The Prophet Calls by Melanie Sumrow

The Prophet Calls

Born into a polygamous community in the foothills of New Mexico, Gentry Forrester feels lucky to live among God’s chosen. Here, she lives apart from the outside world and its “evils.”On her thirteenth birthday, Gentry receives a new violin from her father and, more than anything, she wants to play at the Santa Fe Music Festival with her brother, Tanner. But then the Prophet calls from prison and announces he has outlawed music in their comm...

Details The Prophet Calls

TitleThe Prophet Calls
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
PublisherYellow Jacket
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Contemporary

Reviews The Prophet Calls

  • Hema Penmetsa
    I have been lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of THE PROPHET CALLS before its publication, which is set for November 6th of 2018. The very second sentence of the book, which says, “In the shade of the general store, my three mothers shake their heads in unison,” makes the reader sit up and take notice: this is no run-of-the-mill middle grade novel. Those words hint at the fact that this is an involved and thought-p...
  • Jen Petro-Roy
    A fantastic debut, this book kept me gripped to the pages.
  • Polly Holyoke
    Melanie Sumrow’s powerful debut novel, The Prophet Calls, is a coming of age story with a fascinating setting. Raised in an isolated polygamous community in New Mexico, Gentry Forrester adores her family and her music. More than anything, Gentry longs to play her violin at the Sante Fe Music Festival with her big brother Tanner. But the community’s Prophet, who controls every aspect of their lives, calls from prison and forbids all forms of m...
  • Texan Holly Reads
    You know when you start a book just right at bedtime thinking that you would only read a couple of chapters that would turn into the book fully read in two hours, it's then you know that you have a book that is destined for greatness! The Prophet Calls grabs you from that first page and won't let go until that last word is read and even then, I wanted more of this story on what happens after for this family. Having been born into a polygamous fam...
  • Hallie
    Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book- all opinions are my own. The Prophet Calls is an excellent debut middle grade novel that provides a glimpse into a world that many readers are unfamiliar with. Gentry is a 13 year old girl who lives in a polygamist community in New Mexico and is now facing the challenge of being considered a woman and no longer a little girl. Melanie Sumrow has written a powerful book about a...
  • Anne O'Brien Carelli
    I received an ARC in exchange for a review and I'm glad I had a long ride so I could read it right through. I kept reading parts of it out loud to the driver. This book is compelling on many levels - not only because it's based on reality, but because it's beautifully written and moves along swiftly. I was with Gentry, the MC, from the very beginning and was always anxious to see what was on the next page. It should be made clear that no there's ...
  • Lauren- The Smile Lines
    @kidlitexchange #partnerThanks to #kidlitexchange for sharing a review copy of this #mglit book. .LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! The Prophet Calls is @melaniesumrow debut novel coming out on 11/6..The story is about a polygamous community and all of the challenges the members go through. The main character, Gentry, uses her love for music to get her through the darkest of days! Her family is being torn apart, and she needs to make her way out of thi...
  • Cassie Thomas
    I have never read anything like The Prophet Calls, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy the story. Think student level Handmaid's Tale. I found myself feeling completely emotional in wanting to help children in circumstances such as Gentry's that are beyond their control. I felt disgusted reading, but I couldn't stop. Everything Melanie wrote is accurate on so many levels, but also written in a way that students will be able to comprehend, questi...
  • Laney Nielson
    Set in a polygamous community in New Mexico, this upper middle grade story is beautifully written and compellingly told. At its center is Gentry, a thirteen year old girl whose love of music (she plays the violin) stirs her feelings and gives her a glimpse of the outside world. As the leader of her community (The Prophet) grows increasingly harsh in his pronouncements, Gentry struggles to obey. What follows is a page-turning, high stakes story th...
  • R.L.
    An emotionally adventurous tale, this story features life in a religious compound, under the thumb of a Prophet and the stifling expectations of a polygamous community. This is life as "God's chosen people." The problem, however, is that Gentry Forrester is not only a strong-willed 13-year-old girl, but she also (1) loves music and (2) adores her family. As the Prophet exercises his control over the community from the confines of prison, Gentry i...
  • Elise
    Received this as an ARC because I'm a bookseller. Amazing! Also quite a quick read. Made me want to know more about polygamous communities. Hopefully this book helps others who have an interest in or experience living in these types of communities speak out (for better or worse--but let me tell you--this book is most definitely for worse). It is a timely, important book for the world we live in no matter what community you are a part of--the viol...
  • Brad McLelland
    One word: HAUNTING. Gentry's story won't just tug at your heart, it'll stick in your mind and make you think for days. I'm definitely placing this one on my "To Read Again" list, if only to analyze a little more deeply how Sumrow captured such a complex idea -- the notion of a polygamous community -- and yet distilled it for young readers in a way that makes it palatable, relatable, and real. I imagine this one's gonna get studied at great length...
  • Ginger
    This book will leave you aching for girls caught in circumstances beyond their control. This book will leave you cheering for Gentry. So well-written. Such a page-turner. A fantastic debut.
  • Ms. Yingling
    ARC provided by publisherGentry lives with her very extended family in a small community in New Mexico. They are led by the Prophet, and her father is one of the elders in the community. He has three wives, and many children who attend school in the Prophets house, since he has been in prison for a few years. The boys learn survival skills, and the girls learn homemaking and other skills that will make them good wives and mothers. Gentry isn't ha...
  • Sandy O'Brien
    “But I feel so torn. I know what’s right, so why doesn’t it feel right?”Gentry lives in a polygamy community where she lives apart from the outside world and it’s “evils”. There are rules upon rules that the Prophet has professed and are strictly enforced by the God Squad. Gentry has always followed them, but resisted within her mind.•Gentry and her brother, Tanner, are invited to perform at a local art festival. The night before ...
  • Jen
    The Prophet Calls is a story about a polygamist cult in New Mexico. It is a middle grade book and approaches all that you can imagine would be involved in that lifestyle with a middle grade lens. It is a page turner, the action never stops and several times I got pretty worried for the MC. The adults in the story don’t do anything to help the kids and so thirteen year old Gentry and her siblings have to rescue themselves from the life they were...
  • Meg Williams- Librarian
    I was able to read this book before publication, thanks to an ARC provided by the author to #BookPosse. Stunning debut from Melanie Sumrow! This book was fast-paced and dramatic and I had a hard time putting it down! This book will be published on November 6th, and I suggest pre-ordering so you get it immediately. Set in New Mexico in a polygamous community, The Prophet Calls" tells the story of Gentry Forrester. A little bit of a rebel, Gentry a...
  • Kim
    Polygamy is definitely not a subject you see in middle grade fiction. This book was fascinating. I couldn't put it down!My only disappointment was the end! I loved the escape and Channing being there to help them. But... I didn't like how the story picks up a month later. I mean... HOW did they make it from Canada to New Mexico? I needed some details fleshed out in the last chapter for closure. Also, it was a little too tidy for my taste. There s...
  • Bonnie Grover
    This story was disturbing, haunting and too real. Gentry is a member of a polygamist community in New Mexico. It is ran by the Prophet from his prison cell. Gentry begins to question the Prophet when his latest orders put her family in danger. Watching people blindly follow corrupt leaders under the guise of religion made my heart ache. I think readers are going to love this book and the discussions it generates. It is a story of family, bravery ...
  • Susan Sullivan
    Gentry and her brother and sister live in a compound controlled by The Prophet who is in prison. She is part of a polygamous family (her mother is the second of three wives) with 21 children. She and her brother have entered a contest to play violin at a Festival but when she turns 13 the community tells her that since she is now a woman she can’t go. Will she? This riveting book explores the world of the cult, the fear of outsiders and the pow...
  • Karen
    You can't help but root for Gentry as her family and her world falls apart. Seeing Gentry's community through her eyes, you feel compassion but also horror at this dystopian setting turned real. Packed with a surprising amount of plot twists and turns, this book is sure to entice even the more reluctant reader to keep going. While handling the topic of polygamy delicately, it teaches a valuable lesson about standing up and speaking out. This is a...
  • Brandy
    Melanie Sumrow's debut novel is a stand out!! Her story of Gentry, a young girl raised in a polygamous community, is one I've not seen for middle grade readers. I knew as soon as I saw the cover on Twitter that I needed to get my hands on a copy and read it! I was fortunate to receive an ARC, and cannot say enough good about this book. It has opened the eyes of several of my students to other lifestyles and challenges that are out there. Melanie ...
  • Cherie
    I finished this book when I was in early labor, and when I was in those psychedelic moments between contractions, this book was on my mind. Sooo messed up. In another dystopian world where men have more than one wife, where The Prophet controls everything (from prison, where he lives), one girl's dreams of playing violin are dashed. When her family is punished and she is told she must marry a man she hates, she has to figure out how to make life ...
  • Julie Overpeck aka Mrs. O's Library
    I received a free advanced copy from the publisher and author.Melanie Sumrow has studied world religions, and it shows. The story is so compelling that I hardly wanted to put it down. I like that Gentry learns to think critically and question what she has been taught, even when the adults around her don’t. Sumrow’s description of a polygamous family is believable, and the book is really intense at times. Know that the book includes descriptio...
  • Huang Chu
    This is a fascinating, harrowing look at faith gone very wrong. Despite the austere and oppressive setting, the book is not grim and bleak. We care about the characters even as we recoil at the world they are forced to live in. We cheer them as they question the foundations of that world when their conscience tells them that everything they have been taught is wrong. A relevant fable filled with hope.
  • Sean
    This book has such an incredible weight to it. The topic, the life these characters are experiencing... but the author handles everything with such a deft touch. I have family and friends who've been in situations similar to this, and for those kids this would be a very meaningful, very impactful book. There's such an undeniable beauty to the way the author presents Gentry's story, but at the same time an importance that'll root it very deeply in...
  • Nancy
    WoW - I loved this story! So well done. Very richly told, and being from a child's point of view, helped me understand how groups of people can fall into (and remain in) cult-like environments. This is a page-turner, and the story will stay with me a long time. I laughed, cried, cringed, and cheered!
  • Maureen
    A WinnerGentry lives with her father, her mothers, and siblings in a religious sect in New Mexico. When she and her brother, Tanner sneak out to play music and get caught, their lives change forever. This novel is filled with well-developed characters such as Dirk, Amy, and The Prophet. There is pain and sadness, but also hope in Gentry’s story.
  • Mandy Stallard
    This book is amazing and so different from anything I’ve read. You will be rooting for Gentry from the very beginning of the novel. She is strong-willed and brave and willing to question authority. I’m so grateful I was given the chance to read an ARC through #BookPosse. The Profit Calls is a must read for MG students, as well as adults. Pre-order as soon as possible!