Lumberjanes by Holly Black


The Lumberjanes short stories collected for the first time in paperback! Join April, Jo, Mal, Molly and Ripley as they explore their all-girls camp. From ghost ponies to strange plants, these Lumberjanes are ready to take on anything that comes their way as long as they have each other. With stories written by Eisner Award-winner Faith Erin Hicks, and New York Times bestselling author Holly Black, these adventures are definitely something you do...

Details Lumberjanes

Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherBOOM! Box
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy, Young Adult, LGBT, Fiction

Reviews Lumberjanes

  • Magen
    This was a really sweet series. I enjoyed it more than the most recent volumes where Noelle Stevenson left the series. I enjoyed how all these stories did something very different than the main plot line and featured more diverse plots. I hope there's another volume like this one! If you've enjoyed Lumberjanes, check this out. If you haven't read Lumberjanes, no worries! For the most part, you'd understand everything that happens in this series (...
  • Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods*
    This is the first time I have seen a typo in a graphic novel. Bad letterer!
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    Lumberjanes: Bonus Tracks is a collection of the one-shot and special issue stories that have been published so far for Lumberjanes. These are the stories that were published separate from the main plot, and had their own naming (no number involved). I personally always forget to grab these sort of issues when they come out, so I was really happy to see they made a collection of all of them together.The issues included are: Beyond Bay Leaf, Makin...
  • Devann
    A collection of one-shots from the Lumberjanes universe. They're all pretty standard Lumberjanes adventures but also very cute and enjoyable. It's nice to see a range of writers and artists collected in a single volume like this. Unfortunately the print in the last story is VERY small if you are reading from a print copy [yes hello, I am officially an Old Person lol] so I pretty much just skimmed that, but if you have a digital copy [or better ey...
  • Chris Lemmerman
    Collecting all of the Lumberjanes one-shots (so far), the 'Janes face off against dinosaurs, demons, ghost ponies, and telenovelas in this worthy addition to the Lumberjanes canon.We start with Beyond Bay Leaf, by Faith Erin Hicks and Rosemary Valero-O'Connell (who drew most of Lumberjanes/Gotham Academy, for those keeping count). This is probably the strongest story collected, with Ripley and the gang splitting up to take part in a lifelong feud...
  • Brittany
    This is an anthology of short stories about the notorious Lumberjanes and their magical adventures. Therefore, the art and stories are different from the original series and in some cases I thought it was done really well and others I was not a huge fan of. Definitely still love the Lumberjanes and their adventures through the magical forest while at summer camp and am glad I read this.
  • Renata
    Oh my Elaine Stritch, this is an adorable addition to the Lumberjanes canon.
  • Mandy
    Cute little collection, some had better art, some had better plot, some missed the mark on both for me but all in all a cute addition.
  • Nicole
    Read August 2018I loved these short stories! They reminded me more of the earlier volumes of Lumberjanes which I really liked.
  • Britt
    I would totally read an entire graphic novel by Holly Black. Good thing I have one at home!
  • Julie
    I liked a couple of the stories in this really, really well. What annoyed me was that the guest authors and illustrators either haven't read the rest of Lumberjanes, or didn't pay enough attention.1. Even on the cover, Molly's raccoon cap is ACTUALLY A RACCOON, but in the stories, she's just wearing an actual coonskin cap.2. Ripley is said to have a sister named Pepita, when we know that she and her siblings (those who have been named so far, any...
  • Arkham Reviews
    This trade paperback collects five of the Lumberjanes specials and is therefore a bit of an eclectic mix. The stories are all told by different writers and artists and so vary quite a lot in quality. 'Beyond Bay Leaf' and 'Faire and Square' were probably the strongest of the two, but all of the stories have their fun moments. The only one that I didn't really "get" was 'Las Estrellas del Campo', but that's possibly because I'm not very familiar w...
  • Cendaquenta
    This was decent. Storylines were quite interesting but wasn't a fan of most of the artstyles. My favourite was easily the last issue, "Faire and Square".
  • Rachel Slocombe
    Ripley is my spirit animal. Also, magic ghost ponies!!!!!!
  • J. Taylor
    Beyond Bay Leaf-3.5Makin' The Ghost Of It-2Faire And Square is fun-3Sphinxes, Riddles, and Wishes, Oh My!-2.5Las Estrellas Del Camp-1.5Illustrations-4For a total of 2.75 rounded up to 3
  • Elyse
    This is just a small collection of unrelated one-shots and they were fun! Written and illustrated by different authors.
  • Chelsea
    This was a fun compilation of individual stories with interesting artistic variety.
  • Elise
    Bonus Tracks is a collection of one-shot Lumberjanes stories by various artists. It's a very enjoyable read, and impressive for being so versatile--some franchises can't cross over into different styles effectively, but this one works well. I guess it's because from issue one the series was set up without firm rules and with the understanding that anything could happen, so it translates well, with each creator bringing something new. (I must say ...
  • Arnela
    I will never not love a Lumberjanes story [ok that's a lie, but I haven't found a story I don't like THIS FAR].This is a series of little short story-type adventures that the girls have gone through, I'm not sure why this series of stories is off to the side, as I feel they could have been part of the main story line where they girls are going on random adventures in the woods. Possibly because they're just shorter and more self contained than th...
  • Tsana Dolichva
    Lumberjanes: Bonus Tracks is the collected volume of Lumberjanes one-shot special issues. I didn't really know what to expect when I picked this book up. I bought it because it (and Volume 4 of the main story) were what was available in the comic book shop. I'm glad I did grab this book, though, as it exceeded my expectations.Once I overcame the slight weirdness of seeing different artists draw familiar characters in slightly different ways exac...
  • McKayla Moors
    What a cute collection of stories. I'm limited in my access to Lumberjanes content by what my library has available, and I'm surprised they had this, but I'm so glad they did. It was a quick read, to be sure, but I had so much fun. The heart and spirit of the original Lumberjanes series is honored and celebrated in these stories by five guest writers, and even though the art style varies and the voices aren't quite the same, I never felt like I w...
  • OneMamaReads
    3.5 Stars***The Lumberjanes are back in a set of bonus stories by various artists and illustrators. From ghostly ponies, to weird flowers, even a reenactment of a telenovela. All of the illustrations were unique and brought out the best in each of these hardcore girls.There was a mix of whimsy and macabre in each of the stories, but the main theme (as always) is friendship and the power that those who possess it wield. The colours are vibrant and...
  • Cale
    These short stories for the LumberJanes allow other artists and authors to play in the sandbox, and show off their flexibility. Overall the stories are good - the Robin Hood variation goes surprising places and has some funny moments, and the Ghost pony story is the most true to the series. The axe murderer story isn't quite as strong, and the telenovela story I found the weakest of the selection, although it has a strong relationship focus. The ...
  • Nick
    While not the best Lumberjanes book, this anthology format permitted some wonderful creators to have fun with the characters. I wasn't as enchanted by the "telenovela" story, that is mostly because I don't watch them, and had trouble getting into the mood of the tale. The other stories were a lot of fun. Holly Black, Faith Erin Hicks, Jen Wang, Kelly Thompson and Gabby Rivera had a lot of creative energy to put into these stories. My personal fav...
  • Jen
    I thought these were cute, but kind of "meh" to have them listed as a separate volume, or "Bonus Tracks". These could have easily just been shoved into the back of the next few volumes. I really liked a few of the stories, but they were so short it was pointless. They could have gone on and really flushed them out and maybe made them great. I was disappointed compared to the normal Lumberjanes run. . . and then I realized Holly Black wrote at lea...
  • Darinda
    A special issue with 5 Lumberjanes comics. Fun and exciting stories with the Lumberjanes. 1. Beyond Bay Leaf - Ripley chases after a ghost pony. The other four girls go after her and encounter Sola, who is also after the ghost pony. 2. Makin' the Ghost of It - Jen takes the girls on a hike to learn how to forage food. During the hike, Jen tells them a ghost story about the nearby abandoned mining village. When back at camp, the girls spot the gho...
  • Elizabeth Mellen
    What a perfect night! A perfect night for sleeping... Theres no such thing as ghosts. Seriously? Weve dealt with deity siblings, bear-women and dimensional portals, but ghosts are where you draw the line? 4.5 Stars, this was my favorite Lumberjanes story-wise so far. Half star off because I just really preferred the earlier art style, but I was laughing and quoting lines to my husband throughout the whole thing. It was really fun. I feel like thi...
  • K
    Another fun collection of Lumberjane stories. These are stand-alone stories and unconnected to one another. The girls must free ghost ponies from a 'collector', they must face a midnight monster that consumes all the snacks in camp, and help a traveling medieval fair defeat the dragon that has been plaguing them for a year.I love the characters, the friendship, the teamwork, and the love in these books. The illustrations are great and the stories...
  • Melissa
    Here's an anthology of 5 stories by various authors and artists set in the Lumberjanes universe. While I enjoyed four of them, but I had issues with the lettering size of "Las Estrellas Del Campo" and that affected my enjoyment - maybe with a full page magnifier.... I think my favorite was "Beyond Bay Leaf" which had all the magic of the series, followed by "Faire and Square" (Robin Hood should have a fox head!). I read this for my 2018 Reading C...
  • Cliff
    This is cute collection of one-shot stories written by other authors but utilizing the Roanoke cabin as the heroes. I do think that many of these writers get the core of the comic, though at times, I'm not sure if they have a consistent take on Mal/Molly's characters. April and Ripley are easy. Jo tends to often blend into the background, except when something science-y is required.It's a quick and fun read, but not "necessary" for the overarchin...