Chemistry Lessons by Meredith Goldstein

Chemistry Lessons

From advice columnist Meredith Goldstein, a dazzling, romantic, and emotionally resonant YA debut about a teen science whiz in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who tries to crack the chemical equation for lasting love and instead wreaks havoc on herself and the boys in her life.For seventeen-year-old Maya, the equation for happiness is simple: a dream internship at MIT + two new science nerd friends + a perfect boyfriend = one amazing summer. Then Whit ...

Details Chemistry Lessons

TitleChemistry Lessons
Release DateJun 19th, 2018
PublisherHMH Books for Young Readers
GenreYoung Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews Chemistry Lessons

  • Kat
    This book had an interesting premise. What if you could create a love serum that could make someone fall for you using your pheromones? When Maya’s boyfriend dumps her, she’s desperate to get him back. Her mother’s old chemistry journals detail an experiment in its early stages that could potentially help. With the aid of an old lab partner, they set about testing the serum on a series of unsuspecting boys. Please excuse typos/name misspell...
  • Stacee
    I really liked this synopsis, so I was pretty eager to get to it. Maya is a decent character. She’s smart and even though she’s heartbroken, she has good intentions. Sadly, those intentions didn’t translate to character growth. I get that the experiment was important; however, she was quite careless when it came to the feelings of others. Plot wise, it was sort of boring. I didn’t see the appeal of the boyfriend and the other “test subj...
  • Brina (Brina and the Books)
    4 StarsRead my full review on the blog on June 14th: 5171 Miles Book BlogFirst of all, let me put your mind at ease: you don't need to know anything about chemistry. Maya, however, knows everything there is to know about chemistry which is all thanks to her late mother who was a renowned scientist for epigenetics at MIT. Maya wants to follow in her mother's footsteps and study epigentics herself, and landing a summer internship in the lab at MIT ...
  • Camila Roy ••RoyIsReading••
  • Brooke Haverkamp
    This book was so cute!! Not your typical contemporary it had a cool science twist! I do wish we got to know the characters a little bit better and that the book was slightly longer but I loved it!!comes out June 19 2018! I recommend picking it up!! *Thank you to HMH teen for providing the ARC at Yallwest2018
  • Brenda A
    Say it with me: STUPIDCHARACTERSARESTUPIDThe entire premise of this is so flimsy I don’t know how it got greenlit for publication. “I will change my pheromones to win my ex back who broke up with me.”See how dumb that is?Never mind that a PhD student would never risk her place in MIT (of all places!!) for a stupid high schooler to get her frisk on.Never mind that the girl is fucking 17 (almost 18) and has had a boyfriend for more than a yea...
  • Amanda Hanson
    I have so many mixed feelings about this. The writing was good and the characters were engaging. But the premise was inherently flawed, as I see it. 1. Whit dumped you, Maya. For someone else. You really shouldn't want him back.2. THE EXPERIMENT ON UNKNOWING HUMAN SUBJECTS WITHOUT IRB APPROVAL OMG NOOOOOO.3. Why did you have to do Kyle like that?! He was my favorite. All in all, this was a quick read, but not my favorite book. I found it to be sc...
  • Il confine dei libri
    Ciao readers.La Newton Compton mi ha inviato l'anteprima de “La chimica dell'amore” di Meredith Goldstein.Maya ha diciassette anni e sta svolgendo un tirocinio al MIT. Da poco il suo fidanzato l'ha mollata per un'altra e lei ne è uscita devastata.Casualmente scopre che la madre, famosa scienziata, prima di morire stava svolgendo una ricerca segreta sulla formula dell'amore e questo per lei è una soluzione per riprendersi l'uomo della sua vi...
  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)
    MY RATING: 4/5 STARSI received an ARC from Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review.It's not the first time I've done this but I requested this book based on the cover and of course, a quick glimpse of the synopsis. It sounded like an adorable romance YA contemporary novel that will kick off my summer festivities. Chemistry Lessons did not disappoint me. With a fun plot, Chemistry Lessons follows a young scientific genius who is dealing w...
  • Aishwari Krishna
    Honestly a wonderful read—I breezed through it on a flight. I really enjoyed how relatable Maya seemed... She was flawed, but admirable, and had enough character development through the story to visibly understand how the plot had affected her. I couldn't put the book down (mind you, I lost a lot of sleep and am now severely jet-lagged) and loved it from start to finish. I only took off a star because it was a little conventional for me and bec...
  • Claire (bookscoffeeandrepeat)
    Currently going through my Yallwest haul and deciding which book to read. I thought it would be apt to select the second arc I received from Yallwest. I actually missed an upcoming ARC drop because of this book so I might as well read this one first. If you want to read about my *first* Yallwest experience, click here. But if you just want to read my review for Chemistry Lessons, then just stick around (and read on)! Chemistry Lessons was such a...
  • Laura Mauro
    * I got this book from the publisher for my honest thoughts*This was a great book to kick off my summer reads season. I really loved how this book was focused on both grief but also science and experiments with love twist. I really found the self discovery path in this story to be super strong. I also really realated to the female/male friendship dynamics because that was something that defined my high school experience. I also liked how this boo...
  • Colleen's Conclusions
    Did not finish mostly because I lost interest in the story and I didn't like the direction it was going. I was actually more interested in the science part of it. Might check it out in the future again to give it a shot again.
  • Renata
    I will admit that I side-eyed this premise (high school chemistry intern decides to carry on her dead scientist mom's research into pheremones, in an attempt to get her boyfriend to get back together with her) but really enjoyed the book! Maya and her BFF Bryan are great characters. I also enjoyed all the fun Cambridge/MIT-specific details to the setting. I also appreciated that the cast is fairly diverse. Without going into too many details, I d...
  • Ashlynn
    I loved this book. And I feel a little guilty for loving it so much. I mean, the plot is like something lifted straight out of a Disney Channel original movie. The teenaged protagonist hilariously and cluelessly makes a mess of all of her relationships through a series of ridiculous and unethical scientific experiments before she finally learns that you can't artificially engineer a relationship. (Maybe, it's schadenfreude that kept me reading? T...
  • Just Another Bookish Blog
    I recently finished reading Chemistry Lessons, by Meredith Goldstein!Oh look, I finished this book right on time for Valentine's dayNote: I received this book as an eARC from NetGalley! This does not affect my opinion on the storyline, plot, writing, or any other point of interest. Thank you for sending it to me!This will be published on June 19th, 2018 This book was not what I expected, in any way! You have Maya, a student working on her interns...
  • Ellen Klock
    First of all, I’d change the title from Chemistry Lessons to Love Potion Number Nine, at least that’s the tune I was humming while reading this G rated love story perfect for young teens. A loving family is torn apart when Mom succumbs to cancer. Dad turns to physical activities to work out his grief, while daughter Maya finds an internship transcribing notes at the MIT lab where her mother did research in Epigenetics. A high school graduate,...
  • Nicole
    This review can also be seen on: NicoleHendersonReads2.5/5 I honestly don’t know how I’m gonna start this review, but here goes nothing. So, I wasn’t expecting to receive this copy (thank you Raincoast for the book), but I was willing to give this book a chance after hearing mostly good things about it. And now I have to say it’s not my favourite book ever, but it’s still a good and (somewhat) predictable contemporary that will still ge...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Goldstein, Meredith Chemistry Lessons, 245 pages. hmh, 2018. $18. Language: G (20 swears); Mature Content: PG13 (dating, kissing, talk of sex); Violence: G. Things couldn't be better for Maya -she is going to MIT in the fall to follow in her now deceased mother's footsteps, she has a great boyfriend Whit whom she is about to lose her virginity to, and she has a great group of friends both at work and home. But her world is shattered when her boyf...
  • Aleya
    One of my coworkers picked up this book at TLA and thought I'd enjoy it. They were right. I didn't go to work until 10 this morning so my early morning was spent in my home library reading this book. I continued it at lunch and then didn't do anything but read when I got home. I've missed the feeling of finishing a book in a single day. It's so nice.I really enjoyed this book. Goldstein does a great job of creating an interesting plot as well as ...
  • Juliet Harrison
    This isn’t normally the type of book I would pick up in the bookstore, but after receiving it as an ARC at Yallfest I’m glad that I did. It was a cute, quick read that involved a breakup, a girl gifted at science, and her trying to experiment to see if she can win the boy back. The characters were fun and the plot interesting, although slightly predictable. My issues with it came up behind the ethics of the project, which are discussed in the...
  • Karen Parisot
    Maya Leschinsky is seventeen going on eighteen. Gifted in math and science, she’s an incoming freshman at MIT. She’s also the daughter of a world-renowned geneticist. After Maya suffers her first breakup, she finds out that her mom had been working on a serum to make love last. She’s determined to continue her mom’s research and get her boyfriend back, but at what cost? There’s a lot to like about this book. The whiff walks sound heaven...
  • Milly Hammett
    Note: I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Let me just start out saying I didn't dislike this book at all, it just wasn't what I expected. The synopsis is intriguing, but I found the actual plot to be a little lackluster. Maya's an okay character, but I really didn't understand or feel her connection to Whit, and considering the whole story hinges around her conducting this experiment to win him back, I had a diff...
  • Mara
    It was a cute story about finding yourself during that last summer between high school and college. It had science involved with the story but was more of a love story and was based on the relationships the protagonist had with pretty much everyone around her. I read this book in a day and give it a 3/5 only because what she was doing was unethical, and her intentions seemed to be for her and her womanly needs alone, not for the greater good.
  • theresa 🌸🥑
    started okay and i really liked the family dynamics (and Bryan!!) but the MC and the writing felt so flat & unrealistic.overall a quick easy read,that could have been great but was not quite there.2.5 ⭐ started okay and i really liked the family dynamics (and Bryan!!) but the MC and the writing felt so flat & unrealistic.overall a quick easy read,that could have been great but was not quite there.2.5 ⭐️
  • Debbie Gilvin
    very good book. . it maybe could have been shorter, but I am also hoping for a sequel. one of those books that makes you fall in love and want to know more about where the characters are headed.
  • Audrey
    2.75 starsEnjoyable but not anything special- I could've gone without reading it.
  • Kelly
    I'm sorry but I thought this book was BAD. The plot was really bad, and I thought that this book was also pretty boring. :/