Bad Advice by Venus Nicolino

Bad Advice

Los Angeles Times #1 BestsellerUSA Today Bestselling BookOver motivational messages? Sick AF of inspirational quotes? Done with the shiny happy bad advice that gets you nowhere? Well, heads up: you’re about to get a shitload of Good Advice.In Bad Advice, relationship expert Dr. Venus Nicolino—a.k.a. Dr. V—takes a blowtorch to the shrink-wrapped, “feel good” BS that passes for self-help these days.When you’re heartbroken, what do you h...

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TitleBad Advice
Release DateNov 6th, 2018
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Psychology

Reviews Bad Advice

  • Arthur Graham
    ARC won in Goodreads giveaway
  • Jessica
    Aside from the bit about forgiveness (at least in certain situations) this book was what I had been looking for! I was so sick of the jesusy and fluffy inspiration; or even downright abusive advice- ie people can't hurt you unless you give them permission (gaslighting much?). Highly recommend! If you can't deal with someone cursing like a sailor, this is not for you. :p
  • Kaitlin
    This book was super annoying. Her trucker language and "funny" scenarios were really not my thing. I thought it would've been a worthy read but it turned out to be a dud. So unless you have no street smarts and really have no idea how to function in life, don't waste your time. Also, part of me thinks the author has a very hard time at accepting words of wisdom and needs things said her way in order to feel worthy...
  • Leo Knight
    Dr. Venus Nicolino, or "Dr. V," criticizes common pop-psychology nuggets like, "honesty is the best policy," or, "you can't love anyone until you love yourself," and replaces them with more moderate, realistic approaches. While some of her advice seems sound, I had difficulty with the author's tone. She adopts a breezy, gossipy, potty-mouthed attitude, filled with hashtags, her second favorite cuss word, "bullshit," and her favorite, "fuck." This...
  • Darnell
    It pretends not to be a self-help book, but it's a self-help book. Shouldn't have second-guessed my bias in this case.
  • Jennifer
    Curse words, to me, are punctuation marks. In this book they are filler. Without them, this book would be half as long. She may have some worthwhile ideas to impart but they are lost in the superfluous cursing. F*** that s***.
  • Peggy McCoy
    Yuck, just couldn't get past the language in this book. I think using fuck in every sentence is just bullshit!
  • Kaye
    Have you ever just randomly picked up a book, and found exactly what you needed to hear at that time of your life in its pages? It doesn't happen often, but "So if you're suffering through a deep disappointment now, know this: What you're feeling isn't a sign of failure; it's evidence of courage. It's evidence that you had the courage to try. You had the courage to love. You had the courage to make yourself heard. And courage is never wrong." was...
  • Elaine
    Positives about this book -- this is a short read that is really a set of seemingly off-the-cuff rants that have a lot of truth behind them. Negatives -- I can't believe that people really need to be told how to disregard bad advice that is as obvious as "you can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself". On the other hand I had to admit that I relatively enjoyed reading someone delineate all of those little truisms that folks dash off when ...
  • K
    She sounded so much like Carrie Fisher that that is who I pictured reading this book to me. Beyond that, it’s a solid self help book with a curse word in the title, irreverent and funny while pulling down some common sense. As a side note, I find I’m happier when I’m listening to these books. It isn’t even so much the advice, sometimes I want to bang my head against the wall because it isn’t all good advice, but I am theorizing it is be...
  • theStorykeeper
    CW: coarse and sexual language, discussion of sex, assumptions that everyone is sexual and romantic, way too much social media lingo+TW: thanatophobiaDespite all that, there were some meaningful insights. Just the validation that emotions are NOT controllable was worthwhile. (See, even as I type that sentence, I worry about people in the comments insisting that they are.)
  • Emily Beal
    I already LOVE doctor V. But this made me so much more infatuated. The way she speaks is empowering, raw, and super informative. I feel like Im even thinking different already. I loved it so much I wrote a bunch of notes in my journal. (A bunch as in like 30 pages) Amazing book.
  • Erin
    The only strength of this book was that it cited some interesting scientific studies. It's short but extremely juvenile and condescending to the point that finishing it was a chore.
  • Trenell
    It changed my life with self realization and awaking awareness...
  • Armand
    Audiobook version. This was a waste of time. Not so much an advice book as a contrived attempt to sound 'edgy’ and an excuse to use the words 'fuck' and 'shit' every five seconds. No thanks.
  • Fullfaun
    It hits all the things not to listen to.
  • Farai Gandiya
    I never thought that the best self help book I'll ever read would come from a shrink and yet Dr. V has done a great job here. It's so good I read it twice and I hope to buy the book for myself so I can annotate it.Throughout the book she does a great job dissecting a lot of bullshit advice. Her debunking follows this general pattern,1. Stating the bad advice.2. An obvious reason as to why it's wrong.3. A more profound reason as to why is wrong, t...
  • Marie
    "Someone else's definition of who you are doesn't have to be your definition.""There's no such thing as self help: Somebody wrote the book, taught the class, gave the speech: nobody gets through life alone.""Trust yourself to change yourself.""They keep selling it because we keep buying it.""Don't collect red flags: take the first one as your cue to move on.""We're on this planet to love each other; everything else is a distraction.""Don't be afr...