Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Girl, Wash Your Face

With wry wit and hard-earned wisdom, popular online personality and founder of founder Rachel Hollis helps readers break free from the lies keeping them from the joy-filled and exuberant life they are meant to have.Founder of the lifestyle website and CEO of her own media company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis has created an online fan base of hundreds of thousands of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while...

Details Girl, Wash Your Face

TitleGirl, Wash Your Face
Release DateFeb 6th, 2018
PublisherThomas Nelson
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Audiobook, Personal Development, Autobiography, Memoir, Christian, Inspirational, Adult, Biography, Unfinished

Reviews Girl, Wash Your Face

  • Sadie Esplin
    Some parts of this book spoke to me (yes, I can be better at showing up for myself), and others made me want to throw the book across the room and scream. I struggled with every word she said about diet and body image—what was meant to be uplifting and inspiring was preached as scientific fact from someone with no medical/dietetic credentials. She had nothing to back up her claims, but she preached it like doctrine. I also really struggled with...
  • Maddie
    Ughhhh. I wanted to like this! Things that irked me:-The painfully tone-deaf, privileged, white, conservative, upper-class worldview (one of her personal “goals” that she uses to structure a chapter is literally buying a $1000 Louis Vuitton purse)-Frequent mentions of how she’s REALLY good at X/the most organized/the hardest working/the most tenacious/ the biggest nerd you’ve EVER MET (dude, give it a rest)-Near constant reminders of how ...
  • Caitlin
    This book is for privileged white women with no real problems but the ones they make up for themselves. I was told this book was “inspiring”. But let’s be real, it’s easy for a rich lady to tell me (or anyone) that I’m “in control of my own life”. Any woman with a husband who makes enough money that you find yourself on the red carpet can say that. I found this book to be very unrelatable and full of humble brags. It was like social...
  • Rachel Hollis
    Because, if I don't think it's worth five stars, what hope is there??
  • Carrie Rogers
    Girl, stop preaching at meAt the end of each chapter, Hollis tells us what worked for her...what helped her master something in her life. Wow. We’re the same age and I certainly feel like a constant work in progress. And she’s this wise, worldly woman who seems to think very highly of herself and her progress in life. I’d be sooooo annoyed if she were sitting around at a party and kept talked about “what worked for her,” like some wise ...
  • Bridget
    Nope. Belittling people by saying you can pick yourself up by the boot straps and CHOOSE happiness is irresponsible and uneducated. It just isn’t that simple. Her approach to body image and dieting is downright scary. She seems very self centered and looking for her 15 minutes as opposed to ‘helping’ anyone let alone women. Throwing in a scripture here and there does not a Christian based book make. This should not be considered self help. ...
  • Danielle Cumberland
    Girl, shut your face.This book is a winner in one sense - it takes top marks for the worst book in this genre that I have ever read. This book is epically bad. I understand false five-star reviews, but I chose this book partially because a FB friend of mine heartily urged everyone to read it and partially because I was honestly a bit drunk-browsing on Amazon and I impulsively downloaded it to Kindle. I knew this book was bad before I got to Chapt...
  • Alishia
    Girl, just don’t read this book. Bless your tiny little bunny heart if you can make it through this entire book… Like seriously, girl, how many times can you contradict yourself? I had never heard of this women in my life, apparently, according to her, she has is an extremely successful entrepreneur. Immediately my perception of the author was that she read a few really good books about women how have ACTUALLY struggled and then put her Reese...
  • Jenni
    Ok, maybe I’m the wrong audience for this. Or maybe I shouldn’t have chosen the audiobook narrated by the author. But I just couldn’t finish thisMostly, I found the author’s supposed revelations to be really obvious and unenlightening. “It’s important to have self-worth by dumping the guy who uses you as a booty call (but oh yeah I ended up marrying the guy).” “Hey girls, we should support each other instead of judging each other....
  • Meg
    (Get ready for some flames, folks.)Are you an upper-class, skinny, Christian, white, mother? Well I've found the self-help book for you!!If you're looking for a light dose of fat shaming (disguised as "the kick in the pants you may need, girl, to take control of your life!! Love ya!!"), it's in here. If you want someone who has lived through a close family suicide but remains highly shame-ridden about mental health issues and how to discuss them,...
  • Christy
    5 stars!!! Rachel Hollis's newest book Girl Wash Your Face is just the book I needed to read to start my new year. It's one of those books that made me think about my life, the things I do, and it was a highly entertaining read! A few months ago, one of my facebook friends posted about this thing called 'The Last 90 Days'. I read up on it, and I was inspired to make changes to my life and not wait until the first of the year, but do it now. I sta...
  • Kara
    This book isn't written for me, but that's not why I didn't like it.The main reasons:1. You cannot tell that story about how awful your husband treated you when you first started dating and then, later in the book, continuously mention how you were "best friends from the beginning." You were not. He was an asshole, and her revisionist history later in the book makes me question everything she said.2. Hollis thinks the difference between her and t...
  • Abbie Miller
    We’re being honest here, right? After all, that was the premise of the book. To be clear, I’m not in the target demographic for this title. (I’m over 40! Oh, the horror!) This was just another self-help book written by a self-proclaimed celebrity (ish) who wants to be recognized for changing all our lives. We should admit we’re imperfect, confess to wearing Spanx and give in to the demands of life and just show up at our kid’s school in...
  • Rachel
    Read for book club. Not something I would EVER choose for myself. The fact that people like this, quirky bloggers who are experts in precisely nothing, get to write entire books about how to live is probably the strongest argument I can think of in support of shutting down the internet, full stop.Also, as an adult woman named Rachel, I am personally offended by how many times she refers to herself in the third person as "Rach". Ew.
  • Ashlie Elizabeth
    There were parts of this book that were highly motivating and not too coddling, which is always appreciated. One thing that was tough was a constant thread of diet culture and weight loss talk throughout the whole book. The chapter about weight itself was...not great. There is a line where the author says (paraphrased) "science shows you need to eat less and move more, the end!" Where a lot of the other chapters examined the nuance of different i...
  • Helen 2.0
    One of my distant relatives on my mom's side was known in the family for his severe chronic depression. He died about 20 years ago, but the one thing I remember about him was my grandmother's opinion of his life. Whenever it came up in conversation, she would lament, in German: "I don't know why he insisted on being so sad all the time. He could have had such a happy life!" The advice in Girl, Wash Your Face! is based on exactly that kind of igno...
  • Holly Jo
    Could not finish this. Listened to audio book and had to stop halfway through. The author has no concept of her own privilege, and that many women reading this book don't have the same opportunities she has. I found it self-centered.
  • Tara Lynn
    I was anxious but cautious when starting this book, as I've heard a lot about it. My opinion is probably pretty unpopular, but I could hardly wait to be done with it. It's pretty misleading to put this book in the "religious/Christian" book genre. Some of the most notable/cringey parts to me were, "I am my own hero. This is all me. Any achievements you've accomplished, those are all you. I wish someone had told me this, but I had to navigate thro...
  • Britany
    Multiple people told me to read this book, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I've never heard of Rachel Hollis before or anything about her.I listened to this on audio, read by the author which was a treat. She goes through some lies that she used to believe about herself in hopes to help other women from falling into the same pitfalls. Most of this is pretty cliched, but sometimes it's a nice reminder to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and wor...
  • FMABookReviews
    If we can identify the core of our struggles, while simultaneously understanding that we are truly in control of making changes, then we can utterly change our trajectory. I've laughed, cried and contemplated. There are self-help books, and then there's 'Girl, Wash Your Face'!Through lies she's told herself, Rachel Hollis takes her readers on a journey through her triumphs and losses, heartbreaking moments and celebrations. Recognizing the lies w...
  • Lola
    I am not finding this very relatable and the author's tone is getting on my nerves. She makes everything seem so simple - happiness, love, health, wealth could all be yours if you do what I did! Let's just say Rachel Hollis is not my role model.
  • Shaghayegh
    I need a hero,Actually I don't need a hero
  • Carlene Inspired
    Two reads completed, several passages highlighted, and a whole new perspective on life and the pursuit of happiness. :)Rachel Hollis has given us a new book! It's not fiction, it's not a cookbook, it's Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies about Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be. Part self help, part honest, heartbreaking non-fiction, Girl, Wash Your Face was the book I didn't know I needed. Broken into chapters by li...
  • Julie
    I didn’t finish the book. I stopped around chapter 12 when I asked myself why I was putting myself through this. I’ll leave it at that.
  • Amy | Foxy Blogs
    It's hard not to get motivated when you get bit by Rachel Hollis' enthusiasm. She lays it all out there and shares stuff that is deeply personal for her. Her vulnerability allows the reader to tear down their own walls knowing they aren't alone in their journey. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ms. Hollis. I've been a fan of yours for awhile and I enjoy getting a glimpse into your personal life via InstaGram stories and lives. GIRL, WASH...
  • Beverly
    This book is truly AMAZING! I mean I loved every minute of it. I have told all my family and friends to read this book and now I am telling you, READ IT you won't regret it!
  • Chelsey Ellice
    This is a book all girls need to read. It was so good. I loved Rachel’s honesty throughout it. So much in there to put into practice and learn from. Thank you Rachel for writing it
  • Amanda
    **I received an ARC of this book from the publisher; opinions are my own**"Girl, Wash Your Face," honestly, isn't anything new. All the same, I found that it resonated with me in a way that not many self-help books ever have. Part of it, no doubt, is where I am in my own life. I suspect that had I read it even five years ago, GWYF likely would not have hit me in the same way. A bigger part of it, though, is that Rachel Hollis just seems so damn l...
  • Liz
    I had the pleasure of hearing Rachel Hollis speak at Book Bonanza this past summer. Her passion and joy are absolutely contagious! I immediately downloaded the audible of this book and downloaded any and all podcasts available for download. I find her testimony to be one of inspiration and truth. The ideas and experiences explored in this book are truly remarkable and her delivery is full of honesty and witty humor. I highly recommend this book t...
  • Michelle
    In full disclosure, this was a hate read. I despise self-help books and anything motivational/trendy/inspirational. After all the articles I’ve read picking this book apart, I knew I would hate it. And yet, I read it anyway because apparently I’m in the mood to be annoyed today.*rolls up sleeves*I don’t even know how to review this. As a “Christian” book, which it’s marketed as, it’s dangerous. We were not born to live our best live...