Panzer Ace by Richard Freiherr von Rosen

Panzer Ace

Richard Freiherr von Rosen was a highly-decorated Wehrmacht soldier and outstanding panzer commander. His memoirs, richly illustrated with contemporary photographs, including key confrontations of World War II. After serving as a gunlayer on a Pz.Mk.III during Barbarossa, he led a Company of Tigers at Kursk, later a company of King Tiger panzers at Normandy and in late 1944 commanded a battle group (12 King Tigers and a flak Company) against the ...

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TitlePanzer Ace
Release DateMar 9th, 2018
PublisherGreenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal Ltd.
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, World War II, Military Fiction, Military, Military History, Autobiography, Memoir

Reviews Panzer Ace

  • Grant S
    A world war 2 memoir from the German point of view that deals mostly with soldiering rather than trying to account for the genocide and actions of the Nazi party.There's lots of pictures in the book that I've not seen before and it's almost worth buying for those alone!Very dry in tone and I'd have liked to have read a bit more about the authors post war career in the West German army.
  • Norman
    I read a lot of history / autobiography and now and again a book stands out as a truly outstanding memoir. 'Panzer Ace' is one of them. I found it a fascinating story of basically how a school-kid (he was in shorts up until he went to war) joins the German army as a tank crewman, joining the invasion of Russia and then enters a cycle of combat, getting wounded, recuperation, then back to the front for more combat until injured again and so on. In...
  • gary schade
    Eye-Opening .......A Damn Fine BookSuperb reading.Hard to put down, harder I suspect to forget.I respect what the author went through; even though my family name is listed as a member of his Company, my family members fought against him in war, and with him in the following peace.I enjoyed his personal observations of the french.......shared by my father in law who landed on D Day+1 "The only thing wrong with France is the french!"........or my f...
  • Steve Scott
    I listen to the unabridged audiobook.An outstanding account of the war and its immediate aftermath. I was particularly impressed with the accounts of the logistical trials the author had supplying and maintaining his unit’s tanks.
  • Nina Usherwood
    A very interesting book. A soldier’s eye view was of the war. From age 18 Von Rosen served in German panzer units. As he was called up military service before completion of his education, he was given a secondary school graduation certificate. He served with heavy armour units including as company commander of Tiger II. He served on both eastern and western fronts. He was wounded 5 times. He served in the Wehrmacht and only in ‘45 was his uni...
  • Paul Spence
    Although there are many memoirs detailing the German experience in the Second World War, few are written by tankers who served in Tiger Battalions. Tiger I and II tanks were produced in limited numbers but they consistently made their presence felt on the battlefield and memoir literature from both the Eastern and Western Fronts attest to that fact. Thus, 'Panzer Ace' is a welcome addition to German memoir literature, although it comes with a few...
  • Dennis Rutzou
    This is a very interesting book that I really enjoyed. I have been intrigued for some time about what it must have been like in living in the nightmare that was Nazi Germany during World War 2, particularly as in the case of the author, he was convinced the war was lost after 1942 and the fall of Stalingrad, but there was nothing he could do except bravely fight on. He also says that even as an officer in a Panzer Corps he was completely unaware ...
  • Fletcher M. Durbin
    Good narrative with hundreds of photographsThe photographs in the Kindle edition alone would warrant publication of this memoir as they are numerous, well captioned, and actually document the story. So when the author writes of his Tiger turning over as a result an attempt to escape an attack the the train it was loaded on, we are provided this a snapshot of that overturned tank.This applies to the Kindle edition. Photos are expensive for a print...
  • Jbussen
    I'm feeling lazy. I borrowed some lines here and the and cobbled this together. It reflects my sentiments. About tank combat and the logistical nightmare of fighting these monstrous machines in appalling conditions. It was a dry and read like a log book rather than a memoir. There are a TON! of pictures. There was just too much information about where they were, when it was , and unimportant details that should have been omitted and not enough an...
  • creig speed
    The best soldiers account I have read.Von Rosen gives an excellent account of his ear time experiences. He gives detailed stories that truly had me believing I could have been there with him. I believe he is absolutely honest about his stories and about him having no knowledge of the holocaust. He was just a boy with big time man size responsibilities. He was a true soldier that fought for his country when it called only to find out afterwards he...
  • D
    Fascinating description of what it was like to be a young man in Germany at the outbreak of the Second World War, and the whirlwind that followed. Von Rosen concludes with an interesting section on life under french occupation following the war’s conclusion, and his own interpretation of the morality of the German army. I didn’t give it 5 stars because the author irritated my admittedly 21st century sensibilities by expecting better treatment...
  • Tony DeBias
    Great ReadVery well written historical account of a Panzer Soldiers life in WW2. As the Author has said not many Panzer Commanders made it thru five years of war. Appears to be somewhat Sanitized of the Nazi Army's treatment of Enemy Soldiers and Civilians during the war. Although the Author himself is probably of great personal character, especially due to the post war Bundeswehr's elevation of him to Major General. One of those books you may re...
  • Jim Wallis
    A very well written and detailed WW2 memoir that tells the tale of a young panzer crewman from 1940 to 1945. Gives a real insight into the comradeship and respect that tank crews had for one another. The book also contains a wealth of photographs illustrating the author’s experiences from Germany to Russia, France during many operations and on various battlefields. A great addition to any WW2 library.
  • John G. King
    Excellent war memoir If you enjoy first person memoirs of WW2, and have an interest in reading those from ‘the other side’, I am confident you will enjoy this book. Furthermore, if you have an interest in tank warfare during this period, you will love this book. One thing that sets this apart from other German memoirs, are the extensive personal photographs used throughout which show in wonderful detail many of the people, tanks and events de...
  • Sean Michael
    This book provides an interesting perspective on the events of World War II. While it contains a number of compelling stories and entertaining anecdotes about the war, the narrative sometimes gets bogged down in technical details about the movements of various battle groups, the specifics of weaponry, etc. This may have been heightened by the fact that I listened to the audiobook.
  • Anthony William Phipps
    BrilliantGood Frank memoire with excellent supporting photos. The author comes across as honest and pulls no punches in his opinions of both the regime he served and also the allies after the wars and (especially the French)...a really good read from the person who was actually and not just a researched account.
  • Erik L Grupp
    Great readWell written, easy to understand, and comprehend. Included with this book are a large number of pictures from the authors time in the German army. I found them very insightful.Great read, i would highly recommend this book.
  • James Blizzard
    A great account of a German soldier's experiences during WWII. Great photos.Very much recommended reading. A great read of a young mans experiences before and following the war. You will like.
  • Rjurik Davidson
    An account of World War Two. The most extraordinary scene comes at the beginning, when Von Rosen describes being caught in a bunker tunnel on the eastern front during Barbarossa. Not a great deal of depth to this one, but interesting as an account of actual combat and as a history "from below."
  • John
    A cracking read by a man who saw a lot of action. Wounded five times he went from raw recruit to seasoned commander in 5 years.As a student of military history I learned a lot about the tactical actions, as well as a lot of how it felt to live in a shattered post war Germany.
  • Geoffrey Stobbart
    Panzer AceWhat an excellent biography. A well documented history with lots of good source material attached. Written in no nonsense fashion and with enough detail to bring your thoughts into the environment.
  • LeeAnn
    Great stuffI thought that this book is a great representation of day to day life during the second world war. The author has a great perspective to describe activity where he was assigned.
  • Julio Fernandes
    J fernandesThis is a very well balanced memoir of a Panzer veteran, no bragging, no understatements either. Great reading and it’s also interesting to see how military life was all about during the war: rest, combat’ wounds’ hospitals, training and returning to the front.
    Interesting read but sometimes resorts to lists and dates which would be better fleshed out. Can't really complain given the difficulty of keeping a diary when he was in so many different theatres of war and other places. Quite a different book to some of the other Eastern front tank warfare tomes, which portray an awful experience without end.
  • Paul Zimmerman
    Great MemoirAn excellent memoir written by a professional soldier who joined as a 17 year old officer candidate aspirant who advanced via courage & combat leadership to be a panzer company commander Great MemoirAn excellent memoir written by a professional soldier who joined as a 17 year old officer candidate aspirant who advanced via courage & combat leadership to be a panzer company commander
  • Marty D.. Reid
    GreatInteresting and personal viewpoint by a German front line combat veteran and officer of the werhmacht. Understanding the German soldier perspective is certainly fascinating.
  • Albert A Kleyn
    Worth reading Can recommend this book many photos and a huge amount of detail of the campaigns the author was involved in.
  • Taw
    This book has no soul, it reads like a newspaper, there a lot of other better commander books out there.
  • John Lindeman
    Great bookWould recommend to anyone looking for an interesting WW2 book to read. Author included many first hand photos that I've never seen before.
  • Dоcтоr
    A very pleasant read.