World War II at Sea by Craig L. Symonds

World War II at Sea

Author of Lincoln and His Admirals (winner of the Lincoln Prize), The Battle of Midway (Best Book of the Year, Military History Quarterly), and Operation Neptune (winner of the Samuel Eliot Morison Award for Naval Literature), Craig L. Symonds ranks among the country's finest naval historians. World War II at Sea is his crowning achievement, a narrative of the entire war and all of its belligerents, on all of the world's oceans and seas between 1...

Details World War II at Sea

TitleWorld War II at Sea
Release DateApr 13th, 2018
PublisherOxford University Press
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, World War II

Reviews World War II at Sea

  • Matt
    “As if a giant hammer had smashed down on her amidships, the Hood broke in half, her bow jackknifing upward to a forty-five-degree angle while flames and smoke soared into the sky. Watching from the Bismarck, [Captain] Lindemann’s adjutant, Burkard Mullenheim-Rechberg, recalled seeing ‘a mountain of flame and a yellowish-white fireball bursting up between her masts and soaring into the sky. White stars, probably molten pieces of metal, shot...
  • happy
    With this volume, Dr. Symonds once again proves he is one of the best naval historians currently writing. In this narrative, he takes the reader through WWII at sea from the sinking of the British battleship HMS Royal Oak by a U-Boat at Scapa Flow in the beginning days of the war through to last American Naval Air raids on Japan in August of 1945.He has arranged the narrative chronologically and by theater. While discussing events in one theater ...
  • David Eppenstein
    WWII is not an a subject for which I have much enthusiasm. Blame it on all those WWII movies I watched as a kid and then add the History Channel, at least while it still carried history programming, and I guess I have just OD'd on the subject. Nevertheless, there are good histories available on that war but I tend to need a credible recommendation before I spend money on a book dealing with that period. The review of a GR friend (thanks Matt) cau...
  • Nooilforpacifists
    Smooth, well-written chronological summary of the naval aspects of War II. Not surprisingly, Symonds contends it wasn’t the bomb, nor code-breaking, nor radar that won the war: each of those explanations has been advanced in diverse books. Rather, it was U.S. technological prowess in shipbuilding. For example, he shows, in the Battle of the Atlantic, that while closing the air gap, adding Jeep carriers to each convoy, and battling million of fa...
  • Doug Cornelius
    I try to keep looking for ways to interact with my kids in new ways. My son loves reading about military history, so I though I would add a book on that topic to my reading list. Reading it together would give us more things to talk about.Oxford University Press was kind enough to send me a review copy of its upcoming release: World War II at Sea: A Global History by Craig L. Symonds. My son and I jumped in and enjoyed this narrative of the naval...
  • Sean Chick
    A massive synthesis of the emerging interpretations of naval warfare in World War II, more a narrative than an analysis, but not without insights. In particular, Symonds spends a decent amount of the book on logistics, ship construction, and amphibious warfare tactics. Not enough to bore but certainly enough to give a fuller of appreciation of these aspects next to the classic narrative of admirals and fighting ships. There are minor errors that ...
  • Jeff Dow
    A good survey of the war at sea...a surprisingly fast read for such a heavy topic
  • Billie
    This well written book covers the naval war of World War II between the years 1939 and 1945. It offers a global perspective of the major engagements. The author expertly tells about the mechanics of warfare on the sea and explains about the nature of the war. The entire naval history of World War II is recounted in one volume. This is a great addition on this subject for your library. I received a copy of this book compliments of Goodreads Giveaw...
  • Peter Goodman
    “World War II at Sea: a global history,” by Craig L. Symonds (Oxford, 2018). Yep, that’s what it is. Symonds was chair of the department of naval history at the US Naval Academy, where he is currently distinguished professor of maritime history. He carries his erudition lightly. This is a wonderful book. I knew much of what he recounts here, and was a little puffed up at finding that I had read a number of the books he cites. But Symonds re...
  • Earl
    World War II at Sea from Craig Symonds is a comprehensive (not exhaustive) history of the naval war in its entirety told chronologically. In other words, a section about the North Atlantic will be followed by a section on the Pacific if there were events that occurred simultaneously or one right after the other. So told as the war unfolded, which means taking into account what is happening in other parts of the world.The purpose of this book is t...
  • Urey Patrick
    A global naval history of World War II, correlating events and developments across the globe over the course of the war while focussing the narrative on the war at sea, in all its many permutations. Most naval histories of World War II isolate themselves to particular battles, campaigns or venues. Symonds has written a naval history that covers, and correlates, all venues, campaigns and battles - at sea. There is little of the air (except naval a...
  • Patrick
    This was just excellent. I have read other WWII naval books that focused just on the Pacific or the North Atlantic, but as the author notes, it was hard to find a global overview to put everything in context.I thought he did an excellent job of staying focused on the naval warfare, but including just the right amount of context about the larger war and political situations to make the information fit. I learned and understood more about the Atlan...
  • Al
    Craig Symonds, a lifelong Navy man, might be considered somewhat partial his own Service, but that partiality doesn't dim the brilliance of his survey of the crucial role played by Allied naval forces in World War II. He argues forcefully and persuasively that Allied naval superiority was one of the three reasons the Allied forces prevailed in the war (the other two being British determination at the beginning of the war and the resilience of the...
  • William Nist
    A wonderfully readable magnum opus on the navel history (British, German, Japanese, Italian and American) of the Second World War. Very helpful maps and photographs add to the enjoyment of this work. I found the analysis of the importance of submarines, esp German U boats interesting, as well as the analysis of the "turning point" that finally delivered the ultimate Allied victory. I never appreciated that American manufacturing capacity may have...
  • David
    I received this book through a FirstReads giveaway on GoodReads.This well written single volume history of the naval campaigns of World War II begins with the author setting the stage for the global naval situation prior to the 1939 in the prologue and covering all naval actions of the war through the signing of the Instrument of Surrender on the USS Missouri in 1945. The book is written more as a novel than a history book and because of this, it...
  • Joe Mahoney
    A thorough review of military naval activity from all the major players of World War Two from the beginning of the conflict to the end. Symonds concisely serves up a massive amount of information in an engrossing and informative fashion, a testament both to his ability as a writer and as an historian. The stories themselves serve as a stark reminder of the madness of war and the incalculable damage that foolish, misguided, and simply evil leaders...
  • Susan Liston
    With war history I tend to gravitate towards personal stories or accounts of individual episodes, because military strategy and maneuvering tends to go over my simple little head. Or I am just too lazy to really concentrate on understanding it. No problems here. This book takes an enormous subject and renders it consumable for even the dimmer-witted. It was frequently, dare I say it, a page-turner. (I did pace myself, though, the incomprehensible...
  • CoachJim
    This is an extraordinary history book about WWII. It focuses on the Naval aspects of the War and deals with the German, British, American, Italian, and French navies. A comprehensive and well-written account of the naval actions during WWII.I especially liked that he didn't make judgments about the actions of characters (MacArthur, Halsey, etc.) just tried to present the facts.The author has written previously about the Navy during the D-Day land...
  • Hank Quense
    An excellent, easy-to-read history of naval warfare in WWII. It describes battles and strategy from all sides. It's also filled with little-known but fascinating details. For instance, some allied battles had to be postponed or even cancelled because of the lack of landing ships. The allies had the men, the tanks, the planes, the weapons but not enough landing ships which were required in huge numbers. Another stunning fact: many of the landing s...
  • Richard Kratz
    Logistics wins wars, and this book made the topic interestingIt is rare to see a WWII history that so clearly shows how all of the pieces of a nation's capabilities, industrial, political as well as military, work together. The author has made this subject into a page turning book as you learn how one side, the Allies, made all of their capabilities work in harness so much better than the side. Great book.
  • Peter L
    WW II at Sea: a full account of the global Naval history of WW2Craig Symonds recounts all major battles at sea in WW II. He tells a little of character of all the major figures & goes on write about important happenings & relates important information not found elsewhere. If you wanted only ONE book on the World at war on seas & oceans everywhere this would be my recommendation.
  • Lou
    i enjoyed reading about WW II but mostly land battles, i.e. Iwo Jima, Okinawa, but anyone interested in the War at Sea this is a good book. Mr. Symonds does a fabulous job detailing the sea battles, i.e. the Battle of Midway, Battle of Leyte Gulf, the Navy's part in the landings at Okinawa, Peleliu. The Naval Commanders of all the navies, US, British, Germany, Japan etc. The one volume is a definite add to your WW II or sea library. Includes pict...
  • Kenneth E Lanham
    Excellent Single Volume History Of The War At SeaNotable for expansive treatment of the Italian Navy. There has to be limits to inclusiveness if the book is to remain a single volume. However areas that could have deserved more coverage include the fighting in the Indian Ocean, the role of the Canadian Navy, and land based naval airpower. That said, well worth the read.
  • David Shaffer
    Craig Symonds did the impossible, he synthesized a cogent, readable insightful and relatively short at a little over 600 pages of text, on the world wide naval aspects of World War Two. A masterpiece which contributes a scholarly naval history of the war. I encourage those to read who have interest in World War Two, the naval war with it's many different facets.
  • Stephen Butterworth
    On the surface it seems like a very dense read, but this book is engaging and before you know it, you'll be 50 pages in and eager for more. It truly is a wonderful overview of WW2 sea battles and strategy - yet it mixes perspectives of seamen and admirals to paint a great picture of what was going on.
  • Grouchy Historian
    Absolutely magnificent. A single volume history of the naval campaigns of World War 2 that has just enough detail. What makes this book really stand out is how the author ties together the world-wide nature of the naval campaign, something rarely done well an any history of World War 2.HIGHLY recommended.
  • Denise
    A book for people serious about history (not just with a casual interest) but still very readable.
  • Nazia
    a very informative book which gives information about the global history WW-II in the sea.
  • Bradyn Harvey
    I love naval history and this book fueled that love. Shios are amazing and so is this book
  • James D
    Outstanding effort. Time well spent