The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables by Catherine Reid

The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a worldwide phenomenon that has sold over fifty million copies and inspired numerous films, plays, musicals, and television series. It has turned Prince Edward Island into a multimillion-dollar tourist destination visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. In The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables, Catherine Reid reveals how Lucy Maud Montgomery’s deep connection to the landscape inspired her to write Anne of ...

Details The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables

TitleThe Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables
Release DateMar 27th, 2018
PublisherTimber Press
GenreNonfiction, Writing, Books About Books, Travel, History, Biography, Cultural, Canada

Reviews The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables

  • Hannah Greendale
    Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend. The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables is a flower lover's delight, a delicious morsel for those who marvel at the wonders of nature. Reid pairs archived images and new color photographs with ephemera from L. M. Montgomery's life to draw surprising comparisons between the budding writer who flourished amid the beauty of Prince Edward Island and the precociou...
  • Cheri
    ”As in the novels that preceded it, the strong draw of Anne’s story is due as much to the orphan’s charisma as to the setting where it takes place – in her case, the wooded paths, the orchards in bloom, the fields stretching out to the sea. But the lasting gift of Anne of Green Gables is how the landscape also fuels Anne’s prodigious imagination; it’s where she goes when she needs sustenance; it’s the example that she’ll hold onto...
  • Schizanthus
    Calling all kindred spirits! Did you know that because of the success of Anne of Green Gables the second most successful industry on Prince Edward Island is tourism? Once you look at the gorgeous landscape photography in this book you'll want to book your trip as well.The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables has plenty of information about Anne's creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery, who preferred to be known as Maud (without an e). You'll gain insight i...
  • Lara Maynard
    This book is so much more than I thought it would be. I expected a sort of attractive touristy selection of photos of Prince Edward Island, supported with some text. It turns out that this book is quite an in-depth look at the connection of Lucy Maud Montgomery and her beloved character Anne Shirley with Prince Edward Island. Yes, there are lots of lovely photos of PEI and sites associated with the author's family and the Anne stories, including ...
  • Krista
    Thanks to Timber Press, NetGalley, and the author Catherine Reid, for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Honestly, this is a 5-star book for me! My Mom and I shared a love of Anne of Green Gables. We read four or five of the books in the series out loud to each other as I was overcoming a health issue in my early twenties. We grew to love our kindred spirit, Anne. Our love of Anne and her descriptions of PEI prompted a...
  • Wendi Lee
    This book was lovely. I loved Anne of Green Gables when I was a child. I felt a real kinship with the red-haired orphan and her wild imagination, and imagined Prince Edward Island as beautifully lush and just as wild as Anne. I've always wanted to travel there to see the island for myself, but haven't had a chance yet. Reading The Landscapes that Inspired Anne of Green Gables, however, gives you a satisfying glimpse of what it's like. There are g...
  • Kristy K
    I took a few weeks hiatus from reading and came back to finish this lovely book of picturesque settings and glimpses into the past.This would make a stunning coffee table book. Filled with nostalgia, gorgeous pictures, and a brief then and now about Prince Edwards Islands, The Landscape of Anne of Green Gables was idyllic and perfect for a peaceful afternoon read. I especially liked how Reid discusses the parallels between Montgomery's and Anne's...
  • Alisha
    This book is a combination biography, textual commentary, and photographs about the love of nature that L.M. Montgomery and her creation Anne of Green Gables have in common.Any fan of L.M. Montgomery's work will enjoy this book. It manages to weave together the basic facts of L.M. Montgomery's life, from childhood through her sad death, and at the same time evoke happy memories from her novels, particularly the Anne ones.It's not hard to see that...
  • Ashley Owens
    I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.I will most certainly be purchasing my own hard copy of this book! Just for the photographs alone! The pictures of Montgomery and her life, and especially of Prince Edward Island both in her time and in modern days were just stunning!This book made me not only want to go to P.E.I. IMMEDIATELY, but I also plan to find and buy some of Montgomery's journals as well. They are...
  • Dianna
    This book is a joy for a lifelong fan of L.M. Montgomery like me. It's packed with gorgeous photographs of Prince Edward Island and the historical sites from Montgomery's life and books. Also included are photographs taken by Montgomery and tidbits from her personal scrapbooks alongside plenteous quotes from her works and autobiography.In the last decade or so, producers, authors, and scholars have constantly been taking classic literature (such ...
  • Tarissa
    So much of the beloved Anne books is centered upon the land, the scenic landscapes described. These descriptions add poetry and romanticism to the stories. When you read the Anne books yourself, tell me, weren't you inspired by the beauty of Prince Edward Island? It creates the very atmosphere of the story, and if you read between the lines, the elements of nature express and emphasize the plot and emotions therein. Some of this, I subconsciously...
  • Laura Harrison
    Sheer joy! If you love Lucy Maud Montgomery and flowers, trees, nature, history-you are going to love this book. It is magnificent!
  • Marzie
    I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.As many of my friends and followers know, I retain an almost irrational love for Anne of Green Gables, decades after first reading the books one summer, returning to school, and finding that my bestie SleepingKoala45 (Wishful Thinking) had been on the exact same kick. (This was in the days before email and cell phones and stuff, people) SK45 and I spen...
  • Amy
    Much more than I imagined, this book takes you far beyond the 'Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables'. Almost immediately the author draws your attention to the connection between Anne & Maud herself. I would suppose that Diana Barry & Anne Shirley were not the original 'kindred spirits', but rather Anne & Maud are. There is much to learn about the similarities of the circumstances and upbringing that Maud endured. Despite not being totally orphaned...
  • Lori
    Catherine Reid and Kerry Michaels produced a book which Anne of Green Gables enthusiasts everywhere will welcome. The book's focus is on the landscapes (gardens, woods, lakes, etc.) inspiring Montgomery's settings for the Anne series. Readers see the birch wood in varying seasons. They encounter gardens which inspired the Barry's garden of the books. They see the "Lake of Shining Waters." Gorgeous flower photographs appeal to the eye. The author ...
  • Storyheart
    A lovely book for every reader (like me) who felt she and Anne are kindred spirits. I enjoyed so much re-visiting the Anne of Green Gables stories through this book as well as seeing the pretty landscape of Prince Edward Island for the first time. The addition of biographical details on the parallels between Montgomery and her character was also quite interesting. All fans of L.M. Montgomery's work will enjoy this book and everyone who wants to v...
  • Elena
    I borrowed this book from the library with the intent to flip through the photos as a reference, but ended up reading it cover to cover because it was so intriguing! I have long been interested in L.M. Montgomery's life and the interweaving of fact and fiction shared between her and her most well-known heroine, Anne. I already have Prince Edward Island on my bucket list, but it has bumped its way up after reading this book. With gorgeous photos d...
  • Toni
    A simply beautifully illustrated book - one to cherish for any true Anne fan.
  • Emma
    A really beautifully produced look at LM Montgomery's PEI past and present. I grew up spending my summers in Cavendish (and my parents still have a cottage in Stanley Bridge) in the heart of LM Montgomery country so nothing in the text is a revelation to me, but the photographs are just stunning. (And make me a little homesick.)
  • Nathan Albright
    [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Net Gallery.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.]I consider myself at least a mild fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery and of her writings [1], for like her and like many of her characters I am a high-strung and sensitive person who feels compelled to write, has a deep appreciation of creation, and comes off to others as far more optimistic than I feel inside.  In short, I found this book deeply rela...
  • Jess
    **I received an advanced reader’s copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**Anne of Green Gables fans: take note of this book. Filled with colorful photographs of Prince Edward Island, this book takes readers to the island made famous by Lucy Maud Montgomery and her cast of strong female characters. Reid uses the text to compare and contrast Montgomery’s world and Anne’s world, linking personal similarities...
  • Laura
    When I first went to London, I expected to see the London of Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins. But even 40 years ago, that London had long gone, destroyed by time, and WWII bombs. There were bits, bits, where you could see the old London, but they were far and few between. Sometimes great stories, set in areas will have to be visited only in your head. Just as the Los Angeles of Raymond Chandler has long since vanished.For the lucky ones, for the ones...
  • Camille
    The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables explores the real-life landscapes of Prince Edward Island that have influenced Lucy Maud Montgomery, as well as her connection to nature and the way she saw it. Catherine Reid also examines the similarities between Montgomery and Anne Shirley, as well as her other heroines briefly. She gives an account of L.M. Montgomery's life that is short yet it gives enough details to have a comprehensive idea of it.This...
  • Tiffany
    "The Landscapes of Anne of Green Gables" is a wonderful reading experience. One part nature photography, one part biography, and one part literary examination-this book is beautifully written and accompanied by often breathtaking images of PEI. I thought it was a perfect accompaniment for anyone that has spent time imagining the hills, flowers, and lanes Anne Shirley (L. Maud Montgomery) describes as she flabergasts Marilla and Mathew with her ex...
  • Dixie
    Bursting with photos and writings from the journals and scrapbooks of Lucy Maud Montgomery, as well as quotes from her many works of fiction, this books presents the deep connection between this author and the natural world. As an adult who still enjoys rereading the volumes about Anne Shirley, this was an amazing exposition of how the author's childhood experience and worldview shaped her writings. The photos of gardens, scenic vistas, and the r...
  • Jeana
    I can’t get over how much I loved this book—I picked it up and thought I’d read just the first couple paragraphs but couldn’t put it down! It brings together snippets from Montgomery’s books, the illustrations from Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery’s personal journals, and colorful photography of lush Prince Edward Island. Truly wonderful!
  • Pamela Priest
    What a great title for an amazing place on earth. This book shows and describes the wonderful landscape that Lucy Maud Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables lived in. I read all of the Anne of Green Gables books when I was younger, and this book not only showed up the beautiful landscape, but made me realize that Anne was patterned after Lucy Maud Montgomery's life. Thank you for such a beautiful book! I will be ordered it in hardcopy when it comes...
  •  Doris Powell
    This is a beautiful book. The pictures of Prince Edwards Island are breathtaking. It makes me want to go there and live. The author discusses the life of Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, as well as the similarity between the two people. Maud Montgomery, as she likes to be called, was as rich in imagination as she endows her character. She loves nature as Anne also does. She does not claim to know who Anne was modeled afte...
  • Juli Anna
    This is an undeniably fun book for anyone who loves Montgomery's work. Reid's prose weaves pieces of Montgomery's life and journals together with snippets from her beloved novels and descriptions of the landscapes that inspired them. It's an odd mix of biography, literary criticism, and travel writing, and it doesn't always work, but it's still a lovely book nonetheless. Gorgeous photographs, both modern and archival.
  • Judy
    Such a beautiful book. I fell in love with Prince Edward Island whenI read the Anne of Green Gables books as a girl. This book is part travel log, picture book, and nature study. The author has taken original drawings from Montgomery’s books, new photographs, pieces of Montgomery’s journals, and combined them with her own observations to take the reader on a trip to this beautiful place. I like rereading a part with a cup of tea and looking a...