Bygone Badass Broads by Mackenzi Lee

Bygone Badass Broads

Based on Mackenzi Lee’s popular weekly Twitter series of the same name, Bygone Badass Broads features 52 remarkable and forgotten trailblazing women from all over the world. With tales of heroism and cunning, in-depth bios and witty storytelling, Bygone Badass Broads gives new life to these historic female pioneers. Starting in the fifth century BC and continuing to the present, the book takes a closer look at bold and inspiring women who dared...

Details Bygone Badass Broads

TitleBygone Badass Broads
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreNonfiction, Feminism, History, Historical

Reviews Bygone Badass Broads

  • Amalia Gavea
    ‘’They span time, the globe, socioeconomic situations, sexual and gender identities, and races. They are queens, scientists, athletes, politicians, spies, warriors, peacemakers, criminals and scoundrels. They are trendsetters, barrier breakers, innovators, and rebels.’’ Outstanding, brilliantly beautiful work by Mackenzi Lee. I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved this book in which she presents 52 women who deserve to be much more f...
  • Nat
    Though I was struggling a bit at the start of this book with the super casual language used for chronicling each historic woman, I realized (rather quickly, thankfully!) that the modern take on these badass broads is exactly what makes this read that more approachable and original.My issue with previous feminist collections always stemmed from the fact that they came to read like Wikipedia-esque entries and as a result failed to keep me engaged. ...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    *4.5 stars*Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
  • Inge
    If someone ever tells you that you "fight like a girl", you better believe that's a damn compliment. These ladies were fierce. Not just physically, but politically, socially, intellectually. Badass broads indeed. What a great and interesting read.
  • Tran Thanh Tu
    This is kind of a new experience for me, reading non-fiction books is not really my thing, until NOW.This is a book comprised of inspiring women throughout history who somehow did not get enough public attention, and to me, it is amazing that this book did its job well, giving the rightful dedication to all these wonderful ladies. They should all be hailed and remembered for their amazing doings throughout history.And my reaction throughout this ...
  • Trevor
    For the most part, I enjoyed this. I hadn't heard of the majority of the women so it was great gaining knowledge for the first time instead of reiterating it. [For example: I personally owe so much to Ursula Nordstrom because without her CHARLOTTE'S WEB wouldn't have existed.) The amount of diversity is wonderful. The artwork is stunningly gorgeous & makes it worth checking out for that alone. But besides that, I had qualms that kept it from bein...
  • Marty :} (thecursedbooks)
    You can read my review on my blog as well (for better formatting, lol) - hereI really loved this book, I especially adored how inclusive it was. If you’re worried that this book might have white feminism plastered all over it, I’m here to ease your worries, it’s very intersectional.The illustrations were breath-taking and the stories were funny, very girl-power-y and at the end, you really wanted to discover more about those women who had b...
  • royaevereads
    This book absolutely fascinated me - it accounts the incredible lives of a hugely diverse range of women. The art is beautiful and, just as I anticipated, Lee’s writing style is so witty and fun, making these women stand out as characters who I can’t get enough of. Full review to come on my channel soon :) Thank you to Abrams Books for sending me a copy for review. All opinions are my own.
  • Rachel (Kalanadi)
    4.5 stars, feeding my hunger for inspirational women of note in history after Rachel Ignotofsky's Women in Science and Sports books. I docked half a star only because it frankly needed a wee bit more copyediting. But on the whole, lovely and outspokenly anti-patriarchal establishment, exactly what I expected.
  • Christine Spoors
    I've been excited about this book since Lee announced it and it definitely didn't disappoint. I don't ever recall hearing about any of these 52 wonderful women before reading this book, so I learned a lot! I think Lee did a good job at picking women from around the world to write about, it was also great to see gay women and even a transgender woman written about. I really hope that Lee and Abrams bring out a second book of Bygone Badass Broads i...
  • Ana
    This book was so inspiring, and included so many of my fave historical figures and many more that I’ve never heard of. Working in a bookshop means I’ve seen so many of these beautiful new books that highlight the achievements of historical women, and I love the trend, but this has been my favourite so far. Lee makes a point to talk about women who weren’t white/straight/cis because they have been especially forgotten, and reading about them...
  • just here for desi sapphics
    i love women
  • april
    Damn. Women are great.
  • Ashleigh (a frolic through fiction)
    *Rated 4.5/5 stars
  • Chelsea
    I know this book is basically a published version of Lee's Twitter feed, which I wasn't aware of going in, but it unfortunately reads as about as polished as any Twitter thread. I read this hoping to learn about some brilliant women who impacted history, but Lee's colloquial, pop culture-littered writing style was unbearably distracting.I think there's a huge difference between lightening the density that can be found in a lot of nonfiction or hi...
  • thepessimisticreader
    The women featured in this book truly did change society and impact feminism. Many of the women in this book are homosexual, one is a transgender woman, many are women of colour, indigenous women, educated women, women from poor economic backgrounds. There is a role model for everyone, whether you aspire to be a dancer, a chef, a teacher, a scientist, or a writer. These women are empowering.I had not even heard of 49/52 of the women I learned abo...
  • carnovalesque
    Literally why are there so many films and TV shows about crusty white men when all these women exist?? I mean I always knew women were awesome and that we had of course been part of history, but some of the women in this book are just so unbelievably awesome, particularly for the time in which they lived. Nearly every single woman in this book should have her own TV show. This was such a blast to read.→ the look ←Since this is an illustrated ...
  • Sarah
    women are everything and i'm so proud to call myself a feminist. rtc. 💕
  • Andrew
  • Layla
    Julie d'Aubigny (Bisexual Swordswoman, Opera Singer, Hell-Raiser) was definitely my favorite. The book was empowering and I was never bored once reading it. Thanks Edie! <3
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    Here's another great pick for Women's History Month: "Bygone Badass Broads." Not only does this book have a fabulous title but it has a great premise. Author Mackenzi Lee started a feature on Twitter to talk about all of these fantastic women from history that many don't know much (or anything!!!) about. History unfortunately has focused on white men. Lee is trying to get the stories of the amazing women that came before us out into the world and...
  • Sionna
    This book is pretty awesome.I liked the pictures and the laid back writing style. Well, sometimes the writing could be a little too laid back, but for the most part the book didn't bore me. It doesn't read like a history or nonfiction book, which made it really pleasant. The pictures are a great addition to help the reader connect with the woman being talked about and the colored pages kept the book fun. The entries were also kept decently short,...
  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 4.5*This book is like going down a Wikipedia hole, but much more amusing and entertaining. And also with pretty pictures. The author does an amazing job of bringing wit and humor into the stories, which give you just enough insight into the women to be satisfied (though I will definitely be researching them more later, but that's just me)...
  • Little.Maii
    The author herself is a badass
  • theresa 🌸🥑
    Triple E-entertaining,educational & empowering 🖤
  • Camryn
    So there was some aspects of this that were problematic (AAVE, deadnaming, this weird comment about penises) but I found it pretty awesome and inspirational overall. There were tons of women I didn't know about and a few favorites I was happy to see. Mostly, I'm glad these women are finally going to be known.