I'm Sad (I'm Bored, #2) by Michael Ian Black

I'm Sad (I'm Bored, #2)

A girl, a potato, and a very sad flamingo star in this charming sequel to I’m Bored by New York Times bestselling author and comedian Michael Ian Black and celebrated illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi.Everyone feels sad sometimes—even flamingos.Sigh.When Flamingo announces he’s feeling down, the little girl and Potato try to cheer him up, but nothing seems to work. Not even dirt! (Which usually works for Potato.)Flamingo learns that he will no...

Details I'm Sad (I'm Bored, #2)

TitleI'm Sad (I'm Bored, #2)
Release DateJan 1st, 1970
GenreChildrens, Picture Books

Reviews I'm Sad (I'm Bored, #2)

  • Vannessa Anderson
    I fell in love with the cleverness in using unorthodox characters to tell the story. The three characters tell one another what brings out their sadness. They talk about how they cope with their sadness but what works for one will not work for the other two. Then they find there is one thing they share that will bring them out of sadness.We learn that it is all right to be sad sometimes.
  • Christina Carter
    Note: Review of Advance Reader Copy | Book Releases on 6/5/18"Everyone feels sad sometimes. Even Flamingos," and if you're lucky, you might have friends like the kindhearted girl and the concerned potato in the book I'm Sad to help you when you're down. I can't help but to be encouraged by this story because, yeah, sometimes we feel sad and its okay. I look at the flamingo as courageous because it was brave enough to say that it was feeling sad. ...
  • Shelle Perry
    I follow artist Debbie Ridpath Ohi on Twitter because a retweet of her whimsical doodles encompassing everyday objects made my news feed so much more fun to visit. Plus, I homeschool a budding graphic novel artist and her website is filled with fantastic resources. I was enchanted when posts about her newest release written by author Michael Ian Black, “I’m Sad”, started showing up in my feed. The cover art was exactly the playful vibrant s...
  • Michelle
    Very cute and thoughtful points on feeling sad. Will help all readers remember that you are still you when you're sad and that it's okay to be sad.
  • Eleanor W
    I have to say this book made me sad....The flamingo on the front is adorable but the content inside was meh. I understand the need to teach children that being sad is ok, and it is very important. I think this missed the mark....around the time the potato was added in. I have not read "I'm bored" so maybe that is where the potato came in...so maybe if I get around to reading that one I will change my rating of this one. As a stand alone book I wo...
  • Steve H
    First impression - surreal picture book about depression with only 3 characters, a girl, a flamingo, and a potato.Looking a little deeper, it involves a sad flamingo and the flamingo's (probably) friends, a girl and a potato. The potato (which I at first thought was a coconut) seems to represent the adult or at least more experienced element of the trio, but he and the girl let the flamingo know that everyone gets sad at times, that it's okay to ...
  • Erin Buhr
    I really love this simple, frank conversation about feeling sad. The text is simple and conversational, but feels so realistic and honest. It's the kind of conversation I have with my children or I hear them having with each other. The author nailed the child-like voices of the characters. All of that is solid and good, but what tips this book from good to great are the choice of characters and the illustrations. If this was a conversation betwee...
  • Tracy (The Pages In-Between)
    Thank you Simon Schuster Children's for sending my little guys this super cute book to read and review. Liam said he would give this book "A Super Lot Of Stars"We really enjoyed this story and my boys loved the potato and thought it was hilarious when he said "I Don't Even Like You Know" and than that made all of them laugh, and the flamingo felt a bit more happy. This was such a great story, and I love that it teaches kids that it's okay to be s...
  • Teresa
    If you thought the previous book, I'M BORED, by the dynamic duo of Michael Ian Black and Debbie Ohi was good, I assure you, this one is even better. I’M SAD deals with a universal emotion felt by all of us, no matter our age. The story may seem simple enough at first reading, but it touches upon many different types of sadness and possible solutions for getting over them in a funny and non-didactic way, and has a satisfying ending. Debbie Ohi...
  • Jana
    In an age when there are so many books and articles about how to be happy, sometimes it seems that if we're not happy all the time there's something wrong with us. This sweet picture book brings back our favorite little girl and potato from I'm Bored along with their friend, Flamingo. Flamingo is sad, and while the little girl and the potato do their best to help Flamingo cheer up, they all realize that sometimes it's all right to just let yourse...
  • Diane
    “Sometimes when I’m sad, it feels kind of good to let myself be sad.”Flamingo is feeling sad. His friends try to help him. First, they assure Flamingo that everyone gets sad, but it doesn’t last forever. Then, the girl and potato come up with the things that make them feel happy, like ice cream and dirt. Finally, they let Flamingo know that even when he is sad, they’ll still like him. Well, potato doesn’t like him now ... Ha Ha!Simple...
  • Jillian Heise
    Loved this one. Helping kids navigate feelings can be hard, and this book will make it easier for them to grasp, along with entertaining them. I appreciated the humor, though I can also see a question of whether the humor of the ending is in an appropriate tone for the message. But it left me laughing. And a definite read-aloud, especially for kids who might be feeling sad, or need to be a good friend to someone who is.
  • Amber Webb
    Every child needs to know that emotions don't last forever and that it's okay to feel sad sometimes. Michael Ian Black and Debbi Ohi do an excellent job portraying just that in the book, "I'm Sad." Flamingo is sad and he doesn't know what to do about it. Through the support and help of his friends, he realizes that it's okay to be sad and that it won't last forever. This is a very sweet book that I look forward to sharing with all the children in...
  • Beth
    “I don’t like you just when you’re happyI like you all the time.When you’re sad or angryor bored or anything else.”A perfect, simple story for kids and adults alike that reminds us all that it’s ok to be sad and sometimes we just have to let ourselves be sad without feeling the need to constantly put on a happy face for everyone.
  • Katie Reilley
    I love everything illustrated by Debbi Ohi, and this book was no exception. I think kids and grownups will appreciate the message that feeling sad is OK, and that good friends like you no matter what emotion you’re showing. Will definitely be sharing with students for #classroombookaday and looking forward to the discussions that come from it.
  • James Bailey
    First off, I love Michael Ian Black and Debbie Ohi. This is the second book in the I'm Bored series. I love that this book addresses that idea that sometimes people are just sad...and it's OK to be sad. The character work through this emotion and try to cheer each other up. However, it still leaves the reader knowing that feeling sad from time to time is perfectly normal.
  • Brenda McElyea
    With his story Black gives children permission to feel sad and be okay about it. Flamingo doesn't know why he is sad. Two friends try to cheer him. At the end of the day he realizes that he is okay with still being a bit sad.
  • Kelly
    First of all, it's a story about a girl, a potato, and a flamingo. Bonus points for that. Second, it is the sweetest darn book! Flamingo is sad and he is trying not to be sad any more.I loved this book.
  • Pam
    This time the flamingo is sad and doesn't know what to do about it. The girl and the potato share that they've been sad too. They also share ways/things that cheer them up. Messages: It's okay to be sad sometimes. We like each other no matter what we're feeling.
  • Effie
    This is a sweet book! I love how the girl and the potato listen to their friend and offer some suggestions about what makes them feel better but ultimately just support and love the flamingo. Great reminder of how to be there for a sad friend and how to be okay with feeling what you're feeling.
  • Jennifer
    I’m not sure why a girl, a flamingo and a potato are friends, but the silliness of their friendship is cute. Simple message that it’s ok to be sad sometimes.
  • Amanda Smith
    This book is smart, funny, and fun of heart and truth. A great reminder that it is okay to feel what you are feeling.
  • Kirsten Murphy
    Book #2 in “I’m Bored” series
  • Michele Knott
    Another great book from Michael Ian Black and Debbie Ohi. While this book is fun to read, it's also a great addition to your SEL collection.
  • Rachel Goldstein
    So cute! And funny. And I sincerely like the message that it's ok to just be sad, and ok to not be able to fix it, and good to be there for someone anyway. I think that's valuable.
  • molliekay
    Fred Rogers once said, "Young children don't know that sadness isn't forever." I'm Sad sums up this quote perfectly.
  • Raven Black
    Flamingo is sad and his two friends try to cheer him up. Yet, they also talk about that maybe it is okay to be sad sometimes, too. Debbie Ridpath Ohi's illustrations are pleasant.
  • Julie Kirchner
    A great message that we all feel sad sometimes, sometimes we need different things to feel better again, and sometimes it is okay to be okay feeling sad! I really enjoyed this follow up to I’m Bored!