Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin

Send Down the Rain

Allie's second husband is killed tragically when his 18-wheeler crashes into the rocks near their home in Cape San Blas--the tanker was full of fuel and the explosion could be seen on overhead satellites. She'd already lost the beloved waterfront restaurant her parents started and now losing her husband, no matter how unfulfilling their marriage was, might just push her over the edge.Joseph's time in Vietnam left him with scars that never seemed ...

Details Send Down the Rain

TitleSend Down the Rain
Release DateMay 8th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreFiction, Christian Fiction, Contemporary, Christian

Reviews Send Down the Rain

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    5 sentimental stars to Send Down the Rain! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ This book!!! This is my first read by Charles Martin, but I own many on his backlist. I have read wonderful reviews of his books, and I could not wait to read Send Down the Rain! Allie loses her second husband when his truck crashes and explodes. Not only has she lost him, but she has also lost her beloved family-owned, seaside restaurant. Joseph was a soldier in Vietnam, and eventual...
  • Cheri
    !! NOW AVAILABLE !! ”It don't feel right, but it's not wrong.It's just hard to start again this far along.Brick by brick, the letting go,As you walk away from everything you knowWhen you release resistanceAnd you lean into the wind,Till the roof begins to crumble,And the rain comes pourin' in,And you sit there in the rubble,Till the rubble feels like homeThat's how you learn to live aloneThat's how you learn to live aloneThat's how you learn to...
  • Dorie
    This is the first book I’ve read by Mr. Martin but I had heard his storytelling was great. I was not disappointed. Everyone has secrets but Joseph has more than anyone. He is a Vietnam veteran who didn’t really want to fight the war but did his job. He did and saw things that he can’t reconcile his mind and soul with. After four tours of duty he didn’t know what to do with his life now. “As hard as I’d tried, I knew that the evil in m...
  • Lisa
    Send Down The RainCharles MartinMY RATING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐PUBLISHER Thomas NelsonPUBLISHED May 8, 2018A masterful love story draped in sacrifice, secrets, suffering, solitude and healing. SUMMARYAllie’s second husband is killed tragically when his 18-wheeler crashes into the rocks near their home in Cape San Blas, Florida. The tanker was full of fuel and the explosion could be seen a hundred miles away. Allie had already lost the beloved waterfr...
  • Marialyce
    "So one important lesson of Vietnam is, the first casualty of an unwise and unjust war are the American troops called on to fight it. Their service should be honored." (Paula Begala)Forty five years is a very long time to hold a secret. For Joseph, a Vietnam War veteran, he has been plagued not only by this secret but also by the years he has been separated from the woman he loved, Allie, his brother, a now famous Senator, and the home he once kn...
  • Judy
    Charles Martin has crafted a beautiful story of sacrifice, forgiveness, love and redemption. He is becoming one of my favorite authors very quickly. I've only read this one and The Mountain Between Us, but both have been exceptional reads for me.This story is about two brothers, Joseph and Bobby, whose father left their family when they were under ten years old. Their mother raised them as best she could. Joseph went off to Vietnam while Bobby en...
  • Beth
    Send Down the Rain is an excellent novel of healing and second chances. Described that way, it may seem like the story is trite or typical, but I assure you, it's definitely not. The back cover copy may make you think that this story is about Allie, and it is in a way. But it's really about Joseph, a Vietnam veteran, a solider whose government denies his very existence. Plagued by memories and dreams of his time in a country that he wasn't suppos...
  • Dannii Elle
    Whilst certainly of initial enjoyment, and discoursing on some hard-hitting topics, I can not see this maintaining a long-lasting appeal. I feel this may be due to a construct of the genre, rather than this particular book, however, as I read this assured in the character's protection, and with the safety net of the happily-ever-after I felt sure was going to be delivered, to cushion any intense emotional discomfort. This was solidly written, wel...
  • Pamela
    "I think we all died a little over there. War has a way of killing you whether you die or not."Charles Martin is a master storyteller. So sincere. And so genuine. He picks some challenging topics to write about. In this novel - Send Down the Rain - Martin has written a multifaceted storyline that is essentially set in North Carolina. The main character, and narrator, is a Vietnam Veteran dealing with PTSD in need of pre and post-war forgiveness. ...
  • Melissa
    Martin's latest is another beautifully written winner. It is filled with emotion and a very realistic portrayal about the after-effects of the Vietnam War on Joseph. The story is told in a unique way with some surprising twists that keep the tale moving. Amazingly heartfelt statements about love, loss and the true meaning of friendship will resonate deeply with readers. Everything wraps up a bit too neatly overall, but this is a novel to savor an...
  • Nora St Laurent
    Send Down the Rain is one of this authors’ best. I was hooked to this story from the first start, “Witnesses say the phone call occurred around seven p.m. and the exchange was heated.” This story is engaging, heart-felt filled with twists, turns and surprises.I was captivated by the richness of the characters development, depth of human emotions, all of which quickly swept me into the novel and. I couldn’t put it down. This author is an e...
  • Karen
    Wow, what a tale! Masterful storytelling, with realistic characters, drama, and action made this a powerful read. A story that leaves a lasting impression. Told in part with flash backs through the main character's point of view, the author brings the reader along for an amazing series of events in Joseph 'Jo-Jo' Brooks' life. There are some gritty moments, including war scenes, and violence, key to understanding what has shaped his life and made...
  • ☆Dani☆ ☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆
    While finishing this story, I had tears in my eyes. This story was filled with passion, romance and hope for second chances. The characterization was top of the line and it had such unique characteristics that forces you to keep scrolling/turning pages to have more. Mystery, romance, passion, drama and intensity brought together brings you Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin.I want to thank NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for...
  • Anna
    Allie and Joseph are broken down from life's disappointments, trying to deal with the traumatic experiences of their pasts. Allie has just lost her second husband in a tragic traffic accident. Joseph carries the demons from his four tours of duty during the Vietnam War. Joseph has isolated himself in a remote cabin in the mountains of North Carolina, his only company his dog Roscoe. When he hears a scream on a cold snowy night he discovers an ill...
  • Jill
    4 starsAllie and Joseph were childhood sweethearts whose lives were interrupted when Joseph was sent to Vietnam. Allie has had two disastrous marriages and a failed business. Joseph suffers from severe PTSD after four tours of duty in Vietnam. His life is one of pain, feelings of unworthiness for being alive, helping others and forgiveness.There is so much good about this book starting from the first page, you are drawn into the story as Martin, ...
  • Oluwatosin
    This was a beautiful story. I have been hearing a lot about Charles Martin and seen a lot of great reviews of his books.This is the first one I have read and I'm looking forward to reading more of his books.The story initially captivated me as he introduced these, seemingly unrelated, stories and I was eager to see how it would all come together.There were parts of the story that seemed to drag on, some twists I saw before they were introduced bu...
  • Aimee
    4.5/5 so good. So fantastic. I loved it. I loved the characters. I loved the fight against evil and just being a good person.
  • Rebecca
    " . . . . .I built myself a cabin . . . . on a property that shouldered Mount Mitchell. And there I have spent my days quietly, trying not to think about the life I left behind."Decorated Vietnam War veteran Joseph Brooks planned to live out the remainder of his days deeply secluded within the mountains of North Carolina, until the primal scream of a young child awakens his senses. After rescuing a mother and her two children from a ruthless drug...
  • Joan
    Martin has crafted a powerful novel. It is not overtly “Christian” in that I would not describe the major characters as Christians. Yet the novel had great impact on me. The entire novel, I think, is an allegory of a major Christian concept, giving your own life for that of another.Martin's writing style is compelling. I was captivated by Joseph's story. Developing Joseph's character as the plot progressed was masterful. The plot itself weave...
  • Cynthia
    Send Down the Rain is not a comfortable reading experience. I’m sure Martin meant this purposefully. War is not simple topic but i believe that while the Civil War is still an open wound for America likewise Vietnam is still festering and unresolved and this is the territory Martin explores. He mixes in the messiness of human relationships in the form of family dynamics and love between men and woman. It’s a perfect storm of angst.These are a...
  • Betty Ast
    One of my all time favorites!
  • Victoria Bylin
    Psalm 84 contains some of my go-to verses in the Bible, and this book brought them to life. Recommended for everyone.
  • Mary Loomis
    I've loved every Charles Martin book I've read and this was my favorite so far. I could easily relate to all of the characters and rode a roller coaster of emotions throughout thus story. Thus is as story of healing and restoration for the individual characters and the relationships between the characters. Surprisingly, I found myself experiencing healing and restoration personally as I was given insights into things in my own life through this s...
  • Jen
    A book hangover is said to be the inability to start a new book because you are still emotionally attached to the previous one. Once again, Charles Martin has given me a hangover. Charles Martin is, for me, that author whose book I will buy without question. No synopsis needed. No reviews read. As an author, he has proven himself to me without a shadow of a doubt that his stories will amaze me.Send Down the Rain is no different. A Vietnam vet wit...
  • Crystal
    Martin has become one of my favorite authors because I know every time I pick up one of his novels, I will find a story that reaches beyond the pages of the book into the deeper reflections of life. Martin doesn't just give the reader a good story; he takes them on a journey. Send Down the Rain shares the story of Joseph Brooks. A hero to everyone except himself, Joseph has struggled with the abandonment of his father as a child, soul-deep trauma...
  • Shelby
    Charles Martin is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I don't even have to read the descriptions of his books before I start reading them because I know it will be good regardless of what its about. So I literally had no idea what this was about before I dove in. And guess what? I loved it. As usual, he has crafted an unforgettable emotional and dramatic story in Send Down the Rain. From the beginning I was pulled into the story, reading...
  • Linda
    This is a hauntingly mesmerizing story of a man’s decision and the emotional path to his redemption. You will laugh, cry, howl at the injustice of it all, but come to the same conclusion he does. What is the conclusion you ask? The answer lies in the pages of this beautiful story.I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.Highly recommended!
  • Dawn Byers
    Wow!!!!! I started this book and finished it in a day - what an awesome book!I can't tell you how many emotions run through you as you read this book, happiness, sadness, anger, tears, etc etc-Pick up this book - you won't be disappointed!
  • Lisa Johnson
    While this is a fictious story, there is some truth in how men were treated when they returned home from serving where their country sent them. The last book I read written by Charles Martin was exceptional and this one is above and beyond Long Way Gone. Each story he writes is a stand alone with unexpected twists and turns, characters that seem lifelike and plots that are heart-grabbing from the first page.Send Down the Rain is set in the early ...