Escape from the Isle of the Lost (Isle of the Lost #4) by Melissa de la Cruz

Escape from the Isle of the Lost (Isle of the Lost #4)

Mal, Evie, Jay, and Carlos may have once been the baddest of the bad, but their wicked ways are (mostly) behind them-and now graduation is almost here! But before the seniors can don their custom-designed caps and gowns, courtesy of Evie, they've got an epic plan to put into action. There are tons of villain kids on the Isle of the Lost who are eager for their chance to come to Auradon Prep-even Celia, Dr. Facilier's trickster daughter, wants in ...

Details Escape from the Isle of the Lost (Isle of the Lost #4)

TitleEscape from the Isle of the Lost (Isle of the Lost #4)
Release DateJun 4th, 2019
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Young Adult

Reviews Escape from the Isle of the Lost (Isle of the Lost #4)

  • Jessica
    I bought this book a few weeks ago, but when I heard about Cameron Boyce’s (who plays Carlos in the movies) passing, I knew I just had to read it now. My heart ached every time I came across Carlos in the book. Carlos is such a precious character and from what I hear, Cameron was an amazing person off-screen. Like the other book in this series, this book was a lot of fun. These books aren’t meant to be much more than a marketing and promotion...
  • Nikki Poulos
    ngl this was fairly boring. (view spoiler)[ it also doesn't confirm Hades being Mal's father EVEN THOUGH WE ALL KNOW HE IS ugh its fine, im fine (hide spoiler)]I wish I could say this was worth reading but it barely sets anything up for the movie in 2 months so you really don't have to read this
  • Gavyn golembeski
    Too who ever has this series I recommend getting the villain series by: Serena Valentino. She has a series that tell the backstory of the evil villains. Check the series out and I definitely recommend it to go along with your descendant series. Those are my most favorite series of all time.
  • Jackie
    Fun story that sets everything up for the next movie
  • Aleta
    This whole book felt very... unnecessary. Not much happened. At all. But as I am trash for Descendants, and Disney in general, I still immensely enjoyed it 😜
  • Ursula
    Nothing super special about this installment, but I am always appreciative of some backstory behind the Descendants movies. Today was especially hard for me bc I found out about Cameron Boyce’s passing. Every time I read something about Carols, I was reminded of the tragedy that struck today. God has received a truly talented angel and I am so blessed to have witnessed his talent for all these years. Goodnight Sweet Prince...
  • Natalie
    I love all the references to Disney movies and Disney songs! Such a cute series!!!
  • Freya Quinlan
    Want to read so bad!!!!
  • ☆☆Hannah☆☆
    This was a good read. The gang is together for once last adventure before they graduate. This one wasn't as good as the rest but was still enjoyable. They spent a lot of time trying to recruit students. The ending I saw was set up for the upcoming movie. However, I hadn't planned on watching it.
  • Leah
    This was such a cute book to read while I was in no mood for reading. Descendants is one of my favorite movies and these books just help with the wait for the third and final movie.
  • Rustin Verret
    Mal, Evie, Jay, and Ben are graduating soon and they want to go out in a bang. They want to help more Villain Kids come to Auradon and have a new life there. But there are a few problems. Ben is now king and he has a lot of new responsibilities even after he graduates. Mal is going to have a hard time persuading the Isle kids to come to Auradon. After all, not all of the kids want to be good. Some would rather be evil when they don’t realize th...
  • Madelyn Lightwood
    It took me way too long to read this book. It’s a solid 42% for me. I mean, I decently enjoyed it because it’s descendants and it’s got all the Disney allusions that I love in it. However, that’s one of the issue I have with this book. For starters, it has way too many Disney references (specifically children of characters if you know what I’m saying) and expositions for them. Too much to the point where when a new offspring/relative is...
  • Rose Marie
    Escape from the Isle of The Lost follows our main characters as they go on one last quest before they graduate and go their separate ways. Much like the previous books, they face some challenges, grow closer, and set up things for the next installment of the descendants journey.Unlike the previous books, however, it isn't clear exactly what the next installment (the third movie) is going to deal with or who's planning what. The only inkling we ge...
  • Augusto Román
    It’s Good to be Bad!!! As much as I wanted to last this 4th installment, I couldn’t put it down. I was so drawn by it and literally was an escape from me. I sure miss this VKs. My heart always has something for Mal. She has so many struggles since the beginning and sometimes she reminds me of me. I loved this story, it was so good to see how everything is coming up for the movie that’s coming out on 2/8/19. How the VK have grown up and chan...
  • Barbara Goulding
    Wow what Evie and Mal and Carlos and Jay have to go through in this book you will just have to read it to find out. It kept my interest the whole time and I could hardly wait to read the next chapters.
  • Angie
    I liked parts of it, but you can tell that it was more of a filler and filling in gaps from the next Disney original movie. But they are kids books! So if another comes out I will read it!
  • Mileena
    Escape from the Isle of the Lost5/5 starsI just wanna preface by establishing just how excited I am for this. Like I cannot remember the last time I was this hyped for a book. Summary/live thoughts: •So we're starting off with Hades and seeing his inner monologue on the isle and I already love him•They want Mal to like go on a grand tour but they didn't include the Isle cause they prejudice•Jay's thinking about college•Evie and Doug are p...
  • Kerem
    This book had some exciting moments but I am so tired of hearing about how “busy” Ben is the entire series. I felt like the character development could have also been better. The only things that really stuck to me about these books is the constant reminder that:1. Ben was ALWAYS busy.2. The villain kids were students and their entire lives revolve around being students.3. Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos no longer crave being evil. I think the wors...
  • Jasmine
    This was awful. Very fragmented and awkward. A lot of it didn’t even make sense! The language was way more juvenile than the first books. I understand that they’re for a young audience, but this one wasn’t in line with the rest of the books at all and seemed to get even younger. Towards the end, I started wondering if there was a mistake with the structure of the book. I thought I was reading a section that was supposed to have happened ear...
  • Michael
    I loved this book with all my heart!!! I am a hardcore Disney fan for life. I loved the character development of Jay, Evie, Mal, Carlos, and Ben from the first book and movie to now how they have all grew in many different ways. Leading to the end of there high school days to graduation, college and love. They are all heading for the next stages in their lives. The overall plot of the story was amazing I was at the edge of my seat the whole time ...
  • Jennifer
    Wow, This story was so good!! I really enjoyed reading it and it was awesome to see what's up with Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos and the other VKs as well as the Auradon Kids since the second Descendants disney movie and the Rise of the Isle of The Lost book too, I love their sweet friendship and they overcome things together no matter what they face. The dynamic between Mal and Uma too, omg!! So excited to see what's happens in the 3rd Descendants m...
  • Kate Allen
    Took me less than a week to read the fourth installment in the Descendants series. I was hoping to get it done before Descendants 3 airs on Disney Channel and I did. Loved the book like I loved the previous three books in the series, even though it was a bit marred by the unexpected and sudden passing of Cameron Boyce who plays Carlos de Vil in the movies. I thought of him throughout the course of reading the book just like I thought of the late ...
  • Laura Iacono
    Not too much happened, but it does lead up to and explain the third movie some more, which is good. Don't know if this warranted a whole book, but I enjoyed it enough. I think the other books were a bit more enjoyable just because there was more action. I do, however, love how in general the books have provided more of an insight into the VKs' lives on the Isle of the Lost. This is especially true with Carlos, who has been significantly impacted ...
  • Staci (stacisbookishprobs)
    3.5/5 starsGuys I’m totally trash for this franchise. I love the books and of course I love the movies. These are such fun middle grade stories. Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos are just so near and dear to my heart. I’m also so freaking excited for the next movie to come out in August!I may of cried a little bit reading the end of this. I was a little more emotional than I usually would have been since Cameron who plays Carlos has passed away. He w...
  • Alexia
    Our favorite Villain Kids and Auradon Prep students are graduating from high school and each one has different plans for the future. First, though Mal and her friends make a return visit to the Isle of the Lost to convince new VK's to enroll at Auradon Prep. However, underground Uma and Hades are cooking up a plan to break the barrier and escape from the Isle.This book is awesome! There is plenty of action and magic to tide you over until Descend...
  • Leah
    This one involves the main group recruiting new exchange students and fighting Uma. There is some romance and some action. There is a lot of talk about the future. New villains and VKs are introduced, too. Obviously there is a cliffhanger which will be where the movie begins. I may watch the movie to see what happens.
  • Kassandra
    This was a really fun story that is making me really excited for the next movie. I can’t wait to see how all of their lives unfold, how their fight with Uma comes to a head, and I can’t wait to get to know the new characters it looks like we’ll be getting.
  • Colleen Mertens
    This book sets up the next movie in the Decendants series. It is full of action and more danger for the VK as they grow up. They also have to face growing up and moving on, possibly without each other.
  • Casey
    Not too bad. Started out well then kinda fell flat. Definitely some nice build up towards Descendants 3. But I felt like it needed more a central story instead of all these short plots. Oh well. I’m looking forward to August 2nd. RIP Cameron Boyce