Love & War (Alex & Eliza, #2) by Melissa de la Cruz

Love & War (Alex & Eliza, #2)

1780. Albany, New York. As the war for American Independence carries on, two newlyweds are settling into their new adventure: marriage. But the honeymoon's over, and Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schuyler are learning firsthand just how tricky wedded life can be. Alex is still General George Washington's right-hand man and his attention these days is nothing if not divided--much like the colonies' interests as the end of the Revolution draws near....

Details Love & War (Alex & Eliza, #2)

TitleLove & War (Alex & Eliza, #2)
Release DateApr 17th, 2018
PublisherG.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Romance

Reviews Love & War (Alex & Eliza, #2)

  • katwiththehat
    In this sequel to “Alex and Eliza” Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Schulyer are newly married, but war continues to separate them. Alex is on the battlefront and Eliza is at home. I’ll be honest… this had a TOTALLY different feel from “Alex and Eliza” which was historical fiction, but also had the tone of a sweet romance. In “Love and War” I was expecting at least a little bit of the L-O-V-E to come into play, but sadly, Alex and Eli...
  • Suzanne
    It was nice to read the sequel but I was not into this one as much as the first book. I think it was because fans are now moving away from the new love courting Alex and Eliza found in book one on to the more serious grownup stuff. I wonder if there will be a next book in which Maria Reynolds (yeah I’m a nerd 🤓) enters the picture. I mean we know Alexander Hamilton had what many view as the first sex scandal of a politician but will that be ...
  • Cindy
    3 stars- Honestly nothing much happened. Some parts felt repetitive and the ending didn't feel exactly final- However, I did love the characters! They were charming and fun to read about and I did enjoy reading the book- I loved the banter and the focus on feminism- I really enjoyed seeing their relationship grow too! - While I wouldn't jump to recommend this book, I did really enjoy it!A longer and more thorough review can be found on my blog he...
  • Kitkat
    3.5I loved how sassy Eliza was. Eliza called out Governor Clinton. I loved how they defined democracy but they didn't even know what it was. They thought it was compromise and respecting each other's opinions. I liked how Alex thought he saw her but it was the painting the jailbird made. I could not handle how adorable they were. The first part was extremely boring and I thought it had the affair in it but I was wrong. I am sure the next book wil...
  • Joelle
    I’ve really enjoyed this series so far and can’t wait for the third book. I love history and YA so this was super appealing to me. I liked the focus of this novel on the early stages of the Hamiltons’ young marriage (even though the author took liberties with the timeline for their children). There were possibly a few slower moving chapters in this novel versus the first, but it didn’t take away from my overall enjoyment of the book. I ho...
  • Arlene
    If I had been taught American History through the telling of a love story, I feel I would have remembered a lot more. History lesson (with some noted fictional elements) that was actually quite captivating.
  • Maja
    Look, I'm not sure why I read this book when I hated Alex & Eliza so profoundly; I think I was just wildly, morbidly curious as to how the fuck this story can even CONTINUE TO BE WRITTEN AS A YOUNG ADULT BOOK, SERIOUSLY, THE PREMISE IS SO GODDAMN BONKERS!! I can't believe Melissa de la Cruz deliberately changed how soon Alex and Eliza had kids just because she's writing a young adult book, like, this was your choice?? What are you doing?? SO MUCH...
  • Natalie
    It was interesting to see Alex and Eliza as newlyweds navigating their new life together. This is less about the romance and more about their day to day lives as a married couple. I very seldom read historical fiction about real people, but I think the author did a good job with Hamilton. He was quite the visionary. The author’s version of Eliza seemed to be a little too independent for the time period, but I still liked her as a character. I d...
  • Luna
    *3.5* This was a nice read just a bit boring and uneventful. I thought it would cover the affair as well but I suppose that will be next book. This mostly surrounded Eliza being lonely and Hamilton being away all the time lol. Nice read just not super amazing.
  • Megan
    Love & War: An Alex & Eliza Story is the second installment of the epic love story of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler by Melissa De La Cruz. The story picks up after the marriage of Eliza and Alex as Eliza’s family is preparing a farewell party for Alex, who is returning to the aide of General Washington. Yet unbeknown to Eliza, Alex has given Washington an ultimatum in order to secure his own battalion, which would result in Alex goi...
  • Jessica | Booked J
    Review also posted to Booked J. As you all know, one of my favourite YA releases last year was Melissa de la Cruz's Alex & Eliza. For a hot minute, I hadn't realized that it was set up to be a series of novels vs. a standalone. Melissa de la Cruz is perhaps one of my most-purchased authors, so there was really no question that I'd be picking up a copy of Love & War. While I do feel as though its predecessor was far better than this installment, i...
  • Julie
    *3.5 Although I didn't love this as much as the first one, I still enjoyed my time reading this. I would recommend this series if you have a passion for the American Revolution and enjoy learning about it, because I could defiantly see how some might find these books info-dumpy and a little stale. I, however, love the Revolution, and I found myself fascinated by what I was reading. But I really didn't think there was enough conflict in this one. ...
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    FirstLine ~ Forget Paris.This book is fantastic. It was one of those books that I was not sure what to expect and adored it cover to cover. I loved that there was history mixed into the story in such a way that makes history come alive. The love story is so compelling and the book was nearly impossible to put down. I love that is challenges the reader because you are feeling everything with the characters, you are on the journey with them. A deli...
  • kenzie may
    *Actual Rating 3.5 stars It was cute but that was it??At the end of the book it did say that there's going to be a third book, and if she doesn't make the cover yellow, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.
  • Heather Hughes
    I’d like to thank Penguin Teen for sending me an early copy and allowing me to participate in the official blog tour for this installment in the Alex & Eliza series.First of all, I’ll reiterate again that I have not read the biography of Alexander Hamilton that is popular among readers and that has inspired the Hamilton musical. Yes, shame on me. So, this series is initially my first encounter with any kind of Alexander Hamilton history...if ...
  • Amy Garnica
    YA to adult, dramatized history. great story, surprising twists
  • Aleya
    I enjoyed getting to listen to this twist on the Hamilton's lives. It was interesting reading a YA book about characters who are no longer the typical teenagers. Alex and Eliza in this are at least 19 or close to 20, as far as I could gather. I liked getting to see what Melissa de la Cruz changed up in the history to make a fun new story. I think she did a great job, although my brain kept trying to correct the bit about not having kids immediate...
  • Nicky
    Is this Alexander Hamilton historical fan fiction? Yes. Are there winks to the musical which is also historical fan fiction? Yes. Is this the second book in a series? Yes. Did I enjoy it, and will read the next one? Yes and probably.
  • Ally
    This book was a bit of a trudge for me. With finals and a lack of interest I had a lot of trouble getting through it, but that also may have to do with the fact that the first one was not my speed very much either, but was decidedly better.
  • Peyton
    So much fun. While not the most historically accurate, it was interesting and made me excited for the next book and seeing Hamilton in October. Would recommend to any fans of the show or history geeks4/5 Stars
  • Dima
    Enjoyable, but boring compared to the first book. Hopefully the third one coming next spring is better!
  • Shelby
    This was so much fun! Other than a few info dumps & some repetition problems, I really enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend everyone picking it up when it comes out!!
  • Alexa
    3.5 stars
  • Anna Murdock
    I thought the first one was kind of cute, this one not so much.
  • Spiryt Mc
    While this book was a bit less exciting than the first one, it was still incredibly well written and a joy to read! I cannot wait for the next one!
  • Steph L
    I think that I want to do a full review of this book at some point. I did enjoy this book, and I would recommend it to any fan of Hamilton or Historical Fiction.