The Blood Road (Logan McRae #11) by Stuart MacBride

The Blood Road (Logan McRae #11)

Some things just won’t stay buried…Logan McRae’s personal history is hardly squeaky clean, but now that he works for Professional Standards it’s his job to police his fellow officers.When Detective Inspector Bell turns up dead in the driver’s seat of a crashed car it’s a shock to everyone. Because Bell died two years ago, they buried him. Or they thought they did.As an investigation is launched into Bell’s stabbing, Logan digs into ...

Details The Blood Road (Logan McRae #11)

TitleThe Blood Road (Logan McRae #11)
Release DateJun 14th, 2018
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, Cultural, Scotland, Thriller

Reviews The Blood Road (Logan McRae #11)

  • Paromjit
    This is the 11th in what is a favourite series of mine featuring DI Logan McRae, set in Aberdeen. At this stage, we are all familiar with the style, type of content, the comic humour juxtaposed with the bleak, the multiple threads in the tale, the familiar characters in all their glory as we wonder just how many scars the author will inflict on the battered Logan this time. Logan is now working for Professional Standards, with the idiot Rennie, m...
  • Sandy
    When I skimmed the blurb for this book there came a point where I stopped, gave my head a shake & thought: I really should read more carefully because I’d swear it just said Logan MacRae was working for Professional Standards….*reads again*….Good lord, it’s true. Oooookay. So he’s policing the police. He really shouldn’t be involved in criminal investigations but things get a little complicated when Duncan Bell, a former cop, is found...
  • Stephen Robert Collins
    Dead men do tell tails even when they died two years ago but When Detective Inspector Bell who Logan knows is dead & buried because saw his coffin he was murder but now He's been murdered again! Shit hits the fan & all thoughts skeletons buried seep keep popping up & the body count gets higher & higher.Another twister from Cold Garnet crime writer & Halfhead is another Scottish crime.Inspired by Conan Doyle this very Holmes it that after he fell ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I love this series so much. Actually I've loved all this authors books but there's a special love involved in one featuring Logan and Steele for many many reasons...There's just no substitute anywhere in crime fiction for this pair, whether featured together or apart, in the case of The Blood Road luckily we get plenty of togetherness..Much to Logan's dismay.. The story as ever is a dark and hugely emotive one, this time featuring missing childre...
  • Kirsty 📚📖❤️
    'm a latecomer to this series. I read A Dark so Deadly a wile back then started on the McRae series. I read Cold Granite just last week and still have the ones in between that and this latest one so some of the questions I have will no doubt be answered as I play catch but I did like the continuation from Book 1 to it's conclusion here with the Livestock Mart - the market for selling children. This is another instance where I've read an ARC from...
  • Hans
    I'm a fan of Stuart MacBride but felt a little bit let down by this book. It took quite a while to start going. After that it was more or less okay but not as good as the previous books in this series.
  • Pat
    I guess I'm biased, I've loved this series and with this book I think Stuart MacBride is back to his absolute best. McCrae is now an Inspector in Professional Standards and, in a twist of fate, Roberta Steel is a Sergeant on his team, not to her liking one little bit. Its quite a long, convoluted story and starts with the discovery of a body that was supposed to have been buried two years ago - DI Bell. So if it wasn't Bell in that grave, who the...
  • Liz
    Five stars, as usual. Thank you Mr. MacBride for another galloping romp through the Granite City with all of my favorites from Police Scotland! As with many of the books in this series, there's humor of all kinds, but be warned; parts of the subject matter are not for the faint of heart. This one in particular shines a light on some of the absolute worst kind of scumbags that the world has to offer. 'Nuff said on that!This is one of my absolute f...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    I mentally squealed with delight when I saw that my audiobook service had this book. Even though it was over 16 hours to listen through. But, if there is one author I can trust completely to make all those 16 hours of pure fun and bloody joy is it Stuart MacBride. And, I speed it up so the narrator speaks as fast I speak and think (and I speak fast)! As I was saying, this book is pure fun straight through and it all starts with a dead body of Det...
  • Roy
    Where to begin. If youre reading this youre obvisouly a massive fan. The story blends yhe usual comic humour with the darkest of deeds once again. We have the multiple plot threads which come to a boil. We have the loveable characters that MacBride has so wonderfully created. I love Logans and Steels relationship and the way they feed off eachother. Its interesting to see Logan as Steels boss for once, which is something a little new. The story o...
  • Eva
    Stuart MacBride has been on my list of go-to authors for as long as I can remember. Every time there’s a new book of his on the horizon, my anticipations and expectations are sky high but I also always have faith that he’ll deliver. So of course I dropped whatever it was I was doing when I got the opportunity to read this one early and I didn’t regret it for a second.The Blood Road is the eleventh instalment in the Logan McRae series and it...
  • Kate
    This is my favourite crime series in the world - everything about these books to my mind is perfect, not least the incredible personalities we meet. Roberta Steel will live long in legend and I'm delighted to say that she gets her time in the rain in The Blood Road. The story here is particularly harrowing, driving Logan and his team on like a team possessed. I'll never think of phone caller IDs and ringtones in the same way again.... Review to f...
  • Jessie (thatchickwithabook)
    If crime & mystery is your thing, look no further than the Logan McRae series. It’s set in Aberdeen, Scotland, and the speech is most often written in the dialect, but don’t let this put you off. These books are full of intrigue, and mystery, but above all, they are bloody hilarious. The characters not only have grown with the readers, but we’re so used to their quirks and misgivings that it’s hard not to love every character.It’s hard ...
  • Rachel the Book Harlot
    4.5 stars
  • ☠tsukino☠
    Sono soddisfatta della storia e di essere riuscita a leggerla in originale. L’inizio è stato un po’ difficoltoso, dovuto a una lettura un po' lenta, poichè piena di acronimi inglesi, di riferimenti alla cultura pop britannica e modi di dire scozzesi. Una volta che si prende confidenza con la terminologia e lo stile di scrittura, si prende il ritmo e si procede abbastanza velocemente.Ci sono delle cose che sono rimaste nebulose (spero di ave...
  • Colin Mitchell
    The latest in the Logan McRae series finds Logan now an Inspector with the Professional Standards unit of Police Scotland based in Aberdeen. They had all thought that Detective Inspector Bell had blown his own brains out two years previously when he is found stabbed to death at the wheel of a crashed car. The inevitable questions arise, who was in the grave , where has he been and what was he doing in the time? The area is short staffed as as the...
  • Lesley
    Stuart MacBride rules - he can write no wrong.Nothing else needs to be said :)
  • Tara
    My favourite series. I love Logan and his quips and the supporting characters always crack me up. On a side note, this book touched on a pretty intense topic and ultimately gave me the creeps! P.S. I feel as if I'm the only non-Steel fan 😫
  • Jay Dwight
    Really enjoyed this crime thriller from Stuart Macbride.We're dealing with dark subject matter - murders, child abductions. However the narrative is lightened by the interactions between the police working the cases, many of which I found quite hilarious.A thoroughly engaging story which I highly recommend.
  • Biggus
    If you are a fan of the series (as I am) don't read this. And no, it isn't because of the subject matter, I couldn't care less one way or another, it just isn't a good book. Everyone is full of witty banter, everyone is clever, rank doesn't mean anything in this police force, the relationship between Logan and Steel is... well, unreal, meaning NOT real. The story is silly (and that probably flatters it). Nah, I have read them all, and the last co...
  • Tasha and Megan Mahoney
    I have the beginning of this series sitting on my bookshelf waiting for me to start it. It is now on my TBR ASAP list. I thoroughly enjoyed this, the 11th in the Logan Series.DI Bell died two years ago, which makes for a confusing crime scene when DI Bell's dead body then turns up in the drivers seat of a crashed car!I'm not going to give anything away for this story that is not in the synopsis. It really is a cracker of a thriller and I advise y...
  • Julie
    Another brilliant read by Stuart MacBride. You almost want to sign up for the police. I said almost!! Good banter between the characters. Although there is gruesome bits in the plots, the way the police characters lighten the mood with funny banter is a coping method to what they witness in their careers. I love how Stuart puts Aberdeen on the map. (He mentions Dufftown and Ben Rinnes which are on my doorstep!) and uses local lingo. All his books...
  • Aileen
    Hmmm - probably more like 3.5 stars. Normally I am MacBride's greatest fan. His stories bring back my growing-up years in Aberdeen, and I can hear the dialogue & accents, picture the city and surrounds, and glory in the Aberdeen sense of humour. All of this is true for The Blood Road, and those elements are as strong as ever.However..... I really struggled a bit with this book, expecting to devour it in 1-2 straight sittings. And it's taken sever...
  • Tiger
    Another excellent installment in MacBride's Logan McRae series set in Scotland. A man is knifed to death........a man who turns out to be a cop who died 2 years ago. Where was he for the last 2 years ? Why did he return now ? Just who did they bury 2 years ago ? And is there some connection to the missing children case of the present ? As only Stuart MacBride can, he had me cringing on one page as very young children are abducted to be sold to pa...
  • Ginny Kavanagh
    Logan McRae is now working in Professional Standards (aka Internal Affairs in the USA). Though his new position earns him the disdain of his peers, it doesn’t stop him from solving crimes. He investigates the recent death of a DI who had killed himself two years before (it is complicated) and the apparent suicide of a maverick detective who had been working a missing child case. This one is dark because it deals with abducted children. Warning:...
  • Bexar Smith
    Gripping story. Slightly different to the others. DI Steel as ever is a hoot!
  • Ray Palen
    Read my review tomorrow on
  • Siobhan
    Another good page turner from Mr M.