [4.5/5 stars] I’m really pleased with this sequel. The story seems more in line with what I think people were expecting from the first book: highly-trained teens dropped on an alien planet to mine Nyxia. There was less competition in this book than the first, and I missed a bit of that head-to-head drama, but the good character dynamics remained strong. What it offered instead was a new world to explore – complete with diverse flora and fauna...
  • Karen
    Nyxia Unleashed was probably my most anticipated release for 2018! I loved Nyxia so much and couldn't wait to experience more of Emmett and the gang.And, yowza!! Scott Reintgen did not disappoint! This second book follows Emmett and his surviving shipmates to the planet Eden where they mine Nyxia for the Babel Corporation. There they encounter the alien Adamites (well, actually, the humans are the aliens in Eden!) The action and world building ar...
  • Bitchin' Reads
    Update: 12/5/2017LOOK AT THE COVER. *heart eyes* Ooooh, aaaah. **I need this pretty much now. My bookhangover from Nyxia is still amped up and doesn't appear to be letting up any time soon. :'(
  • Crazy4Books
    This sequel starts out with our main character Emmett landing on a new planet with the other chosen teenagers from the Genesis crew. Despite knowing something just isnt right, they decide to keep working for Babel mining Nyxia while the bide their time and figure out whats really going on. Meanwhile we get to explore a whole new world and meet the inhabitants. The pace wasnt as intense as the first book, but I enjoyed getting to learn about the A...
  • Lilly (Lair Of Books)
    Thank you Crown Books for Young Readers & Netgalley for the arc in exchange for a honest reviewBuddy Read with Melanie@ MeltotheanyTo be back with some of my fave characters is probably THE highlight of this reading month...UPDATE—-> easiest 5 stars ever!!! Gahhhh! Please stop sleeping on this series, Nyxia is THE YA SCI-FI YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW YOU NEED IN YOUR LIVES! GUSH review to come tomorrow 5/21/18 on LAIR OF BOOKS (link is in the bio) ...
  • Dianne
    They were just kids trying to make a better life for their families in a dystopian world. They gave up everything to work for Babel, mining nyxia, the most valuable material in the world. They were taught to survive against all odds and to stop at nothing to achieve their goals, but when Emmett, Morning and the rest finally reach their destination, they will uncover the lies they were fed and learn to survive, thrive and trust in one another as t...
  • Solomon ~ TheBookishKing
    Actual Rating: 2.5/5 StarsWow I was so bored and just didn't care about anything in this book?! I don't know what happened because I loved Nyxia so so much! But this one just wasn't cutting it for me. I think maybe reading it during the stress of finals and finishing up school made me not so engaged in it?? Not too sure, I just know that I was majorly bored. But the writing is so fantastic though, that's really what pulled me through is that I re...
  • Carlos
    Thanks to the folks at Netgalley for giving me early access to this book, review to come as the release date gets closer, all I have to say is I love this trilogy and this sequel is a step in the right direction.
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    4.5 stars "Fallen angels were cast down to Earth and became demons. When Babel cast us out, it’s in fire and blood and steel. As the descent begins, I hold onto one truth: A am more than what they would make of me.” Nyxia Unleashed starts wright where book 1 leaves off as Emmett and the Genesis crews are on their way down to Eden. But they soon discover that it’s not the paradise they thought and they have more reason than ever to distrus...
  • Vicky Who Reads
    4.5 starsThere's actually not really any major spoilers for book 1 ahead. But proceed at your own risk. You can read my review of Nyxia here!Ok, I really enjoyed Nyxia, even though there were a few things I wasn't into, but HOLY SHIT WOW THIS WAS SO MUCH BETTER.Even though my star rating is only half a star higher (yeah, crazy), Nyxia Unleased was far superior to book one. Props to Reintgen for that.The things I didn't like in Nyxia were all fixe...
  • Meigan
    Just as fast-paced and exciting as its predecessor, Nyxia, this second installment of the Nyxia Triad ups the stakes in so many ways. While the characters had an inkling that Babal was using Genesis as pawns, it becomes all too clear that whatever game the company is playing, it’s bigger than they anticipated. Much bigger. With only each other to rely on, Emmett, Morning, and the rest of the crew are slowly but surely realizing that everything ...
  • Stacey Camp
    **5++ Goodreads Stars** "The routine goes like this: Arrive. Unpack. Flirt a little. Feel guilty I'm flirting with the fate of multiple worlds on the line. Flirt some more. Drill down into darkness. Gut the planet. Get that money. Pack it in neat boxes. Sleep with one eye open. Rinse and repeat." Are you looking for a heart-pounding science fiction adventure that features characters you truly care about? If so, Scott Reintgen's Nyxia series are f...
  • Alaina Meserole
    This ARC was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book is trying to kill me.. HECK this series is going to be the death of me right now.Nyxia Unleashed WAS AMAZING GUYS! Okay, so the first book Nyxia was addictingly good. So when I saw that I could potentially get the ARC for the second book?!? I gave all my three wishes to my imaginary genie for this book.. AND THEN I GOT IT! I was so happy! Again, this book was AAHH...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there me mateys! I received this young adult sci-fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. While I try to post no spoilers, if ye haven’t read the first book then ye might want to skip this post. If ye keep reading this log then ye have been forewarned and continue at yer own peril . . .This be the fourth book in me e-Arc Extravaganza Challenge wherein I attempt to read 5 books before their July 17th release date. Only one t...
  • Bethany
    Actual Rating: 4.5 starsNyxia Unleashed is the second book in the series, so I won't go into a lot of detail with the plot, but I really loved this book. It's a fast-paced, exciting adventure with a diverse cast of characters that tackles colonization and class bias in interesting ways. I think this series is a great alternative to Red Rising for younger readers.This book takes place on the planet where the teens are supposed to be mining Nyxia, ...
  • Donna
    Could Scott Reintgen really write a book as good as Nyxia? Would Nyxia Unleashed suffer from "second book syndrome"? Or would Nyxia Unleashed be just as good, if not better than Nyxia?These are the questions we had ever since we heard about the upcoming "Nyxia Unleashed" release. Well, guess what...Nyxia Unleashed was TERRIFIC!!! It was EXTRAORDINARY!!! If you loved Nyxia you’re going to LOVE Nyxia Unleashed!!!The story begins where the kids la...
  • V.J.
    **I received an e-ARC for review consideration from Netgalley. Rating: 4.5 stars Release date: July, 17, 2018 Nyxia Unleashed picks up exactly where we left off in the first installment of the Nyxia Triad series and doesn't suffer from “second book syndrome”. The sequel continues to entertain with even more twists and turns. The action is never stagnant as the characters are constantly in motion and the unknowns of “Eden” (now known as Gr...