A Sea of Sorrow by David Blixt

A Sea of Sorrow

Odysseus, infamous trickster of Troy, vaunted hero of the Greeks, left behind a wake of chaos and despair during his decade long journey home to Ithaca. Lovers and enemies, witches and monsters—no one who tangled with Odysseus emerged unscathed. Some prayed for his return, others, for his destruction. These are their stories…A beleaguered queen’s gambit for maintaining power unravels as a son plots vengeance.A tormented siren battles a godd...

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TitleA Sea of Sorrow
Release DateOct 17th, 2017
PublisherKnight Media, LLC
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Anthologies, Fantasy, Mythology

Reviews A Sea of Sorrow

  • Erin
    Find this and other reviews at: https://historicalfictionreader.blogs...Homer claimed it tedious to tell again tales already plainly told, but I’d argue his perspective shortsighted as there is nothing tedious about A Sea of Sorrow. Though essentially a retelling of The Odyssey, the collaborative brings fresh perspective to Odysseus’ journey and presents thought-provoking ideas about the ancient world. Song of Survival and Epilogue by Vicky A...
  • Marquise
    My first read this year, and coincidentally I had also read A Song of War, the H-Team's collective retelling of The Iliad, in January last year. A nice symmetry. Back then, I had wished they would do The Odyssey next, and lo! here it is. For some reason, I was expecting the same authors, however. So it was a surprise to me to find only three of the familiar names were back for a second round of Homer: Vicky Alvear Shecter, who did Odysseus and no...
  • Cathy
    A Sea of Sorrow: A Novel of Odysseus is a collaborative work by six authors who style themselves The H Team: David Blixt, Amalia Carosella, Libbie Hawker, Scott Oden, Vicky Alvear Shecter, Russell Whitfield and Gary Corby (Introduction). Each story focuses on one of six “supporting” characters in The Odyssey.The individual stories are united by a number of common themes and all present the stories in a realistic, prosaic way, shorn of the m...
  • Martina
    I've come to look forward to these exciting books written by an ever-changing group of authors, The H Team--some of whom I've read before and some who introduced me to a whole new batch of books I quickly added to my TBR pile.  In A SEA OF SORROW, authors Amalia Carosella, Libbie Hawker, Russell Whitfield, David Blixt, Scot Oden, and Vicky Alvear Shecter bring an ancient world to life with the stories of victims left in the wake of the Greek her...
  • Meg - A Bookish Affair
    "A Sea of Sorrow" is the story of Odysseus. It is an anthology and the latest offering from the H team, a bunch of powerhouse historical fiction writers. Like their previous offerings, this anthology packs a punch and I am so happy to see anthologies cross over to the historical fiction realm where they don't seem to be found often. After reading this book and the other H team books, it is very perplexing to me as to why this is. It is no wonder ...
  • Elysium
    I haven’t read anything by Homer and while I know the basics of Odyssey and his journey, there is much to learn. Mostly I know Circe, Calypso etc by name but that’s about it. In a way, it’s a good thing since I don’t have anything to compare these characters to.My favorite chapters were with Penelope. I loved seeing how she manages to keep the throne during all those years her husband was away. She had to be clever to do that since the ma...
  • Patty
    I first read The Iliad and The Odyssey when I was in high school. It’s been a while since I’ve revisited either tale but they will be there for me whenever I decide to. I do remember being enthralled with Odysseus’s travels while my friends looked at me like I had two heads. High school….A Sea of Sorrow brings the tales of Odysseus to life but in a very different way than our old friend Homer. There are six short stories in the book each ...
  • Amy
    A Sea of Sorrow: A Novel of Odysseus is a collection of 6 stories by 6 different authors. These stories include: Song of Survival by Vicky Alvear ShecterXenia in the Court of the Winds by Scott OdenHekate's Daughter by Libbie HawkerThe Siren's Song by Amalia CarosellaCalypso's Vow by David BlixtThe King in Waiting by Russell WhitfieldThere is, also, an Introduction by Gary Corby and an Epilogue by Vicky Alvear Shecter.I have to admit, this book i...
  • Iset
    I enjoyed this collaborative title a lot more than I did A Song of Troy. Something about it really worked.Vicky Alvear Shecter writes the first section, following Penelope and Telemakhos, and whilst it isn’t overly ambitious in re-writing the myth or providing a fresh perspective like some of the other entries are, she absolutely nails the voice. It reads like The Odyssey. It was all very familiar, and perfectly pitched. She won bonus points fr...
  • Paul Bennett
    One might ask, 'why another book about Troy; another book about Odysseus?'  Well, in answer to that question, I would say, 'because of the variety of ways the story can be told.'  In A Sea of Sorrow we have that variety - here are told the tales of Odysseus without the elements of mythical monsters or capricious gods and goddesses; not that the monsters and gods are missing from the stories but are only in the minds and beliefs of the participa...
  • Stephanie
    We have all heard of Odysseus' journey and the fanciful tales he brought back while being away for 20 years after the War of Troy. We have heard the stories from Odysseus' point of view, now the H Team brings us the stories from the point of view of those that he told the tales about. Through Penelope, we find out how she ruled singularly as a Queen, through Telemachus, we learn what it was like to grow up without a father and King, we learn the ...
  • Heather C
    Having thoroughly enjoyed A Song of War, the prior release from the H Team, I was super excited to see that they were taking on the epic story of The Odyssey. Growing up I had always inhaled the tale of Odysseus and his adventures returning home to his waiting family after ten years of war. I first want to address my thoughts on the individual stories before getting into my overall thoughts.Song of Sorrow by Vicky Alvear ShecterIt makes complete ...
  • Elena
    Song of Survival by Vicky Alvear Shecter: 4 starsThe first story follows Penelope and Telemachus, and how each of them are struggling after Odysseus’ long absence from home. I really loved Penelope: she was a strong and capable woman, not at all passive and as cunning as her husband. The plot she conceived to safeguard her throne was very smart, and it was a clever explanation for how her future suitors came to be. Telemachus, on the contrary, ...
  • Stephanie (Bookfever)
    First of all I want to say that I'm a huge fan of these books. A Day of Fire: A Novel of Pompeii, A Year of Ravens: A Novel of Boudica's Rebellion and A Song of War: A Novel of Troy. They were all really great and I simply adore them! Second, I want to say that usually I review each story individually but I'm not doing that this time around. I'm doing things a little differently with A Sea of Sorrow, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think.T...
  • Tommi
    This book was a trip back in time. I feel like I know Penelope, Odysseus, Circe and all the others. not as characters, but as people. It's really impressive how these six authors wove together the threads of the Odyssey into a beautiful, heart-breaking, and coherent tapestry that will hang in the back of my mind for a very long time. Well done, H Team!
  • Claire Holland
    I absolutely loved this take on the Odyssey !!I love all books from the H Team and their latest instalment didn't disappoint I fell in love with each character as they encountered the wily Odysseus in his travels. And Russell Whitfield's gripping ending left me gasping for more! Brilliant!!
  • Kris Irvin
    This wasn't my favorite of this type of book but it wasn't my least favorite, so a solid 3 stars. There are only 6 viewpoints in this one so it's got a different feel but it's still enjoyable and worth reading.
  • Juliet Smith
    I'll admit to being a bit wary of reading this one, since Kate Quinn wasn't one of the authors. After I reading a couple of reviews, I decided to dive in and enjoyed it greatly. My favorite is either Xenia in the Court of the Winds, which has a very different look at Polyphemus, or The Siren's Song, where I found myself rooting for Aglaope to succeed even though I already knew she was doomed to fail. I was a bit disappointed that the Lotus Eaters...
  • Natalie
    A solid 4 stars. This book wasn't as enthralling for me as the previous efforts of the H-Team, but I liked it. Another reviewer said that the stories didn't flow as seamlessly as the other works, and with that, I agree. However, I still enjoyed the stories individually. Particularly, I loved "Xenia in the Court of the Winds," a sympathetic look at the story of the Cyclops, and "Hekate's Daughter," Circe's story in her own words. I also enjoyed re...