Villain (Monster #2) by Michael Grant

Villain (Monster #2)

It’s been four years since the events of GONE.The Perdido Beach dome is down, but the horrors within have spread, and now all of humanity is in danger. The alien virus-infested rock that created the FAYZ is creating monsters–monsters that walk the cities and countryside, terrorizing all. There are tanks in the street and predator drones in the sky, doomed efforts to stop the disintegration of civilization. Into this chaos comes a villain with...

Details Villain (Monster #2)

TitleVillain (Monster #2)
Release DateOct 16th, 2018
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreYoung Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction

Reviews Villain (Monster #2)

  • Emily May
    2 1/2 stars. Hmm. I didn't expect to have much to say about the second book in a spin-off series of another popular six-book series, but I guess there's still things I want to talk about.I'm a huge fan of Grant's Gone series, and also enjoyed the first book in this spin-off - Monster. I love the action, the grit, the diverse and flawed characters. I've definitely had some issues with parts of it but, overall, the positive has outweighed the negat...
  • Mark Kielty
    So, I wandered into one of my usual bookshops in Dublin City to find, sitting on a shelf, two copies of Michael Grant’s Villain. After reading Monster I was excited to read the follow up and I thought that other people would be too - So why were there only two copies out?I shrugged my shoulders, proceeded to the checkout and bought the book.I went online to check out the reviews. That’s when I found out that the book isn’t out yet!I don’t...
  • Tyler
    Me: It’ll be hard for Grant to top the disturbing, psychologically and physically violent nature of the BZRK series.Me, after reading Villain: Oh
  • Sarah Tomjack
    Mr. Grant, I'm talking to you because you have liked every 5 star review I have left about each of your books. What.The.Heck. I think you have finally hit my limit of death, carnage and blood. And yet, despite feeling like I was going to vomit multiple times, I read this entire book in one day and I will read the next one. And probably anything else you write. Because evidently I have become a masochist. But seriously, that was amazing and I'm gl...
  • Matthew Huff
    One of the most gruesome books I've ever read. The fact that this is marketed to children is mind-boggling!!! That being said, such a great story and I could not put it down. I appreciate when an author doesn't pussyfoot around, and Michael Grant never does. This is pure action and carnage from start to finish and I can't sing his praises enough. So when does Hero come out now?
  • jessica ☾
    For such an action-packed story, this was incredibly dull. I also just can’t find it in me to be invested in all these new characters. The shining moments for me in this book was those that included Dekka, Drake, Sam and Astrid, everyone else just kinda blended together. I am however, extremely excited for the third upcoming book in the trilogy!
  • Sharon
    I really enjoyed the Gone series, but the author has taken the concept entirely off the rails. As a result, Villain is action packed with no discernible plot. The altered humans that are bent on destruction seem to be drunk on their powers and throw cataclysmic temper tantrums, leaving the novel down a ridiculous path. I wish that author Michael Grant had ended with the original series, as I have become increasingly disappointed with the sequels....
  • Aoife
    Another breathless, gory adventure story from Michael Grant. I'm half enjoying, half terrified to keep reading this series; every time I think the stakes can't possibly get any higher, I'm proved wrong. The Battle of Las Vegas is horrifying in every sense of the word.I'm in awe of the way Michael can sow in hints early on, throw away moments that later become very important. It takes real skill and I'm looking forward to seeing how everything pan...
  • Beagle Lover (Avid Reader)
    4 stars **** Another exciting book in the "Gone" series from Mr. Grant, who amps up the action, characters and violence. (At times, too much violence.) The antagonist in this novel is a real badass, with absolutely no compassion, morals or remorse. (He does, however, possess a warped sense of humor that only he seems to find amusing.) More characters from the original "Gone" books are involved, and the ending has a great setup for another sequel....
  • Nele
    I had some troubles getting back into the story. This is better read just following the series, but since only one comes out per year...But you can see that I finished in 2 days. That's only because I was in the hospital yesterday to get all 4 wisdom teeth out. I had to wait quite a while because of some mix-up. So that goes to show once again (!): ALWAYS bring a book!
  • Sarah
    Continues the series brilliantly - I can't wait to see what happens to all my favourite characters next.
  • Moon Cousin
    Finished the whole thing in a single day and... yeah I have quite a bit to say. It goes without saying that any major spoilers for this book will be marked and covered, spoilers for previous books in the series and the overarching narrative... not so much.This is my very first review of a book in the FAYZ-Verse and I guess I should start by saying that I have a love-hate relationship with this series. There are things I enjoy quite a bit, things ...
  • Teenreadsdotcom
    VILLAIN, a Gone novel by Michael Grant, tells the story of the world four years after the events of GONE. The Perdido Beach dome is down, but the horrors inside it have spread. An alien virus-infested rock that created FAYZ has started an apocalypse, creating mutants and uncontrollable creatures, terrorizing the world. In this new post-apocalyptic series, you have your monsters, your villains and your heroes. There are some that believe the human...
  • Julia
    Warning to all: this book is gross af. But typical of a Gone novel. I found this book to be entertaining, but also a little pointless. It’s mostly just a bunch of gory, graphic violence that starts to lose its purpose. The new villain introduced, Dillon Poe, isn’t interesting. He’s a complete moron who seems to suddenly decide to kill everyone without feeling strongly about it one way or another. He just sort of does it. That being said, Gr...
  • Emily
    These books are just so horrible, and I mean that completely. Nobody can write the kind of twisted horror and awfulness that Michael Grant can. I think that’s why, at heart, I find his books continually compelling, no matter how gruesome they get—he really, really digs to the core of what humans will do to themselves and each other given the right circumstances.I’m still surprised this series hasn’t gotten more exposure, given how popular...
  • Sam Whale
    A big step up from Monster (which I still enjoyed a lot). The main cast is a lot more well rounded and engaging, with clearer motivations and arcs (it was nice to feel moments of sympathy for the various Villains instead of just seeing them as insane and evil). Dillan was an especially engaging antagonist and the addition of Francis to the Rockborn Gang is welcome :) Shade, Malik and Cruz are given a lot more depth, with Cruz in particular growin...
  • bjneary
    Oh do I LOVE this series and Villain did not disappoint! I devoured this riveting read in 2 days, with new characters (Dillon Poe, Francis Specter, DiMarco) and old characters I love - Shade, Dekka, Cruz, Malik, Sam Temple, Astrid, Armo and characters I hate - Drake, Peaks. As Malik suffers excruciating pain from burns, he ingests" the rock" and when he morphs he is able to give unbelievable pain to others. Dillon Poe is a horror, his power AFTER...
  • P.M.
    Dillon Poe must be one of the most despicable villains ever but he is brought down by the Rockborn Gang after a bloodthirsty rampage through Las Vegas. This is a sequel series to the Gone Sextuplets. However, it does not, in my opinion, have the likable heroes from Gone. I will keep reading because I want to find out about the Dark Watchers and why Francis does not sense them. I also like Armo, the berserker polar bear.
  • Jen
    Exactly as expected mostly except the "good guys" got a better deal this time. Pure adrenaline and entertainment. Still like the message of acceptance these books convey.
  • George Fowles
    Next level gore compared to that of the FAYZ. Loved the idea of Dillon Poe’s power and the zombie apocalypse vibe it gave off. Even more disturbing when you realise they’re all aware of what they’re doing but can’t stop. Got to be the biggest death toll of the series so far. I kinda wish more was done with the OG’s, especially Drake now he’s so much worse (or at least more directly stated) than in the FAYZ, but by the looks of the end...
  • Lizor
    *2.5I hadn't expected much of this book, because I wasn't a super big fan of the first one, but I'm reading it mostly because of the Gone nostalgia. Monster was pretty good to get through and still rather amusing, but I thought Villain was just a bit all over the place. It didn't really have a storyline that was easy to follow and I still don't really get what the "bigger problem" is now, because they keep killing the bad guys that seem to be the...
  • Verity Harris
    Full review to come.
  • Janine
    Villain is dramatic and full of non-stop action. There is an awful lot happening and as it had been a year since I read Monster, it took me a little while to get back into it. It is on a much larger scale than the original FAYZ books which on the one hand makes everything dramatic and shocking, but on the other hand can make it overwhelming and hard to keep track of. The powers people are developing are becoming so much bigger and wilder. I hones...
  • Jeannine Kranz
    Fantastic follow up series to the gone series. Can not wait for the next instalment.
  • Wisty
    I simply CANNOT get enough of Michael Grant and the worlds he creates.Read this in one sitting, and it was disgusting and gorey and I personally loved it. I feel like we're seeing some interesting character growth, we're building up a likable and complex ensemble of heroes and villains, we're seeing elements and characters from the original series- which is such a treat-and we've still got humor and sass and nasty action scenes. (view spoiler)[...
  • Sophia Johnson
    So that was very violent - a lot more gore than in the entire Gone serie and worse than Monster - description of torture, mass murder, massacre... - but the storyline was still interesting. It definitely was better than the precedent book, “Monster”, whose storyline was rushed and included too many useless, repetitive fights. The characters get a better development in this one, I liked the fact that none of the protagonist were “perfect”....
  • Judith Moore
    Originally posted at Chain InteractionI should stress that this isn’t all going to be a comparison to Killer T. A lot of aspects of this book are far better than Muchamore’s attempt to write teenagers who don’t make me want to bang my head repeatedly on my bookshelf. For instance, I think Grant does a fairly good job of making his characters diverse and intersectional. Does it always work? No. But the attempt is there and that’s importan...
  • Thomas Norstein
    Oh boy.Things just got intense.So... there's a lot of gore stuff in this book. A lot of scenes that have so much detail that you don't want to picture them. I guess it depends on if you're into that kind of stuff, but for me, it was a bit much. The flesh burning, the licking vomit, the tongue-biting... Almost makes BZRK and series seem average, and that's saying something.Dillon Poe is honestly some random dude that got introduced just so there w...
  • Matthew
    I received an e-copy of ‘Villain’ from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Villain is the second book in the Monster trilogy (or eighth book in the Gone series) by Michael Grant. The first six books made up a large part of my teenage reading and Michael Grant is one of the three authors I credit for getting me back into reading after a massive slump after finishing Deathly Hallows. His writing here is great as always, the story is addi...
  • Annette
    Laat ik deze recensie beginnen met een eerlijke uitspraak van mezelf: Ik heb nog geen enkel ander deel in de Gone serie gelezen. Niet in de eerste serie en niet in de tweede. Ik besef me dus terdege dat ik heel veel opbouw, van zowel de wereld, als de karakters gemist heb. Maar, ik heb dit boek als recensie exemplaar ontvangen en wilde het toch lezen, en eens kijken of het zich dan staande zou houden.En ik kan je alvast zeggen: dat doet het niet....