Make Trouble by Cecile Richards

Make Trouble

From Cecile Richards—the president of Planned Parenthood, daughter of the late Governor Ann Richards, featured speaker at the Women’s March on Washington, and “the heroine of the resistance” (Vogue)—comes a story about learning to lead and make change, based on a lifetime of fighting for women’s rights and social justice.Cecile Richards has been an activist since she was taken to the principal’s office in seventh grade for wearing a...

Details Make Trouble

TitleMake Trouble
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Feminism, Politics, Audiobook

Reviews Make Trouble

  • Alisa
    This books feels like the conversation you want to have with people who don't know WTF they are talking about when it comes to women's health care decisions. Much more than that, however, it is a motivational story on the grit it takes to stand up, speak out, and fight for a worthy cause on the national stage. It is clear Cecile gets some of her hutzpah from her mother, Ann Richards (the firebrand former Governor of Texas), but just as clear that...
  • Greg Zimmerman
    Needed to be inspired. Now inspired.
  • Ariel ✨
    Cecile Richards gives us everything we'd expect out of her book. She talks about her mom, she writes extensively about her past as a labor organizer, and she acknowledges each scandal that took place during her time at Planned Parenthood. It's comforting to know how scared she was during her PP interviews. She didn't think she was qualified, she thought it was a long shot, and she couldn't believe they were even considering her for the position. ...
  • Kaethe
    Inferior got me revved up, now I need someone to tell me what to do with my ire.Whatever else it may prove to be, the book is fundamentally a political memoir. As such, it's got that tone they all have: "let me tell you about this remarkable person I met, [full name], and share this enlightening anecdote about this one person that will perfectly illustrate the greater point I am making." I get that it works, but I dislike it in the same way I dis...
  • Chelsea
    This book is a MUST for any girl/woman who could use a bit of inspiration to start or continue fighting their own good fight. Cecile's story highlights incredibly useful life lessons from not only her own experiences, but that of the amazing women and men she's been surrounded by. It's a refreshing reminder that our own personal or professional imperfections are no reason feel discouraged, but can be embraced to benefit the people and missions we...
  • Beth
    In some ways, it's hard to believe that women are still fighting for the fundamental right to health care and choice. And it's appalling that these decisions, particularly these days, are being made by old white men - many of whom have come from privilege and have never had to worry about health care access to treat things like endometriosis, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, pap smears...the only upside to all of this is the IMMENSE activism curren...
  • Joey
    While I was fascinated by her background as a community organizer, and enjoyed hearing about the nuts and bolts of working for a political campaign, she is still the former president of a company that has murdered millions of pre-born girls and boys. I hope and pray that I will see the day that this book is looked at with the same kind of look that one gives to a biography of any other prolific enabler of murder.
  • Ava Budavari
    4.5/5. This was so amazing and inspiring, and is something that I think every young activist/every young woman needs to read. My only issue is that Margaret Sanger’s problematic history was not acknowledged while her accomplishments were. But other than that, this was outstanding and I’m so happy to have met Cecile. This has inspired me as an organizer, an activist and makes me want to get involved with planned parenthood.
  • SarahJessica
    I didn't expect to get to learn so much about Cecile's late, beloved, much missed mother, Ann Richards, but what a pleasure it was to get to know her a bit as well as Cecile. My de was a tremendous fan of Gov. Richards, and this felt like a surprise connection to him. No tremendous surprises in here, but lots of grassroots organizing goodness. What a career Cecile Richards has had. We are all better off for it.
  • Sharon
    Cecile Richards' memoir is not only a look at her own story; it's also chock-full of advice for people who are looking to get into activism, no matter what their age.Beginning with her early life in Texas, including her mother Ann's election as the first female secretary of the treasury and, eventually, first female governor, we see that Richards is interested in social justice across a variety of issues. Her first job out of college was working ...
  • Gina Christo
    This book was such a beautiful overview of important organizing victories of the past and the present. I am so grateful to have Cecil as a leader in this country. Please read this book!!
  • Traci Reed
    Like most people, I didn't know who Cecile Richards was until her hearing about the fraudulent "Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts" videos in front of congress. I simply adored hearing her story (the daughter of Texas governor Anne Richards) and how her family raised her to raise hell. Her life story is truly fascinating, however the real gem of this book is the lessons on activism, staying true to yourself, and understanding how much good ...
  • Lisa
    This was even more inspiring than I expected. Definitely a must read (actually I would listen) for every young activist/every young woman in the US today!Part of my love of this book is how much our bios line up but the practical advise for protesters or activists is also great! This is a pretty typical political memoir of an amazing women who has a rock-star mom, has been a labor organizer, and lead one of the largest health care organization...
  • Jessica
    What a great read. If you didn't already admire Cecile Richards, you will after reading this. She has serious organizing and grassroots chops, for one, and a tenacious commitment to serving others and pushing boundaries. Learning more about her mother was fascinating, too. The chapter on the 2016 election made for hard reading, but she makes an inspiring call to push onwards. While I'm sure this is a bit breezier than the reality of many of the s...
  • Vicki
    Finally got a chance to finish the last few chapters once school was over. This book was INCREDIBLE! Every chapter gave me goosebumps or brought tears to my eyes. Cecile is the Real Deal - she's so genuine, determined, and kind. She's complex, in all the ways that women are. She's honest. She gives so much credit to so many other people in this book as well, another testament to her strength of character.Reading a book like this is so necessary d...
  • Kelly Staten
    Politics aside, this is a pretty well written book. Richards life story is interesting and she’s definitely been a hard worker her whole life. One can admire that, even if they don’t support some of her causes. This will inspire a lot of young women who are already left wing activists to continue their fight for what they believe is right. Those on the other end of the spectrum will probably feel completely alienated by the tone in which she ...
  • Amanda
    A perfect book to read if you're feeling defeated by the recent political climate. Cecile Richards' story is inspiring. I had no idea she was so involved in activism throughout her life outside of Planned Parenthood. Her constant message is that someone has to create the change you want to see, so it might as well be you. She describes so many instances of believing something needed to happen and taking the first initiative to fight for it, and s...
  • Catherine
    I heard about this book while listening to Call Your Girl Friend one day at the gym and when I saw it at my local library I picked it up! I was lil’ weary at first bc it seems like everyone gets a book deal these days and I want to make sure I read books worth reading and “Make Trouble” was definitely worth reading. Before Cecile Richards was president of Planned Parenthood she was a union organizer. It was so interesting to follow her care...
  • Cassie
    I loved this (audio)book. Cecile Richards has been on the front line of so many causes and movements, and she hasn't lost her sense of humor or sense of urgency. This book is inspiring--just the right amount of stories of real life experience and call to action. Let's all be troublemakers.
  • Priya Nalkur-pai
    Not only did I learn a lot about organizing and activism, I also recognized myself in the stories that Cecile Richards shares about once-reluctant-now-fiery women who stood up for what was right. I laughed and cried many times in reading this; felt inspired and capable as I compared my own career path with the possibilities she implies through her own journey. I’m also left feeling encouraged, implicitly forgiven, and understood by Ann Richards...
  • Melissa
    what a trailblazer. love Cecile Richards even more now. thankful for the heart, soul (and blood, sweat, & tears) she has poured in to protecting the fundamental rights of women. both in healthcare and in general. 💗
  • Arianna
    This is the book equivalent to a pump up song. Cecile Richards gets you energized to speak up and make a difference in however that might look for you. She is a wonderful woman and she reads the audiobook so it is worth the listen.
  • Shawn Jaquiss
    Ms Richards tells her story as an organizer and leader with wit, humor and grace. I enjoyed her story and am grateful for her unflagging grace in the face of the opposition’s attempts to strip workers, women, immigrants and Americans of our cherished rights and privileges.
  • Lea
    I loved this book. It is so motivational and inspiring. It is full of hope. Full of family history, personal trial and Planned Parenthood stories. I would recommend this to everyone (although those that are anti choice might have a hard time appreciating it).
  • Alexandra
    Loved it.I want to be Cecile when I grow up.This book is a memoir and it jumps seamlessly between her past and her present, organizing in general, having a life, and planned parenthood.
  • Liz
    I wish there were more than five stars to give this book.
  • Chana
    I loved getting to see her speak and I loved reading this book even more. Inspiring and well done!
  • Kristina
    Inspiring. Looking forward to see what she does next in her career.
  • Danielle
    Much more interesting than expected, I really enjoyed it.
  • Cara
    Loved it! Cecile Richards is the inspiration so desperately needed right now.