Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #8) by Lauren Rowe

Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #8)

***MISADVENTURES ARE STANDALONE ROMANCES THAT CAN BE READ IN ANY ORDER***Straitlaced freshman Zooey Cartwright has arrived at UCLA determined to have a heck of a lot more fun in college than she did in high school. What’s the first item on Zooey’s agenda before classes start in two days? Losing her pesky V card. She’s definitely not looking for a boyfriend, so where can Zooey find the right guy to do the deed and move along without a backwa...

Details Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #8)

TitleMisadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #8)
Release DateFeb 27th, 2018
PublisherWaterhouse Press
GenreRomance, Academic, College, New Adult, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures, #8)

  • Shayna
    “Gosh, when the universe works this hard to put two ridiculously good-looking people together, it’d be downright arrogant of them not to have sex, don’t you think?”“I’m not going to have sex with you, Tyler.”“Oh, yes you are. You know it. I know it. The universe knows it.” I’m absolutely SMITTEN! I’m a SMITTEN KITTEN over this freaking book! I just realized how much I’ve missed Lauren Rowe’s writing! She put the swoon in...
  • ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader
    I loved this book so much!Tyler is so amazing! He’s an incredible football player with a great sense of humor and big heart. He’s kind, loyal, smart and so sexy! Zooey, was great too! She’s sassy and knows what she wants. I loved seeing her grow as a women. She’s perfect for Tyler. The chemistry between Tyler and Zooey was off the charts! From the first moment they met sparks were flying. They are so perfect for each other. I love them so...
  • EpicRomanceReviews
    ).•.•⭐) .•⭐')(.• (.•` ❤~🌟~❤ 5 FANTABULOUS CHERRY-POPPER STARS!❤~🌟~❤Wowwwww... just wow! MISADVENTURES OF A COLLEGE GIRL was AMAZEBALLS!!I promised a strictly spoiler free review so, in a nutshell, Zooey Cartwright is a freshman theater major at UCLA, looking to lose her V card, and her heart goes into overdrive when she catches the eye of hunky football player Tyler Caldwell at her first college party. Since there is a...
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UKMisadventures of a College Girl is only my second book from Lauren Rowe but I already consider myself a fan. I really enjoyed these characters, especially Zooey, which was a little surprising. I'm not a huge fan of the heroine-trying-to-lose-her-virginity thing but in this book it worked well with the characters and it wasn't an overly dramatic part of the story.Tyler was very likable as well, even when he was being ...
  • DJ Sakata
    Favorite Quotes:If you really want to be traumatized, then consider this: Why the hell isn’t Pooh wearing pants? He’s a bear who lives in a house and sleeps in a bed. He drinks tea out of a cup. And yet he wears no pants with his polo shirt? I mean, is Pooh fully anthropomorphized or not? Because, if he is, then he’s a ‘public lewdness’ charge waiting to happen.Gosh, when the universe works this hard to put two ridiculously good-looking...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳This was such an adorable college romance, and I will never get over the fact that it took me this long to start this puppy... ➳Follow Me On:Blog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter
  • Jennifer
    I typically refrain from the new-adult genre these days but Misadventures of a College Girl was actually one of the rare ones that isn't jam packed with eye roll-worthy dysfunction. Yes, it's a virgin/sports jock romance which normally would warrant plenty of eye rolls even from fans of the genre but it was actually a pretty cute story. After DNF'ing a good half of the Misadventures series so far, I can say this one is a winner.
  • NMmomof4
    3.75 StarsOverall Opinion: This was actually better than I was expecting! I don't think we got all that deep into the characterizations, but I still enjoyed both of the mcs. I usually enjoy the theme of f-buddies to more, so this worked well for me. I even got an actual HEA! Because I'm greedy, I would've still enjoyed more of experiencing their HEA -- but I thought it was enough to make me feel content in the end. Overall, a fun, sexy, sweet rea...
  • Sophie
    My first TOP READ of 2018! Man how I LOVED THIS book! It's Lauren Rowe's best book to date. I just loved it. It's trademark Lauren. Packed full of heart, hope, humour, love, steam and sweetness. There are just enough angsty feels and emotions to really make this book OUTSTANDING! Tyler is without doubt my top book boyfriend ever! I LOVE everything about him. He has the perfect amount of cocky, arrogance and devilish good looks. He's sexy and swee...
  • Tpagirl
    Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe was the eighth book in the Misadventures series by various popular best selling romance authors. Although within the series, they each can be read as a stand-alone. This was my first book by Rowe.Tyler Caldwell was a junior football star that was going Pro after this season. He was highly sought after by girls but he made it clear that he was too focused on football and that he would gladly give a ni...
  • Snow
    awwwusually, it creeps me out reading these kind of sweet stuff LOL BUT somehow this wasn't as cliche-ed as the usual "girl meets boy (football player)" kinda trope and all the cheesy stuff that follows...Inspite the fact that the heroine Zooey Cartwright is a virgin/freshman at the UCLA college with a task of finding a "douche" for a de-virginizing project in a one-night stand operation.BUT who she encounters is an "obvious douche" according to ...
  • Melanie (mells_view)
    College football star and a sheltered theatre loving girl who wants to find an experienced man to pop her cherry, and get it over with. Of course she needs a manwhore so he knows what the heck he’s doing. Yes the plot sounds roll your eyes corny, BUT it is done SO SO WELL. I love the hero. I love the heroine. Their banter is sweet. Their connection is so good.This was a good friends with benefits to lovers read. I loved that this was virtually ...
  • Nadine A
    5 True Halo Stars! Misadventures of a College Girl is already a favorite this year! What blew me away is how a storyline that isn't necessarily unique, felt absolutely brand new in this story. Again, BLOWN AWAY!!!Tyler Caldwell was the best surprise. Seriously, he took my breathe away again and again. While he's so obviously handsome and cocky, this football star had so much depth and emotional intelligence. Every word he spoke had me falling for...
  • Donna ~ The Romance Cover
    Misadventures of a College Girl (Misadventures #9) by Lauren Rowe5 stars!!! “You’re the answer to a prayer I didn’t even know I had.” January has certainly started with a bang and Lauren Rowe has managed to do something I never thought she could, she has written a new favourite. I read Countdown to Killing Curtis nearly three years ago and that book has still remained my favourite by this author, until now. This was an unputdownable rea...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe is book Nine in the "Misadventures" series. This is the story of Zooey Cartwright and Tyler Caldwell. This is a standalone book. Zooey is 18 and off to college where she hopes to start experiencing a wilder life. Zooey's mother died with she was around 2 years old and her father kept her very sheltered. Now that she is on her own at college she want to get rid of her virginity so that she can start e...
  • book bruin
    Re-read 4/2018:Just as amazing as the first time! Gah! I love this book so damn much! For my re-read, I actually listened to the audiobook, which is narrated by the amazing Lauren Rowe (Yes! She narrates her own books!!) Listening to this gave me all the feels again and I don't think I will ever get enough of Tyler and Zooey! Everyone needs to read or listen to this one!*****I am literally bursting with LOVE for this book! It was like the merging...
  • Cindy M. Green
    LADIES! LADIES! LADIES! Listen to me please. This book, the characters, the feels, the banter, the heat, the laughs, the love, the heartbreak…the list goes on and on. You will get everything you didn’t realize you needed with Zooey and Tyler in this sexy romance.Zooey is heading off to college and can’t wait to “start her life.” I truly adored her zest for life and sassy personality. She was naïve in many ways, but yet adventurous in a...
  • Lisa (Two Bookish Brits)
    I think I might actually be in love with Lauren’s writing! This is the second book I’ve read of Lauren’s within 7 days and by god they’re absolute perfection. I’m not exaggerating, I’m not laying it on think, I’m being 100% serious when I say this book was perfection.I’ve read so many collage romance books that have the main girl fall for the bad boy, they break up, they endure heart ache then realise what they actually want and t...
  • Martha
    This book rocked my world!! Lauren Rowe did an outstanding job. The story flowed and was flawless. You could definitely tell her whole heart was was in this one. I absolutely LOVED the chemistry and relationship between Zooey and Tyler ❤. Tyler is so freaking perfect it is scary. Just when you cannot imagine him being more perfect BAM he does something incredible. Zooey is also my hero. She is adventurous, trusting and such a realist. These two...
  • Becca - ★Wicked Quests of a BookNinja★
    5 ’Cheeseburger’ Stars Someone hold my earings why I am dancing around the room! Guys, this book is ’fantabulous’! Like big time. Gah, I adore EVERYTHING about it!!Misadventures of a College Girl is everything that the brand Lauren Rowe means – sexy, funny and full of heart.Seriously, Zooey and Tyler are hilarious! I love them dearly.If you want to cuddle up with a book, I highly recommend this one!
  • Angel Payne
    Absolutely Lauren Rowe at her best. I have to admit that at first, I thought this was going to be a lot of football stuff, but Ms. Rowe pulled out all the stops on turning this Hero into one of the smartest, sexiest alpha males I've ever read. LOVED all of the theater geek tie-ins from the heroine's side--and their turn on Romeo & Juliet was PRICELESS and PERFECT. An unforgettable, sweet, sexy-as-eff story that had me up VERY much past my bedtime...
  • Renee
    100 Million Stars! Soooooooooo good! Highly recommend this one to EVERYONE! This is easily one of my favorite reads ever! This one is on the re-read list.
  • Desiree •°°•.UnboundBookReviews•°°•
    WOW!! Talk about a book that hit ALL of my check marks for an amazing novel. My addiction to this story began as soon as I finished the first chapter. It was swoony, sexy, steamy, laugh-out-loud funny, with a little dash of angsty moments. I loved every, single, second!New college student, Zooey has a problem on her hands; Her virginity. She's determined to lose it with no prospects on being in a relationship. Just sex, no strings, no commitment,...
  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    ‘I want to tell him the word “enjoyment” doesn’t come close to encapsulating what I’m feeling right now…I want to tell him he makes me laugh…I want to tell him he makes me swoon. And flutter. And feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. But I don’t dare say any of it.’We were in the mood for a quick hot read; so when we scrolled through our kindles and it landed on Misadventures of a College Girl by Lauren Rowe, which we’...
  • Emma
    3.5 starsI was hesitant to start this one because I don't like manwhore/vergin books, but i ended up reading it anyway and liking it. It was very entertaining, the MCs were funny and hot together, both cared for each other, the heroine acted irrationally sometimes (view spoiler)[she was ready to give up her dreams many times if not for the hero who kept pushing her to do the right thing (hide spoiler)] but that give us the opportunity to know how...
  • bookmarkbelles
  • Mysza
    *** 3,5 stars ***
  • Bookworm Between the Sheets
    ----->"Don't you worry sweetheart, I'll make sure you cross the finish line quicker than Usain Bolt."OMG! I DEVOURED this book half in one sitting and the second half as soon as adulting left me alone!Lauren created an amazing twist for a contemporary Romeo and Juliet spin on Zooey & Tyler's love story.Misadventures of a College Girl is my absolutely favorite book in the Misadventures Series! If you are ready for a fun, flirty hot football player...
  • Bookgasms Book Blog
    Lauren Rowe's Misadventures of A College Girl was fantastic!!! OMG I loved it. Tyler and Zooey were amazing. And holy crap did I crack up laughing. Just the inner monologue/jedi mind trick spiel during the five second stare down- Lord I was wiping tears off my face! I loved their chemistry and banter and the sexy times. *PHEW*. They were kindle scorching!!When College Freshman Zooey Cartwright decides that she needs to lose her pesky V-card "prob...