White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin Dempsey

White Rose, Black Forest

In the shadows of World War II, trust becomes the greatest risk of all for two strangers.December 1943. In the years before the rise of Hitler, the Gerber family’s summer cottage was filled with laughter. Now, as deep drifts of snow blanket the Black Forest, German dissenter Franka Gerber is alone and hopeless. Fervor and brutality have swept through her homeland, taking away both her father and her brother and leaving her with no reason to liv...

Details White Rose, Black Forest

TitleWhite Rose, Black Forest
Release DateMar 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews White Rose, Black Forest

  • Dee Arr
    “White Rose, Black Forest” is billed as a historical fiction, but it has all the makings of a thriller. Author Eoin Dempsey presents Franka Gerber with a dilemma right from the beginning, then continues to turn up the heat as the story progresses. Although Franka understands the danger that could come from her actions, she continues to do what she feels is right.The story is told through the eyes of several characters, although Franka is the ...
  • Cari
    White Rose, Black Forest was my Kindle First selection for February 2018. Although World War II is one of my favorite topics to explore in literature, it had been a little while since I'd read a book about it. Maybe I've just not been in the mood for anything overly heavy lately, as books about WW-II Europe generally knock the wind right out of me and leave me feeling a mixture of macabre fascination and dumbfounded despair at the cruelties endur...
  • Marianne
    Another great kindle first book that I found difficult to put down. My only complaint is that I could have done with the conclusion of the book being a little longer as I just wanted to read about these characters a little longer, and it just felt a bit rushed at the end. Not enough to ruin the book, but I think a little more detail at the end would have made it even better.
  • Joyce A. Wendeln
    Shadows of My FatherThis is what my father did during WWII. And yes, this is what it was like, you went in with no one but yourself to depend upon and knowing that America denied knowing you if you got caught. These were the true heroes, but they knew no medals waited in the wings for them no matter how brave and strong they were. After all, they didn't exist!!
  • Xavier (CharlesXplosion)
    Another bland/generic WW2 narrative.
  • Ellie Midwood
    If you love historical fiction, you’ll definitely enjoy reading this story! It’s a bit on a slower-pace side (a bit like All The Light We Cannot See, if you read that one) so if you’re into a fast-moving plot, you’ll only see some major action in the very end. However, for me personally, it worked in this particular case as it helped me better connect with the characters and get to know them and, what’s more important, their personal st...
  • Paola
    This is a story about an American spy and a Germany nurse who's paths cross during the WWII. It's a very unlikely pair with a desperate and dangerous mission.... This was a good read and a page turner, if you enjoy this gender, then this is for you.
  • Joy D
    Historical fiction about rescue of an airman by a German resistor. It takes place mostly within Germany’s Black Forest region in 1943-1944. This book was a mixed bag for me. While I found elements to enjoy, such as basing it around resistors in Nazi Germany, there were quite a few inconsistencies in the plot, and I found it a bit contrived. This book purports to be “based on a true story;” however, upon further research, it appears to be mo...
  • Kathy Miller
    Well done historical fiction about WWIIGood concept and great characters. The novel was extensively researched and the story was engaging. I highly recommend this excellent book
  • Kayla
    I received this book through Kindle Firsts in February 2018. I'll be honest; I've been in a book rut. I start books and then lose interest quickly. I thought I was done reading about WWII until this book came along. What an adventure! From the first few pages onward this book does not let up on the tension. There were many times I could feel the anxiousness and fear of the characters. It was a true historical fiction thriller. While there are man...
  • Lisa
    The story of a German woman with anti-Nazi sentiments and and the American spy posing as a German soldier that she finds wounded in the snow and cares for in her secluded cabin. Would make a decent movie. The story moves along pretty well and the settings and characters are rounded out pretty well, but the dialogue is stilted and the romance contrived.
  • Amanda Anger
    I got this as a free Kindle book since I am an Amazon Prime member. I am not usually a fiction reader, and had already guessed the ending by the time I read the book summary, but read it nonetheless. Even having a pretty solid guess at how the book would end did not deter me from finishing the book in merely 2 days! The trust-building between two strangers in a short amount of time was written in a believable manner, and I loved all the twists an...
  • Gail Lewis
    White Rose, Black ForestWow! Loved this WWII book so much. Franka, a German Nurse, and John, an Allied Spy, had quite the adventure. I went with my husband on a Viking Rhine River Cruise last June and this story ends up in the Black Forest and Basel Switzerland which we were lucky to experience on our trip.
  • Kathleen
    DNF 51%. This book started with a great bang and I was so excited to be reading it. Then it just started to read like a text book, where the writing seemed almost to be conveying facts with such little emotion that I have been bored the last 30%. I'm sad, but I'm moving on.
  • Jph12
    Historical fiction heavy on the fiction and light on the facts (it seems like the only things that actually happened was the rise and fall of the White Rose resistance group). The book is at it's best when it focuses on life in Germany under the Nazis. My favorites parts were the flashbacks to the White Rose. I also liked the depiction of the ordinary Germans turned informants. It added a nice sense of paranoia.I wasn't so fond of the main charac...
  • David
    Sorry - didn't really get on with this. It's fine as a pulp adventure - but action was predicable, characters two dimensional and the ending very unsatisfactory. Don't know if this is how the book was written or edited but I really don't like weird Americanisms in a book where the characters and action are European (The Girl from Krakow - I'm looking at you) and analogies such as when the author talks about the principle character removing some t...
  • Cassandra Sotelo
    Just an amazing story that kept me at the edge of of seat. Franka is the ultimate heroine. She is hardworking, brave, smart, and beautiful inside and out. I have seen several movies with a German WWII point of view, but never a book. It felt very personal and sad to see how little we understood that German citizens suffered as well. Although fictitious, it felt realistic and at times intense. Loved it!
  • Lyne
    The White Rose (die Weiße Rose) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany led by a group of students and a professor at the University of Munich. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign which called for active opposition to the Nazi regime. Their activities started in Munich on 27 June 1942, and ended with the arrest of the core group by the Gestapo on 18 February 1943.[1] They, as well as other memb...
  • Staci
    Engaging story about two young adults in WWII Nazi. Franka is in a remote area of Germany and has lost the will to live. She stumbles upon a downed airman which brings purpose back to her life. The final pages of the novel were filled with action. I loved that the story is based upon fact.Some foul language.
  • Karen Macedo
    I loved this book. A really great read if you enjoy Historical Fiction as I do. This story is about a woman who finds a soldier unconscious in the forest during World War II. She goes to great deal of trouble to save him. They both help each other during this terrible time of the Nazi regime. This is the second book I've read by this author having read Finding Rebecca which I also enjoyed. Looking forward to reading more books by Eoin Dempsey. I ...
  • Nissa
    A fascinating story and an amazing insight into the complexity of what was happening in Germany during WWII. An important story to tell at anytime but maybe more so now. This is definitely worth the read and something that will stick with me in my mind for a long time. This book was my KindleFirst pick of the month and I recommend you pick this one up to read. So good!
  • Chris
    This was a Kindle first book that I picked and I’m glad I did. The description fit it well and it was indeed a good read. After about 1/2 way I didn’t want to put it down. I have read many books on this subject and this gave a bit of a different perspective.
  • Sandy
    Started out really well but ended weakly. The plot could have been developed more.
  • Jacque
    The story line of the book was great, very engaging. There were parts of the book that were repetitive, a sentence would state something and a few lines later it said almost exactly the same thing.
  • Molly
    Different anglePretty darn good. At times, I didn’t want to put it down. I definitely recommend this book, especially for those who are interested in the history of the holocaust.
  • Marci Miller
    Good fast readA different twist to WW2 historical fiction. Love this time period and this was a nice easy read. Highly recommend
  • Marilyn Wagner
    Quick and interesting story. It presents the problems faced by Germans who did not support the Nazis well.