Ashes on the Moor by Sarah M. Eden

Ashes on the Moor

When Evangeline is sent to live in a small mill town in Northern England as a schoolteacher in 1871, she finds herself struggling to fit in with an unfamiliar culture. Raised with the high-class Victorian values and ideals of a sophisticated upbringing, she is unprepared for the poverty she finds in the gritty factory town of Smeatley, where the locals speak with a hard-to-understand Yorkshire accent and struggle to thrive with few resources or o...

Details Ashes on the Moor

TitleAshes on the Moor
Release DateMar 6th, 2018
PublisherShadow Mountain
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Clean Romance, Fiction, Historical Romance, Regency

Reviews Ashes on the Moor

  • Melissa Tagg
    Ashes on the Moor is a great book for anyone who, like me, looooooves North and South, either the BBC production or the Elizabeth Gaskell novel it's based upon. I couldn't help picturing Dermot as Richard Armitage as I read. :) The setting, factory woes, even the emotion of the all has echoes of North and South while also being its own original, heartwarming story, one I very much enjoyed. I especially appreciated Evangeline's character...
  • ✨ Gramy ✨
    ..This was a very heartbreaking Victorian era historical romance, set in England, written by Sarah M. Eden and narrated by Justine Eyre, Narrator. The heroine was a young lady who lost her entire family in one fell swoop. Her parents and brothers and died in an accident, leaving her and her sister alone. Her mother' sister invaded their lives and swept them away on the same day as their family's funeral, not allowing them to pack any personal ite...
  • Kathy * Bookworm Nation
    I can't even imagine the amount of research that went into writing this one. Ms. Eden clearly spent a lot of time studying the time period and people and was able to write a story that easily transports you back to that time. As always, Ms. Eden is a great writer, is able to create well developed characters in compelling circumstances. While it is a well written story, I just had a hard time connecting to it. I guess I prefer lighter novels, this...
  • Katie W
    This story is very inspiring as it progresses, but it definitely starts out somber. Right away, deep sympathy is felt for Evangeline and her situation. It's hard to imagine being thrust into an unfamiliar situation and expected to be successful, but she has good reasons to work hard and to figure out how to survive. It's hard for me to picture how tough the times were for so many people during this time period. Eden paints a vivid portrayal of th...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    It's always a happy day when a new book by Sarah Eden comes out. I am such a fan of her writing and her stories. She has a gift for weaving me right into her stories where I feel such a part of whatever emotion or activity that is going on and she does it so gently. I think that's one word I would always use to describe Sarah Eden's books. Gentle.This story started off sad and a bit slow for me. It took me a bit to fall into the characters and fe...
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    This book is evidence of just why I love this author's writing! Even though the tone in the beginning is despondent as Evangeline mourns her family and struggles with her new circumstances, it shows how much she grows and how time slowly heals. She does not seem particularly strong or skilled, but her compassion and newfound grit serve her well as she continues to make the best out of what she's been given. Dermot surliness brings out her sassy s...
  • Anna
    This book suffered from a completely unbelievable plot. From the strange behavior of Mrs Barton to the unrealistic for the time period attitudes and ideas of Evangeline it just did not work for me. The characters were what ultimately made this work at all. Eden has a great ability to lead the reader to love and care for even less pleasant characters and really want everything to work out best for everyone.
  • Shale
    Ugh. I disliked this book. Which for a Sarah M Eden book is really really sad. I tend to love her books and trust that she'll give me a wonderful story, one that will make me laugh or make me cry. I've never had a book by her that wanted to make me tear my hair out with boredom until I encountered Ashes on the Moor. Makings of a great book, but for me, I not one I'd ever recommend. Such a shame.This book is dreary, depressing, and dark. I honestl...
  • Julie
    I couldn't wait this book to come out. I am a huge fan of Sarah Eden and I can't think of a book she's written that I didn't like. This one was no exception!In Ashes on the Moor, we meet Evangeline Blake who has just lost her family. With only her sister left, she clings to her as they face an uncertain future with an aunt and uncle. But a cruel twist of fate separates them and throws Evangeline into circumstances that she's unprepared for. Force...
  • Mara
    I was so excited to get to read this new book by Sarah M. Eden. Firstly, I love the cover--it's gorgeous.Evangeline and her 12 yr. old sister, Lucy, lost their parents and their brothers to a sudden illness. Right after the funeral they must leave the only home they've known to go to Yorkshire and are separated--Evangeline is to live in the small factory town of Smeatley as a schoolteacher and Lucy is sent to live with the grandfather they hardly...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    ***4.5 stars***Evangeline Blake's world is torn from her after the tragic death of her parents and brothers. She is forced to leave her home and accept the "benevolence" of her aunt and grandfather. Not all is as she was lead to believe it would be and her true character is tested as she is forced to deal with less than ideal circumstances.I loved the growth of Evangeline in this book. She is compassionate, honorable, kind, and trustworthy. Her u...
  • Anne Osterlund
    Evangeline has lost everyone in her immediate family except for her sister Lucy. But when their aunt comes to take them away from their upper class city home to a small factory town on the moor, she takes away even Lucywho is sent off to boarding school. Evangeline is assigned the job of schoolmistress for a full class of students who have not had a day of education. And she, herself, has never taught a day in her life. Without her sister and wit...
  • Kathy
    This was so well done. This is not a light fluffy romance. There is so much depth to it.I am a huge fan of the Hallmark Series When Calls the Heart. In many ways, this reminds me of that TV series but there are also many differences. Evangeline is not a teacher by choice and she has had everything taken away from her. She had no choice but to make the best of the hand life has dealt her. Times were not easy and everything seems stacked against he...
  • Jenny
    I loved this book! Though the plot is based on tragedy, it's a delight to read how Evangeline pulls through and stays strong despite the setbacks. And a very sweet romance as well!
  • Kirsi Johnson
    If youre looking for a Regency romance with complex characters, an intriguing story line, a well developed and inviting setting, and a happy ending, look no further! You will not only cheer for Evangeline and Dermots happy ending, but also root for them as they work together to overcome the obstacles life throws in their path. *happiest of sighs* If you’re looking for a Regency romance with complex characters, an intriguing story line, a well...
  • Jennifer
    2.5 stars. I've previously stated that I was done with this author. The works that I've read by her (with the exception of The Sheriffs of Savage Wells, which was wonderful) have been flops for me. However, I saw that she'd published a new book, the library system had it for me to borrow, and here we are. Again. Me having read a book by Ms. Eden and having yet another middling experience. Now I'm not saying that there wasn't anything good about t...
  • Mindy
    Ashes on the Moor is another beautiful story told by a brilliant author. I love Sarah Eden's books. She has an expert way of telling a story. The author created a perfectly subtle way of explaining the different dialects to the reader, all while keeping the story and characters flowing. The reader was learning Smeatley's way of speaking along with Evangeline. I appreciated that. I marveled at the detailed setting and the depth and growth of chara...
  • Melissa
    I so enjoy Eden's writing style. You get very complex situations. It's almost always like a fairytale where the characters are in deep sadness and bad situations and they find the strength to pull themselves out of it. She has two kinds of books, the light hearted and the tug your heartstrings out kind of books. This was a sadder beginning that turns out happy. The attention to detail and history in this book was very well done. You really feel l...
  • Chesney
    This why Sarah is one of my go to authors. She writes in a way to connect you with the characters and the storyline. I felt like I was in Yorkshire and feeling the frustration Evangeline dealt with. Her books definitely have earned a place on my bookshelf.
  • Barbara
    A young English lady is forced by her Aunt to take a teaching position in a small town to prove her ability to take care of herself so she can get custody of her younger sister. She comes from a family of wealth, but her grandfather has control of her inheritance so she must prove she is capable of caring for her. Romance comes along with a stonemason who helps her learn some of what will make her independent. Quick read and keeps your attention.
  • Lisa Brown
    Evangeline's whole life has changed in an instant when her entire family died suddenly, except for herself and her younger sister. Her sister, Lucy, is sent to boarding school, and Evangeline is forced by her aunt to survive as a school teacher in a small town in North England, regardless of her inheritance and rich grandfather. Forced to keep her relations a secret, she strives to find a way to make things work, and with lots of help from her ne...
  • Becca
    Well, we all know how I feel about Proper Romance Books, but this is Proper Romance plus Sarah Eden. Yes, Please!!!! I love this author. I like all of the authors, but I dont know if I just enjoy her so much because I have actually met and talked with her a few times. She is such a delightful person. Her writing always brings a smile to my face.Evangeline, is forced to be an independent woman after being brought up in high society when an acciden...
  • Kate
    After the loss of nearly her entire family, Evangeline ends up teaching in a Yorkshire town where there has been no school for a long time. Although the authors anchors in real time require that the book be set in the 1870s, there are clear echoes of Gaskell here, and the characters feel like they come from an earlier era. Our hero Dermot is an Irish transplant with an autistic son who, despite being grumpy, teaches the gently raised Evangeline t...
  • Becky
    First sentence: Through a thick fog of grief, Evangeline Blake suffered the blow of each clang of the distant funeral bells.Premise/plot: When the novel opens, Evangeline Blake, our heroine, has lost everything--almost. She has lost a father, a mother, and two brothers. Lucy, her younger sister, is her sole immediate family. That day Evangeline makes a promise that they'll be together--stay together--no matter what. But within a day or two, at mo...
  • Corinne
    For a proper romance book, I've got to say this one was pretty good. Because these two people actually developed a real friendship before they even thought about romance (seriously they weren't romantically interested in each other until like maybe 150 pages in)?? And they also were concerned with way more things than just their potential future partner?? It was refreshing to see a female lead who isn't spending all her time swooning over this gu...
  • Rachelle
    I am a huge fan of Sarah Eden's books! She has dozens of bestselling and award-winning titles and I've almost read all of them. This new book is another addition to the Proper Romance line and I couldn't wait to read it! The cover is absolutely stunning and Eden's words pulled me completely into northern England and the city of Yorkshire. This book quickly became a favorite because I was reminded of my own visit to northern England and the incred...
  • Donna
    This was Historical Fiction and this was a solid 3 stars for me. I thought it was going to be an overly sappy romance and I was so glad it wasn't that, well at least not always. The aunt was a nice counter balance to that. She had a great villain vibe. There were other gruff characters too, that also helped to balance out the "sweetness". I liked this. The MCs were characters I could get behind and root for. I like when that happens.
  • Kelsey Peterson
    No need for a review really. I love Sarah M Eden. There was a heaviness in this book but of course so enjoyable to read. She really has a talent for weaving romance
  • Lesr Kew
    3.75 a good solid story.
  • herdys
    Another great book by Sarah M Eden. I like that it was set in the moors and that once again, I fell in love with our characters pretty easily. This author has the magic to make me feel as sad as the characters and also enjoy their triumphs. Can't wait for her next book!