Yesterday I Was the Moon by Noor Unnahar

Yesterday I Was the Moon

yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry by noor unnahar - it explores courage, self-love, culture and the struggles of making peace with your heart and art. it contains black & white photographs paired with poetry pieces; giving it a photo diary feels.

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TitleYesterday I Was the Moon
Release DateJul 16th, 2017
PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform

Reviews Yesterday I Was the Moon

  • TeaAndBooks
    Writing: 5/5Originality: 5/5Style: 5/5 “yesterday — i was the moontoday — just an eclipse something in me travels; some days it’s to the darksome days it’s to the light”yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry written by Noor Unnahar, a Pakistani author. This book explores a variety of themes including art, people, home, courage, self-love, strength, culture, acceptance and survival. The actual layout of the book was stunni...
  • Nat
    It's been quite the minute since I last read a poetry collection, so when my eyes landed on this beauty of a book I was beyond keen on diving in. yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry by noor unnahar - it explores courage, self-love, culture and the struggles of making peace with your heart and art. it contains black & white photographs paired with poetry pieces; giving it a photo diary feels. Like many poetry books I've read and re...
  • Areeba Siddique
    the only poetry book I can read a hundred times
  • Prashasti
    I am growing flowersin the darkest part of my heartfor if the light ever entersit would know where to start. I think I'll be revisiting this book again, it's so beautifully written.I least expected this but each & every line was soul-touching.I'd recommend this to anyone who is remotely interested in reading poetry, it's strange to see that the book is not hugely recognized, but it doesn't matter, as long as it touches the hearts of people it com...
  • Alice Lippart
  • Konstantin
    Torn between two and three stars. This is written with emotion, honesty and poignancy, but there's really nothing new or original to see here - it reminds me of almost every poetry collection by a woman of color I've read recently (Rupi Kaur, Warsan Shire, Nayyirah Waheed...).Still, something in this one resonated with me, and even the format and the feminist/racial messages didn't seem as forced as in, say, Salt, so three stars it is. If you re...
  • Nadia Awadi
    Since I write *cough* poetry *cough* I'm reading more and more recently. And I really liked 'Yesterday I was the moon'. It had this resilient feel to it. Like the author is making an armor using her words. Also It RHYMES. These days a lot of modern poetry doesn't actually rhyme. Which is kind of sad.Definitely recommended if you're a lover of poetry. Thank you for reading and have a wonderfull day.
  • dana
    to the person whowill want to fall in love with mei have been a sky all my lifefull of life and light and angerif you're not coming withthunderstorms; do not comeat all i love poetry and i love this. i tabbed so many poems bc they were all so beautiful and woww she is just so talented im in awe
  • Emma
    It's a NO for me. This just felt like a bunch of phrases put together. I'm sorry to say that only a handful of poems resonated in some meaningful way to me. Something I found really nice though was the simple artwork included in this poetry collection. I don't think I'll be reading something by this author in the future.
  • Anish Kohli
    15/07/19: Full review up. Ramping down my rating to 2 stars from the original 3 stars after giving some more thought and time to the book.So to start off, in the interest of full disclosure I want to put a something out there, lest I run the risk of being accused later. It’s kinda sad that I’ve been attacked by enough authors that I now doubt almost all new authors. Oh well..Anyway, as I was saying, I found this book through the bookstagram f...
  • Lisa
    This is just an honest review about how I felt. I'm a massive modern poetry fan. "Insta Poetry" as some like to call it. I like the millennial angst; I am said millennial. I like the socially acceptable dive into sadness; I often need something to tip me over the edge so that I can deal with my issues. I like the stark reality of relationships in poetry, written in ways that makes you examine the feelings you may have felt once; because relations...
  • Shehzeen Muzaffar
    my mother named melight; the first rays starting the dayand there are dayswhen i forget there is light at allthis name then becomesa remimder howthe woman who raised menamed me after somethingso glorious; it shinesand even on my darkest daysi am the light i should be looking for{NOOR}I LOVED THIS BOOK😭❤ my mother named melight; the first rays starting the dayand there are dayswhen i forget there is light at allthis name then becomesa remim...
  • Z.Jeena
    _____________"i am building a house where the floor is made up of strength where the walls are crafted of ambition where the roof is a masterpiece of forgiveness i am building myself"_____________Sensational, heart-touching and veracious words. Noor Unnahar us anothing inspiring, creative and talented Pakistani writer and poet who has in Yestersay I Was Moon blown her readers away with the truth her words ring with and how brutal and crystal they...
  • Maryam
    I went into this one with high hopes because taking from all I've seen by Noor on social media, this should have been a visual and textual delight.Disappointing, underwhelming, kind of like a Tumblr feed in book form.
  • Ghazaal B.
    I could sniff her middle eastern soul before finding out her motherland.I'm still struggling with this kind of poetry. I can't tell if these are quality poems or just beautiful but sentimental and dramatic lines to describe my broken heart and what I'm going through.But I guess it's the pleasure that counts in the end.
  • Anima
    -smoothly flowing verse reaching at the heart with sensible meanings'i am building a house where the floor is made up of strength where the walls are crafted of ambition where the roof is a masterpiece of forgiveness i am building myself''nothing teaches better than this trio the fears, the tears, the years {the golden trio}'
  • Margaryta
    "art doesn't askto be perfectpoeticpreciseit asks to existto breatheto bethis is what it has always been about" (p. 75)I've been really determined to stay open to the different styles and new ideas appearing in poetry, and have been trying to stay more in the know about what titles are published annually. "Yesterday I Was the Moon" caught my eye because of its title and promising summary, and though I really not a fan of "Insta/Tumblr poetry" - m...
  • Shahr Bano
    What happened to good old poetry that is more art and less like a tumblr feed? I got the book as a present but still was expecting something substantial in the book but failed to find anything worthy. This is just similar to what Rupi Kaur or any other modern poet writes (barely any sentence structure and verses that show no rhyme or reason). All I read throughout was some wannabe poet trying to move my soul with references from the city Karachi,...
  • ellie
    this was so lovely to read. i wish some of them were more hard-hitting - she definitely hints at emotion rather than using devastating words that show her emotion (which are my favorite, by the way). i would've given this 4 stars usually, but in this day and age, god it felt SO good to read some kind and lovely words. here is my favorite:i want stars, strength, and balance in my soulit’s been a while since they were lasttogether in meP.S. the i...
  • Merel
    When I first read Noor's poems on her Instagram, I immediately fell in love. Although English is not her first language, Noor has the power to create beautiful poetry. For me, her words motivate me to get out of bed every day and do something great with my life. I love how Noor can take her pain and change it into something beautiful. What I find unique about it, is how Noor has the courage to write about her life in an honest way, without any sh...
  • Yana
    Ever read something so amazing that anything you say becomes nothing compared to what it said? Yep, that's me on this one.
  • Nouruddine
    Personal interpretation: I totally valuate this kind of writings; the act of recording of events written by a person having an intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation.This kind of "intimate" memoir is the best for me. I find truthfulness and trueheartedness within such notes.Hence, Thanks Noor Unnahar (such a cute name!)***my mother's nametranslates intothe sun of the womenshe named menoor unnaharlight of the dayi shine when ...
  • Thomas
    I just opened Yesterday I Was the Moon to see if they were as bad as I remember. I landed on "be kind/for this is something/a lot of people/can never be". That's a poem. Now, if that appeals, then Yesterday I Was the Moon probably will too. Personally I can't remember reading anything quite so trite and superficial in a long time, in any form. Unnahar poetry seems to tread the ground between self-help books, pseudo-philosophy and fortune cookie a...
  • Siqahiqa
    I picked up this book today and finished read it at one sitting. There were some poems that I highlighted as I like it and there were some poems that I couldn’t relate to. The poems are simple and ilustrations are nice. I glad because this poetry book is not all about love & heartbreak stories.
  • Jessica C Writes
    This collection was amazing. After the one I just read that I wasn't enjoying much, this was a nice change. I also really loved the illustrations that accompanied some of the poems. This was such a beautiful book (inside and out), and I will definitely be re-reading it occasionally for inspiration!
  • Noura Khalid (theperksofbeingnoura)
    You arethe peace after warsthe calm after stormsand everythinginsanely beautifulthe shapes aftera tragedy Yesterday I was the moon is a collection of poems by Noor Unnahar and one of the few poetry books that have made it to me favorites list. Her poems are really simple and beautifully written, and the drawings in between were very cute.I would definitely recommend!|| Blog || Instagram ||
  • Tam_ the_ med_bookie
    One of the best reads of 2018.The lines are perfect and very relatable. Emotions described well. Genuine and mesmerizing.However I had some issues with a few lines of a particular poem regarding some words hinting to acceptance of women being kept confined or restricted to rules of a particular society.
  • Fatima
    1) sometimes i forget how much representation matters! 2) on a conquest to find good contemporary poets (i like her)
  • Seemeen Yousufzai
    Highly disappointing.I read the title and was intrigued enough to order it online. The reviews were also great so I expected good out of it.I would say that emotions are there in Noor's writing, however, it is a very lazy and half-hearted attempt at poetry. The poems...or rather pieces of thoughts...are not at all polished...There is potential but no execution of it. It felt like the thoughts and doodling of a 6th grader.
  • Sydney Heitzman
    noor unnahar's first publication shows a lot of promise. through reading the book, i found myself bookmarking and underlining about every other page. half of the poems in the book were profound, just as good as and if not better than what i've read on her stunning instagram portraits. however, the other half showed a mixture of lack of inspiration and strange word usage, something not completely surprising as the author is not a native English sp...