A Cathedral of Myth and Bone by Kat Howard

A Cathedral of Myth and Bone

In these sixteen exquisite stories Kat Howard deftly weaves in and out of the countries of myth and hagiography to write the lives of women untold and unexplored.A woman being written into her boyfriend’s fiction is at first flattered to be his muse, but then finds her real life literally consumed and overtaken by his. A desperate young woman makes a prayer to the Saint of Sidewalks, but the miracle she receives isn’t what she expected. A pai...

Details A Cathedral of Myth and Bone

TitleA Cathedral of Myth and Bone
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
PublisherSaga Press
GenreShort Stories, Fantasy, Mythology, Science Fiction, Anthologies

Reviews A Cathedral of Myth and Bone

  • Sami
    A haunting and gorgeous collection of short stories threaded together with the quiet opulence of a stained glass window. Howard's beautiful prose brings together fragile bones, feathered pages, and heartsick saints. It's worth mentioning that Once, Future is my favorite King Arthur story since The Once and Future King-it's that unbelievably good.
  • Hillary Smith
    I am completely and totally in awe of this new collection of short stories. These tales are as dark and beautiful as the myths and fables they are based on, but somehow they seem impossibly richer. Howard has breathed new life and modernity into everything from Greek mythology to the tales of Camelot. Impeccably executed and perfect for fans of fairy tales, myths and magic!
  • Michelle
    Pub date: Oct 2018Wow! I am not usually a short story person, but this was chockablock full of wonderful and terrifying woman-centric magic and modern mythology. Most of the stories I loved (especially "Once, Future"), just one I thought was just ok, but all haunted me and left me wanting more. With Ms Howard's fabulous writing, I would recommend this book for everyone.
  • Crowinator
    Actual rating: 3.5 stars
  • Kathryn Kania
    Totally in my wheelhouse. The retelling of Arthur was good, I wish it was gayer though.
  • KristynRene The Hype Queen of Books
    Edelweiss granted me this ARC in exchange for an honest review. And honest is what I will offer you.2.75/5 StarsThe first two stories gripped me and told me to throw out everything I believed a story to be, and they took me on short adventures I absolutely adored.And then King Arthur showed up and ruined everything. After that mess of confusion and self-fulfilling prophesy slash self-replicating plot slammed into this book, I had to stop. 16%-43%...