The Cumberland Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #5) by Shannon McNear

The Cumberland Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #5)

Thomas Bledsoe and Kate Gruener are traveling the Wilderness Road when conflicts between natives and settlers reach a peak that will require each of them to tap into a well of courage.Love and Adventure Are Discovered on the Wilderness Road​In 1794, when Kate Gruener’s father is ready to move the family farther west into the wilderness to farm untouched land, Kate is eager to live out her own story of adventure like he did during the War for ...

Details The Cumberland Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #5)

TitleThe Cumberland Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #5)
Release DateOct 1st, 2018
PublisherBarbour Books
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Christian Fiction, Christian

Reviews The Cumberland Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #5)

  • Deanne Patterson
    Even before I finished this I knew it would be my favorite book of the Daughter's of the Mayflower series! Wow, and I'm gonna say it again, WOW! Absolutely loved this book! This book was so rich in historical detail and I just gobbled it up. You want to tell me about the Wilderness Road in great detail, the terrain,weather conditions,native vegetation along the way? You want to tell me about the natives,their habitat,foods,customs, oh yes please ...
  • Michelle Griep
    I admit it. I'm a jaded reader. So when I give a book 5 stars, it's truly an event . . . and The Cumberland Bride is worthy of every hard-earned star I'm giving it. Shannon McNear can spin a tale like none other, and the romance side of it, whewie! The girl does relationships like a champ! If you're hankering to go back in time and visit the Colonial era, when life was tough and danger very real, then snatch yourself up a copy of this gem. You wo...
  • Missy
    This series just keeps getting better and better. I read 60% of this book in one day. It is that good. I would give this one 4 1/2 stars.It is the story of a guide, Thomas Bledsoe, who takes the Gruener and Jenkins families from Virginia to Kentucky, through the Cumberland Gap. But it is Kate Gruener, who captures his eye. Even though he is determined not to let a woman cry over him as he is undetermined in what his future may hold. But it is Kat...
  • Brittany
    What a story! I absolutely loved this novel and it is definitely my favorite book in the Daughters of the Mayflower series. This series is written by several different authors, with books that are all stand alone novels, and follows a family tree through important time periods in our history.These characters and the setting felt so real to me. From the vivid descriptions of what traveling the trace was like, to the dangers that arose as the settl...
  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    I loved the expansive wilderness setting in this book and the various feelings it gave throughout the story- anticipation and adventure, trepidation and danger. I could relate to Kate as she shows her inexperience in the elements, but also her strength, determination, and grit. Like Thomas, I couldn't help but admire her lack of complaints and selfless attitude. Even though it takes a while for Thomas to warm up to her enough to spark a friendshi...
  • Julie Carpenter
    It's official...This is my favorite book of the Daughters of the Mayflower series. Not that I don't love other books in this series, or enjoy all of them. But this one was fabulous! Life has been a little busy the last several months and I was super slow reading and reviewing this book by its publication date. But I'm slowly going back and catching up on several books that I missed. I figured that I'd pick this one up and skim through it quickly ...
  • Staci
    The Cumberland Bride is set between The American Revolution and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Some families were already traveling west to claim land of their own and forge a new life. Kate Gruener is traveling to Kentucky with her family. Their guide is Thomas Bledsoe. In the pages, readers get a sense of the difficulties of traveling on little traveled parts of the country and areas where the threat of Indian attack was very real. The author ...
  • Paula Shreckhise
    The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear is the fifth book in the Daughters of the Mayflower series.It is a thoroughly captivating story of a wilderness journey in 1794.Kate Gruener and her family are making the difficult trek from Bean’s Station, Tennessee, through the Cumberland Gap then farther into the wilds of western Kentucky. Her father has hired Thomas Bledsoe to scout for the party. Thomas has experience with the Shawnee and Cherokee. Th...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    I really love historical fiction and I love the time and setting for this book. It was such a time of turmoil and unrest as white settlers continued in their westward movement, pushing into the lands inhabited by the Shawnee and other Native American tribes. Tensions were high and I could really feel that in this story. This story has a really slow start and I was beginning to get impatient but I'm glad I stuck with it because once I reached abou...
  • Susan
    4.5 starsShannon McNear's lyrical prose weaves a magnificent tale of the early settlers along the Wilderness Road of the late 1700's. Her setting literally spring to life, as the story slowly unfolds describing the many hardships the early settlers faced as they moved westward. McNear alternates the POV between one of the settlers traveling the Wilderness Road Kate Gruenner and Thomas Bledsoe, their guide. Though she initially appears to be unpre...
  • Shonda
    This book was an excellent read! I love that this book is a wagon train book. There is romance but there is also much knowledge about Indians, wagon trains and the great land of the East. I enjoyed many of the characters but my favorite was definitely Kate! This book kept me engaged from the first page to the last. There was so much to love about this book!
  • Denise Weimer
    Oh-so-rarely it comes along - that novel that absolutely grips you. Shannon McNear has given us that novel with The Cumberland Bride. Point-of-view so masterful you experience each thought and emotion as if you are that character, that moment. Description so beautiful you can see the patchwork of green on the mountains and smell the loam of spring. You'll be so drawn into the scintillating attraction between stoic scout Thomas Bledsoe and naive s...
  • Dana Michael
    The Cumberland Bride is a book in a series of books by Barbour Publishing called The Daughters of the Mayflower. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. This is a new to me author and I loved this story. The historical aspects of the frontier and the dangerous plot kept me glued to each page. I felt as if I was there enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Cumberland Gap. The romance however, was what kept me turning the pages. It was so well done a...
  • Sarita
    At first this the book felt like it might be a slower read, but it quickly won me over with the never-ending adventure and action and needing to know how things would turn out for Thomas and Kate. The difficulties they experienced in the Wilderness was exciting, yet concerning and scary. The author kept me wondering what she would through in the path of these characters next and by the 60% mark I didn't want to put the book down.I loved the inter...
  • Rachael
    A wonderful historical read! The history is fascinating and the detail much appreciated by this reader. Wonderful characters, beautiful faith thread, and a touching love story all combine to make a great addition to this series.This was my first book by this author, and I hope to read more. It’s a very realistic story for it’s time period, and the love story is one that grows- my favorite kind! I really do highly recommend this read!
  • Quirkybookworm
    I adore, I breath, I ravish, I live history. I'm a major history buff. I'm a history nerd/geek and proud of it! With that being said, I truly enjoyed this 5th book in Mayflower Brides series. The author took her time researching the territory and the trail in late 1700's. With her words, I can actually visualize everything she penned down. This had to be hard for her to write this because of the time period with the slaves and the indians. I know...
  • Karen R
    Another wonderful historical adventure romance in the Mayflower series! One of my favorites in this series so far, this epic road trip begins in 1794 Tennessee and ends in Kentucky as the group travels along the newly expanded Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap.This well written tale pulled me in and had me holding my breath at times, as the tension mounts later on with perilous situations. The romance is a slow build to a sizzling, sigh-...
  • Lucy
    A wonderfully done historical with romantic tension that has you on the edge of your seat. The beautiful descriptions of the Cumberland Gap down to the specific flowers blooming has you seeing the picturesque setting and feeling like you are viewing it through the characters eyes. I found myself weeping when Thomas and Kate are with Flying Clouds....shhhh I cant say more or it will be a spoiler. Well written and extremely well researched and the ...
  • Debra Schoenberger
    Having read a story about a young girl captured by Indians when I was younger, I was curious to read this new Christian romance about another young woman whose family is travelling to Kentucky through Indian territory.Given the topic, there was plenty of action and suspense as Kate Gruener and her family, along with other settlers navigate the dangerous route to their new home. Thomas Bledsoe, a reticent but experienced post carrier and scout cap...
  • Sarah Monzon
    Having gone to college in TN and being familiar with the Cumberland Gap, I found the setting and history to be interesting and well done. The cover is gorgeous, as all in this series have been. The writing itself was good, the author having a firm grasp on craft. However the story started slow and didn’t really pick up until 60% in. There wasn’t much to set it off in way of uniqueness either, but, then again, I’ve read so much that it is ha...
  • Vera Godley
    Journeying with one's family over trails - mere footpaths - on foot, with few horses, and no wagons in 1794 ranks at the top of the list of terrifying accomplishments that the settlers of the United States managed and that absolutely astound me. I have long been highly respectful of early people and how they lived and what they accomplished. The story of The Cumberland Bride is just that sort of account. True, it involves a sweet bride, but that ...
  • Lady Alexandrine
    "The Cumberland Bride" by Shannon McNear was an interesting addition to the series. The novel is Christian historical fiction and there are many references to faith and prayer.Firstly, let me explain that I had no idea what the Cumberland Gap was before I read this book. Now, thanks to the author, I am much wiser. The Cumberland Gap was also known as the Wilderness Road. Basically, it was a route discovered in 1750, which enabled settlers to trav...
  • Loraine
    The series now focuses on the fifth and six generations of the Lytton family who are migrating in 1794 from Tennessee to Kentucky. The westward expansion movement is taking place. The main characters are Kate Greuner and her family who are traveling westward with two other families guided by Thomas Bledsoe, a frontiersman who had been taken as a young man by the Indians and spent 2 years with them before his release. Kate is an independent young ...
  • Ann
    This is the first book I've read in the Daughters of the Mayflower Series and also the first time to read a book by Shannon McNeer, it was an excellent book. You felt like you were right there with the characters of the book. I stayed glued to this book until the very end, it will have you laughing, crying, holding your breath and cheering. I felt she stayed very true to history and I really enjoyed reading the Author's Note at the end of the boo...
  • Ronie
    McNear's attention to historical details and the ability to weave those so seamlessly into a compelling novel is incredible! This was a wonderful read!
  • J. W. Garrett
    The Daughters of the Mayflower series follows the descendants from that famous journey. Book 1: The Mayflower Bride: Kimberley Woodhouse: pub Feb 1, 2018Book 2: The Pirate Bride: Kathleen Y’Barbo: pub April 1, 2018Book 3: The Captured Bride: Michelle Griep: pub May 15, 2018Book 4: The Patriot Bride: Kimberley Woodhouse: pub July 15, 2018Book 5: The Cumberland Bride: Shannon McNear: pub Oct 1, 2018Book 6: The Liberty Bride: MaryLu Tyndall: expec...
  • Julia
    The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear is a fabulous Christian historical novel and the fifth book in The Daughters Of The Mayflower series. It can be read as a stand-alone. History comes alive for the reader as we journey with those early pioneers determined to conquer and settle in new territories. Along the way we encounter Native Americans, mishaps and we catch that pioneering spirit.The novel shows the bravery and determination of those earl...
  • Rebecca
    3.5 stars"Be brave, sweet Kate." It's 1794 and Kate Gruener's father has decided to move his family west; regaling them with stories about the wild, barely tamed Kentucky frontier and its wide, open opportunities. He hires experienced scout Thomas Bledsoe to lead their cluster of local families safely across the Wilderness Road, knowing that renegade Shawnees are continuing to stir up trouble throughout Cumberland Gap. Kate's natural curiosity an...
  • Monique
    The Cumberland Bride is the fifth book in The Mayflower series, which follows the descendants of the Mayflower throughout historical American events. Each book is written by a different author, and this one is by Shannon McNear. It takes place on the Kentucky Wilderness Road in 1794, a time of great unrest between the frontiers and native Indians. Kate Gruener’s dad is ready to settle his family in the west, where he can get a piece of land. Hi...
  • Trixi
    The setting of the latest Daughters of the Mayflower starts out at Bean's Station, Tennessee in the year 1794. Thomas Bledsoe hires on with the Gruener family to move them across the Wilderness Road to Kentucky where they have purchased land. What follows is a tale of adventure, mishaps, Indian threats, secrets kept & revealed, family ties, and two hearts falling in love! I really enjoyed this story! McNear wrote in it such a way as to engage the...