ROBOT×LASERBEAM 2 (Robot x Laserbeam, #2) by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

ROBOT×LASERBEAM 2 (Robot x Laserbeam, #2)


Details ROBOT×LASERBEAM 2 (Robot x Laserbeam, #2)

TitleROBOT×LASERBEAM 2 (Robot x Laserbeam, #2)
Release DateOct 4th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Sports and Games, Sports, Shonen, Young Adult

Reviews ROBOT×LASERBEAM 2 (Robot x Laserbeam, #2)

  • Dakota
    The brisk pace of this series actually lends benefits to the story as opposed to most instances it is used. I can say that it earnestly sets itself apart from Kuroko's Basketball by pushing this boundary while retaining a similar setting. It definitely lends itself to making the inevitable journey beyond high school and onto the pro-golfing scene. (Speeding up the pace only improves the distinction.) There are areas that still feel the shadow of ...
  • Miguel
    While Kuroko had a bit of a slow burn, in Robot Fujimaki is introducing and developing characters at a breakneck pace. Robo, himself, emerges as distinct from Kuroko despite their similar affect and character design. Robo, clearly, has difficulty connecting with others and recognizes his difference. This works for some spectacular character moment as Robo is trying to find his place within the team, something that defies the logic that is his for...