The Labyrinth Index (Laundry, Files #9) by Charles Stross

The Labyrinth Index (Laundry, Files #9)

The arrival of vast, alien, inhuman intelligences reshaped the landscape for human affairs across the world, and the United Kingdom is no exception. Things have changed in Britain since the dread elder god Nyarlathotep ascended to the rank of Prime Minister. Mhari Murphy, recently elevated to the House of Lords and head of the Lords Select Committee on Sanguinary Affairs (think vampires), finds herself in direct consultation with the creeping cha...

Details The Labyrinth Index (Laundry, Files #9)

TitleThe Labyrinth Index (Laundry, Files #9)
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
GenreHorror, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Labyrinth Index (Laundry, Files #9)

  • Jacqie
    Thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book for review.It's weird to think of a book describing the Lovecraftian singularity as comfort reading, yet it is for me. At least, I reach for the Laundry Files whenever I need a sure thing, a book I know I'll like and read as fast as I can. Thank you, Charles Stross, for continuing to turn these out regularly! This one came along just when I needed it.Bob and Mo do not appear in this book excep...
  • rixx
    **The Labyrinth Index**, the latest entry in *Charlie Stross*' Laundry Files series … escalates. When the last volume of the Laundry Files ended fairly apocalyptic, I was under the impression that Charlie was fed up with reality overtaking his books pre-publication, and escalated to a level reality isn't yet willing to follow.The Labyrinth Index introduces Mhari as the protagonist and POV character, which I found refreshing and nice. Laundry pr...
  • David Harris
    I'm grateful to the publisher for an advance copy of this book (thanks Nazia!)Stross's Laundry Files are now, I think, his most numerous and long lasting series, running to eight or nine novels (with The Labyrinth Index) and several novellas and short stories (depending how you count the stories in The Atrocity Archives, the first book).While always having at its centre The Laundry itself, the UK's occult service ("occult secret service" would be...
  • David
    This review is based on an ARC given to me for free by the publisher via Netgalley. This does not in any way affect my review. This book is slated for release on October 30, 2018.The Laundry books started as pastiches of spy thrillers and then went into urban fantasy. In a way The Labyrinth Index has come full circle. It is an out and out spy thriller, albeit one cloaked in the trappings of Stross’s Laundry. Lovecraft-styled fantasy, now rapidl...
  • Kam
    This review is based on an ARC given to me for free by the publisher via Netgalley. This does not in any way affect my review. This book is slated for release on October 30, 2018....there are still aspects of this book that readers will find enjoyable – in particular, the characters. I am glad that the author has started writing about the female characters of his series, and was especially pleased with his portrayal of Mo O’Brien in The Annih...
  • Mark
    Well, that escalated quickly.With Bob stuck in a box marked "open only in case of apocalypse", the new POV character is Mhari, previously seen contracting a nasty case of vampirism and then parlaying it into a top job. This isn't a side story though: with that apocalypse very clearly looming on the horizon, the many actors - human or otherwise - are jockeying for position, and Mhari is tasked by the New Management of the UK with finding out exact...
  • Eric
    Well, that was worth the waitI've had this book on pre-order for months, happily so after having read the first eight in the series at least twice each. This one was superb and I can see myself re-reading it starting sometime this week.