White Rose, Black Forest by Eoin Dempsey

White Rose, Black Forest

In the shadows of World War II, trust becomes the greatest risk of all for two strangers.December 1943. In the years before the rise of Hitler, the Gerber family’s summer cottage was filled with laughter. Now, as deep drifts of snow blanket the Black Forest, German dissenter Franka Gerber is alone and hopeless. Fervor and brutality have swept through her homeland, taking away both her father and her brother and leaving her with no reason to liv...

Details White Rose, Black Forest

TitleWhite Rose, Black Forest
Release DateMar 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II, Cultural, Germany, Novels, Thriller, Adult, Romance

Reviews White Rose, Black Forest

  • Dee Arr
    {60-Seconds or Less video review at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCkGc...}“White Rose, Black Forest” is billed as a historical fiction, but it has all the makings of a thriller. Author Eoin Dempsey presents Franka Gerber with a dilemma right from the beginning, then continues to turn up the heat as the story progresses. Although Franka understands the danger that could come from her actions, she continues to do what she feels is right.The ...
  • Marianne
    Another great kindle first book that I found difficult to put down. My only complaint is that I could have done with the conclusion of the book being a little longer as I just wanted to read about these characters a little longer, and it just felt a bit rushed at the end. Not enough to ruin the book, but I think a little more detail at the end would have made it even better.
  • Cari
    White Rose, Black Forest was my Kindle First selection for February 2018. Although World War II is one of my favorite topics to explore in literature, it had been a little while since I'd read a book about it. Maybe I've just not been in the mood for anything overly heavy lately, as books about WW-II Europe generally knock the wind right out of me and leave me feeling a mixture of macabre fascination and dumbfounded despair at the cruelties endur...
  • Kat
    This kept me completely riveted. A historical set in the black forest of Germany during WW2, Franka is a former resistance member who has recently been released from jail. She has a tragic past and has no one left. When she finds a downed airman in the snowy woods with two broken legs, her choices are to let him die, or to rescue him even though he’s a nazi soldier. But when she gets him back to her cabin, he begins crying out in English in his...
  • Joyce A. Wendeln
    Shadows of My FatherThis is what my father did during WWII. And yes, this is what it was like, you went in with no one but yourself to depend upon and knowing that America denied knowing you if you got caught. These were the true heroes, but they knew no medals waited in the wings for them no matter how brave and strong they were. After all, they didn't exist!!
  • Brenda
    White Rose, Black Forest is the story of the White Rose, resistance in Nazi Germany who silently fought for the rights of Germans who hated what Hitler was doing to their people and country. And the deep, dark and snow-ridden Black Forest where Franka Gerba’s family holiday home was located. Franka was a nurse and had been working in Munich when first her brother, then her father were murdered by Nazi extremists. Franka had also lost her boyfri...
  • Constantine
    Rating: 4.0/5.0Genre: Historical FictionThis a world war 2 story. Franka Gerber finds a body lying in the snow, the man is injured. Not knowing who he is she takes him to her family cabin which is in an isolated place. Despite the airman uniform he wears she helps him not knowing his actual identity or mission. There is a lack of trust between these two strangers but when they confide in each other and telling each other's stories something build...
  • G.J.
    I do enjoy a well written WW2 story, so when I read about this book I had to snap it up! What can I say ? It was disappointing , the story sounded so promising, but I am sad to say it did not live up to it’s promise. It is superficially written, has rather shallow characters and just did not work for me.I believe it is meant to be based on a true story, but there is little evidence of this.
  • Kathleen
    DNF 51%. This book started with a great bang and I was so excited to be reading it. Then it just started to read like a text book, where the writing seemed almost to be conveying facts with such little emotion that I have been bored the last 30%. I'm sad, but I'm moving on.
  • Andrea
    I liked the authors other book better,finding rebecca this one for me a great storyline but a young girl comes across a man in the woods German uniform hardly breathing and drags him to her family cabin is abit unreal.give this book a 3.5 rating.