The Traitor's Ruin (The Traitor's Circle, #2) by Erin Beaty

The Traitor's Ruin (The Traitor's Circle, #2)

After proving her worth in book one as a deft spy and strategic matchmaker, Sage Fowler is now comfortably positioned in high society as the royal tutor. When she’s called upon to teach his majesty’s soldiers how to read and write, she jumps at the chance to serve her kingdom of Demora—and to be reunited with her fiancé, Captain Alex Quinn. During a skirmish, Sage and Alex are separated. She watches him die before he can deliver important ...

Details The Traitor's Ruin (The Traitor's Circle, #2)

TitleThe Traitor's Ruin (The Traitor's Circle, #2)
Release DateJul 10th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Romance, Young Adult Fantasy, Adventure, Fiction, Young Adult Romance, Audiobook, High Fantasy, War

Reviews The Traitor's Ruin (The Traitor's Circle, #2)

  • Candace Robinson
    I loved this book! Sage and Alex are one of my favorite book couples ever. They make me happy, they make me mad, they make me want to yell at them while shaking them, and they make me swoon.What I like most about this series is the setting. It's similar to The Winner's Curse trilogy where there isn't magic but the setting is historical fantasy. I think that is the right term, but don't take my word for it. Also the chapters are short which is the...
  • Joshee Kun (조수아)
    RTCI have great news: I am officially a part of the publication of this book! I am going to review the author's manuscript before ARCs are distributed this November. In light of the unwarranted hate toward The Traitor's Kiss, I was tasked to pay special attention to the sequel's representation of diverse characters. I really admire Erin Beaty's humility, as well as her resolve to make her work excellent. If you're hesitating to read TTK because o...
  • Wing-yee (bibliomeds)
    okay but *screams in alien language*brbi can't right nowfull review to come once i am back to my senses :)
  • Maggie ☘ (Reader-in-Wonderland)
    I many ways, this book was a big improvement to the author's first book (which I did like as well, but it had a few ups and downs when it came to the storytelling). Especially the writing and construction of the storyline seemed so much better here! I also really enjoyed the change of setting and a few new friendships along the way. (view spoiler)[I also appreciated that the book does not skim over the emotional - or other - affect some experienc...
  • Joanna (joreadsalot)
    RTC. Omg this book was incredible. I love this series.
  • Galleane
    Mon coeur balance entre 2 et 3 étoiles. Ce n'est pas la suite que j'espérais lire et si j'ai aimé le début de ce tome, au final j'ai été quelque peu déçue du contenu.Mon avis complet :
  • MC Gélinas (Wanderlust Ereader)
    *Epic reads challenge week 2: read a book with a pretty spine5/5🎵Maml - This momentBookhangover live 😭HELL YEAH un bon livre finalement! La suite est clairement à la hauteur du premier livre! 😍 Le genre de livre que je ne voudrais jamais terminer tellement c’est bon. La technique d’écriture de l’auteur est hallucinante: la manière qu’elle raconte un évènement en raccordant bout à bout plusieurs point of view est fantastique...
  • ~Bellegirl91~
    So my last update said this book was banished for the night.... BUT I decided to keep going and now that it's past 230am... IT WAS WORTH IT OH MY HECK!So short review for this one: I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOVE Alex Quinn and Sage Fowler oh my heck! These two are actually special characters and such a great OTP and this book with their story had some pretty intense moments and the twists and turns and the foreshadow and knowing things some of the charac...
  • Lulai
    I like it, it was a quick read but the author didn't manage to suprise me, I expect a bot more of novelty from this.
  • Sonja Lovinbooks
    Bereits der erste Band von “Kampf um Demora” hat mich total überrascht und hat mich unglaublich begeistern können. Nach dem Ende war ich sehr gespannt, was wohl noch kommen würde. Und ich kann euch jetzt schon sagen, dass mir Band 2 sogar noch besser gefallen hat als der Auftakt.Sage arbeitet nun als Lehrerin für die Prinzessinnen und den Prinzen und wartet jedes Mal sehnsüchtig auf Alex, der einige Missionen als Hauptmann zu erfüllen h...
  • Ashley
    This book went a little off the rails from the first book. I loved the first book. I’m not entirely sure what happened here. These characters were nothing like they were in the first book in the first half or so. Sage sucked and for some reason Alex’s character totally changed. The second half was so much better but I was already so bummed about the beginning that it was hard to get over it. This book was an easy 5++++ stars if the beginning ...
  • Laurapassage
    []"Le Parfum de la Trahison m'a autant captivée que le premier tome grâce à son héroïne toujours si attachante. Erin Beaty nous passionne une nouvelle fois avec des tromperies, des complots militaires et des destins plus qu'incertains." 19/20
  • Valquiria
    3,75I really really like these books!
  • Kari
    4,5 Sterne
  • These Violent Delights (Robin)
    This was a pretty good sequel. I enjoyed being back in this world. The plot was interesting enough. I am excited to read the third and final novel in this trilogy when it finally releases.
  •  Ela's Welt der Bücher
    Dieser zweite Teil hat mich wirklich umgehaut, der erste war schon richtig gut zu lesen, doch dieser hat mir noch besser gefallen. Ich liebe Sage. Ich liebe Alex. Ich liebe Clare. Und wenn ich könnte würde ich sofort weiterlesen.5 Sterne
  • Vina Le
    So I loved Traitors Kiss, it was a twist on Mulan in a way and that made me happy. Then I got to the end and was like “whoa”...need the next one now! This was me reading Traitors Ruin: 😀😍🤨🤨🤨🤨🤬🤬😱🤔🤨🤨🤨Translation: what the heck happened?!!!? It’s lost it’s magic. I wanted to scream at them the whole time. Sage was whiny and stupid. Alex was a mess and the plot made me sit there going ....”JUST BE OVER...
  • Kat
    I’m still stuck on how much I liked the first book... since I listened to it the first time I put it on my iPad and kept going back and reading my favorite parts. The first book had strong character development, funny/smart dialogue and a reasonably engaging plot.The second installment of this series kind of dampens my enjoyment of the first book. It’s to the point I wish the first book was a one-off instead of a series. Plot-wise, I kept ask...
  • TheEuphoricZat
    The book did slow down a bit in the middle which really frustrated me but all round it was a good bookGot to say that it was more intense and action packed compared to the first book and I enjoyed it so much and now I can wait for the next book I need to know what becomes of sage and Alex and their love for each other.Honestly with all the things going on in this book it is hard to keep up with other charactersAnd there was one part in the book t...
  • Lexi
    Listen. I’ll sell my soul to get my hands on the final book just to see Alex and Sage have their happy ending. I mean both books ended with them knowing they’d be separated once more. I loved this story possibly more than book one. If only because throughout the entire middle i was begging sage to figure it out. To see Alex and know what we knew. Ugh it was just too good.Cannot wait for book three!
  • Booknerds by Kerstin
    Nachdem ich „Vertrauen und Verrat“, dem Auftakt der Kampf um Demora – Reihe, schon komplett verfallen war, war ich umso gespannter auf Band 2. Wird er mich genauso begeistern können?Um es kurz zu machen: das konnte er und wie! Für mich ist das wirklich eine echte Highlight Reihe.Ich kann euch gar nicht sagen, wie Erin Beaty das macht, aber sie hat mich auch in „Liebe und Lügen“ direkt von der ersten Seite an eingefangen und nicht meh...
  • Weinlachgummi
    Band 1 Vertrauen und Verrat fand ich letztes Jahr richtig toll und ich habe mich sehr auf die Vorsetzung gefreut. Aber oft finde ich, dass der Mittelband einer Trilogie etwas schwächelt und dem war leider auch hier so.Nach den Ereignissen in Band 1 ist die politische Lage angespannt. Wer ist Feind und wer Freund? Und wie wird es mit der Beziehung zwischen Sage und Alex weiter gehen? Alex ist in seiner Position viel unterwegs und die beiden sehen...
  • Anne Z.
    4.5/5This was as lovely as The Traitor's Kiss. If you liked the first book you will like this one just as much. It had a beautiful romance, it was full of the same witty and clever scenes, the same beloved characters, and it had some new ones you won't be able not to fall in love with.Just like The Traitor's Kiss this is not the kind of book that will pull at your heartstrings and makeyou cry, but it is a book that will make you smile. Sage and A...
    Mam mieszane uczucia, bo pewne wątki były lepsze niż w pierwszym tomie, a inne w pierwszym podobały mi się bardziej niż w drugim. Taki szok umysłowy. Na pewno drugi tom jest bogatszy w akcje, dużo intryg wojskowych i politycznych, to uwielbiam i na to narzekać nie mogę, ale miałam mocny niedosyt, jeśli chodzi o romans. W pierwszym tomie był lepszy, między bohaterami istniała większa chemia i pikanteria, natomiast w drugim zrobili ...
  • Mycoton32
    17/20 -
  • Izzy
    Auch der zweite Band konnte mich voll und ganz überzeugen. Spannend bis zum Schluss, ohne einen Hänger dazwischen.
  • BellesEndormies
    « Tu es tellement obnubilée par cette idée de lui prouver ta valeur que tu ne vois même pas qu’il est le seul à qui tu n’as rien besoin de démontrer. »
  • laura
    This was one of the first books I read in 2019 and I was looking forward to reading it for so long that I was afraid all this built-up excitement would set my expections too high for anything too reach. However, - as you might see by my rating - I loved this book. For me it is one for those books you cannot put away until you have inhaled every last page of it, after you know what happens to every last character - because you fall in love with al...