The Unquiet Heart (Sarah Gilchrist #2) by Kaite Welsh

The Unquiet Heart (Sarah Gilchrist #2)

Kaite Welsh's thrilling THE UNQUIET HEART is the second in the gothic Sarah Gilchrist series, following a medical student turned detective in Victorian Edinburgh.Sarah Gilchrist has no intention of marrying her dull fiancé Miles, the man her family hope will restore her reputation and put an end to her dreams of becoming a doctor, but when he is arrested for a murder she is sure he didn't commit she finds herself his reluctant ally. Beneath the ...

Details The Unquiet Heart (Sarah Gilchrist #2)

TitleThe Unquiet Heart (Sarah Gilchrist #2)
Release DateMay 30th, 2019
PublisherHeadline Review
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Cultural, Scotland, Victorian

Reviews The Unquiet Heart (Sarah Gilchrist #2)

  • Maureen
    3.5 Stars This is the sophomore effort in Sarah Gilchrists Gothic series; and even if the reader missed the precursor (The Wages of Sin), it can be sampled as a stand-alone novel without undue difficulty.The year is 1893 and protagonist Sarah Gilchrist is virtually exiled from her life in London society after being labelled a fallen woman. Shes forced into an engagement with Edinburgh based Miles Greene - a rather dull and uninteresting man, but ...
  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    We were introduced to Sarah Gilchrist in THE WAGES OF SINS and her plight continues in THE UNQUIET HEART. Sarah has always dreamed of becoming a doctor. However, because it's 1893, it is the general opinion that women should not strive to be something other than wives and mothers. And she has paid dearly for her dreams. Now, she may have to marry a man she doesn't love because her family demands it. But, then a housemaid in her fiance's house is ...
  • Lou
    The Unquiet Heart is the second instalment in the Sarah Gilchrist medical mystery series set in Victorian Edinburgh, and it's a compulsive and gripping gothic tale. This is my type of read as it combines a historical murder mystery with an exploration of late nineteenth century attitudes towards women and morality and does so with considerable aplomb. Sarah is a very likeable protagonist who steadfastly refuses to conform to societies norms which...
  • Yara
    The Unquiet Heart by Kaite Welsh is the second book in the Sarah Gilchrist murder mystery series. The book picks soon after the first book. Sarah has completed her first semester of medical school at the University of Edenborough. She is one of twelve women who have been accepted into the medical school, the first year it accepted women.Having solved the murder of the young prostitute Lucy in book one, shes ready to tackle her second semester at ...
  • Barb in Maryland
    No sophomore slump here. Welsh's second mystery featuring young medical student Sarah Gilcrest shows the author reaching her stride. The exposition is smooth and the various parts of the plot are well-balanced. Best of all, our heroine is growing up and learning to look before she leaps.Sarah's life has smoothed out somewhat, now that she has (very reluctantly) become engaged to young Miles Greene. Her aunt treats her better; her mother is even c...
  • vicky.
    sarah gilchrist, at some point: of course i support "men's rights"... men's rights to shut the fuck up!
  • Rachel
    This book is everything I want in a lady detective book. It's in Edinburgh, which is the best city.It's set during the Victorian age, which, while I wouldn't *actually* want to live in, is super fun to read about.It contains badass feminist (fictional) foremothers, and a complex and evolving heroine.There are frissions--with a broody but appealing love interest.There are cobblestones and carriages and dreich days. Kirkyards, apothecaries, gaols, ...
  • Renee Seinfeld
    The five is a private five. I dont rate it a five because everyone must read it. Its a five for me because it touches all the pleasure centers of my brain. Scotland in the 1800s. Medical history. Female firsts in medicine. Feminism. A strong, resilient female protagonist. I hope Kaite Welsh continues on with the series. I thoroughly enjoyed both books. The five is a private five. I don’t rate it a five because everyone must read it. It’s a ...
  • Siobhan
    The Unquiet Heart is the follow up to The Wages of Sin, and sees protagonist Sarah Gilchrist continue in her battle to become a doctor whilst trying to get to the bottom of murder and blackmail. Sarah is meant to be marrying Miles Greene to save her reputation, but a dead body found at their engagement party sparks off a different course, where Miles is accused of murder and Sarah is in the perfect position to investigate what is really going on....
  • Meg (fairy.bookmother)
    A stunning, solid followup to the first! I love this series so much. More later!--I read the first Sarah Gilchrist book last year? The year before? And I fell in love with it. Sarah Gilchrist is a medical student at the University of Edinburgh, and in this second installment of the series, Sarah is trying not to marry her fiance Miles. In the midst of the drama surrounding her upcoming wedding, Miles is arrested for a murder Sarah is sure he didn...
  • Vontel
    Enjoyed this second book in the historical mystery series taking place in the early 1890's in Edinburgh. I was fortunate to be able to borrow both books from the library almost together, so I was able to go on to the second book right away. They are easy to read, and capture my interest. Always satisfying to be able to move from one volume to the next so quickly, but I'll probably have quite the wait for volume 3. Given that Sarah Gilchrist has j...
  • Jypsy
    I didn't know this book was second in a series, but that didn't hinder my understanding. One very interesting thing to me is the treatment of women. Always underestimated by men in control while maintaining a certain society standard of behavior, decorum, etc. It's impossible to be a woman is it not? This story is a good example of this, and seeing the inferior woman make the men look like what they are, insecure morons. I liked the story on this...
  • Ruth
    Firstly, I loved The Wages of Sin so I was excited to get to read this! Sarah Gilchrist is a first year medical student in 1890s Edinburgh, virtually exiled from her London society family after becoming a "fallen woman", and being pushed by her relatives into a loveless engagement with the rather personality-less Miles Greene. Her relationship with her fellow women students is a little strained, and there's a lot more to her relationship with mer...
  • Annette
    Based on 15%: as the story begins it is more focused on the people than developing a storyline. At many points, the story is overloaded with dialogue. It is not an engaging read for me to continue with this book.
  • Janna
    Word to the wise: this is the second book in a series, something I did not know when I read it. It works fine as a stand alone as the author explains references to the previous book well, avoiding info dumpsSarah Gilchrist is one of the first women accepted into medical school at the University of Edinburgh in 1893. With a dark past and ruined virtue, Sarah is aware her future as a doctor can be taken away at any moment. Forced into an engagement...
  • CoffeeandInk
    Wow, blown away! I loved this book and would give it 10 stars if I could, and I cant wait to read the first oneThe Wages of Sin. The strong voice of Sarah Gilchrist kept me glued to the page. By the time I got through the backstory of the first novel, I was hooked.Having survived rape, commitment to a madhouse, betrayal by a trusted mentor, Sarah is determined to move on with her plan to continue her studies at the University of Edinburgh to beco...
  • Shaylin Gandhi
    This was a lovely and engrossing read. While I havent read the first book in the series (yet), it wasnt difficult to pick up what had already happened, and this book was able to stand on its own.Sarah Gilchrist, a charmingly headstrong and unconventional young lady who lived in an era when women were expected to aspire to nothing more than keeping a household, commanded my attention from page one. This books deals heavily with the oppression of w...
  • Kelly Puddister
    1890s feminist historical fiction murder mystery in Edinburgh. Need I say more?The second in Kaite Welsh's Sarah Gilchrist series, The Unquiet Heart follows medical student Sarah as she contends with sexism as one of the few female students at the University of Edinburgh's medical school as well as an unwanted engagement foisted on her by family. However, a murder in the high society in which she is (reluctantly) playing a part forces her to use ...
  • Terry A.
    Thanks to Pegasus Books and NetGalley for providing an ARC in return for a review.I began this novel and quickly put it on hold to find and read a copy of The Wages of Sin, the first book in this series. I needed that background to help me jump into the second volume. The slow reveal of Sarahs issues and challenges was initially irritating to me, but as each level was exposed I could understand her often overwhelming anxiety. A good therapist wou...
  • Lynn
    Sarah Gilchrist tells us her story. The story of a young woman who wants to be a doctor, whose family in London has rejected her and sent her to an aunt in Edinburgh where she now attends the University of Edinburgh Medical School. The group of women students is tiny -- half a dozen or so -- and the prejudice against them by instructors and fellow students is palpable. Their corsets define them, as do their skirts. A few bloomers [named for Ameli...
  • Jo-anne Atkinson
    Sarah Gilchrist has found herself a fiancee. To be more precise she has been affianced to the younger son of a friend of her uncle. Miles is dull but acquiescent and he will lend a veneer of respectability to Sarah, however he will stop her medical studies. When one of the maids at his house is murdered Sarah finds herself thrust into another investigation and when her intended father-in-law is also killed Sarah has to act.I really enjoyed the fi...
  • Angela
    I have fallen in love with these characters and this series and can't wait to read more.The Wages of Sin arrived in my hands a few months ago when it passed through the circulation desk at the library where I spend my 9-5's. The story held promise and it delivered. When I learned the second of the series would be released soon I instantly submitted a purchase request! Now I'm already anticipating the third.Sarah Gilchrist is a fierce heroine, she...
  • Linda Hutchinson
    The Unquiet Heart is a 19th century murder mystery set in Edinburgh, Scotland. I may be coming a little late to the Sarah Gilchrest series, but this was a great read even as a standalone. Miss Gilchrest is from a well-to-do family and is studying to become a doctor. She was doing so at a time when higher class woman were expected to marry and raise a family. To become a Doctor, Miss Gilchrest must fight family and societal expectations to accompl...
  • Leslie
    A very enjoyable and atmospheric mystery set in late 19th-century Edinburgh among the first class of women admitted to the university there for medical training, with a headstrong but sympathetic member of that class as the detective.My main gripe: I was not aware that this was the second novel (it would be nice if they would put something like "In the second offering in the series" at the beginning of the description on the inside front cover, e...
  • Sarah Sharpe
    The sequel to The Wages of Sin is an empowering book filled with vivid women.Sarah, a trailblazing medical student, battles Victorian patriarchy, murders, and her own heart.This is a fine blend of Feminism, Murder Mystery and Historical Romance, roughly in that order. L There's a strong thread of mystery and romance which constantly pull you forwards but those are by no means the main thrust of the book which is very much about the social and pat...
  • Myos
    Read it over just one day!Sarah is very angry and very confused. She wants to avoid an arranged marriage (although to a decent man), she has trouble conceiving that a woman can BOTH like her studies and pretty clothes, let alone be a physician and a married woman (work life balance is NOT a thing of the 19th century! it's strictly EITHER/OR!) She's also finding out that she's not quite as worldly and independent as she thought. On top of this, sh...
  • Barbara
    Interesting PremiseSarah is evolving into a strong, focused woman and I admire her a great deal. The author's medical knowledge is fascinating. There are two reasons why I didn't give this book 5 stars: I have figured out the murderer in both of her books early on and this one was especially obvious to me. The other reason is as strong a feminist as I am and my understanding of women in medicine at that time, the book was overly focused on Sarah ...
  • Michele Dubois
    Pure enjoyment! I really liked Welshs first Sarah Gilchrist Mystery Wages of Sin, and her second novel The Unquiet Heart did not disappoint. The protagonist, Sarah Gilchrist, is a fierce, brave and passionate young woman who wants to be a Doctor. The problem, however, is that shes a female in late 1800s Scotland and respectable ladies do not aspire to be anything other than well wed. As if attending medical school with taunting young men were not...
  • Kiwi Carlisle
    Kaite Walshs series, set against the historic struggle of women to study at the University of Medical School, continues to be strong and interesting . Sarah Gilchrist has revived enough from the trauma imposed on her as punishment for being taped to begin to do well as a student, and is finding her way toward pathology as a career. Unfortunately, she must deal with the unwanted marriage her parents are forcing her into, a sudden murder, and her f...
  • Marilyn
    I picked up this book at my library while I was curiously looking for a new mystery writer. I picked well because it was most enjoyable. The setting is primary since Sarah is one of a tiny group of women who are first year medical students in Edinburgh in the late 1800s. Even more difficult is that her family is rich and their expectations and social norms are strong. There was a lot of backstory at the beginning of this book which seemed excessi...