Space Babies (Purple People, #1) by Rena Marks

Space Babies (Purple People, #1)

An antiquated ship, rotating through the galaxy of a deserted planet, bears immediate investigation. Helian Six boards the abandoned vessel to find the long-lost inhabitants in a state of stasis. But the systems are failing, and half a dozen have woken up. The planet below shows long dead bodies, poisoned by the scum of space, a species known as Gorgians. Strangely, the few who have awakened are much smaller than their planetary predecessors. And...

Details Space Babies (Purple People, #1)

TitleSpace Babies (Purple People, #1)
Release DateJul 9th, 2017
PublisherTerran Publishing Ltd.
GenreScience Fiction, Aliens, Romance, Science Fiction Romance, Fantasy

Reviews Space Babies (Purple People, #1)

  • Tricia Len
    Sweet and funny...laugh out loud! Love the little purple babies and their exasperated new Daddies...Made me smile.... what more could you wish for? oh.... Happy Ever After!
  • Mari (Smut Duchess)
    This was my pot luck read with my book group. Add together 19 battle hardened horned created soldiers, 19 toddlers and preschoolers that are all that's left of a dead planet and 19 young human teachers. Mix well and get lots of laughs.Tristan and his men are created soldiers. Their job is to travel to planets that were devastated by the evil Gorgians. If the planet can be rehabbed they start the process. If not, they move on. One such planet is d...
  • Suzy
    I loved this book, it was a wonderful little find, I do not know this author but she has a new fan, Yes it was a bit far fetched and the story was sickly sweet in places, but it didn't matter the entire book was just delightful. Imagine the scenario if you will, emerging from a lab you were created from as a fully fledged adult a fully adult male. What happens when you come upon creatures who evolved in a more natural way - with no parental units...
  • Þórey Jónsdóttir
    I mean, who wouldn’t immediately start taking care of children and cooking dinner after being taken by aliens that look like demons?Come on!
  • Diane T.
    This book was such a mixed bag for me. Some of the humor was spot on and made me laugh out loud at the picture the author painted. Some of the humor was just this side of sophomoric. Along with that was the fact that the love scenes came off as more pornographic instead of erotic. This story was an "all most", the plot was "all most" gripping, the characters were "all most" fully developed, it was "all most" a really good book. Even with that, it...
  • Karen Docter
    Major cute factor! I fell in love with the little purple "babies" although they aren't all babies and the alien men who faced down ridicule to raise them on a planet they had to build a society from scratch. Add in earth women who teach babies and alien men alike to build families and you've got chuckles. The alien men were tough but so sweet dealing with both their new babies and new mates. Such fun to read!
  • Kristi
    A wonderful frolic through alien abduction/rescue, clueless males becoming so much more, love, parenthood, and starting anew!This book was a fast-paced adventure in rescue, parenthood, abduction/rescue, mating, conflict, and then parenthood again. I enjoyed the viewpoint of the H quite a bit as he was totally flummoxed by being a father. Oh, those were some laugh out loud moments.
  • Virginia Louis
    This is simply a very entertaining read. Although strictly sci-fi, it is somewhat fanciful in it's characters and their interactions as it is fairly apparent from the start that it strives for 100% HEA for all. What makes it so enjoyable is the humorous situation caused by language, culture, species, age and sex differences converging onto three groups of humanoids (one being a group of very young children) who are all very tolerant and understan...
  • Kristy Mills
    This was a funny book. A team of alien soldiers come across a space pod orbiting a planet. The pod is full of other alien babies waking up from stasis. It's cute that these clueless men who were never raised by parents try to raise these babies. Thinking they are just stupid or slow when they don't follow commands. They decide they need teachers. And so they go steal themselves a spaceship full of teachers.A lot of this book was very coincidental...
  • JPT
    ebookC+Not a review, just my personal thoughts for future reference. Was this book silly? Yes. Ridiculous? Yes. Was it fun to read? You bet. I'd give this book higher marks for the sheer enjoyment factor, but, tbh, it's pretty flimsy on plot, characterization, world-building, etc. As a result, I'm settling on a respectable C+. It was worth a couple of hours* of my time and made me feel good. *This was a very short read and ended suddenly after th...
  • Jannie Cv
    An uproarious confection sure to lift your spirits!Imagine if you had emerged a fully adult male from the lab where you were created for a specific purpose. What if you came upon beings who evolved in a more natural way - with no parental units around?I loved seeing these big, tough warriors trying to meet the needs of such young creatures, and teach them to be proper little warriors. Their efforts are hilarious! Eventually they decide to snag so...
  • Bubbles The Book Pimp
    DADS IN SPACE!! 🤣🤣🤣I really enjoyed this book, gruff silver space warrior demons, rescue and adopt purple space babies... confused as to wether they are pets...they figure out that they are actually children and need MOMS ASAP... intercepting, tracking and rescuing a bunch of earth teachers from letchy space pirates they decide to seduce the new mommies with raw lobster and housework!!! BAHAHHAHAHA what a book... it was short and sweet a...
  • Bruce Allen
    MehNot terrible but not good either. It’s odd that the hero has a normal name and everyone else had a “alien” name. It’s a fast-paced insta love story where everybody gets along and there really isn’t much drama. It’s a fluff story, fine for an afternoon read that requires no thinking. Not one you’d read again however.
  • Virginia Daugherty
    Three races make a familyThis is an absolute boot to read!!! loved the plot, characters, and kids!!!! never knew that space aliens intellectant enough to travel from galaxy to galaxy and replenish planets could be so look dumb. This book is one of my all time favorites!!!!
  • Momof3
    Space BabiesI liked the storyline in this book, but thought it could use a little more on the characters getting to know one another. It’s a short read and has a pretty good plot. I’ll read another from this author.
  • Karen Easley
    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍I loved this book, I laughed so much my stomach hurts. It was so funny when they went to another planet and the toddlers took turns asking are we there yet.....lmao
  • Kim
    Fun StoryThis was a great story. I thought it was a fun storyline and I loved the humor in the book. I hope there are going to be more books. I will definitely read them. Thanks.
  • Gwen
    I bought this book because it had such great reviews on Amazon and I will never make that mistake again. I paid $6.31 for it and I'm not sure it is even worth $0.99, it wasn't funny or well written. Save your money and buy a different book!
  • LuDena Radford
    BabiesI dated this book with chuckles , giggles , laughs a long with a few blushes . I enjoyed reading Space babies . I finished the book feeling happy and looking forward to reading the next book in the series .
  • Mari
    Silly fluff. 3 1/2
  • Breigh
    I actually liked this book, it was actually hilarious because of titi.
  • Nadia
    If you don't think too hard about the logistics aspect of it, it is a super adorable.
  • shannon Stubbs
    Cute and funnyThis story was cute and funny. It turned out better than expected. There were a few spots where I was confused. Other than that, not bad.
  • Pat Watson
    Really sweetThis was one of the sweetest stories I've read in ages I loved every second of it. Wish there was more so you could follow how their world develops
  • Lisa
    This book does not disappoint! I loved it!
  • Kathleen Young
    So cute!This is a fantastic story,very cute. Can't wait to read the others. Highly recommend ,you won't be disappointed by this author.
  • Kris Pierce
    Good book, great start to a series.
  • Trisha Turner
    Super cute!Really cute read! Funny, adventurous, great characters and story line. I can't wait to read the next one in the series.
  • Nicky Fox
    Such a cute and funny read.
  • Nike
    I have a thing for strong heroines, alpha males and happy endings, add beautiful babies and humor and I’m hooked 😊