The Sea Queen (The Half-Drowned King #2) by Linnea Hartsuyker

The Sea Queen (The Half-Drowned King #2)

An exhilarating Viking saga filled with the rich history, romantic adventure and political intrigue that have made Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, as well as Phillippa Gregory’s historical fiction and Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology popular bestsellers. Six years after The Half-Drowned King, Ragnvald Eysteinsson is now king of Sogn, but fighting battles for King Harald keeps him away from home, as ...

Details The Sea Queen (The Half-Drowned King #2)

TitleThe Sea Queen (The Half-Drowned King #2)
Release DateAug 14th, 2018
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Fantasy

Reviews The Sea Queen (The Half-Drowned King #2)

  • Will Byrnes
    Unna made a skeptical noise and tightened her arm in Svanhild’s “Every man will fail you eventually,” she said. “Look to your own future.” …She seemed to be carved of ice and fire, not the wood and earth that made up most people. In volume two of The Half-Drowned King trilogy, Ragnwald, (the glug-glug royal of book 1, henceforth referred to as Rags) is off engaging in battles to secure as much of Norway as possible for King Harald, an...
  • Amy Imogene Reads
    4.5. starsVikings, Norse origin stories, swashbuckling sea epics, intrigue, betrayal, love, hate, brotherhood, suspense, surprises, death. And a dash of women's oppression/agency to make your emotions extra confused. The Sea Queen is such a large concept I don't even know how to break it down. Plot: ★★★★★Pacing: ★★ and ★★★★Sense of time and place: ★★ 1/2Character growth: ★★★★★The Sea Queen is the second book in...
  • Truman32
    The Half-Drowned King viking trilogy has been compared to the Game of Thrones books and in some ways this is understandable. Both consist of a series of assembled pages of mushed wood fibers bound with heavy covers and spines. Both are rectangular in dimension and portable. And both make top-grade spider crushers if you happen to stumble across a particularly aggressive arachnid scurrying across the kitchen floor. Yet in other ways this is unfair...
  • Gary K Bibliophile
    The Sea Queen is the second of Linnea Hartsuyker’s Half-Drowned King trilogy (I’ve also seen it listed as The Golden Wolf Saga). If you are reading this I’m hoping you read the first book (The Half-Drowned King). If you haven’t, there are some minor spoilers ahead regarding the first book. This book picks up 6 years after the first. The war theater has expanded. Many kings who have refused to bend the knee have fled to either Iceland, Swe...
  • Maureen
    The Sea Queen is the 2nd book in this trilogy. This book takes place 6 years after the Half Drowned King. We find Svanhild is married to Solvi Hunthiofason, her brother King Ragnvald’s arch enemy. Ragnvald is fighting battles for King Harold, who wants to rule all of Norway. There is much conflict between Ragnvald and Solvi and King Harold.This series was inspired from “The Saga of Harold Harfagr”. It is very well written and researched but...
  • Lekeisha The Booknerd
    Much of what I loved about The Half-Drowned King is repeated in this sequel, only much more enhanced. I've always loved Svanhild's character, but she has grown even more here. Her ambitions are much appreciated because if there is one good thing that comes from history, it is that women are determined not to be walked over. While Ragnvald is fighting his own battles concerning Harald, Svanhild is fighting an even bigger battle. It's no spoiler th...
    Hartsuyker creates an incredible background of Norway and melts family drama, alliences and Viking fights in a perfect way like no-one else!When I finished the first book THE HALF DROWNED KING, I never thought that the second book can be that interesting and enjoyable, but it turned that The Sea Queen was even more thrilling and beautiful, I really love the sorting of acts the Author has written, and the details are perfect!My biggest wish is to ...
  • Stephen Richter
    What do you do if your genealogy goes all the way back to a King? You write a trilogy about the King. In this case it is the first King of Norway. In the second book of this series, Linnea uses her Brother and Sister POVs to continue the tale of King Harald's united Norway. Ragnvald and Svanhild are the characters used to retell the story . Story flows nicely around battles and political intrigues.
  • Catherine
    1) The Half-Drowned King ★★★☆☆"She seemed to be carved of ice and fire, not the wood and earth that made up most people."I feel pretty much the same about this book as I did about the first novel of this trilogy. I absolutely love the amazing historical part the author put so much dedication into. She deserves a lot of praise for this, because it's not easy. The plot follow the end of The Half-Drowned King of course, so we have our two ...
  • Kim McGee
    Ragnvald the half-drowned king is still fighting battles to keep his kingdom and fight for Harald who will be the King of all Norway. This powerful sequel to THE HALF-DROWNED KING features more tough Viking women - none more fierce than Svanhild, dubbed the Sea Queen. While most women were passed from family to family for political alliances or survival, Svanhild knew better than most men how to play to win. She was a superior sea captain and und...
  • Reggie Kray
    I preferred the first volume in this series. Although this sequel was a pretty decent read. If a bit flat and anticlimactic. The author did extensive research while compiling this story. Which I really appreciate when reading historical fiction.
  • Maja
    As I said in my review for the prior book, this sort of thing isn't my usual style at all, but it shares a lot of qualities with the sort of sprawling epic fantasy I tend to really enjoy, so I'm ultimately so very here for it. The plot is dense but never moves too quickly; the characters are engaging, compelling, and complexly intertwined in super delightful ways. The writing is gorgeous, and the worldbuilding (if you can call it that in historic...
  • Laure
    Brilliant! Heartbreaking! Magnifiscent!This outdo by far the previous volume and I can but marvel at the intricate story, the depth of the characters and their ambitions crossing what they want. I feel like I know them better and Svanhild owned the show throughout the book like a true sea queen! Ragnvald seems to have become a complicated man instead of a boy and I got to say I squealed when reading about Rolli and any of Ragnvald's sons, knowing...
  • Bett
    I enjoyed this second part of Hartsuyker's trilogy of Viking [circa 9th C] life even more than the first, maybe because it focused more on the sister sibling, Svanhild, than her warrior brother. Svanhild is quite an adventurer herself but also had to learn how to navigate/negotiate/manipulate with the men around her for her very survival, not to mention success. It's an engaging world, easy to get lost in while reading; if you're like me you'll s...
  • Holly Blevins
    I really liked this book! I saw it sitting on a shelf at the library and just grabbed it, and I'm glad I did. I didn't realize that it's the second book in a trilogy until over halfway through, because the author does a great job of informing the reader of the backgrounds and histories of the families. Very refreshing perspective on Vikings, especially women at that time. It was a lot of fun to read, thrilling and intense with plenty of action. I...
  • IsagelCharles
    I adored this book! My one quibble with The Half-drowned King, the first book in this trilogy, was that it dragged a little in places; The Sea Queen most definitely does not. I was deeply engaged through every turn in the fate of all the many characters and their complex relationships with one another, their loves and loyalties and betrayals. As the title indicates, this is first and foremost Svanhild’s book, and I absolutely love her. Can’t ...
  • Emily
    Another good installment in this series. This one, as is pretty typical for a second book in a trilogy, has a LOT of moving parts and pieces and people...but Ragvnald and Svanhild are still the main focus of the plot, and that makes it worthwhile in the parts that drag a bit, because they're such engaging characters.
  • Melissa
    Book two of this addictive and hard to put down Norse historical fiction. Svanhild is definitely becoming an all-time fave literary character for me. Compelling multi-character story about the battle for the unification and throne of Norway. Game of what now?
  • April
    Wow! Didn't get anything done the past 2 days because I just had to keep reading! Highly recommend. It's the 2nd book in a projected trilogy so read the 1st one before this one.
  • Sydney Young
    Even better than the first. The characters and world grow with more and more complications.
  • Monica Hills
    I liked this one better than the 1st novel. There are aspects to these books that really draw me in and then at other times it is just too wordy. I get lost in all of the characters. I will read the 3rd when it comes out because I do want to know what happens. Plus I don’t get a chance to read many books about the 9th century that often.
  • Angelique Simonsen
    FRUSTRATION! I loved the first book The drowned king but I cannot get into this one. It might be that I'm not in the mood
  • J.A.
    Sure enough, this did remind me of the middle seasons of Vikings, as the heroes go about securing more sons on more wives. What will become of Harald Finehair's quest to subjugate all Norway in the series finale?
  • the_reading_devices
    As a fan of Vikings (TV show), I was really looking forward to reading this, however, I didn’t end up enjoying it as much as I had hoped.Like the first book, the history and culture are clearly very well researched, and the characters are also well rounded and fleshed out, but I had a hard time connecting with them. The storytelling almost seemed detached from the characters, like I was reading an historical (rather sterile) account of the fact...
  • Ruth Harwood
    Love a good icelandic saga - well-written and gripping!
  • Merrin
    Now that this review is live, here it is on the blog: story short, loved it. Now that this review is live, here it is on the blog: story short, loved it.
  • Kristin Ames
    *audio book*2.5 StarsI'm not sure if I'll continue this trilogy or not. I liked the Half-Drowned King, though I found the pacing to be a little slow and while this one continued on with the tad-too slow pacing, it lost that bit extra that made the first book so enjoyable. I think the problem was all the characters were less likable, with the exception of Svanhild. Ragnvald had too little freedom in this novel as he was relegated to King Harald's ...
  • Jeney
    Disappointing. Definitely won't be reading the third one in this series 😐
  • Rebecca Morales
    I'm actually surprised at how much I love this viking saga series! Onto the third book in the trilogy!
  • Historical Fiction
    THE SEA QUEEN is the second installment in Linnea Hartsuyker’s Viking trilogy, following THE HALF-DROWNED KING. I don’t want to give away my enthusiasm for this series too soon, but let’s just say that I’m waiting for the third book already.Ragnvald is a man who keeps his oaths, which leaves him trapped by his own choices, even if he fully believes in those decisions. All he wants is to hold the land that once belonged to his father and l...