Imagine Us Happy by Jennifer Yu

Imagine Us Happy

Some love stories aren't meant to last. Stella lives with depression, and her goals for junior year are pretty much limited to surviving her classes, staying out of her parents’ constant fights and staving off unwanted feelings enough to hang out with her friends Lin and Katie.Until Kevin. A quiet, wry senior who understands Stella and the lows she’s going through like no one else. With him, she feels less lonely, listened to—and hopeful fo...

Details Imagine Us Happy

TitleImagine Us Happy
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
PublisherHarlequin Teen
GenreContemporary, Health, Mental Health, Young Adult, Mental Illness, Young Adult Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

Reviews Imagine Us Happy

  • Elise (TheBookishActress)
    It doesn’t feel like I could ever be that off the rails again, even though I’m sure that’s how I felt before everything started going to shit the first time around. I have not emotionally connected to a book this much in… so long. I hate this and love this. Some of you might know that I am really, really into books about 1) depression, and 2) toxic parental relationships, and 3) toxic romantic relationships. This… hit me hard in all th...
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    This story is heavy and deals with a lot of toxicity and abuse, so please know that going into it. I’ve heard a lot of friends say the synopsis made them think this book was about depression, and it is, but if you’re someone who’s triggered by abusive scenarios (especially emotional/mental abuse), please just proceed with caution and take care of yourself! ♥ Everything was always so good, is what I’m saying, until it suddenly wasn’t....
  • Thomas
    Wanted to love this one but ended up liking it. In her sophomore novel, Jennifer Yu portrays a painfully raw relationship between two teens living with mental illness. When Stella first meets Kevin, their relationship sets off sparks. It's sexy, quirky, and all-consuming. But when Kevin becomes more possessive, and he and Stella spend more time arguing than they do getting along, the all-consuming nature of the relationship separates Stella from ...
  • TL
    I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. All my opinions are my own.---Trigger warnings (view spoiler)[talk about toxic relationships, mental health issues, self harm mentioned (hide spoiler)]Well,this was... something.Sounds bad? Good? In-between really. and not. Was this a good novel? YesPerfect? noDid I enjoy myself? Yes.Did I want to shake and sometimes give people a good swift kick? Definitely.Could I see thi...
  • Jessica
    There is a trope that often arises in stories about characters struggling with mental health issues—such as Silver Linings Playbook—that suggests that two people with the same mental illness are the best thing for each other because they understand what it’s like to have that mental illness and can “save” each other. This is nice in theory. After all, who knows what it’s like to battle depression or anxiety better than someone else wh...
  • liz
    I received this book from a goodread’s giveaway and I have to say I loved this book. It touched on different issues like toxic relationships, mental health, and the importance of friendship. The story made me laugh, cry, and scream because I became so frustrated. I could relate to the main character so much it was kind of heart-rending but also made me feel... not alone? Anyways, five stars.
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    In the very beginning of this book, we are told that she doesn't "want to disappoint anyone in search of a happy ending," and she wasn't kidding. This was a toxic love story, and a subtle caveat of how quickly something seemingly beautiful can unravel.• Pro: What stood out for me was how well Yu conveyed the depth of the characters emotions. I really felt the joy and happiness one associates with first love, and how all consuming it can be, as ...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    Stella begins an unhealthy relationship with Kevin, causing a rift with her two best friends when she ignores them for him. At home, her parents fight. Then Stella and Kevin break up and her parents announce they’re divorcing. The EndI think Jennifer Yu’s books aren’t for me. I didn’t enjoy her first book, in which Stella is one of the campers in FOUR WEEKS, FIVE PEOPLE which takes place the summer after the events in IMAGINE US HAPPY.Yu ...
  • Viola ☾
    ,,People are complicated. They can be full of love one moment and full of anger the next. Beautiful and ugly at once, kind and cruel in turns. And the worst part and the best part about loving someone is learning that they're no exception.''Wow. This book was amazing! I loved how we know from the very first page that there will be no happy ending. I loved how it showed that toxic relationships are NOT okay. Also how important friendship is. Ugh, ...
  • Kayleigh
    4.5 stars.“It doesn’t feel like I could ever be that off the rails again, even though I’m sure that’s how I felt before everything started going to shit the first time around.”Imagine Us Happy follows Stella, who is used to living with depression. Because of this, her goals for junior year are simple: survive her classes, stay out of her parents' fights, and ignore her unwanted feelings to hang out with Katie and Lin. That is, until she...
  • Camryn
    Wow. This wasn’t my favorite book, just because it was so painful sometimes, but it was really impactful. I definitely did not expect to stay up all night because I couldn’t stop reading. Stella’s voice totally drew me in, even when she was making bad decisions. And, as things went along, I felt more stressed out and nervous, probably the same way Stella felt. Ugh. Kevin was a JERK, but the book did a great job at not completely vilifying h...
  • BookHugger
    There are some books that come to you at the exact right point in your life and no matter the small flaws and the time jumps, you just have to rate it five stars because you're pretty sure it taught you something that will stick with you for the entirety of your life.So yeah, I loved this book, and I also needed this book, and I am incredibly grateful I chose to pick this book up at this moment in my life. Under fear of oversharing, I think I'll ...
  • Cabell Edmunds
    I liked that this book talked about the tough subjects in teenage life right now, such as mental health, self harm, and relationships, but it was a struggle for me to get through this book. It felt very slow at times. I also didn’t like how it jumped around past, present and future. If you weren’t paying attention to the chapter titles you wouldn’t really realize it!
  • Jada
    *I received this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway*Imagine writing a journal, putting it away for a year, then coming back, ripping out all the pages and making a story with the painful ending as the beginning. There's something unique about the characters in this book. Well, this book is pretty unique in itself. You'd think Stella is a pretty unreliable narrator because she has depression, and while she is with regards to her own facets of li...
  • Sionna
    *I read and reviewed an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.* This book took me a fair amount of time to get into because I'm one who is always looking for a Happily Ever After and this book tells us from page one, that the romance isn't going to be happy. It has been so long since I've read a book with the romance not working out that it took me a long time to remember that love doesn't determine if something is good or bad. M...
  • Amanda (Books, Life and Everything Nice)
    Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin Teen and Jennifer You for an ARC ebook copy to review. As always, an honest review from me.My rating is actually 4.5/5 stars, but since there aren't half stars I always round up.Imagine Us Happy tells the story of two teens who are navigating life, high school, relationships and family life while dealing with depression. Stella and Kevin meet at the beginning of the school year. They end up dating for the whole y...
  • Heather
    Really realistic and gritty and sad and funny. Really enjoyed this book
  • Karen Reed
    Wow. Do not read this and expect to sleep after. This book is intense. I've read many YA books dealing with mental health and this one sticks out as a harder one to read but also a really important , realistic one. Stella, the MC and narrator is in her junior year and has been dealing with depression and her parents constant fighting. She has 2 best friends and thinks that's all she needs. Until she meets Kevin. Kevin is a quiet, analytical boy, ...
  • Sarah {Literary Meanderings}
    • Find my reviews here: Literary Meanderings- - -Imagine Us Happy is the story of a toxic/mentally abusive relationship between two teens with depression. Stella and Kevin are both living with depression and both dealing with it in different ways. Stella isolates herself as much as possible, while Kevin (view spoiler)[copes with self-harm (hide spoiler)]. When the two come together, sparks fly. The two begin a relationship and in no time at all...
  • Susie
    This is one of the most intense reads I have had in quite some time. One of the lead characters is super intense on his own, but the whole experience of this title was just edgy and intense from moment one! I really enjoyed the experience of the protagonist...who is NOT strong or particularly resilient to begin with but finds a way to be just that as time goes on. It's heartbreaking but very real and I think my students will devour it! ☺
  • Olivia Noack
    I loved this book so much because it is so different from everything that I see in YA. It focuses on an abusive relationship which I have never read about before in YA. Of course, there are unhealthy relationships, but nothing like this.It reminds me so much of Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. Why we broke up is a story, basically told from the perspective of a girl who is writing her break up letter to her boyfriend. It recounts their entire r...
  • Sophia Alexis Books
    4 Stars, RTC 6/3/18
  • anna
    tired: i ship stella with kevinwired: i ship stella with happinessinspired: i ship stella with HERSELF.... YEAH SELF-LOVE BABYok but this book.... wowza! we have a very little amount of young adult books that explore toxic relationships AND depression AND are done well so this one really scored the homerun. uh i don't know why i'm talking about baseball i'm sorry there's no baseball in this book.Imagine Us Happy is about a teenage girl named stel...
  • Becca
    Note: I received a copy of Imagine Us Happy by Jenny Yu via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Before I start, I would like to mention that this book focuses on some heavy material. Our main character & a secondary character suffers from depression, and there are mentions of cutting. Imagine Us Happy also deals with a toxic relationship. Imagine Us Happy by Jennifer Yu is definitely going down as one of my favorite Young Adult Contemporar...
  • Page
    "Imagine Us Happy" is one example of how damaging it is to attach yourself to a co-dependent person. Particularly if you have not learned how to manage your own emotions in a healthy manner. Yu starts at the end, and works back to the beginning, of Kevin and Stella's relationship. A relationship that should've never happened due to the broken nature of its participants. That said, if you've ever been "in love", especially as a young adult, with z...
  • Manon
    I was provided an ARC via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Trigger Warning: depression, self harm, toxic relationshipStella has had a hard year. She hasn't been feeling well and spent the summer in a camp for adolescents with mental health issues.But now, that's over and Junior Year is starting. She wants a fresh start and she's with her friends now. She also meets Kevin, a senior who's in her philosophy class and seems to know all abou...
  • Elliot
    I was scrolling through titles on NetGalley and saw Jennifer Yu's Imagine Us Happy and thought it sounded like the perfect angsty teen novel I needed in my life right now. It hit all the notes my teenage self would've loved.So Stella had a mental breakdown in school last year and spent her summer at a wilderness camp for mentally ill teens. She's back for her junior year, just trying to survive her classes and ignore the constant fighting of her ...
  • Rebekah Gordon
    This book honestly blew me away. Even though a lot of the experiences of the main character are totally different from anything I’ve ever been through, I connected to her emotionally really strongly. The writing style, on a sentence level, didn’t quite wow me enough for me to give this book 5 stars, but I def still considered it. The structure is really impressive (I usually hate time jumps, but they worked super well here), and the emotional...
  • Rebecca Akins
    Trigger Warning: depression, self harm, abusive relationships I didn’t know going into this book that our main character Stella is the same Stella from Four Weeks, Five People so that was an interesting surprise. I didn’t love this one as much as I love to Four Weeks, Five People. This was mostly due to formatting. I’m not a huge fan of going back-and-forth in a timeline and this book does that. Stella wasn’t my favorite character in Four...