Little Eve by Catriona Ward

Little Eve

Eve and Dinah are everything to one another, never parted day or night. They are raised among the Children, a community of strays and orphans ruled by a mysterious figure they call Uncle. All they know is the grey Isle of Altnaharra which sits in the black sea off the wildest coast of Scotland. Eve loves the free, savage life of the Isle and longs to inherit Uncle's power. She is untroubled save by her dreams; of soft arms and a woman singing. Di...

Details Little Eve

TitleLittle Eve
Release DateJul 26th, 2018
PublisherWeidenfeld & Nicolson
GenreHorror, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Gothic, Religion, Cults, Fantasy, Supernatural

Reviews Little Eve

  • Blair
    After loving her memorable debut Rawblood, particularly the hallucinatory brilliance of its climactic chapters, I knew I would want to read whatever Catriona Ward wrote next. That turns out to be Little Eve, a gothic tale of two girls' lives within an isolated cult. It begins in 1921 with a scene in which Jamie, a butcher in the small town of Loyal, takes a delivery to the Castle of Altnaharra, reached from the Scottish mainland by a causeway whi...
  • Thebooktrail
    The grey Isle of Altnaharra is fictional although there is a hamlet of the same name inland in Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands. Youll be grateful the island isnt real after reading this!Why I read novels like this after 9pm I have no idea. Its the first time the kindle white has felt so chilling and cold, that light shining an eerie spell of shadows and solitude from the screen.Catriona certainly has a way of scene setting and building up a ...
  • Victoria (Eve's Alexandria)
    Another absolutely brilliant novel from Catriona Ward. I wouldnt call it either horror or crime, although its a little of both. Like Rawblood its about what happens to the mind when its placed under impossible strain; in this case, when its exposed to currents of torment, abuse, love and religious mania. The story of the island of Altnaharra, Uncle and the four children he raises there is both horrific and beautiful in equal measure. The writing ...
  • Molly
    I think I liked it...but I'm not sure yet.
  • Arielle Walker
    This one is the pure definition of a slow burner - and so, so worth that first effort.I probably read those first few pages five times over twice as many days, never progressing past the same lines (Dinah writes a letter, father's room lies empty, books wait unread, visit butcher's shop, rinse and repeat)It took a weekend away with no other unread books around to push past those pages into the most unsettling read I've found in a long time. Eerie...
  • Ed McDonald
    I have never felt the need to use the word "masterwork" to describe a book before. But I use it now.You don't know what this book is when you start it. Whatever you've heard, or think it might be, I can tell you that it's not that. I don't quite know how to quantify exactly what it is. It's not supernatural horror. It's not literary fiction. It's something kind of between the two and neither, taking all of the best of those genres and somehow cre...
  • Christian
    As soon as you know what the hell is going on its good! Would recommend.
  • Jack Ashelford
    Couldn't take my EYES off the book. Great world building, interesting characters and pacing was overall pretty solid.
  • Jade
    I think I would give it a 3.5 star review. Was a bit confusing but I loved how things clicked and I was glued for the majority
  • Vicky
    Ive not read Rawblood, Catriona Wards first novel, but by all accounts it was a pretty terrifying (if excellently written) experience. That said- as I have absolutely no stomach for horror, the wimp that I am- I picked up Little Eve with a little trepidation, and a whole lot of excitement. After all, it was sold to me as Agatha Christie meets paganism: and with a hook like that, what bookworm could resist?And the book, youll be happy to hear, liv...
  • Mark
    Eve and Dinah are as close as sisters, never parted as they lives their restricted lives on the Isle of Altnaharra, a community of strays ruled by a mysterious figure they call Uncle. Eve longs to be free and, with the world at war, the solitude of Alnaharra is broken, along with her faith and sanity. When things reach a bloody climax, Eve and Dinahs accounts of that night contradict but only one woman can be telling the truth.A proper slow-burn ...
  • Audra (ouija.doodle.reads)
    Winner of the 2018 Shirley Jackson award!This book is like The Wasp Factory with a flourish of cult craziness and a good helping of We Have Always Lived in the Castle.If that sounds like something youd be interested in, then dont bother reading any further. What a weird, wild, and wonderful book. Ive never read anything quite like it.The plot is a before and after: a fever-dream rendition of the past where young Evelyn describes her strange life ...
  • Jo
    On a small island off the coast of Scotland a man lives with a family he has created from strangers and controls through the use of fasting and tales of the 'god' of the ocean. Skipping back and forth in time, we learn what happened through the stories of Eve and Dinah. I wasn't sure if this was going to be a sort of horror novel as it started out a bit gothic and spooky but it evolved into crime fiction. Bit of a slow burner but a good story as ...
  • Vikki Patis
    A truly gripping tale of control, suffering, and finding one's true self. The audiobook was an absolute pleasure to listen to, with the narrator's Scottish accent transporting me to this world. An excellent read.
  • Dan Coxon
    Excellent, unsettling gothic horror once again from Catriona Ward. Undertones of The Wicker Man at times, but Little Eve forges its own path, with some genuine surprises in the final quarter. Great stuff.
  • Tobias
    An ingeniously-written novel with more than a few moments of genuine dread and an ending that's damn near perfect.
  • Lotte
    I refrained from giving this 5 stars because in the end, I felt that parts of the plot were a bit too contrived, but still a great read overall- full of twists and turns that I did not see coming. Ward is really an excellent writer and I'm surprised that I never see her mentioned in the online book community. I look forward to reading more of her work
  • Becky
    Up until the last 10 pages this was going to be a glowing 5 star review. Much of that is still true - Wards prose is utterly gorgeous, easy to lose yourself in the rhythm of the words and the strength of the world she is depicting. This is an excellent northern gothic which utterly gripped and made me care deeply about the characters. Which is why the end left me really flat, it all seemed to just fizzle out. Ward is an excellent writer and Im lo...
  • Joanne Sheppard
    Catriona Ward's first book, Rawblood, was a richly intoxicating Gothic ghost story. With Little Eve she ventures into folk horror territory with this dark fever dream of a novel that begins with what appears to be a ritual mass murder committed within a mysterious cult on a Scottish island.It's 1921 and young butcher Jamie MacRaith is delivering a side of beef to the castle of Altnaharra, cut off from the mainland at high tide. We know from the s...
  • Matt Adcock
    Stunning gothic thriller that unnerves and delights. 'If there is any grace or god in this world, I beg for mercy...'New Year's Day, 1921. Seven mutilated bodies are discovered in an ancient stone circle on a remote Scottish island. The victims are 'the Children' - members of a nature cult ruled by the charismatic, sadistic patriarch, the adder, who believe a huge snake is going to come and end everything.Two accounts of the events are presented ...
  • Katrina Evans
    Overall this book is solidly decent. I really, really liked the setting and the location descriptions are superb. The characters and the plot are properly creepy and very realistic - I could totally imagine the events described as having happened. I didn't really like any of the characters, but I don't think I was supposed to. Jamie was the character I was most sympathetic towards. I thought the resolution and ending was a bit convoluted and I ha...
  • Ann
    I am a huge Shirley Jackson and Joanne Harris fan, so I thought I would really enjoy this book. The story was elegant and creepy, the atmosphere on the island was incredibly well done, and I loved the perspective of a mentally ill narrator. What made this book a two and a half stars for me was the pace (too slow) and tangential information (elephant side story). I think that this book may have been better if it was shorter and more direct. I also...
  • Water Moon
    A peculiar book. The writing tries to be arresting but is so truncated that it reads like a series of riddles. Essentially, it centres on a commune of vulnerable children led by a God-fearing, superstitious leader called Uncle. Set in 1917 and 1929 alternately, it is rife with historical inaccuracies that pull you out of the story. Right the way through, it feels as though you get glimpses or morsels of the plot without ever really understanding ...
  • Ant
    The prose are stunning, both in terms of their beauty and their unobtrusiveness. The atmosphere that is crafted here makes you feel as though you are reading the story in an old damp and derelict crofters cottage out in the wilds of the highlands. There is an uneasy feel to the story, as though youre just waiting for the hammer to fall. However, the subject matter discussed here is bleak. Its interesting, but its bleak... really bleak, to the poi...
  • Louise
    A secluded castle,a group of orphans and a cult.Always going to make a good story.This one was very good.As each new chapter continued ,more abuse was revealed... the snakes,the starvation,the shunning and the drugging...It never ended.The book begins with several deaths and there were twists and turns a plenty to reveal who actually killed who.Kept me turning pages right up to the end.Dark,and creepy and very very good.
  • Alice-Anne
    'Little Eve' is a fantastic book. It's complex, atmospheric, (love the raging storms around a crumbling, isolated Scottish castle), horrifying and very unique. As other readers have mentioned, it has a wonderfully twisted and satisfying ending. But what sets 'Little Eve' apart from other dark gothic mysteries is the very real story of abuse and survival, and the sacrifices made for love. Highly, highly recommended
  • Cendaquenta
    Won't be a new favourite but did keep me engaged enough to read it in a day with only a couple of breaks. Sort of like if We Have Always Lived in the Castle took place on a far-flung Scottish island, but with more cults. (And perhaps a hint of Norse mythology? Got a strong Jormungandr vibe from that snake-god.)
  • Tan Clover
    Sublime and worth every star. Perfectly plotting compelled me to finish. The phrase " un put down able" is over used..but not here. I had to get to the end ...though as in every superb story, the ending is the gift of the story teller. After closing the book I am left wondering....has she really reached the end?
  • Heather Mccall
    Wow. This book was fantastic. Dark, gloomy, weird, with fascinating characters. If you like moody and gothic, I strongly recommend this one.Edit: This book is not yet published in the US. Another by the same author has been, so my guess is it will eventually be sold here. For those who want to get a copy, I got mine on book depository.