Rookie on Love by Tavi Gevinson

Rookie on Love

A single-subject anthology about the heart's most powerful emotion, edited by Tavi Gevinson. Featuring exclusive, never-before-seen essays, poems, comics, and interviews from contributors like Jenny Zhang, Emma Straub, Hilton Als, Janet Mock, John Green, Rainbow Rowell, Gabourey Sidibe, Mitski, Alessia Cara, Etgar Keret, Margo Jefferson, Sarah Manguso, Durga Chew-Bose, and many more!

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TitleRookie on Love
Release DateJan 2nd, 2018
GenreNonfiction, Poetry, Anthologies

Reviews Rookie on Love

  • Nat
    “My memory of men is never lit up and illuminated like my memory of women.”― Marguerite DurasA single-subject anthology about the heart's most powerful emotion, edited by Tavi Gevinson. Touching upon love in all its different variations, from “a devotional to dogs” (Durga Chew-Bose) to unrequited love to accepting your self-worth to experiencing intimate friendships with women.“Love is all around, but its holding place is not always a...
  • Pip
    Really, really enjoyed this. As expected, I got a lot more out of some essays than others. But this is a perfect collection of stories and essays for teenagers and twenty-somethings. I'll be re-reading it again for sure! Some of the essays were incredibly beautifully written, inspiring, concise and made me reflect on THINGS, MANY THINGS.
  • sara
    To touch on one subject that is written a ton about and to have me come away with new ways of thinking and new perspectives is something to be excited about. Even though this book was about love, a topic I try and avoid it in fiction, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this anthology. It was about love, but it was about more than love. The surface level that we all know, of romantic love, this book made me realize I am surrounded in love, bathed ...
  • Soph
    I love the Rookie books and make a point of collecting every single one. Each Rookie Yearbook promised different stories, poems, and comics about various parts of growing up, and the formatting made for an aesthetically-pleasing read. Although I was somewhat excited to see that Rookie was continuing to branch off and make new books, the format of this new book, for me, was entirely different--and kind of paling in comparison to the Rookie Yearboo...
  • Emily (Obsessed Reader)
    DISCLAIMER: I did not read every single story in this anthology. My rating is based on the stories I chose to read. I truthfully only picked up this book because of a few specifics authors, and I decided to read the stories that I was excited about. I browsed through the rest of the book and also read some others that caught my attention. Something that I thought was REALLY cool is that the book featured different storytelling techniques like ill...
  • Deimaris ☾
    I've got to say that I am a bit disappointed with this collection, I just didn't care for much of the essays or stories. Don't get me wrong, I really liked like ten of them but the rest didn't do much for me, I even skimmed through some of the long ones. This just wasn't what I expected, it didn't feel like a book about love or self care, it felt like random toxic stories. This was supposed to be helpful, it had the potential to be so much more b...
  • Sofia Sears
    I love love love Rookie with all my anxious queer rambling moody constantly invalidated teenage heart - first platform I ever found, as a preteen, that allowed me and encouraged me, even, to be a fully fledged person rather than the vague, glittering, boring contour of a Teenage Girl. Lived my girlhood on Rookie's website, in their books, in Tavi's words - certainly my religion of sorts. ANYWAYS. I love the Rookie Yearbooks and I loved them much ...
  • Rebecca
    While this collection is diverse and interesting enough to an adult reader ... this is pretty inaccessible to the intended teenage audience. Teenage readers are not going to slog through intellectualized self evicerations about some adult musing about their 20something love screw up. They aren’t going to take time to look up or understand the use of words like ontological. This should have targeted college students and other emerging adults - n...
  • Ocean
    i LOVED the rookie yearbooks and was so excited to get this book from the library. but it's strangely boring? which really surprised me? i'm about halfway through and don't think i'm going to finish. i don't know how a collection of essays on an interesting topic written by talented writers can be so boring. is.
  • Xia Harris
    It was like a chicken soup for the soul book and it was super cute and refreshing.
  • Lunabookaddict
    I was waiting for more I guess. I enjoyed poetry inside and some of the story/essay. But not all was fit for me I guess.I think this is still a interesting book when you want to read small essay :)
  • Esther
  • Katie Harvey
    Hit or Miss. Favorite essays were “Against Love Stories”, and “Past Exposures”.
  • Laura
    I wish I had this book as a teenager! It’s perfect for when you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed about the meaning of platonic and romantic relationships. Through poems, illustrations, & heartfelt pieces by women of all ages “Rookie on Love” gives the reader courage & confidence to get them through the end of adolescence.
  • Jenny
    This anthology has A LOT of stories, and there are some real gems here, especially the Tova Benjamin, Etgar Keret, Gabourey Sidibe, the Rainbow Rowell and John Green conversation, Sally Wen Mo, & Bhanu Kapil.
  • KB
    Rookie on Love is a sweet little anthology about the greatest of human emotions: love. With forty-five contributors of all ages, backgrounds and artistic mediums, it is a darling and diverse collection that captures the very essence of love in the modern world and how it can mean so many different things, whether that be actual romance, friendships or the ever so important ritual of self-care.Don't be put off by the word 'love' - this isn't just ...
  • KatieBookQueen
    Reviewed at: is a book that really does have something to offer to everyone. A collection of works from various writers and artists, Rookie on Love is packed with a variety of recollections, observations, poems, and even comics, regarding the topic of love. Considering I focus so much on reading fiction, it was refreshing to pick this one up and enjoy something different.Despite the book revolving arou...
  • Ben Truong
    Rookie On Love is an anthology of essays, poems, comics, and interviews focusing on the many facets of love. It is a collection of approximately fifty contributions from a selected myriad authors and artists around. This collection is the exploration of love and the many aspects of love from unrequited love, to friendship, to familial love, to loving yourself, to falling in love, and so on.Perhaps my expectations for this anthology were too high,...
  • Emma Banbury
    3.5 stars, probably.Rookie is known for being age appropriate without pulling its punches and this anthology doesn't fall short. It's wonderfully diverse in form and in contributors. I had a really mixed experience with it, loving some pieces and disliking others, enjoying some for how they would have helped me as a teen. I particularly hated the conversation between Rainbow Rowell and John Green, as it kind of felt like an attempt on his part to...
  • Sophie
    RTC!!2/5/18; Full review:https://mindofabookdragon.wordpress.c...This was a really nice digestable read. It was SO RELATABLE on so many counts. I love how there were so many different people involved in the making of this book. One of my favorite pieces was the poem For Amy and other women carrying around chaos by Bassey Ikpi. I love the flow and the word choice.This was a great mix of different media. While all of it is written, there are a lot ...
  • Journey Smith
    This book wasn't about a whole story in perticular. It portrayed love through poems, letters, conversations, illustrastions, and multiple other cool creative ways. I really enjoyed this book because it showed love through all different forms, ages, products, people, and just overall in general. I really got lost when I read this book. Some of the stories werent as interesting so I skipped probably around 3 or 4 of them just because I couldn't bri...
  • Kat Wawrykow
    This was one of the best books I’ve read in 2018 (marking 42/60 books).I have so many reasons to praise and recommend this read, from the small and logical to the feels and sense of “being understood”.This format is different than past large set yearbooks from rookie. This book was smaller, set more like a novel with a congruent colour palette and structure. Easy to follow and clear in theme. Showing that rookie ages well like a fine wine.T...
  • Lucy
    This book of short stories, comics, poems, and personal accounts is a great read for any young adult reader or to be honest, anyone. I'm in high school and a lot of the experiences addressed in this book are either of the high school relationships of people's past or are about their relationships right after high school. I had been picking it off the library shelf for quite a while because it had a cute cover and for me shelf appeal is everything...
  • Lily
    The fact that I personally didn't completely love reading this book, in NO WAY discounts how incredibly elegant and beautiful every single piece of writing in this book was. The stories were very intense, and not necessarily written to engage the reader, but instead of convey an idea, a point, and the emotions of the author. I appreciated the conciseness of most of the stories because due to the elegance of the writing, I was forced to read them ...
  • Cassidy
    wowza. i know rookie is marketed toward teenage girls, but many of the authors were my age (21) and older and there was definitely a ton of wisdom applicable to any age. it's been YEARS since i've absolutely devoured a 250+ book in a number of days and i'm so happy to have done that with this one. the essays are short, though sometimes i wish they were longer. some were cute and funny, while others hit home harder than i anticipated. either way, ...
  • Meli
    I did both received an ARC and buy the actual book for Rookie On Love by Tavi Gevinson.This book contains a ton of short stories and poems all about Love, hence the name Rookie on Love. These are just two of the short stories and the summaries I post on them on my Blog. If you would like to see more of the summaries and read my final thoughts on this book, I will have a link posted below. "Post Cards from Apollo6" p1: A simple poem talking about ...
  • Sonaksha
    I'm guessing this is marketed towards younger women/girls, typically in their teens. But I definitely had to pick this one up because of some of the writers featured in it, and of course general Rookie love too. This is surely a lovely compilation of everything love. It features a heady mix of different kinds of love that we understand and don't as we grow, from crushes to first love to self love and sibling love. There were particular essays tha...
  • Lindsay
    i’m gonna have to reread some of these, because each piece sort of feels like its own book, so it’s tough to remember everything exactly... this is very empowering for young women and after some of the pieces, I felt floored and amazed — but some just seemed so incredibly dense in this way that took me out of enjoying the piece and appreciating it and just feeling like it’s overly complicated. this is actually an issue i have with tavi’...
  • Addison
    I thought I was going to like this book more, but I didn't really enjoy it. It was good at first, and I was enjoying the poems and the stories, but then it got so confusing. SO confusing. I would find my mind wandering as I was reading, and I couldn't focus on the message the authors were trying to convey. I felt like they would use 15 words when 4 would do, I didn't really like it. I enjoyed the authors' stories of their relationships, but it go...