約束のネバーランド 5 [Yakusoku no Neverland 5] (The Promised Neverland, #5) by Kaiu Shirai

約束のネバーランド 5 [Yakusoku no Neverland 5] (The Promised Neverland, #5)

脱獄を告げる警報が鳴り響き、鬼の追手が放たれる中、僅かな手掛かりを頼りに逃走を始めたエマ達。偽りの平穏を捨て、自由を求めた彼らが目にしたのは!? 永遠の子供達よ、絶望に立ち向かえ! 衝撃の脱獄ファンタジー!!

Details 約束のネバーランド 5 [Yakusoku no Neverland 5] (The Promised Neverland, #5)

Title約束のネバーランド 5 [Yakusoku no Neverland 5] (The Promised Neverland, #5)
Release DateSep 4th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Horror, Fantasy, Mystery, Fiction, Graphic Novels

Reviews 約束のネバーランド 5 [Yakusoku no Neverland 5] (The Promised Neverland, #5)

  • Shannon
    3.5 rounded downThe kids being outside the plantation isn't as fun as all of the shenanigans and scheming inside, but it's still enjoyable.
  • Victoria ♡
    I literally just binged 4 and 5...I kinda wanna read the rest of the chapters that aren’t english released...like right now online...
  • Basma
    Just when you think you're nearing the end or the story can't get any better than that Kaiu Shirai surprises you. Reading this manga thus far has been very pleasant and has been keeping on my toes.
  • Ray
    Holy hell this just got 1000 times better!The kids escaped!But instead of a lovely world full of butterflies and sunshine, they were greeted by a forest even more creepy than their own and HORRIBLE monsters, and they have to run to ensure their own survival!I'm really enjoying how the story is progressing and how the world is expanding bit by bit. (view spoiler)[WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT HOODED FIGURE THAT RESCUED RAY IN THE END????????? (hide spoil...
  • Psicologorroico
    In questo volume si approfondisce la storia di Isabella, anche se in poche pagine. Un po' mi ha fatto pensare a Non lasciarmi, quando lei pensa all'amore incondizionato che prova per i bambini... che però non sono altro che cibo. Forse avrebbe potuto fare qualcosa di più per aiutarli, ma immagino che ne sarebbe andata del suo futuro. I ragazzi si trovano così nel mondo esterno, pieno di pericoli e mostri vari. Viene in aiuto un libro di avvent...
  • Valentina
    Nonostante avessi già intuito chi fosse in realtà Ray dal volume precedente, vedermi la conferma direttamente sotto gli occhi durante la lettura del passato della mamma, mi ha dato una stretta al cuore pazzesca. E niente se già me lo dicevo prima ora ho la conferma di quanto questa serie sia bellissima tanto da rientrare nella mia top fumetti del 2018.
  • Muffinsandbooks
    Toujours aussi addictif, original et entraînant ! Ça bouge et ça change pas mal dans ce tome, ça fait du bien ! La fin est juste horrible, j’ai très envie d’avoir la suite ... Bref j’ai adoré, comme toujours !
  • Michael Schmid
    Wow... einfach nur wow... ab der Hälfte schlägt der Manga nun die lang ersehnte Wendung ein und gozedank wird es dadurch kein Stück langweiliger oder schlechter. Ganz im Gegenteil. Es kommt frischer Wind rein und ich hasse es echt, dass ich nun zwei Monate auf den nächsten Band warten muss x.x Aber es hilft ja nix xD
  • Lau
    Death can wait. I will escape with these siblings of mine. Actual rating: 3.75☆Huge character development for Ray in this volume -have I already said Ray is my favourite character?We also get to see a Isabella's back story, which was kind of bittersweet to read.
  • Pikobooks
    Sans doute celui qui m'a le plus ému de la série, actuellement en cours.
  • Lectora Incomprendida
    4'5📚Cada vez está más interesante y hay más misterios y más encrucijadas y ME ENCANTA lo creepy y el dibujo tan mono que es😂
  • Mdg2810
    Je m'attendais à un bref passage à vide après l'action omniprésente dans le tome précédent mais pas du tout. C'est loin le 6 février 😭
  • Maria
    ISABELLA. 😪👏🏼 I knew she wasn’t a total bitch. The moment when she realizes something about Ray. Heartbreaking. I’ll be rooting for her.So apparently, the outside world is full of danger. No shit. The kids are proving themselves to be surprisingly competent so far. I’m VERY proud. Anyways, tell me more about that girl now. 👀🔍
  • Jakub Kvíz
    Neverland je proste super! Hrozne se mi libi, jak autor dokaze nekam navest, aby mu to nasledne cely vyvratil nejakym flashbackem (ted treba Phil ze zaveru 4. knihy).Stripky z minulosti “mamy” fungujou taky skvele a svet za zdi sirotcince vypada dost drsne. Fakt se zase tesim na dalsi dil.
  • Reija
    Best volume yet!The stakes got so much higher in this volume, key information about the world was revealed sparking whole new theories as to the mystery of the setting.A bunch of characters got development and reached a turning point in their arcs.I was both highly entertained and intrigued.I continue to love this series.
  • Amber
    This series always has me on edge!
  • Mushal Darwish
    * Wishing for more could cost you everything.
  • Francesca
    Bello! Mi è piaciuto un pochino meno degli altri, ma è sempre molto figo 😊.Amo troppo Ray 😍
  • Charlotte B.
    Cette saga, c'est du non stop 😱 en permanence des gros rebondissements et du suspens, j'adore !
  • Dani (ダニ)
    I need the next volume and I don't have it 😱
  • Celine
    ~ 5 stars ~Phil is amazing and must be protected at all cost.
  • Libby
    I don’t normally do long reviews but I have so many thoughts about this book! When getting into this volume, a part of me was a little worried about how the author would keep up the suspense and excitement after the kids escape Grace Field House. I thought of the show Prison Break and how the story went down hill after the second season. I don’t want TPN to suffer the same fate and I must say so far I have nothing to worry about. First off, t...
  • Ashley
    The Promised Neverland volume 5: Escape brings the ending to the escape from the Grace Field House Plantation and brings us into a terrifying world inhabited by demons... everything here is trying to kill you. Let’s break it down.Emma and Ray have been so strong, Emma especially. Not only did she continue her own sneaky planning while injured, but now she’s taken quite a few leads during the escape. Her knowledge of the two strange books have...
  • Allybopolis
    5 stars once again! So far I have rated all of the books in this series 5 stars it's just amazing!They've finally escaped grace field house and I'm so happy! Ohmigawd that cliffhanger tho! I seriously love this series but every time I finish a volume I say "I Hate this series"😂 it's legit one of my favorite series now! I'm dying to find out who that person was in the end and what the heck is gonna happen to Ray!Also, I must mention... They did...
  • Jonathan Echevarria
    What I think this series does better then the Walking Dead and other post apocalyptic stories is that there is a end goal. It isn’t just survivors surviving a shitty situation. Of course it makes it better that there is interesting events that happen between the start and end. But it doesn’t feel like the plot is wandering around aimlessly. Some of my favorite series like Berserk or at times I Am A Hero felt like it wasn’t sure where to go ...
  • Heyjessical
    Enfin, l'univers change grandement ! Nous découvrons une toute nouvelle histoire à l'extérieur, avec un lot de questions : d'où viennent les démons ? Est-ce qu'il existe une communauté humaine en-dehors du mur ? Qui est l'auteur du manuel de survie ? Et Phil, pauvre petit Phil... d'ailleurs, on en parle que mon espoir de revoir Norman en vie a été réduit à néant ? Mais bon, on ne l'a pas vu mourir, alors je doute qu'il va réapparaîtr...
  • Cassie
    IT KEEPS GETTING SMARTER AND BETTER! It’s actually scary, in a psychological “bigger picture”, almost lovecraftian way, which is so nice to see. I haven’t seen a lot of good horror manga that don’t rely solely on body horror and gore to be “scary”. You can really feel the tension of these characters and the world that they live in. As pieces start to unravel, new questions are always posed. And this manga easily has the best execute...
  • Melissa
    Le dernier tome de l’année est sorti, le moment tant attendu de découvrir la suite des aventures d’Emma, Ray et les autres.Le moment de l’évasion est enfin arrivé et même si ce sera difficile vu que Norman n’est plus parmi eux, ils vont mettre toutes les chances de leur côté pour réussir à échapper à Maman et aux démons.On sent bien que l’histoire a beaucoup avancé depuis le début et les personnages ont grandi malgré eux ...
  • Willow H. Wood
    I wish we'd seen Emma reading the Minerva adventure book while she was recovering to add a touch more authenticity to the moment of her epiphany. Just reading it in a sad, I need something to help me channel my grief kind of way. It would have just made its usefulness more...palatable.Other than that, and the idea that 5 year olds can somehow outrun a massive beast (dubious), this is another great volume.
  • Kristin
    2.5We have finally [i]finally[/i] made it to the kids' escape. This volume gets points for taking on a new story, but the art is distracting. The pencils are rough, sketchy, and under-inked, like they were rushed to meet a deadline. And that's not all that feels rushed. Revelations about Mother and Minerva aren't 'Wow' but 'What?" moments because hints that should (and could) have been laid out well before now are just dumped in your lap like big...