War of the Bastards (Royal Bastards, #3) by Andrew Shvarts

War of the Bastards (Royal Bastards, #3)

A year has passed since the fall of Lightspire. The Inquisitor Miles Hampstedt has usurped the throne and rules Noveris with a blood-soaked iron fist. Tilla and her friends have become hardened rebels in the Unbroken, a band of guerilla fighters hiding out in the fringes of the Kingdom. Tilla is plagued with doubt and regret; Lyriana struggles with the burdens of being a fugitive Queen; Zell atones for his guilt by killing for the cause. And even...

Details War of the Bastards (Royal Bastards, #3)

TitleWar of the Bastards (Royal Bastards, #3)
Release DateJun 4th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Young Adult

Reviews War of the Bastards (Royal Bastards, #3)

  • Princess
    Being completely honest, I struggled with finishing this one. It wasn’t because it wasn’t good, it was. I just never picked it up. I was sad for certain parts and glad for certain parts and I loved what the king did for Tilla. A good series overall.
  • ℓуηη, ℓσкιѕℓутнєя¢ℓαω
    Ok, so I totally meant to write this up the next day and here we are days later xD So I was barely able to wait for this book to be delivered so I could get all the drama and answers I needed after finishing City of Bastards. Now sadly, this one just didn't give me as much of a sucker-punch wow effect, so it's only getting a 3.5 stars =/The first book had endless action and tension to keep you riveted. Book two gave us plots woven into more plots...
  • Imogene
    Well, that was a journey. Cleverly plotted through the whole trilogy. A lot of sacrifices and surprises. Having a high fantasy world with a narrator who uses such a modern way of speaking was occasionally jarring. And I will admit that there were a few parts that felt a little forced. But all in all, an excellent series.
  • Shelley
    *Source* Library*Genre* Young Adult, Fantasy*Rating* 4.0*Thoughts*The fate of Noveris hangs in the balance as Tilla and her fellow bastards fight tyranny in the epic conclusion to Andrew Shvarts Royal Bastards series. It has been a year since the destructive events of City of Bastards. After decimating the entire royal court of Noveris, Lord Elric Kent has assumed the throne. But, the real villain of the story may be Miles Hampstedt who has risen...
  • Esmay
    "May the winters stop freezing and the fires stop burning. May the beasts sheathe their claws and the warriors hang up their blades. Then, at last, may the tortured man find peache." 5 stars.Okay I did not expect to love this book as much as I did. It was action packed, the pace was good, it was nicely rounded, the characters grew so much and just the way it was written was amazing! I'll write the rest later, I promise (I hope haha)
  • Aly
    This. Was. AMAZING.The action in this starts off right away, and we get some seriously awesome character development. We learn more about the world, get to meet new faces, and fall in love all over again with the bastards we know and love. I love how the ending is more open ended, leaving the reader to decide if the right choice was made. It was fitting for the series, and I seriously loved every second leading up to it. Honestly, if you haven't ...
  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Overall, this series was meh at best for me, but War of the Bastards was assuredly the weakest of the bunch. The plot falls apart at several points and much hinges on a character introduced in the final book. The bigger issue series-wide is the amount I didn't care about the cast.The biggest issues:- They meet Syan See in prison when they're captured at the beginning of the book. They're trapped basically but conveniently Syan See is able to esca...
  • Keriann
    (More like a 3.5 but that's not an option)I was pretty excited for this book after reading "City of Bastards" last year--it ended with the city burning and the good guys fleeing to fight another day. It was dramatic but ended on a hopeful note, and left me wanting more, so when I found out the third book came out I quickly ordered it and began reading. To spare all of us, I'll try to keep it brief and just mention some of the things that stood ou...
  • Brooke
    A year has passed since the fall of Lightspire, and Miles has usurped the throne and rules Noveris with blood and fear. Tilla and her friends, now hardened by war and plagued with regret, are offered one last hope to save their Kingdom. With a revelation of new magic, they travel to the desert Wastes in search of answers and alliances in the final war for Noveris.My initial rating of this book was 4 stars, but I after the emotion wore off and I h...
  • Unseen Library
    I received a copy of War of the Bastards from Hachette Australia to review.War, rebellion, magic and one hell of kickass story! Shvarts brings the outstanding Royal Bastards trilogy to an end with War of the Bastards, the relentlessly entertaining conclusion that rounds out the series with an epic bang. The Royal Bastards trilogy is the debut work of author Andrew Shvarts, who has produced an incredible young adult fantasy series that has been an...
  • Vippi
    Actual rating: 3.5 stars "May the winters stop freezing and the fires stop burning. May the beasts sheathe their claws and the warriors hang up their blades. Then, at last, may the tortured man find peace." To be honest, I liked this book, the action, the banter, the twists.But it did not blow me away as the first one.Probably, at least for me, two things spoiled it: 1) (view spoiler)[all that Titans stuff seemed a kind of far-fetched, a bit out ...
  • Benowar
    I don't like Tilla. She does horrible things at the end - and is blaming her enemies who did the same. I never felt sympathy for her. Yes, Miles is bad, I get it. But Tilla and her friends feel like hollow characters.
  • Rayna
    (4.5 stars)I turned to Zell to see what he thought, but he just muttered something in Zitochi, a prayer maybe. Never a good sign.This series was so so so good! I loved the main group of characters and the journey they found themselves taking. The plot in this book got so crazy! Some parts were a bit slow, but so much went down and I really enjoyed this reading experience. It almost had some sci-fi elements blended in with the really cool fantasy ...
  • Courtney
    This was my favorite book in the entire series and I can't believe it's over. It's been such a wild ride that I kind of just expected it to go on forever. I realized quite a few things about this series as I was reading this book. The first being that I love Tilla as a narrator. When I started this series I was a little sad that there weren't multiple povs within this large group of misfits but Tilla is such a sympathetic person that you don't re...
  • Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    War of the Bastards (Royal Bastards #3) by Andrew Shvarts, 389 pages. Hyperion (Disney), 2019. $19Language: R (75 swears, 5 “f”); Mature Content: G; Violence: R (bloody deaths)BUYING ADVISORY: HS - OPTIONALAUDIENCE APPEAL: HIGHSince Miles became her father’s Inquisitor, Noveris has descended into a bloody, iron-fisted dictatorship. Tilla, Zel, and Galen are leading the Unbroken, the resistance fighters. They have been receiving intelligence...
  • Crystal Marshall
    Oh no Andrew...what have you done?I normally don't write bad reviews on someone's work because I know they put time and effort into the things that they do. But this book just wasn't that good and I found it really hard to finish it. The book is hinted to be medieval right? So why include modern and cringe teen phrases and sayings and...it just didn't work and it threw me off. Also I found some of the text to be immature and I went through the ba...
  • Grace
    This was my favorite of the trilogy! More of a 3.5 than a 3 star read. This book was really well plotted and super unpredictable and exciting. I really appreciate that Zell and Tilla are secure in their relationship at this point and there's no relationship drama added to the plot. Everything was dealt with very realistically. (view spoiler)[Tilla's dad's death was a really moving scene. I really didn't expect to feel anything when he eventually ...
  • Amanda
    I thought this was a really great end to the series. The character arc for Lyriana and Tilla were so well done. Zell had a decent character arc but I kind of would have liked to see a little bit more. Ellarion is fantastic as always! I will say that this one had a little less humor and sass than the previous two, but this one also was more or less all out war. The magic and world was delved into in much more detail. I really enjoyed the magic/rel...
  • Morgan Gryba
    I think I have the same issue with this series as I do with a lot of the YA fantasy series I have read.....they did NOT need 3 books to finish this story. I felt a lot of this was just repeating the same situation where they should have died but didn't, missing part of the plot and then being totally devastated they didn't think of it. The whole story line being the titans was disappointing, could have done something better with it I think. I don...
  • Caity
    Throughout this series I have felt that the characters were a bit underdeveloped and lacked growth. In this book I felt that the main characters were well done and felt more real. Some of the secondary characters still suffered from not being very fleshed out in a way that was distracting at times but I was still excited to see the characters I had come to know through the series shine. The plot was interesting and I particularly enjoyed the endi...
  • Michaela Whitney
    This is one of my favorite underrated series. Tilla has been through so much, and she's such s strong character."I was not a person. I was an instrument of death, a tool of war, forged by my father's betrayal, hardened by Zell's instruction, set to purpose against the men who'd stolen this Kingdom. I was the hammer and the nail, the scythe and the flame. I was a pounding heart, a clenched fist, a howl of righteous fury."The Bastards prevailed. Lo...
  • Matt
    I can not speak enough about how much I have enjoyed the Bastard trilogy. Reading to the last page I couldn't help but wish there was more story to write but I could not think of anything more to imagine. While reading this trilogy I experienced something new and what I never believed possible, I cried. The words describing the relationship between the daughter and Lord Kent, painting the emotional landscape to the point of tears. Bravo Mr. Shvar...
  • pretzelholic109
    This series was actually kinda fun. The characters, plot, setting all grew on me immensely over time. Love all these guys. The gore of this series was fantastic, I loved the brutality. I liked Tilla’s character, but at times I feel like she didn’t really give the intended effect. Each book seemed different, and notable, which I enjoyed way more than I should’ve, I just had a jolly good ol ride with this one.
  • Dreximgirl
    Considering I found this series kind of by accident thanks to audible I have serious love for it. It sticks in my memory and I love all of the characters so much. This book had emotion, drama, humour, action and adventure and I loved it all. Very happy with the conclusion to this series and excited to see what the author does next. Highly recommend. (I listened to the audio and recommend you do the same too as the narration is perfect)
  • Zoe
    War of the Bastards is a book that truly surprised me. Andrew Shvarts is a master at creating characters and worlds with such complexity, yet making the characters feel relatable. I've enjoyed the journey with Tilla, and I am sad that this is the ending because there is definitely a future for the cast of characters.
  • Jamie Coudeville
    This book did not turn out at all as I thought it would. Things just went in a whole other direction, but I don't think I minded. I love that we're finally starting to see some lgbt rep in high fantasy ya novels. And I really liked the epilogue. (view spoiler)[ Though, it sucks that we won't see more of Tilla as queen of the West. Spin-off series anyone? (hide spoiler)]
  • Louisa
    Wow, this book was so freaking fantastic! Very fitting conclusion to this series, a lot happened, and we learned more about the Titans, and more about this world, and yeah, I wouldn't mind a spin off series!
  • Nicola
    DNFI liked the first book in the series, was less enthused with the second book, and didn't finish the third. There was nothing ostensibly wrong with it, it just felt very much aimed at the young adult market and lacked sufficient depth to hold my interest.
  • Janne
    I enjoyed the entire trilogy. Good storytelling with interesting mix of adventure, magic, romance, war...definitely a lot going on! And it has an underlying moral throughout.