An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison

An Unquiet Mind

The personal memoir of a manic depressive and an authority on the subject describes the onset of the illness during her teenage years and her determined journey through the realm of available treatments.

Details An Unquiet Mind

TitleAn Unquiet Mind
Release DateOct 1st, 1996
GenrePsychology, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Health, Mental Health, Mental Illness

Reviews An Unquiet Mind

  • stephanie
    i was reading some reviews of the book written by people that disliked this. i just want to say, that for a person suffering from mental illness, the fact that you know jamieson's full CV and her academic struggles is important. it's more of a - look, she was wildly successful, and dealing with this illness, and she finally came to terms with it, and now she's okay - and still wildly successful. i also want to say how brave it was for her to writ...
  • Huda Yahya
    الإكتئاب- بطريقةٍ ما، متسقٌ كثيرًا مع أفكار المجتمع عن المرأة تستطيع أن تتحدث بقدر ما تريد عن هذه المرأةعن صمودها وقوتها وشجاعتها وجرأتهاولكن أتعرف ما هي الكلمة الوحيدة العالقة بذهني كلما صادفت هذه السيرة أمامي"الحنــــان"هذه قصة دلالتها الأولى ...
  • Lizzy
    “I am tired of hiding, tired of misspent and knotted energies, tired of the hypocrisy, and tired of acting as though I have something to hide.” An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness is an honest and profoundly dramatic memoir that reveals the challenges and sufferings faced by people that suffer from bipolar disorder. Kay Redfield Jamison herself endured the dangerous highs of euphoria mixed with the lows of depression. Her professio...
  • Jessica
    A lot of people seem to have a negative reaction to this book, which I totally get. I didn't find Jamison a particularly likable person, and this wasn't great literature, though it did go down fast and smooth.Be that as it may, I've strongly recommended An Unquiet Mind several times, and I can't judge it by the normal standards that I apply to most books. I see An Unquiet Mind as performing a specific and vital function, at which I think it succe...
  • Suzanne
    ‘I worked on a locked ward at the time, and I didn’t relish the idea of not having the key.’ The author suffers from manic depressive illness (who chooses this coin of phrase as opposed to bipolar disorder, and I tend to agree with her). She is a brilliant mind, an academic and health care professional and absolute authority on this subject; she lives and breathes the disease but is able to treat her patience with complete and utter underst...
  • Belinda
    Just ran across this review of "An Unquiet Mind" that I wrote a couple of years ago (January 2009). As I go back through blog posts, Twitter feeds, book reviews, etc., it amazes me how difficult a time *I* was having... and how I was paying NO attention to that whatsoever. It was all about someone else. And really, in this book, that's how Jamison seems to think it should be.I just had the opportunity to re-read this book when it was offered on t...
  • طَيْف
    قبل البدء: اقرأ الكتاب ولا تسقط الأعراض على نفسك، فتتوهم- كما يفعل البعض- إصابتك بالمرض!!اختارت كاي ردفيلد جاميسون أن تكتب...وتخترق حجب الصمت، وتعلن على الملأ ما يحاول الكثيرون إخفاءه..خوفا من نظرة المجتمع وأرباب العمل والعائلة...ولكن كاي أرادت لمعان...
  • rachel misfiticus
    So far... about half way done...1 star for her vanity and pretension 5 stars because of the taxidermic fox3 stars being a calculated average**UPDATE**Perhaps I have been corrupted by the reviews I read before finishing this book; however, I am still trying to wash Kay Redfield Jamison’s self-haughtiness out of my mind. I think that the first chapter and the last chapter are the only ones with any weight. Chapter one is about Jamison’s childho...
  • *Swaroop*
    I doubt sometimes whethera quiet & unagitated lifewould have suited me -- yet Isometimes long for it.~Byron The Chinese believe that before you can conquer a beast you first must make it beautiful. An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness is a memoir about living with manic depression by Kay Redfield Jamison, who is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Kay prefers the term m...
  • أروى
    لا تستطيع أن تنأى بنفسك بعيداً عن نفسك وأنت تقرأ هذا الكتاب البديع..تشعر لوهلة أنك ضعت في متاهات نفس إنسانية شديدة التعقيد..الكاتبة طبيبة نفسية مشهورة ومريضة نفسية مصابة بذهان الهوس الإكتئابي وكاتبة ومولعة بكل فنون الأدب والموسيقى...أي مزيج غريب سي...
  • mai ahmd
    هذه النوعية من الكتب تأتي أهميتها لأنها تعبر عن كثيرين فهي لسانهم الذي لا يحكي لسانهم العاجز عن التعبير ويدهم المشلولةعن الكتابة ككتاب قدمي اليسرى للرسام كريستي براون ، هذه المشاعر والصراعات والمعاناة التي لا يدري عنها الإنسان الطبيعي أو الصحيح ...
  • Tia
    An autobiography of a brilliant woman who suffered from manic depression (she resists the more watered down label "bipolar" because she thinks it hides the essential nature of the disease.) She made it through a PhD in psychology and became one of the foremost authorities in her field before finally getting the consistent treatment she needed. Just seeing how she was able to achieve such professional success while privately dealing with such hell...
  • Alanoud
    عقل غير هادئ هو عنوان لكتاب بالفعل "غير هادئ" و كاتبة غير هادئة !...الدكتورة والاكاديمية المتخصصة في علم النفس –كاي جاميسون- تحكي في صفحات كتابها عن قصة صراعها مع ما يسمى بذهان الهوس الاكتئابي . ذلك المرض "العضوي" النفسي المؤدي الى حالات متفاوته ما بي...
  • Meaghan
    This was overrated. I learned very little about what it's like to actually have manic-depression; Dr. Jamison preferred to write about her love life and her visits to England. She glossed over her suicide attempt and the only description of hospitalization is that of one of her patients. Also, the memoir skips back and forth in time and it's irritating. There are better books out there.
  • Britta
    I'm still not quite sure what I think of this book. It was recommended to me by a therapist thinking I would be interested as someone with bipolar disorder. Due to the source of the suggestion and the author of the book, an expert on and individual with bipolar disorder, I expected some practical insight into living with this disease. What I found was much different.This book is labeled a memoir, and the writing style and content certainly fit th...
  • Sama
    ولأني أصبت في فترة سابقة باكتئاب استمر معي لسنوات أدراك هذا الوصف جيداً، أفهمه وأستشعره بل وصفته بشكل أفضل في خاتمتها أيضاً "ليس ثمة شيء جيد يمكن أن يقال عنه سوى أنه يعطيك خبرة عن كيفية أن تكون عجــوزاً.. عجــوزاً ومريـضاً، ومشرفاً على الموت، وبطيء ...
  • jo
    just re-read this for class. maybe i'll post a a review later. for now, though, i raised my four-star rating to five. the ways in which KRJ thinks about mental illness are not always congenial with mine, but this is a brave, beautifully written, and still very powerful book, many such memoirs later. REVIEW 3/12/11i'm not going to research this, but i think this was one of the first candid memoirs of mental disorder coming from someone famous/main...
  • Julie Ehlers
    I read An Unquiet Mind because I wanted to learn more about bipolar disorder. I remember all the attention this book received when it first came out, and it was recommended to me by more than one person, so I was somewhat baffled by how little I enjoyed reading it. Don't get me wrong--I wasn't expecting a memoir about bipolar disorder to be some kind of party. But I think I may have read too many beautiful memoirs by poets and novelists to be par...
  • Ibrahim Jabarin إبراهيم جبارين
    بِحقّ، هذهِ السيرة مُلهِمَةالنجمَة الناقِصَة هيَ لأنّني أكرَهُ توصيف الحبّ بأنهُ العلاقَة المتمثّلة بين ذكَرٍ وأنثىوهو ما عنَتْهُ الدكتورة كآي عندما قالَت: الحبّ كعاملٍ مؤازر، الحبّ كعنصرٍ مجدد، والحبّ كأداةِ حمايةبعيداً عن الكتاب قليلاًأتسائ...
  • سمر محمد
    "ياعزيزي كلنا مرضى نفسيّون" بدرجات متفاوتة في هذا الكتاب قامت الطبيبة وعالمة النفس الأمريكية كاي ردفيلد جاميسون يتقديم سيرتها الذاتية و معاناتها مع المرض النفسي وعلى الرغم من أنني غالباً لا اصدق "السيّر الذاتية" بشكل كامل ولكنها أجبرتني على تصديق...
  • StMargarets
    Beautifully written memoir, published in 1995, of a wildly intelligent and successful John Hopkins psychologist who has bipolar disorder. I took two things away from it:One- so much has been learned about the disorder since 1995.Two – I feel like I understand my mother’s illness better after reading this, but not my son’s.I understand my manic depressive mother better since I didn’t realize that lithium wasn’t approved for general use u...
  • Andy
    Think of this book as an autobiography and you can't go wrong. Kay Redfield Jamison hardly needs an introduction here; her life and work stand for themselves. She literally 'wrote the book' on bipolar disorder with co-author Fred Goodwin, M.D. called, simply enough, "Manic-Depressive Illness." So this book, "An Unquiet Mind," is not a clinical study of bipolar disorder. It is a deep and personal inside look at what it's like to live with manic de...
  • Muhammed Hebala
    من أجمل و أصدق ما قرأت ، كتاب في قمة الجمال و الروعة.تصف الكاتبة معاناتها الشديدة و الطويلة مع مرض من أصعب الأمراض النفسية التي من الممكن أن يعاني منها المرءأثناء رحلتنا معها في هذا الكتاب نحس و نشعر بكل كلمة صادقة من كلماته ، و نشعر كأننا نحن من عان...
  • Lisa Vegan
    I really enjoyed this book. It’s incredibly well written. The author: She’s truly brilliant. She comes across as completely honest and she allows herself to be vulnerable in the telling of her story, which makes her exceedingly likeable. Kay Redfield Jamison is a psychiatrist, an authority on bipolar disorder, and suffers from the condition herself. And she’s written a terrific book about bipolar disorder and her life experience. And no, I...
  • Muhammad Elmoghazy
    مرض الاضطراب الوجداني ثنائي القطب Bipolar Affective Disorder أو ذهان الهوس الاكتئابي Manic Depressive Illness كما كان يسمى قديماً وكما تفضل د.چايمسون تسميته: هو اضطراب عقلي يتميز بنوبات هوس واكتئاب متكررة، يتأرجح فيها المزاج ومستوى النشاط بشكل عميق. حيث يتكون من: هوس Mania ...
  • Violetta
    "There's no easy way to tell other people you have a manic-depressive illness; if there is, I haven't found it...I am tired of hiding, tired of misspent and knotted energies, tired of the hypocrisy, and tired of acting as though I have something to hide."Me too, Kay. Me too. "There is a particular kind of pain, elation, loneliness, and terror involved in this kind of madness. When you're high it's tremendous. The ideas and feelings are fast and f...
  • Inge
    “If you have bipolar illness, this book will help you to forgive yourself for everything that has gone awry; if you do not, it will perhaps show how a steely tenacity can imbue disasters with value, a capacity that stands to enrich any and every life.”
  • Bodour Bahliwah
    لو كنت محررة لحذفت نصف محتواه وما تضرر؛ فقد تكرر المحتوى في نواحي عده؛ لكنه رفيق جيد ويستحق بعض وقتك
  • Thomas
    In her bold autobiography An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison details her struggle with bipolar disorder in the midst of her career as a clinical psychologist. First published in 1994, this book highlights Jamison's bravery: with such a prestigious academic position and a CV full of work related to manic-depressive disorder, she risked her reputation and her ethos by writing this wonderful, heart-wrenching volume.The Chinese believe that before...