The Strange Case of Dr. Couney by Dawn Raffel

The Strange Case of Dr. Couney

The extraordinary tale of how a mysterious immigrant "doctor" became the revolutionary innovator of saving premature babies--by placing them in incubators in World's Fair side shows and on Coney Island and Atlantic City. What kind of doctor puts his patients on display?As Dawn Raffel artfully recounts, Dr. Couney figured out he could use incubators and careful nursing to keep previously doomed infants alive, and at the same time make good money d...

Details The Strange Case of Dr. Couney

TitleThe Strange Case of Dr. Couney
Release DateJul 31st, 2018
PublisherBlue Rider Press
GenreNonfiction, History, Medical

Reviews The Strange Case of Dr. Couney

  • Linda
    Dr. Martin Couney, who apparently had not received any official medical training, ran his incubators for premature babies as a side show at several fairs across the country, including Coney Island. His wife Maye and another trained nurse, Louise, helped to care for the infants, whom the hospitals had either given up on or were unable to accommodate. He claimed the survival rate of these preemies was 85%, far exceeding that of the hospitals of the...
  • Daisy Hickman
    Anxiously awaiting the July 31st release of Dawn Raffel's new book! From her prior work, I'm certain it will be extremely well written and intriguing. The title and cover are exceptional.
  • Deanne
    I liked the book and was amazed that I had never heard about this case. Dr. Couney saved hundreds of premature babies, who otherwise would have died. Putting them on display at Coney Island and other places, he kept them safe and did what hospitals couldn't or wouldn't do at the time. Amazing read.