When Never Comes by Barbara Davis

When Never Comes

Author Barbara Davis deftly explores an emotionally charged landscape of pain, loss, and despair—and the risk one woman will take in the hope of loving again.As a teenage runaway and child of an addict, Christy-Lynn learned the hard way that no address was permanent, and no promise sacred. For a while, she found a safe haven in her marriage to bestselling crime novelist Stephen Ludlow—until his car skidded into Echo Bay. But Stephen’s wasn...

Details When Never Comes

TitleWhen Never Comes
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews When Never Comes

  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    Sometimes learning to let yourself be happy is the hardest lesson of allSee my review here!Though the premise of this book may sounds like it veers towards thriller, it is anything but thatin a good way! Daviss When Never Comes is a beautiful story of resilience, finding yourself, and learning to be open to happiness. Its a story about a woman who ran away or hid her entire life, until she was forced out of hiding. This book is an incredible addi...
  • leslie hamod
    Barbara Davis is incredible. Her books flow like water..comfort like the softest blanket and keeps the reader's attention with a gentle yet firm embrace.She writes masterfully and emotionally moving stories with beguiling characters and this book does not disappoint!Wonderful characters and a moving plot, it is immediately engrossing.Well written and easy to read, lovely to read and one of her best works yet!Highly recommended!
  • Jenn
    I wouldnt say that I hated this book, but it became a chore for me to get through. Just like Christy-Lynns critique of Wades manuscript, I wanted to put the book down halfway through because I just...stopped caring. It wasnt the storyline itself so much as the fact that it was riddled with holes, particularly when it came to timelines. And it was a bit predictable overall. I managed to finish, but just barely. I wouldn’t say that I hated this...
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    From rags to riches. From running away as a child to running away as an adult.Christy-Lynn had her share of bad times as she was growing up and thought when Stephen Ludlow, famed author, married her she was done with struggling and bad times.But...Stephen Ludlow wasn't exactly who he appeared to be. When he was found in an icy river after a crash, details were not something Christy-Lynn wanted to know. Stephen wasn't the only person in his car wh...
  • Rebecca Rosenberg
    I have volunteered at a Children's Home for 15 years, and know many children who have been traumatized by the actions of their parents. Barbara Davis brings these issues to life in When Never Comes. It is a heart-wrenching story that kept me guessing with it's unpredictable twists and turns. Barbara Davis is masterful in developing characters we care about and root for, and others we hate. While everything that happens to Christy-Lynn, from addic...
  • Maggie Grace
    This review contains SPOILERS. SPOILER ALERT! I liked the book because it goes pretty fast and it kept my interest, but I had a few unanswered questions.1. Why was her husband driving around with his half-naked girlfriend in the car, when he was a successful writer and could afford a hotel room. How did he crash his car? Why did he die, but they had no scarring, they both looked beautiful upon death.2. How could the main character just up and lea...
  • Susan Peterson
    I will start by simply saying that I LOVED this book! I was captivated by Christy-Lynn's story, a young woman so deep in the throes of despair, so torn with guilt and regret, that she won't let herself love anyone, or let anyone love her...she doesn't feel deserving of love. Her life is full of nevers, the doors she keeps closed to protect her heart. The emotions in this book leap off the page...I found myself holding my breath waiting to find ou...
  • Jen
    This story captivated me from start to finish. When Never Comes is an emotionally engaging, compelling, beautiful, uplifting, and simultaneously heart breaking and heart warming story. This is the story of Christy-Lynn, awoken in the middle of the night with the news that her husband has died in an accident. At the morgue to identify his body, she's given the news that he was not alone in the car and a mystery woman has also died. Hounded by the ...
  • ✨Susan✨
    When a young girl is put in the harrowing position of having to take care of her alcoholic/drug addicted mother, she as an adult, decides to live a somewhat guarded and disconnected life. After the sudden death of her husband, her whole monotonous, uneventful life starts to get the upheaval that maybe it needed. This story kept me wanting to get back to it. A very good contemporary with believable characters.
  • Debbie
    3.5 starsI almost DNF'd this one in the very beginning - I thought it was a mystery/thriller type book. I read a few reviews and decided to continue anyway. Throughout the book I waffled on the rating. Christy-Lynn is the wife of a famous writer. He dies when his car goes off a bridge and a partially nude woman is with him. Christy-Lynn escapes the media circus and the unanswered questions in a small town miles from her home. Here she tries to be...
  • Jen
    This is my first Barbara Davis book and let me just say- she has a new fan with me. For lovers of Elin Hilderbrand and Karen White- this ones for you. And hey- I saw its a Kindle First. Seriously, pick up When Never Comes- now. What do you do when you find out your dead husband didnt die alone? When said husband is famous and the vultures are just waiting for the right moment to feed on you, armed with this tantalizing information? You run. Like ...
  • Sue
    When Never Comes is another wonderful book by Barbara Davis. It's about finding your future by letting go of your past. It's about love and family and starting over. This book is a must read and you don't want to miss it.When Christy-Lynn is told by the police that her husband, a famous author, has died in a car accident, she also finds out that there was a half naked woman in the car with him who also died. She had no idea that he was having an ...
  • Linda Zagon
    My Review Of When Never Comes by Barbara DavisI was captivated and enthralled by When Never Comes by Barbara Davis. The genres for this book are Fiction and Womens Fiction. The story takes place in the past and present as it pertains to the characters and events in the story.The author describes are characters as complex, complicated and confused. How can the past traumatic events in a characters life effect the present and future? Christy -Lyn...
  • Camille Maio
    Once again, author Barbara Davis has pulled me out of everything I need to do and planted me right in the middle of her compelling characters and story. When Never Comes is the story of a woman trapping herself in her past, limited by all the ways she was hurt by others. But when love prevents itself in new and unexpected ways, she has to face all the doors she's closed...all the nevers she's clung to. This is a story of love, hope, redemption, a...
  • Laurie Buchanan
    Although I'm nearly a grandmother now, I was a teenage runaway. So when I read the description in the "First Reads Books" email that I received from Amazon, it piqued my interest, and I selected it. Not disappointed in the least, the story in the pages of this captivating book lives up to the well over a thousand positive reviews it's received. I highly recommend this engaging read!
  • Missy
    The blurb of this book had me interested. I thought it was going to be this suspense, ah ha, I got you now kind of book you cheating husband. But it was so much different than that. This was a book about Christy-Lynn Parker (Christine Ludlow) who wakes up to the knock on the door from the local police to come identify her husband's body. But what she did not know is that he had been carrying on an affair with another woman, who was also to be ide...
  • Kristin
    Barbara Davis is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. I got this from Kindle First and I was thrilled. It's been on my wishlist since I found out it was coming out. I was so excited that I didn't have to wait a month until it comes out in the stores. Christy-Lynn is a pretty damaged character. She's had a rough life and can't catch a break. I kind of knew what was going to happen but it still wrenched my heart wide open. The end for me was a...
  • Christina
    Quick ReadIts a nice book to read in one sitting or while stuck on an airplane. Theres nothing spectacular about the book but its by no means a bad read. It was an enjoyable enough experience. Quick ReadIt’s a nice book to read in one sitting or while stuck on an airplane. There’s nothing spectacular about the book but it’s by no means a bad read. It was an enjoyable enough experience.
  • Michael
    This had the potential to be a really amazing book, but the story got really lazy at the end. I liked it in the beginning when Christy was trying to understand what her husband last moments was before he died. It seemed like she was more concerned with the woman he was was with than anything else. I did not think it was a character flaw but it did not make that much sense to me. As far as the story, it was really good in the beginning but then it...
  • Stefanie
    When Never Comes was my Kindle First Selection and I am so glad I picked it!Barbara Davis wrote such a beautiful, heart-warming novel that sent my emotions soaring. It was the first book I have ever read by her and I definitely dont plan on it being my last.Christine (Christy-Lynn) is dealing with the loss of her husband and boy does that open the door to all kinds of emotional turmoil. This book deals with the pain of loss, the fear of new relat...
  • Jamie beauty_andthebook_
    An important story about what makes a family and how you can find the people that will become more like family to you than your own flesh and blood, in the unlikeliest of places. This was my first book by Barbara Davis and I am eager to read more from her backlist! I expected one thing from this story, more mystery, less heart - and I have to say, Im incredibly pleased with what I got! I received an advance copy. All opinions are my own. An imp...
  • Carla
    Great read, kept me interested the entire book! Read it in 5 days, which is rare for me. My insomnia helped , but I finished it between 3-5 am- passing on the gym to find out what happens.
  • Judy Churchill
    Topic and content were good. The process was a little tedious but still a good read.
  • Lesley
    I picked this as a first read from my amazon choices!This is a sweet story from not so sweet circumstances!Liked it more than I thought I would
  • Patricia
    My rating is really closer to 2.5 stars, but since the writing was decent, I rounded it up to 3.This book had an interesting premise but required one to many stretches of the imagination to be believable. It was also about 100 pages too long. I knew exactly what was going to happen very early into the book, but it took until the very end of the story to get the full resolution. Issues with the book (spoiler alert!)1) Hard to believe the main char...
  • Joan
    I felt this was a compelling story although I figured out the ending about halfway thru. At some point I really got annoyed with the main character and her self pity though. I get that she had a horrible childhood and is understandably bitter and angry about that as well as about the circumstances of her husband's death. But she also has so much money she can just buy a house and a business on a whim and still have so much left that she doesn't k...
  • Lynda Kelly
    This was my Kindle First choice for the month it was released, though it's sat in my downloaded file for a couple of months. I enjoyed it, though it's your typical chicklit story. I take a break with one of these in-between my usual diet of murderation for some light relief at times.I can't say this was particularly a stand-out read or really anything I've not read before but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The characters are ones you warm to, mostly, ...
  • Kemmy Bookaholic!
    I'll give this book 3 stars. It was a a bit slow at first and boring but I pushed through till the end. Fine storyline about a woman betrayed first by her drug addict mum who failed her and secondly by her husband who had extramarital affair. It was a steady, long road to recovery.
  • Renee
    Well, what I got and what I thought I was getting were very different. I thought, based on the description, that I was getting a book about a girl that was going to redeem her own past by taking on the child of her dead husbands affair. I wanted to read about that ... what I got was a not altogether convincing story about a women with lots of baggage who still ends up finding a picturesque life, with amazing friends, and the scruffy but hot knigh...