Supergirl by Mariko Tamaki


Having her life torn to shreds and burned to ash has forced Supergirl to choose between the world she was born on and the world that adopted her. Can Kara Danvers find a way to be super—or will she crash and burn?

Details Supergirl

Release DateJun 28th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Young Adult

Reviews Supergirl

  • Kim
    Nooooooo that's the end?? I want more - I need more!! Tamaki seriously needs to take over the ongoing Supergirl series and save it because this was definitely one of the best Supergirl books I've read - like ever.This is a MUST READ for any super family fans. You will not be disappointed ❤❤❤ Nooooooo that's the end?? I want more - I need more!! Tamaki seriously needs to take over the ongoing Supergirl series and save it because this was d...
  • Darinda
    Read in Supergirl: Being Super.Issue #4 (Chapter 4: Who I Am.) has Kara fighting back to save a friend, and herself. Good story, interesting characters, and great artwork. A fun and entertaining read, and a nice update to Supergirl.
  • Patrick
    I find myself quite taken by this art and the simplicity and honestly of the tale.
  • Max Van Dyke
    This was a great end to an amazing story. They definitely need to collect all four chapters into a single volume. And if they want to make more of these, I'd definitely support that as well (hint hint, DC). This was so much better than the actual Supergirl book at the moment. No hate to Steve Orlando, but I would not be opposed to letting Mariko Tamaki take over for the main title. Joelle Jones art is just superb.The character development through...
  • 20hrsinamerica
    What a phenomenal mini-series. I could keep reading this forever. Dolly got a date, Clark is clearly a little surprised to see her (but Clark! family!). And Dolly, seriously, she's great. I love the way she's drawn, how she's so unabashedly in Kara's corner and supportive.The art, seriously. It's so fitting for the Supers.
  • Letande
    Plot twist - Krypton exploded. No, seriously. That's the biggest revelation in the final issue. Also, there's Lex. And pretty generic Kal-El. And no real ending... So, even though this comic has a lot of good things about it... nope. Didn't like it in the end.
  • Teena Evans
    Phenomenal end to this delightful miniseries! I wish with ever fibre of my being that this was an ongoing series!!! Story: EpicArt: ExceptionalFormat: PerfectionI really can not express enough... if you are a Supergirl fan or you want to be, read this!!!
  • Gary
    I liked it. The fact that Kara wasn't coming down to wreak havoc on Superman's life was a refreshing change.
  • Jenny
    That's the end??? Why!? No.....
  • Lindsey
    I finally read the last issue of this Supergirl mini series. Absolutely loved it! I wish it was an on-going book!