The Way of Beauty by Camille Di Maio

The Way of Beauty

Hearts and dreams evolve in the shadow of the once-magnificent Penn Station.Vera Keller, the daughter of German immigrants in turn-of-the-century New York City, finds her life upended when the man she loves becomes engaged to another woman. But Angelo Bellavia has also inadvertently opened up Vera’s life to unexpected possibilities. Angelo’s new wife, Pearl, the wealthy daughter of a clothing manufacturer, has defied her family’s expectatio...

Details The Way of Beauty

TitleThe Way of Beauty
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Way of Beauty

  • Norma * Traveling Sister
    I have never read a book by Camille Di Maio before and when I seen the beautiful cover of this book I just knew that I had to read this one! I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this beauty of a book! The story is just as beautiful as that cover! THE WAY OF BEAUTY by CAMILLE DI MAIO was a fantastic, informative, interesting, and heartfelt historical fiction novel that pulled me in immediately. I absolutely love the title of this book and i...
  • Lindsay - Traveling Sister
    A strong 4 stars from me!This was an intriguing, charming and heartfelt story that spans from 1900 – 1963. We experience the perspectives of two strong, loving and determined women - Vera and Alice. Along the way, we meet many unforgettable characters connected to each of these women. One of the themes explored throughout this book is the suffragette movement which I often find myself drawn to. I find the courage and resilience of women during ...
  • Brenda - Traveling Sister
    Norma, Lindsay and I were lost in the heartwarming feel-good lush coulee reading The Way of Beauty soaking up the warm sun and this fascinating story of two strong women and their lives. The Way of Beauty is a charming, sweet and heartwarming historical women's fiction novel that touches on many topics while bringing a piece of history to life here with Penn Station and blending the lives of two very strong women and the people connected to them....
  • Elizabeth of Silver's Reviews
    Vera Keller was in love with Angelo since she scraped her knee as a child and fell in front of his newspaper stand.Vera thought she would one day be his wife, but realized that her station in life most likely would prevent that from happening. Her father worked as a Sandhog with men that built the underground train tunnels, and her mother worked in a garment factory. Both jobs ruined her parents' health and their lives. Vera grew up, and when she...
  • Reading.Between.Wines
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5Words really cannot express just how much I loved The Way of Beauty by Camille Di Maio. This is a heartfelt historical fiction novel that really pulls at the heartstrings.The Way of Beauty mainly tells the story of Vera and her daughter Alice, but also other people that are connected with their lives. There are quite a few main characters, but not in a confusing way (and we only see things from Vera and Alice's POVs). The book ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    What truly enchanted me when it came to THE WAY OF BEAUTY was Penn Station. Oh, how I wished it was still standing in all its glory. Alas, it had to give way for progress. Luckily, there are still images and like this book, imaginative stories that make Penn Station come to life again.READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT FRESH FICTION!
  • Jamie
    What a story! I think I say this every time I read a historical novel, but, I'll repeat myself again - "I am honestly not the biggest historical fiction fan" - BUT, I seem to have found an exception! I'm starting to enjoy historical fiction that is more based in the US and less WWII focused (although there are some favorites there, too). The Way of Beauty mostly takes place in New York City (my city, gushes) during the woman's Suffrage movement b...
  • MaryBeth's Bookshelf
    The Way of Beauty is a beautifully written novel. Vera Keller is growing up in NYC in the early 20th century. She falls in love with Angelo Bellavia, whom she had known since she was a child, but her life is turned upside down when he introduces Vera to Pearl - the woman he intends to marry. Against everything Vera feels, she becomes dear friends with Pearl who opens her eyes to a world she did not know. Pearl has a strong personality and is a me...
  • Amy
    I don’t read historical fiction all that often, you guys know I stick to my thrillers with a rom com or some women’s fiction thrown in for some variety, but every time I do switch to a historical novel I wonder why I don’t read more of them?! The Way of Beauty was such a gorgeous book in every single way, it was so amazing that I’m going to be reading DiMaio’s other books ASAP.The first half is set in the 1900’s and told from Vera’s...
  • Judy Collins
    Master storyteller Camille Di Maio returns following Before the Rain Falls with THE WAY OF BEAUTY —a charming multi-generational love story of family, love, loss, and hope. Meticulously researched and beautifully written, a lovely tribute to the workers who risked their lives, and the wonders of Penn Station and New York City. As always, not only does the author provide fascinating and interesting historical facts and detailed history, her cha...
  • Sue
    This is absolutely one of the best historical fiction novels that I've read in a long time. The characters are well written and believable and the setting of NYC's Penn station is a perfect focal point to tie the two main characters together. Vera is the daughter of German immigrants who are forced to move when Penn Station is built in NYC. When she is in her teens, she falls in love with the young man who runs the newsstand but he marries a suff...
  • Linda Zagon
    MY REVIEW OF “THE WAY OF BEAUTY” BY CAMILLE DI MAIOBRAVO to Camille Di Maio, Author of “The Way of Beauty”, for a Literary Masterpiece and an Absolute Treasure. I loved everything about Camille Di Maio’s novel. From the descriptive historical perspectives of the culture, people, landscape and architecture to the colorful cast of characters through three generations, and the significant political statements of the times, the author has w...
  • Tina Woodbury
    For all of my reviews:4.5 StarsThis story is quite the gem! First and foremost this historical fiction story is a love story, but underneath that it is a whole lot more.This book is essentially broken into two parts. This first half of the book is Vera’s story. She is young, carefree, and in love. She is the main caregiver of her aging father and makes a friend who will completely change the direction of her life in multiple ways. The second ha...
  • Melissa
    I have been a fan of Camille Di Maio's writing ever since her debut, The Memory of Us: A Novel. With The Way of Beauty, she is now three for three with compelling and memorable novels.The entire story was so beautifully written. I felt like I was inside Penn Station watching the characters interact. I could easily visualize them and feel what they were feeling. Both Vera and Alice's romantic conflicts were understandable and it was easy to sympat...
  • Rebecca Rosenberg
    Vera touched my heart from the beginning, the struggle of being so poor and the one light of her life... Angelo. I don't want to spoil things, but Vera's most ardent wish is foiled almost before she realizes how much she wants it, and brings a new friend, who opens her eyes to the suffrage movement and rights for women. And though she may not have Angelo in quite the way she hoped, she loves him and his son fiercely. The writing transports you to...
  • Jennifer S. Brown
    THE WAY OF BEAUTY is a love story, but what is so charming about it is it's not just a love story between people; this book is a love story to New York City and, in particular, to the original Penn Station. The novel traces two women, Vera and her daughter Alice. It begins in the 1900 with young Vera, whose father is a "sandhog," one of the workers who helps build the tunnels leading to Penn Station. As Vera ages, she pines for the man who runs t...
  • Basic B's Guide
    Thank you Get Red PR and Lake Union Publishing for a copy of The Way of Beauty in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.A historical romance that grabbed my heart from the first few pages. Camille Di Maio crafts a beautiful story about love, family, heartache and the women’s fight for the right to vote. The author brings Penn Station back to life where the story intersects.This is a generational family story in which I completely adore...
  • Pam Jenoff
    Set in turn of the century New York City, this is the story of Vera Keller and her unlikely friendship with Pearl, who married the man Vera loves. Pearl, a passionate suffragette, opens Vera's life up to possibilities, but Vera must decide between her loyalty to her friend and her feelings for the man she still loves. Wonderful historical fiction with a enthralling plot!
  • Carole
    This is the third novel from this author and it’s another winner! Her writing style and topics remind me a little of Susan Meissner. They both write good characters and historical fiction. Put this on your summer reading list if you’re looking for something good and easy to read!
  • Lisa Montanaro
    This beauty of a book does not disappoint! Loved the story line, which featured three strong female protagonists. It’s historical fiction and the backdrop is wonderful. NYC from WWI to WWII. Pennsylvania Station is a big part of the setting. Several love stories play out, as well as friendships. With missed opportunities, passionate causes such as the suffragist movement and saving architectural gems, family dynamics, love, and some intrigue to...
  • Chanel Cleeton
    A wonderful novel about the fascinating lives of two women connected by a legacy of loyalty, passion, and a strong sense of family. Set against the backdrop of New York City and the grand Penn Station, readers are sure to love this epic tale that tugs at your heartstrings as you root for Vera and Alice to find their happy endings.
  • Mrs Mommy Booknerd
    #FirstLine The stone birds stood at attention, as they had for more than fifty years. Wow, this book is something else. A story that spans generations and has so many characters, all of which are each compelling in their own ways, is quite a treat. Di Maio is a force in historical fiction and takes history and makes it very personal to the reader, regardless of the readers previous knowledge of the story manner. She is able to flesh out the chara...
  • Rebecca
    Romantic story about mother (Vera) and daughter (Alice's) quest for love in NYC.Vera had been in love with Angelo since she was a child, so at age 17, she was devastated when he introduced her to his fiancee, Pearl, a suffragette fighting for women's right to vote. For this reason, Vera should have hated Pearl, but darn it, Pearl was just so darn likable that instead, Vera became a nanny to Pearl's 3 year old son, William, from her first marriage...
  • Susan Peterson
    Camille Di Maio is one of the freshest new voices in historical fiction, melding facts and fiction into heartfelt stories. New York City in the early 20th century is the backdrop for this wonderful story of love and family. The book centers around Vera and Alice, mother and daughter, who are both passionate women, driven by their dreams in a world that is ever-changing. The author did a great job of putting the reader into that setting, with the ...
  • Emily Carpenter
    The Way of Beauty transported me through an entirely unknown (to me) era of New York City, to a world of privilege, poverty, and the suffragette movement--all unfolding around the immense Penn Station that served as a sort of village square in that world of immigrants in turn of the century Manhattan. Captivated by Vera's dilemmas, both romantic and financial, I savored this tender, sometimes heartbreaking love story that spans generations and sh...
  • Patricia Sands
    Camille Di Maio has quickly become one of my favourite authors. The Way of Beauty is her third novel and does not disappoint. Di Maio continues to demonstrate her excellent research skills and build that information into a highly readable story. Excellent character development drives this inspiring history of how the women in the suffrage movement of the early 1900's paved the way for the rights of women today. It's also a wonderful tribute to Pe...
  • Mehvish Zaidi
    The Way of Beauty is an immersive, historical fiction set against the backdrop of the grand Penn Station, in the early twentieth century in New York City. The story begins in 1900, spanning sixty-three years, with the first three-quarters of it revolving around Vera, the daughter of German immigrants, who falls in love with Angelo, only to have him marry someone else. Thereafter, Angelo’s wife, Pearl and Vera form a friendship which opens up ma...
  • Tammy
    Oh my! This book! There is so much to love about The Way of Beauty, from the beautiful cover to the amazing story on it's pages. Camille Di Maio has written a beautiful saga about hopes and dreams against the backdrop of New York's Penn Station. I felt as if I was in the story as I read the descriptions of Penn Station, the suffragettes and the differences in class distinction. I fell in love with Vera and Pearl and again with Will and Alice. The...
  • Corinne Bennett
    Vera is a German immigrant who has always loved Angelo, but ends up brokenhearted when he turns out to be engaged. Angelo marries Pearl, a young, fiery suffragette who will stop at nothing to gain votes for women. As Vera begins to nanny Pearl's son, she also rallies behind the suffragette cause. Pearl is often away due to her work, which pulls Vera toward the life she always desired: becoming Angelo's wife. Will she give into her temptation, or ...
  • Suanne
    I read The Way of Beauty because I read Ms. Di Maio’s previous two books, The Memory of Us and Before the Rain Falls, and enjoyed them. The Way of Beauty was written for those who enjoy well-researched, well-written women’s fiction with a historical flavor. In Di Maio’s third novel, The Way of Beauty, she further develops her reputation as an author savvy in both research techniques and character development—and the ability to combine the...