ROBOT×LASERBEAM 3 (Robot x Laserbeam, #3) by Tadatoshi Fujimaki

ROBOT×LASERBEAM 3 (Robot x Laserbeam, #3)

栄藍学院vs東北国際高校。強豪ゴルフ部との練習試合で、入部したばかりのロボは、「帝王」朱雀恭介と共にラウンドすることに!! その攻撃的かつ圧倒的なプレイにロボは…!? そして、両校の勝敗は…!?

Details ROBOT×LASERBEAM 3 (Robot x Laserbeam, #3)

TitleROBOT×LASERBEAM 3 (Robot x Laserbeam, #3)
Release DateDec 4th, 2017
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Sports and Games, Sports, Shonen, Young Adult

Reviews ROBOT×LASERBEAM 3 (Robot x Laserbeam, #3)

  • Miguel
    The exciting Tohoku arc comes to an end! Here, Fujimaki plays up the team aspect of this ostensibly individual sport. Likewise, we get the full emergence of what will become Robo's defining personality traits throughout the manga. There are plot-turns that indicate how Robo will come to be a team regular and some beautiful scenes of team bonding. Ultimately, Robo's tense rivalry with Suzaku is always under the shadow of Yozan. But as Robo's skill...