Miss Wilton's Waltz by Josi S. Kilpack

Miss Wilton's Waltz

A follow-up to Josi S. Kilpack's bestselling Proper Romance title The Vicar's Daughter. Lenora Wilton has spent her life hiding behind the keys of her beloved pianoforte and the vibrancy of her younger sister, Cassie. But Lenora is ready for a change and travels to Bath to live with her Aunt Gwen and teach music at an all-girls’ boarding school. She is different in Bath—more comfortable with herself—and enjoys the freedom and independence ...

Details Miss Wilton's Waltz

TitleMiss Wilton's Waltz
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherShadow Mountain
GenreRomance, Historical, Historical Fiction, Regency, Clean Romance, Historical Romance

Reviews Miss Wilton's Waltz

  • Jacob Proffitt
    Edited to add: I've read the others now and can confirm that you don't need to read them to understand this one. The previous, The Vicar's Daughter, is the worst of the series and I suggest skipping it even though it introduces Lenora.This is fourth in a series but I haven't read the others and didn't feel the lack. I mean, it was clear that Lenora is suffering fallout from a previous novel but I had all the details I needed, including emotional ...
  • Julie Carpenter
    I know fellow book lovers will understand when I say that I fell in love with the characters of this book. There's something about watching a character who is good and loving, who sacrifices for the good of her family, who doesn't complain or argue, finally find her voice and do something that she loves and wants. Miss Lenora Wilton is finally reaching out for her happiness. She's happy for her family and loves them dearly but she's had sorrow an...
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    I love when I can empathize with the struggles of the main character. Lenora's shyness and social awkwardness is something I experienced outside my family and close friends all the way through high school. Lenora's move to embrace a new life allows her to become more confident and I felt that going to college and leaving behind the role I felt trapped in opened up a refreshing sense of freedom to be happy with myself and all the opportunities bef...
  • Kathy
    I really enjoyed Josi's book The Vicar's Daughter. Yet it did leave me feeling sad for Lenora. In Miss Wilton's Waltz, we get to see Lenora claim her happily ever after. While it is not necessary to read The Vicar's Daughter I felt having done so enhanced my appreciation for this book because I knew all the backstory and already had a love for these characters.While we ultimately get a happily ever after it is not an easy road and there are roadb...
  • Mara
    I read The Vicar's Daughter earlier this year and was so excited when I found out that Josi Kilpack had written Lenora's story. NOTE: You don't have to read The Vicar's Daughter (her sister Cassie's story) before reading Miss Wilton's Waltz to understand what's going on, but it will give you a greater understanding of Lenora.Lenora is extremely shy in large groups of people, even around people she knows, but moving to Bath to live with her Aunt G...
  • Katie W
    I have a greater appreciation for Lenore, having seen what she went through in The Vicar's Daughter. You don't have to read that one first, necessarily, but it really helped me to know Lenore's background and I admire and love her so much!Lenore hasn't had an easy road in life, yet she's making the best of her situation. Her temperament and personality really resonated with me, especially as she's deeper than she seems. Throw in Aiden and I was i...
  • NaDell
    Loved this book so much! It made me feel like I was really there with them in their time and as though I was a fly-on-the-wall watching them waltz and I even felt like I could hear the music played sometimes. I appreciated the ways they learned how to deal with difficulties and misunderstandings throughout the book and the solutions they found to help Aiden's niece be able to learn the best way for her.
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    Here is Lenora! She played a vital role in The Vicar's Daughter as her intended fell in love with her sister. Yeah, Lenora was jilted, embarrassed but not exactly heartbroken. All the same, she moved to Bath to live with her aunt and start as a teacher in an all-girl's school.I loved getting to know Lenora. I loved watching Lenora get to know herself! Josi Kilpack has a way of writing characters that are so interesting. They unfold gently, layere...
  • Tori (Book Chick)
    📚BOOK REVIEW📚: I read 'Miss Wilton's Waltz' by Josi Kilpack this weekend. It was so throughly enjoyable. It is the follow up to 'The Vicar's Daughter.' (*You don't have to necessarily read The Vicar's Daughter first, but it definitely gives you more insight to what Lenora is going through in Miss Wilton's Waltz.) 🧡Josi Kilpack did such a great job with the character development in this book. Catherine, Aiden, Aunt Gwen, Lenora... I felt ...
  • Becca
    It’s no surprise to those who read my blog how much I love the Proper Romance series. The books are so wonderful, and clean and always carry such a great story. This installment to the Proper Romance series is not different. It’s amazing! I love Kilpack’s writing.This is a follow up book to the Vicar’s Daughter, and I was so excited to receive the book. We get to see the sister rejected in the Vicar’s Daughter get her chance at love. If...
  • Amy
    'The Vicar's Daughter' has been by far my favourite Kilpack Regency book yet. It was unique and heartfelt, and opens up the reader to the agony of anxiety. The paralyzingly fears, struggles and loneliness those that suffer with it endure. A deep desire to be loved and accepted like everyone else. Wanting to be noticed but no idea how to do it. In their efforts to try often making matters worse, or blowing up in their faces. Trying to be seen, but...
  • Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    MISS WILTON'S WALTZ is a darling story about a woman who has found safety in music and hiding herself away, the man she falls in love with, and his troublesome niece who is also his ward. The characters are easy to fall in love with as the story progresses, especially as they change and develop, and as the reader becomes more familiar with them. The romance is perfectly sweet with plenty of chemistry. A delightful story from beginning to end!I ad...
  • Julie
    (4.5 stars)I really enjoyed Josi Kilpack's novel, The Vicar's Daughter, and was hoping that Lenora would get her own story and she did! Miss Wilton's Waltz is a standalone book, but you do get more of Lenora's background if you've read The Vicar's Daughter. After a failed engagement, Lenora decides to go to Bath and start fresh. She lives with her Aunt Gwen, who loves to socialize and draws Lenora into her circles. Lenora also teaches music at an...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    Miss Wilton is a joy to read about. She is a strong woman who hides beneath her insecurities. She has a strong heart and mind, but is timid and doesn't express herself often enough. This is the second book that has her as a character, but you can read this without the first. This book references the other with a failed engagement and the social stigma that it caused. In "Miss Wilton's Waltz" she finds love and romance.The relationship between Len...
  • Sydney
    Author Josi S. Kilpack has written a charming and delightful story in her novel, Miss Wilton’s Waltz. Kilpack’s novel comes to life from page one as she captures the attention and emotion of readers with her relatable and easy to understand characters. A natural story-teller, Kilpack has a way of writing that will draw readers in so they become emotionally invested in both the enjoyable characters and fascinating so much so that they don’t ...
  • Robin Leslie Coxon
    First let me share that I don’t usually choose a romance-based book but because this has a historical based background it drew my interest in. Josi Kilpack is an author who wrote books under one of my favorite genre of books, cozy mysteries prior to write the Proper Romance genre. Miss Wilton’s Waltz drew me in with the historical background that provided the setting. The plot will draw the reader in. Lenora Wilton is the main character. She ...
  • Lesr Kew
    good :) 3.5
  • Donna
    Magnificent. A romance that conquers the complex emotions of a neglected heart.
  • Heather
    Lovely story!
  • Mindy
    I loved The Vicar's Daughter, my review for that can be read here. As much as I loved Cassie and Evan, when I finished the book, I left feeling sad for Lenora. I was thrilled that she was getting her own book. You don't need to read The Vicar's Daughter to understand what is taking place in this book, but doing so would definitely help you understand Lenora for who she is. I think we all have felt similar to Lenora at one point in our lives, I kn...
  • Lady Delacour
    Sweet Romance Story.Girls, lift your skirts,climb into the carriage,and enjoy your journey.Narrated by Cassandra Campbell.She is one of my favorites.100% Clean.
  • Karlene Browning
    Miss Wilton's Waltz is very much a story of courage, finding your way in life, and the determination to follow your heart. And romance. Can't forget the romance.We first meet Lenora in The Vicar's Daughter (which I have not reviewed, but which I give 4.5 stars). She is upstaged at every turn by her sister, Cassie. A failed attempt at matchmaking gives Cassie a happily ever after, but leaves Lenora heartbroken. While you don't have to read The Vi...
  • Jenn
    What an heartbreaking and heart healing story. Once I sat down, I couldn't stop reading. I needed to know that Lenora ended up happy. When we first met her, in The Vicar's Daughter, I had hoped we'd see more from her. She deserved an HEA, just like her sister, Cassie.After stepping aside, so her sister could marry her fiance, Lenora leaves town to make a new life for herself. She decides that teaching music, at an all-girls school, is perfect thi...
  • Cathy
    I was so glad that Lenora got her own story! I loved The Vicar’s Daughter, but Lenora was kind of the last string hanging out that needed fixed for me. I was so glad to get to see into her head and understand how she is just a little bit better. I loved Lenora. She’s moved on from not getting married and now she’s teaching in Bath. This really would have been a courageous thing to have done at this period of time. It would have kind of mark...
  • Sheila
    It was easy to fall into the pages of Miss Wilton's Waltz. I liked Lenora, even though she was very sad about her past and her current life situation. I could relate to her broken heart and moving forward in her life as best as she could. Things start shifting as soon as her new student, Catherine, makes her life unbearable at school. To make matters worse, the man that she encountered late at night as Lenora took her midnight stroll, is none oth...
  • Michelle
    I received this book for free from Publisher, Shadow Mountain Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I read The Vicar's Daughter last year and always hoped that Lenora would get her happy ending. When I was offered this book to read I couldn't pass up finding out what happens. This was such a sweet and romance book. I loved Aiden Asher he was so patient and determined. ...
  • Monica
    4.5I would like to thank Netgalley and Shadow Mountain for gifting me this ARC in exchange for an honest review.It’s always a risk to start reading a series starting on the 4th book in but I was able to read this as a standalone and not feel lost. Yet it does reference Lenora’s sister Cassie and this is the follow up book to her book, The Vicar’s Daughter. This is a clean, sweet period romance. I love this style of writing and am a sucker f...
  • Susan K
    Romance, period, cleanWhile I labeled this as a series, it is just the telling of a character from another book, it really is a stand alone read.This was a definite 3.5 for me as a reader. I loved the basic premise of the book. A few things didn't ring quite true to me, or I might have given it a stronger marks. That being said, Lenora, the heroine was a strongly written character. She was a character in another novel by J.K.. You feel for her we...
  • Becky Smith
    Although the cover is adorable, I was not prepared for what a delightful read this book was! This is the first book that I have read by this author, and it won’t be the last. The characters struggle with self-worth, low self-esteem, and the fear of rejection which makes it hard to learn to trust and to accept their uniqueness, trusting that God created them to be just who they are. They also struggle with learning to forgive, as well as struggl...