How I Resist by Maureen Johnson

How I Resist

An all-star collection of essays about activism and hope, edited by bestselling YA author Maureen Johnson.Now, more than ever, young people are motivated to make a difference in a world they're bound to inherit. They're ready to stand up and be heard - but with much to shout about, where they do they begin? What can I do? How can I help? How I Resist is the response, and a way to start the conversation. To show readers that they are not helpless,...

Details How I Resist

TitleHow I Resist
Release DateMay 15th, 2018
PublisherWednesday Books
GenreNonfiction, Short Stories, Anthologies

Reviews How I Resist

  • Erin
    Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced ebook in exchange for an honest review. 3.75 stars A series of essays, poems, comics, in depth interviews and even a song aim to encourage a continuation of resistance in today's(chiefly the U.S.) political climate. Many big name writers, activists, and actors lend their voices in this collection.My reluctance in awarding it with high stars is that despite the amount of eloquent and carefully crafted selections...
  • Heather
    **I received this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.**Even though this book was geared toward Young Adult readers, I learned a lot from it. And it was entertaining. The essays and interviews were extremely relatable. And I highly recommend it for readers and resisters of all ages.
  • Selene Matheson
    BookTube-A-Thon July 30, 2018 - August 5, 2018Challenge #7 - Read 7 booksAt the age of 19 I made a goal for myself to read 1,000 books before my 30th birthday. Now at the age of 27 this will be the book that gets me to that goal!“Resistance isn’t a set of steps - it is an ecosystem in which all the different creations live and help one another grow. These are hard times, but also times of great opportunity.” Could We Please Give the Police ...
  • Bethany
    I like what this book is trying to do and it has some fantastic content, but unfortunately it fell a bit short of what I was hoping for. How I Resist is a collection of essays and other content (songs, poems, illustrations, interviews etc.) from a variety of authors, activists, celebrities, and more, all aimed at discussing various facets of political resistance (particularly in the Trump era) and how teenagers can get involved in political actio...
  • KC
    This is an outstanding collection of personal stories, poems, music, and interviews from some of the most influential icons in music, acting, politics, sports, and writing, etc... of the 21st century. Although marketed for YA, anyone can read this and get inspired. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.
  • Alicia
    I might be in overload at this point with the amount of short story or compilations I've read recently, but if I try to remain as objective as possible it was a perfect mix of voices to talk about how they resist, hope, dream, stay sane in an unstable world-- they touch on technology and politics, speaking their minds, and keeping on living as a form of resistance. But I guess I'm questioning an audience-- because it's not necessarily there to sp...
  • Beth
    "Libraries: serving the resistance since forever." You SAID it, Libba Bray!! #MakeAmericaSmartAgainSo this is a neat book targeted towards teenagers (but entertaining and inspiring for all of us) with essays, poems, songs and more creative work from all kinds of people, explaining why and how they "resist." Sometimes "resist" means protesting, or making art, or just being yourself in an unfriendly world - but in all cases, it means finding the tr...
  • Hristina
    How I Resist is a collection of essays designed to inspire the youth to speak up on the issues they're passionate about. The diversity of the essayists shined through the abundance of subjects that the essays were on. Each of them had a different and refreshing writing style, and the subtle shifts in tone here and there made it easy to consume. I enjoyed this collection a lot.
  • Sarah A
    How I Resist is a YA anthology and it is AMAZING. It has a vast list of diverse contributors, including authors like Malinda Lo and Sabaa Tahir, actors such as Javier Munoz and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (and his husband) and many others, including activists and journalists. It has essays, poetry, and art--all on the topic of activism and resistance. There are essays on solutions to problems we are facing in the current political climate, there are int...
  • Martha Schwalbe
    I liked the pieces by the authors and personalities I know the best from their work. I enjoyed Libby Bray's piece the most! Reading this book has made me think again about activism, a different time, a different place, yet it goes on.Fear really seems to be what guides the status quo: fear of losing money, fear of losing a seat in politics, fear of change, etc. It has a stranglehold on the policy makers in this country and it isn't letting go.The...
  • Deanna
    I received an advanced copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I watched this book become a thing on Twitter.I don’t know if you remember because honestly, I blocked it out, but 2016/17 was a dumpster fire. After then election Maureen Johnson put out a call to action asking people how they resisted in a world that didn’t seem to want to listen. She got an overwhelming response, and a book was born. I think that this moment is the...
  • Basma
    This book is a collection of mini essays by diverse voices of what resistance means to each one of them. The essays are about a lot of different topics but there is a big focus on what resistance means in the age of Trump (quite understandable), how can a young person voice their opinions about the issues they care about, how creating stuff whether it's artworks or music or anything can be an act of resistance and how essentially activism can be ...
  • Shelly
    A lot of strong contributors in this one. How I Resist had a mix of interviews, personal essays, poems, and even a song, which I think worked well together. The placement of the pieces in the anthology felt very purposeful and I think that it paid off. Johnson definitely did a great job with this and I do recommend it, though the length of the entire anthology is so much shorter than I expected. Some pieces I felt were too short and I definitely ...
  • Carol
    While I know many adults feel or felt hopeless after Tr*mp was elected, I can't imagine how teens too young to vote might feel. This book, compiled/narrated by Maureen Johnson and Tim Federle, bring together a diverse and dynamic group of voices that come from all angles: the literary world, entertainment, political activists. Together they give teens hope and a foundation to create a solid action plan to resistance.I received an advance copy fro...
  • Cassy Lee
    I needed that. To get fired up again, to refuel in order to resist. And to laugh out loud. Libba Bray’s essay actually made me snort. Yep, I needed that. As with any anthology, not every piece is strong, but it was a good reminder to keep doing what we can. Including reading. Reading can be resistance.
  • Brett
    Perfect for my 9th graders to read
  • megan
    very informative and interesting anthology
  • Bianca Smith
    This review was originally published on Mass Consternation.I received this book for free from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. If you've read my other reviews, you'll know that if it's bad, I'll say so, regardless of how I received the book.I chatted with my neighbor before buying my Nevertheless, she persisted t-shirt. I live in a conservative area and wearing an Elizabeth Warren quote could alienate both me and my neighbors. My neig...
  • Kelly Hager
    It is so easy to lose hope and feel overwhelmed. Things are scary and it seems like a lot of people are either ignoring it or actively celebrating it.And it can be hard to keep resisting when it seems like it's not doing very much good. You no sooner get your elected officials to stop doing one thing when they start doing something else. This book is so needed because it (a) gives me inspiration to keep going and (b) reminds me that there are al...
  • Elke
    This was great! I don't necessarily agree with everything everyone said or has written or created before, but this is an impressive collection of hope, resistance, ideas, guidance, pain and change. I love how much diversity there was, the authors, the topics, the pieces and how they were presented. There are comics, a song, essays, interviews, a poem. There are steps you can actively engage in, ideas you can think about, things to discuss and pro...
  • Erikka
    This is going to be a ready recommendation for my students. I can't think of a single one of my kids who wouldn't love this. Jason Reynolds made a strong case for how difficult it is to be hopeless when you work with kids and teens because they don't understand our generation's hatred for others based on characteristics they can't help (racism, homophobia, sexism, etc). I find my kids to be endlessly inspiring in how little they care about the ap...
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this free book from Netgalley. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.)Lately I have been feeling so drained. So tired of fighting. So tired of explaining and late night poster making. I know more than ever, that it's what we need to do. It's what the country needs. But in some ways I've felt like my life has been little acts of resistance, of breathing, of speaking. How I Resist was not only a book I...
  • gem
    This is the kind of book that needs to be given out in schools, stocked in all libraries and e-copies readily available at a good price for those who read online.The essays in this collection are inspiring, evocative and act as s call to arms for anyone who picks it up.I found lots of ideas, hints and tips that are easily interpreted into everyday life, and others which have certainly made me view things differently.Educational, exciting and utte...
  • Shawnta Dodson
    I received an Advance Uncorrected Proof copy in a GR Giveaway. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to the finished copy. I loved getting to see so may different perspectives on resisting. It gave me hope.
  • Natalie VanDusen
    So much of this resonated with me, and inspired me. I want to hunt down the finished version to see the comics and music not included. I received this book as an ARC in a Goodreads giveaway.
  • Faith 09
    A really inspiring book that made me really want to go out and make a difference.
  • Sara
    I have a feeling this is going to be my favourite book of the year; I found it so incredibly insightful, thought-provoking, beautiful and by god is it inspiring (inspiring in the sense that it’s inspiring me to take action and resist). It took me awhile to read it because I wanted to sit with each piece as much as possible so I could truly learn and think and not just consume. In fact I’m still thinking and sitting on some of the pieces becau...