Black Panther Book 5 by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Black Panther Book 5

Klaw stands supreme! The Black Panther's greatest foe has returned, ready for war! Can T'Challa finally defeat Ulysses Klaw, the man who killed his father, while his country threatens to rip itself apart? To make matters worse, Wakanda's gods disappear - and the Originators return! The former gods are back, but what are their intentions for a land that has forgotten them? And all this is only the beginning, as a cadre of villains returns, monster...

Details Black Panther Book 5

TitleBlack Panther Book 5
Release DateJun 12th, 2018
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Marvel

Reviews Black Panther Book 5

  • Lekeisha The Booknerd
    Dear God, I didn't think it was possible to swoon any more than I did with part one. T'Challa and Ororo are so damn perfect for each other. Swooning aside, this was filled with action and great storytelling.
  • Sadaf
    I am probably really biased but I love Storm so this one gets an extra star from me. Also Shuri is a complete badass!
  • John
    A strong improvement over "A Nation Under My Feet" which featured strong politicraft--but wasn't necessarily a good comic (it was someone clearly learning the ropes and balancing the synthesis of words with images). =This story feels like a true comic arc however--and not just a "vanity" project dipping their toes in. Coates does exceptionally impressive work here. He marries canon together with plot development and new ideas--while again, the st...
  • Mark
    I keep having trouble following Ta-Nehisi Coates's run on Black Panther. This volume is much more readable than several of the earlier collections but it suffers from the same problem as a lot of other modern Marvel writing. Specifically, being thrown in the middle of a story, no matter where you start, and having to figure out who these people are and what is going on. Having said that though I think I'm starting to enjoy this run. I look forwar...
  • Josh
    Coates's weakest Black Panther effort and it's still mostly satisfying. Klaw could have been more interesting - visually and plot-wise - and the final villain could have had more page time to develop. The fantastical elements were a turn off initially, however, all the creatures are tied to African folklore so it works in this universe. Looking forward to galactic Black Panther in Ta-Nehisi Coates's new BP series.
  • Josh
    For some reason, this volume didn't grab me the way some of Coates's previous work has managed to. Despite that, Coates is a strong writer, and he is doing impressive things with this character. With large-scale intrigue, engaging action, and a strong cast of characters--Black Panther is an effective comic that continues to surprise in the directions that it takes.
  • Jeff Larsen
    Best Marvel comic in years!Coates does it again in this 7-issue collection, with Black Panther taking on Klaw, the man who killed his father (and much more complex than the movie version of Klaw). Can’t wait to see what’s next for Black Panther, as well as what Coates will do with Captain America.
  • Kathleen
    This series continues to be so much fun! T'Challa shows himself to be the manipulative, controlling king that we all know and love. Storm shows herself to be something else entirely. Ankea gets almost half a book to herself in absolute silence, being a BAMF. Basically, this book is perfect. Comic book fans should already be reading it, but if you aren't pick it up.
  • Mark H
    Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to amaze. The depth of characterization which he has brought to the current story-line just can't be beat. T'Challa is not the sole reason for the strengths of Wakanda. the other peoples and myths of the land are equally, mayhap even more, important than the king. I will continue to read, and re-read, this excellent series.
  • Drizztl
  • Rachel
    Read single issues. Not as satisfying on a story level as past arcs, but some fun variety in the structure and visual storytelling throughout these issues.
  • Daniel Butcher
    Maybe my favorite volume in the run...feels very much like the style of the movie and wraps up much of what Coates has been building.
  • James Staten
    A must readThe ending alone was worth it. Prior and T'challa back together. All is right with the world. Great story too
  • Ramon
    This has shaped up to be a real fun book, with both ties to continuity but forging things for the future. The blend of action with conspiracy has also found a nice balance.
  • Tim
    This continues to be my favorite book Marvel is currently putting out.
  • Emily