Lucifer, Vol. 6 by Mike Carey

Lucifer, Vol. 6

The sixth collection of the hit series from the world of THE SANDMAN, reprinting issues #36-41. The strange crew of Lucifer Morningstar voyages on a ship made of dead men's nails in search of the soul of Elaine Belloc, the daughter of the Archangel Michael and the girl who gave her life to save Lucifer's.

Details Lucifer, Vol. 6

TitleLucifer, Vol. 6
Release DateOct 1st, 2004
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Horror, Fiction, Graphic Novels Comics, Comic Book

Reviews Lucifer, Vol. 6

  • Airiz
    I felt like this one is not on par with the previous volumes, but it’s definitely a fascinating read. It’s still chuck-full of interwoven mythologies—Norse, Japanese, Judeo-Christian—and it teems with life, with characters blown up to sheer fullness through good storytelling. The main backbone of The Mansions of Silence is the quest to find the soul of Elaine Belloc, God’s granddaughter (through Michael Demiurgos). In the previous volum...
  • Tsumi Tsunami
  • Sally ☾
    “For you are the king of contrivance and manipulation, my Samuel. But in that, as in all things—you learned from your father.” more mazikeen pls.
  • Sonja
    At first, it seemed that this was a fairly plot centric volume: find Elaine. Talk to God the Father.And then wham.Surprise visit of Holy-Shit-They-Actually-Went-There.Yes. That is a literary term.Meet Jill Presto: mother to be of a magical baby because the tarot people raped her and impregnated her with it. Throughout the course of the story, the boy has become corporeal and is trying to cozy up to mother dearest, declaring his love for her and t...
  • Devann
    This volume might not have as much going on as previous volumes, but I still think it's a really good time. There's really only one plot going on with the whole Mansions of the Silence thing, and even though Michael and Lucifer are doing their own thing for awhile, it's still all more tightly tied together than the different lines in previous volumes. Despite the relative shortness and overall simplicity, it's still definitely a 5 star read for m...
  • James Kibirige
    Another epic installment of Mike Careys Lucifer series. Again the book showcases Mike Careys sheer imagination & creativity with a mixture of themes spanning Christianity, Norse and Japanese mythology. Peter Gross art is also iconic and excellent... Another epic installment of Mike Careys Lucifer series. Again the book showcases Mike Careys sheer imagination & creativity with a mixture of themes spanning Christianity, Norse and Japanese mytholo...
  • Štěpán
    i liked it but not really liked it
  • Jennifer
    Lucifer Morningstar traffics in debts and favors, but until now he's always been the owed and not the owing. That changed when Elaine Belloc, God's granddaughter, sacrificed her life to save his, and now the Devil's out to settle that score (and maybe further his own machinations) by bringing Elaine back from the half-world where he soul is trapped. And so Lucifer gathers a rag-tag band of what he refers to as loose-ends, packs them off on a ship...
  • Aldi
    I'm trying to pace myself. It's not really working.Loving the Naglfar trip, although Bergelmir now seems sleazier than I remembered. Gaudium and Spera win at everything. Yahwe is a pompous prick and his "everything you do, you do because it is part of My Plan" bullshit needs a hard smackdown. Aaaand it's about time Michael got angry.I love Elaine and Mona's friendship, and I love this - temporary - solution for them. "You're in charge of hedgehog...
  • Zec
    Contains the arcs: Naglfar and Sisters of Mercy. Most of this volume is spent following the various cast of characters on a journey without Lucifer accompanying them. Jill Presto has some pretty good character development in this arc, finally taking charge and making decisions, no longer the puppet of a pack of cards. Mazikeen is as awesome and badass as always. The fallen-cherubim add some humour. It is nice to meet A villain from a previous arc...
  • Kyle12
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  • Jason
    A viking ship made of fingernails with a crew of angels, ghosts and demons on a quest through the afterlife and beyond to save the spirit of a dead girl, whose father is angel from a dead god, what's not to like.
  • SaraKat
    Another great installment of the series. I can see why many reviewers count this one as one of the best of the series. It was rather epic and I like to see Lucifer and Michael working together. And the inclusion of their father was interesting!
  • Keeloca
    But WHY is destroying the mansions of silence a bad thing? Isn't non-existence better than eternal suffering, which a lot of them seem to have, what with being sewn into lamps and what-not? Also, go Jill. You have that abortion.
  • Steven Werber
    I love this series but the same stories seem to be repeating over and over....
  • Mateen Mahboubi
    I keep reading these volumes despite most of it going right over my head. This one was a bit slower paced and easier to follow but, as usual, I found myself lost a few times.
  • James
    The small party goes on a quest where Lucifer cannot.
  • Miles McCoy
    This is basically John Milton fanfiction at this point and I love it
  • Ganesh Sree
    Really picking up pace and the plot gets more interesting
  • Chris Miller
    This was one of my favorite volumes of the 10 trade paperbacks in the initial Lucifer run. The voyage through the Mansions of Silence is just a great, classic adventure story. I also loved that they brought Elaine back into the plot and that things ended up so well for her and her friend Mona by the end of this volume. I also really liked that Heaven's good boy, Michael, finally stopped drinking God's Kool-aid.I enjoyed the art of the last issue,...
  • Angela
    The Mansions of Silence isn’t one of my favorite arcs, but it is one of the series’ strongest. It is a collection largely devoid of its title character, yet full of some of Carey’s strongest storytelling and some consistently beautiful art.After striking a deal with Loki of Norse myth, Lucifer assembles an unlikely crew and sets them off on a quest, sailing a ship made of dead men’s fingernails. The crew, (made up of Mazikeen, Jill Presto...
  • Darrell
    With Heaven and Hell being heads and tails, the Mansions of the Silence are described as the edge of the coin, the place where misfits go after they die. I believe this same metaphor was used in Hellblazer to describe a different post-death destination, but I don’t think the metaphor works since we’ve already seen there are numerous destinations for people after death, such as the Shinto version of Hell. Maybe instead of the edge of the coin,...
  • Tom
    An added bonus to the reread of this series I am currently undertaking is realizing how many characters I have seen before. I am fairly sure I missed how the dead god in this arc was the Japanese poetry god Lucifer was spending time with back in Volume 2. That guy seemed rather polite and friendly. The dead version of him was sadistic and cruel.This volume answers a few questions, such as where angels (and presumably demons) go when they die, by ...
  • Aaron
    I think I have to go out on a limb and say this is the best volume of this series yet (I like to live on the edge). Some of the coolest ideas coupled with high adventure and some of the must cunning trickery so far, fully displaying once and for all that Lucifer is 100% in this for himself and no one else. I Googled it just to be sure, but the idea of the Mansions of the Silence is so spot-on that I figured it had to be a mythological term that C...
  • Christopher Reynolds
    Probably the most straightforward narrative of all the Lucifer volumes and hugely enjoyable. Lucifer is mostly off by himself for the first half of the volume, and the narrative stays with a quest narrative where Lucy sends a crew on a boatride into the Mansions of the Silence. The trials of its dysfunctional crew are both entertaining and thrilling, and it's intercut with Lucifer and Michael arguing which is always a plus. The boat's final desti...
  • Deidre
    I was recommended this series by a friend about a year ago, and for Christmas this year I was given the first volume by another friend who knows I always give anything a couple of episodes to hook me in. I definitely was hooked on this and eagerly sought out more, and will probably finish the series soon.Lucifer is a fascinating character in this; at times seeming like a petulant teenager, at other times showing his age and accumulated wisdom in ...
  • PurplyCookie
    Lucifer is on a mission to locate the soul of a girl called Elaine who bears the distinction of being God's granddaughter. Lucifer then sets a crew to Naglfar to journey to the Mansions of the Silence, where Elaine and Mona's spirits are in torment. No, it seems Elaine's storyline is not yet finished, though a good number of loose ends get tied up in this volume.One major theme in "Naglfar" is revenge: Lucifer took revenge on Izanami for what she...
  • Raj
    The sixth volume of Lucifer's story sees him commissioning a vessel to sail to the Mansions of the Silence, with a hand-picked crew to retrieve the soul of Elaine Belloc, the girl who, unwittingly, gave up her life to retrieve him from the unlife where he was trapped. That story is interwoven with those of the crew, including the half-angel Cal, Jill Presto, unwilling mother-to-be of the child of sentient tarot deck, the Basanos, a giant, a ghost...
  • Story
    It didn't feel either as epic or profound as previous volumes. The pace was a bit sleepy.I do want to say that I deeply related to Jill's outright horror at carrying the Basanos' child. The common narrative in so many works when it comes to rape and pregnancy is that the woman learns to love the child spawned on her. I understand that every reaction to this situation is unique, complicated, and the woman's own decision, but it disturbs me that so...
  • Paul
    Re-read, 06-23-2013Strange, the less this book has to do with Lucifer, the better it seems to get.Volume 6 brings together a cast of somewhat minor and somewhat not-so-minor characters together and puts them on a quest.A few grand ideas are explored... but in the grewater scheme of things... they don't really have that much of an effect on the over-all story.Still, it was all somewhat entertaining and Worth the read.As far as the art goes, it isn...