The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1) by Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1)

A heartwarming and refreshing debut novel that proves one thing: there's not enough data in the world to predict what will make your heart tick.Stella Lane thinks math is the only thing that unites the universe. She comes up with algorithms to predict customer purchases — a job that has given her more money than she knows what to do with, and way less experience in the dating department than the average thirty-year-old.It doesn't help that Stel...

Details The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1)

TitleThe Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1)
Release DateJun 5th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Fiction, Adult, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance

Reviews The Kiss Quotient (The Kiss Quotient, #1)

  • Chaima ✨ شيماء
    This book had the nerve…the audacity…the unmitigated gall…to come into my home…whereIpay the bills…and let me down.On the bright side, however, at least it’s not a Percy Jackson movie.I relish stories that give voices to cultures and experiences that are unfortunately too rarely represented on page or screen, so when I heard this book is an ownvoices story about a woman with Asperger's, I immediately added it to my TBR.Although this n...
  • Emily May
    4 1/2 stars. Well, this book. I'm not even sure where to start. I guess I'll begin with an overview.The Kiss Quotient is a seriously sexy, fun book that has rekindled my interest in the romance genre. When it hits the spot, I LOVE a good romance, but I rarely find one that goes beyond cliches and instalove so I usually end up bored. Not with this one. Not one bit.It's the perfect blend of sweet and steamy. And let me be clear: this is not YA. The...
  • Lola
    I am… not impressed.How lovely that this is an #ownvoices novel. Stella is autistic, as is the author, and so, no one can say that it is not authentic.But the storyline is not, however, very realistic.See, Stella is bad at sex, or so she says. She’s also bad at relationships and human interactions in general. So she hires Michael, an escort, to teach her a thing or two.Or three. *suggestive eyebrows*I was entertained for the first fifty or so...
  • Melanie
    This was my pick for the June 2018 Book of the Month box!ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. “I like you better than calculus, and math is the only thing that unites the universe.” Friends, The Kiss Quotient is so deserving of every ounce of hype it has received thus far. I am not sure I’ve ever been so happy, and had such a lame grin on my face, while reading any other book. This was heartwarming...
  • Melissa
    Not exactly the wow-worthy read I was expecting.There’s been a ton of buzz surrounding this novel and I would say, rightly so for one reason. With this story, Helen Hoang gives voice to a syndrome that until now has been absent in the romance genre. Through her cast of endearing characters, she explores the importance of self-acceptance and the desire we all have to find that one person who makes establishing an intimate relationship feel effor...
  • Roxane
    The Kiss Quotient is quite the unexpected romance novel. Stella Lane is on the spectrum and wants to get better at sex so she can, hopefully, find a life partner and start the family her parents so very much want her to have. To get better at sex she hires Michael, an escort with a lot of debt and a few secrets but who, somehow, is exactly the man she needs. Of course he is! That's how romance novels work. But this is such a fun read and it's als...
  • emma
    things about this that were very good:- the autism rep- the fact that while the author was researching said autism rep, she got diagnosed with autism- this is #ownvoices for autism and asian rep! yay! cool inclusion of vietnamese culture!- the female character is the moneymaker/works in STEM and the male character has less money/is a creative! employment gender role reversal.things about this that were not very good, for me, personally, sorry:- a...
  • Christy
    5+ Stars!!! There isn't much better as a reader than finding a debut novel that you have zero expectations for, and it blowing you away. The Kiss Quotient did just that. Helen Hoang wrote a book that is smart, sexy, made me laugh, and gave me just the right amount of feels. There wasn't one thing I would change about this story or the characters. I loved everything about it!Stella Lane is a thirty year old econometrician who is smart and successf...
  • Joce (squibblesreads)
    lord jesus mama needs a cold shower
  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    Re-read 6/12/18: Hi hello I am still SO obsessed with this book. If you haven’t read it yet, PLEASE READ IT. You absolutely will not regret it. Original read 5/2/18: I am a swooney mess, oh my LANTA. I haven’t swooned this hard since Joshua Templeman. My heart is so happy right now, I can’t even. WHAT A ROMANCE.
  • Warda
    “I’m obsessed with you, Michael,” she confessed. I want to hug this book. But since I don't have the physical copy of it yet, I'm going to have to be satisfied with hugging my kindle. The story was even better the second time round. I remember the miscommunication bugging me when it happened the first time I read it. Now, I'm realising us humans do have a major issue with communicating because we're uncomfortable with being vulnerable. I ap...
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    #1 The Kiss Quotient #2 The Bride Test Sometimes, you hear so much hype for a book that you reach the point where you’re almost afraid to read it, because your hopes are so high that you just know, if it disappoints you even an iota, you’re going to be totally crushed… right? It’s the worst feeling and it can make it so hard to finally pick up that superlatively popular read, because nobody wants to be the only person who hates a book, ri...
  • Penelope Douglas
    I started reading this Friday night on a plane, and as usual, I suspected I probably wouldn't make it past chapter 3 before just putting on my headphones and opening up my laptop to write instead. Most of my readers know I don't read much romance anymore, not because it's not good, but because I write it all day, I kind of need a break when I'm reading for pleasure. So I veer toward other genres. It's like a hairstylist, you know? You think their...
  • Tatiana
    Alright, I am just going to up my rating to 5 stars. I devoured every sweet, smutty page of this story. Again. While I am not blind to this romance’s flaws, I simply love it. I feel like this story was written exclusively for me. Original review The last time I enjoyed a romance novel this much was... hm, I think the word I am reaching for is NEVER. I am always looking for good love stories but rarely find them. This book scratched my romance i...
  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    YESSSSSS! 2018 GR Choice Awards - Best Romance - Winner :) Sarah J. Maas recommends this book! Pls watch this video clip. :P please! This book is going to be a movie soon. OMG I can't wait to see Stella & Michael on the screen. For more info, pls read this article!
  • Julie
    The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang is a 2018 Berkley publication. A real charmer!Stella, an Econometrician, has intimacy issues, perhaps a symptom of her Asperger’s. With her mother growing impatient for grandchildren, and after absorbing an ugly comment, which took aim at Stella’s lack of sexual experience, she decides to hire a male escort to ‘teach’ her everything she needs to know about dating and sex. Michael Phan has never had a clien...
  • C.G. Drews
    Aww how cute is this?! I wanted to read this because of the #ownvoices autistic storyline, but hesitated for ages romance is not my thing lmao. But I was too curious not to try, so here I am and my opinion is seriously: AWW HOW CUTE IS THIS.It almost reminded me of Lara Jean x Peter Kavinsky...with the fake dating. But grown up. And with a lot of sex. And he's an escort and she's an autistic and works in economics instead. \_(ツ)...
  • jessica
    well, if this wasnt just the most wholesome story i have read in a while. my goodness. this was so pure. i think romance books have improved so much lately. its been quite wonderful to see romance stories with so much depth to them, beyond just two people in love/lust. not that the swoon-worthy parts arent great, but now i can actually say i read the books for the plot, and mean it. :Pwhat i really enjoyed about this book, specifically, was getti...
  • Chelsea Humphrey
    This book was so easy to love; I can see why it's getting all the attention it so richly deserves. The Kiss Quotient is the perfect example of own voices that we desperately crave more of. The author is more than qualified to write this story, and I really appreciate how she accurately portrayed the characters and also how she included a deeper aspect of understanding what Stella's parents have journeyed through as well. Highly recommend the audi...
  • Elyse Walters
    Update.. This is going to be a feature film!!!!If you haven’t read this charming book yet...consider it!!!!! I’m completely mush over this debut. Author Helen Hoang moved me to tears ... ( embarrassing to say how much)...I found it so heartwarming- that even the word heartwarming isn’t big enough. A love story .... that I loved!
  • Meredith
    3.5 stars To sum up my reading experience of The Kiss Quotient, I would have to say it’s like, not love.I really wanted to love The Kiss Quotient. While I enjoyed it, I didn’t love it. I think the hype ruined it for me, as I had mighty high expectations going into this. 25-year-old econometrician Stella has autism; she’s high functioning but has trouble with social skills and intimacy, amongst other issues. Her mother wants grandbabies and...
  • Heather
    4 1/2f your looking for a romantic, sweet & very steamy (seriously this is definitely an ADULT book) please kick up #thekissquotient by @helenhoangI fell in love with these characters and the plot and flew throughIt in a day! So addicting! So romantic and swoonworthy!!Also loved that our main character was autistic, we need more rep like that!Would highly recommend! 1/2Also again this is a very mature adult book so definitely a lot of adult times...
  • Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog
    10 perfect stars!Review & Excerpt at Of Pens and Pages. All the things that make you different make you perfect.” I am in love. The Kiss Quotient is a beautiful and realistic debut novel that breaks stereotypes, embraces uniqueness, and makes one think about their self-worth. It’s the kind of book that will make you smile, swoon, tear up, and think. I was on cloud nine when I finished it. It’s been a few days since I finished reading this b...
  • BernLuvsBooks (Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas)
    The Kiss Quotient was heartwarming, charming and quite steamy! Stella Lane was completely endearing. She is smart, driven and living with high-functioning Aspergers. She also has relationship and intimacy issues. How does one overcome those? With a master teacher of course. Enter Michael Phan. He is suave, sexually experienced and a male escort. Sound familiar? It definitely had a flipped Pretty Woman vibe and you know what - it totally worked!Am...
  • April (Aprilius Maximus)
    1.) The Kiss Quotient 2.) The Bride Test -----------------------------------------------THIS WAS THE BEST. Michael reminded me SO MUCH of my husband and the romance was killer omg everyone go read this! 1.) The Kiss Quotient ★★★★★2.) The Bride Test ★★★★-----------------------------------------------THIS WAS THE BEST. Michael reminded me SO MUCH of my husband and the romance was killer omg everyone go read this!
  • Jessi ♥️ H. Vojsk
    “I don't want just a night or a week or a month with you. I want you all the time. I like you better than calculus, and math is the only thing that unites the universe.” Story Asperger Syndrome - a developmental disorder characterized by severely impaired social skills, repetitive behaviors, and often, a narrow set of interests, but not involving delayed development of linguistic and cognitive abilities Readers often criticize that there i...
  • chan ☆
    well i promised myself i wasn't going to 5 star this, but then the author's note at the end made me cry like a lil bitchthis book was so excellent. like the blurb says, it's about a woman with autism who hires a male escort to help her with her own perceived social ineptitude. but honestly it's just a perfectly romantic story about two people who just really get and accept everything about each other.what did i like: almost everything but here's ...
  • Navessa
    I devoured this in a single sitting. And it was fucking delicious.For me, this book has everything going for it. It's dramatic, emotional, educational, complex, diverse, and hotter than sin. This is an own voices romance with a female lead on the autism spectrum, and the entire plot setup revolves around her commitment to becoming better at sex. Because, for Stella, being touched by another human is a tricky, sometimes highly unenjoyable experien...
  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    5+++++ STARS I don’t want just a night or a week or a month with you. I want you all the time. I like you better than calculus, and math is the only thing that unites the universe.” There's only one way to summarize my feelings for this book, and that's to tell you that it's an ABSOLUTE FREAKING MUST READ. The Kiss Quotient was quite possibly the most charming, addictingly satisfying romance I’ve read all year! It was everything. ALL OF ...
  • megs_bookrack
    **4.5-steamy stars rounded up**This book filled my heart and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did! My cup runneth over. Thank you, Michael Phan. I love you.Focus, Meg, focus!Feeling pressure from her parents, Stella Lane, decides she needs help in the relationship department. She's of a 'certain age' and they, especially her mom, are expecting things from her.Stella, who has Asperger's, finds direct contact and intimacy extremel...