Faking It by Elisa Lorello

Faking It

What happens when a writing professor and a male escort become friends? Thirty-four-year old professor Andi Cutrone has broken up with her fiancé in Massachusetts, moved back to her native New York, and wants to be a better lover. So after meeting Devin, a handsome, charming escort, she proposes an unusual arrangement: lessons about writing in exchange for lessons about sex. When Devin accepts Andi's proposal, he draws up a contract in which the...

Details Faking It

TitleFaking It
Release DateMar 15th, 2011
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreRomance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Faking It

  • ~IreneOust~
    This book sat on my Kindle forever till I finally decided to give it a shot and, boy, am I ever glad I did! I enjoyed this story immensely! This is another example to not judge a book by it's cover -- the reason I held out for so long is because I thought this was going to be something along the lines of Sex and the City garbage but I was in for a nice surpise. The characters are amazing and their story made me cry almost through the entire book....
  • Laura
    This book was amazing. I read it in one day, cover to cover (well kindle cover to kindle cover) because I simply could not put it down. The plot really interested me, because it sounded so different - a male escort and a professor? The book was nothing like I what I was expecting. It was so deep and meaningful, I really got to know Devin and Andi so well and I felt like I was inside their story. I also expected the book to be rather erotic, but i...
  • Jennifer
    5 Fucking Fabulous Stars!!!!!This book blew me away! Why hasn't more people read it and liked it??? The writing is intelligent. It's sexy. It's heart-breaking. I FELT so much in this book!Her writing reminds me of Megan Hart, one of my favorite authors.Please, please, please read this!
  • Lucy (why do I bother to read chicklit)
    What a pleasure to read a romance story where the characters actually have depth, flaws and are NOT in or graduating from college!!!!!!!!!!At first, it sounds odd, a professor and a male escort, but it is so well writen the story really captured me. Will definitely read other books from Elisa Lorello... Will start the sequel asap :)
  • Nicole Nixon
    I bought this for $1 off amazon thinking I didn't have anything to lose although romance novels and chick lit really aren't my "thing." The reviews and descriptions I read gave me hope that it wasn't some cheesy, cliche romance novel. Wrong! Though the buck wasn't a big deal, I want the time I spent reading this back! I didn't even wanna finish it and was done by about 20% into it -- I only finished it because it was short and I hoped it got bett...
  • Meghan
    This book jumped up on my "to read" list simply because I kept getting "Lendle" requests for others to borrow my book. By the time I would respond to the request, someone already lent it out (therefore I coudl not). This intrigued me. Why was this so highly requested?I definitely judged the book by it's cover. The title "Faking It" hinted me towards a Chick Lit book about sex. This book was so much more than that. It's about Andi, a PhD lit profe...
  • Caitlin Boyd
    I need to not buy random cheap books off Amazon at 3 am anymore.
  • Jennie Shaw
    FAKING IT appears, at first glance, to be an a-typical Women’s Fiction novel. The heroine, Andi Cutrone, is a mid-thirties English professor who decides to hire an escort named Devin to teach her to be a better lover in exchange for writing lessons. Sounds like something that rhymes with Blipty Trades of Shey, right?Wrong.It’s not even almost the same thing.I started reading FAKING IT at 7:30am on a Saturday and finished by 9:30am (I read qui...
  • Manda
    This book was pretty good, maybe because I could identify with Andi and her internal struggle to interpret her emotions. Having conflicting feelings for two men can be particularly frustrating. I enjoyed the way it was written, though it's very dialogue driven. It just seemed to work in this book because I liked being able to see the characters interacting with each other rather than narrating. I didn't notice any grammatical errors (Thank you, L...
  • Shaun
    This book was cute. The characters were lovable and endearing. The story kept right on moving at a nice brisk pace. I'll read this author again but I think I've had just the right amount of the Andi Cutrone character. I could be wrong but I think I'd be tired of her before I got through another novel about her.
  • Jane Stewart
    A professor and a male escort teach each other. It kept my interest but was lacking emotional fulfillment.REVIEWER’S OPINION:I love romance novels which is the angle I’m coming from. This does not provide emotional fulfillment. It’s women’s fiction about finding love. It’s also about a woman who is insecure about her body and afraid of sex. She overcomes her insecurities. At the end of this book I felt some pain and sadness about one re...
  • CeCe
    DNFI loved the premise and could not wait to start.First the narrator, Cynthia Barrett, is awful! The heroine, Andi, is supposed to be in her early 30s. The narrator sounds like she is in her late 40s. The narrator's accent at times was English mixed in with some Boston. Make up your mind what accent you are going to use for the story!!! Anyway, it was not only the narrator that made me DNF, it was the constant babble/inner dialogue from the hero...
  • Lisa Bennett
    After her relationship ends, writing professor Andi Cutrone abandons her life in New England and returns to her native Long Island to focus on her career. At a work related cocktail evening Andi comes across handsome male-escort Devin. Andi is fascinated and offers him a proposition. I think I got this book as part of a Kindle deal as I’d never heard of if before, but it sounded interesting enough, something a little different! (By the time I g...
  • Camille Adams
    This book is highly upsetting. I get through pages and pages of theory that reads like a graduate English assignment (which having been a graduate English student, I was not too keen on...I read for escape) only to not have this end happily ever after! I feel cheated. I hated this ending. Surviving all the dry stuff for no pay off at the end...never reading this author again.Yes, I know others will say it ended well, both characters grew into the...
  • Sep
    This book got 5 stars for being unpredictable. An English professor persuades a handsome male escort to accept writing lessons in exchange for lessons in how she can be more sensual. The book deals with self-worth, confidence , and the affect of casual slurs and insults on a child or teenager. The writing lessons are pretty good, too, if you're considering a memoir.
  • Bryn
    OMG you guys.I need to rant about one of the books I'm reading - "Faking It" by Elisa Lorello.It's a typical trashy beach novel, revolving around Andi, a repressed literature professor. She sets up an arrangement with a male escort, Devin: for X number of weeks, she'll teach him about literature and he'll teach her how to be a better lover.Which, you know, would make a great fanfic AU.But OMG there are parts that are tortureThey write up a contra...
  • Allison Henle
    It's a very well-written story, but I was not expecting a love triangle and I also wasn't expecting this level of angst.
  • Alice Osborn
    What happens when an uptight writing professor and an escort become friends? In Faking It, a romantic comedy novel, Andrea meets Devin and finds out!Thirty-four year old professor Andi Cutrone is suffering from a broken heart; she recently broke up with her fiancé and has moved back to Long Island to try to forget him and move on, emotionally and literally. But it isn’t working. She’s miserable, even though her job is fulfilling and her best...
  • Wennie
    A sudden trip back home to Manila had me suddenly scrambling to find several good books to read to while away the time during the 18 hour flight home and to stave away the worry that would grip my soul while waiting for news. The second night home, I started this book and I couldn't put it down. The story struck a chord. As Andi described herself-- pudgy, fat, so unsure of herself, so embarrassed by her looks and her build, I realized ... Hey! Sh...
  • Josee
    "I fumed to the point where I thought I actually felt smoke come out of my ears." ~ AndiThat is how I felt when I read this book. I was so mad at Devin I wanted to throw my kindle across the room (and I really like my kindle). I read a lot of reviews of this book giving it a low rating because of Andi's choice at the end, however I could completely understand her choice and I thought it showed how much she grew throughout the book. Yes we were VE...
  • Lauren
    Based on the plot I think I was hoping for more comedy, but while reading I started hoping for more romance. Obviously I didn't really get either. Instead I got what the book was, the story of a 34 year old woman with low self esteem, who had been sexually repressed, but at least believed in herself academically. I found Andi to be weak even after her revelations, but I guess some problems can never be solved. Devin I really enjoyed, and felt was...
  • Stephanie
    **NOTE: I started this review rating the book 4 stars but as i was writing and recollecting the story and my relation to it, i couldn't help but add a star **Such a refreshing change to read a novel that actually had me thinking about my own life and relationships with other people after reading it. I found this book enlightening and re-energizing to see Andi, the main character, literally blossom before your eyes... addressing deeper meanings be...
  • Katherine Owen
    This book kept coming up on my radar as I was researching my own books on Amazon.com. I bought a copy and then promptly forgot I had it! Then, yesterday, I was doing research online for my own novel, SEEING JULIA, and FAKING IT came up again because of the publicity for Elisa Lorello's new one, ORDINARY WORLD.Elisa Lorello is a prolific writer, deft at first person, and effectual at drawing readers in to the amazing world of NYC, art, and literat...
  • Mainon
    Uh, this is a little too chick lit for me. Not terrible, the setup is mildly creative (writing instruct meets male escort who seems to pleasure lots of the ladies in academia), but I think I could pretty much put this book down (I'm about 40% in) and never think about it again. So, eh, a little bit of froth, not really worth seeking out, but not a taxing read either. Plus, I will admit it irks me that the main character is a writing professor wit...
  • GoldenjoyBazyll
    Ok I thought this book had an interesting twist. This is the story of a writing professor who moves back to NY after a relationship gone bad. She is a little overweight and not real self confident in social settings. Upon return she attends a networking cocktail party and sees a very handsome man. her co worker tells her he is a VERY high priced male escort. Of course Andi cannot believe her collegues actually hire him and she cannot believ he ac...
  • Ashley
    I picked this book up for $.99 on the amazon kindle page. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. This book was great. I had read the first 15 chapters before I went to bed the first night I got it. I kept saying, "one more chapter one more chapter, oh God it's 1am."I really enjoyed reading Andi's writing lessons to Devin/David and I think I learned a thing or two from her. I loved watching her journey to find herself and love the woman ...
  • Lov'em
    the small synopsis does not do this book justice. When I first read the blurb I almost passed on this one, but the whole male-escort had me intrigued so I went ahead and downloaded this free ebook from Amazon. I am so glad I did. At first I thought this was a romantic comedy, but although it has plenty of wit (it reminded me a little bit of Pretty Woman but reversed in its humor), yet, it is much deeper than it appears. This is definitely one of ...
  • Rachel Maloney
    I started reading what I thought would be a typical light, funny, harlequin-esqe contemporary romance, and I finished a really well-written fiction novel that was romantic in nature and alternately funny, painful, and touching. Don't be fooled by the fluffy-sounding premise, this book is extremely smart; the characters are vivid and the story is cathartic and a tad heart-wrenching. It was easy to see why this book is part of the Amazon Encore pro...
  • Julie
    Wow, I was taken by surprise! A very good book that was intriguing, romantic, sexy, funny, suspenseful and very passionate. The author expresses the feelings and details of the characters very well. I saw a few comparisons the same between this book and made me think of "50 Shades Of Grey", yet the characters are very opposite, and much more innocent making it a complete opposite. I really liked the character Andrea, she kept me in suspense with ...