The Road to Unfreedom by Timothy Snyder

The Road to Unfreedom

With the end of the Cold War, the victory of liberal democracy was thought to be absolute. Observers declared the end of history, confident in a peaceful, globalized future. But we now know this to be premature. Authoritarianism first returned in Russia, as Putin developed a political system dedicated solely to the consolidation and exercise of power. In the last six years, it has creeped from east to west as nationalism inflames Europe, abetted ...

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TitleThe Road to Unfreedom
Release DateApr 3rd, 2018
PublisherTim Duggan Books
GenreHistory, Politics, Nonfiction, Cultural, Russia, North American Hi..., American History, Political Science, European History, Literature, American, Philosophy, Sociology

Reviews The Road to Unfreedom

  • Michael Austin
    The Road to Unfreedom was not the book I was expecting it to be, which is not necessarily a problem, since the thing it was is at least as good as the thing I thought it would be. What I was expecting was a sort of parallel history study of Russia, the European Union, and the United States, showing how various global trends have influenced each of these entities in similar ways. What I got was a very learned history of Modern Russia under Vladimi...
  • Julie
    More information with links to my review coming soon- stay tuned!
  • Henri
    "All of the virtues depend upon truth, and truth depends upon them all. Final truth in this world is unattainable, but its pursuit leads the individual away from unfreedom. The temptation to believe what feels right assails us at all times from all directions. Authoritarianism begins when we can no longer tell the difference between the true and the appealing. The cynic who decides that there is no truth is the citizen who welcomes the tyrant." F...
  • Peter Mcloughlin
    This book puts together a story we have only had hints at behind events like Brexit and Trump's election. It starts with the neofascist ideology that Putin and the Russian oligarchs have adopted. it centers around the ideas of a Russian exile and fascist named Ilyin and has morphed into Russian grand strategy to destroy the west. The book is a lightning rod which shows a blow by blow account of the Russian attempts to export their authoritarian v...
  • Caren
    I actually listened to this book, read by the author, then got a copy of the physical book, in order to return to some sections and read them thoughtfully, marking sections to which I'd like to return. With anything I read, I want to know the source, the author's creds. This author is a professor of history at Yale who has won awards for his writing. The publisher is a division of Penguin Random House, a mainstream publisher. I preface my remarks...
  • Graeme Roberts
    For the first time, The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America enabled me to see the relationship between the lies and fascism of Vladimir Putin, Russian interference in the politics of the United States and Europe, and the lies and fascism of Donald Trump. Seeing the big picture is no less depressing, but at least Timothy Snyder gives us a coherent sense of what is ailing us, and a chance to defeat these monsters. Everyone should hear his me...
  • Radiantflux
    41st book for 2018.This book is a slow burn, systematically laying down the case for the rise of fascism in Russia, it's war in the Ukraine, and it's systematic attacks on the West (including Brexit), leading up to the final chapter that assesses Trump's presidency and his obvious ties to Russia. While at times I found Synder's writing style a little irritating, I also found his ability to call a spade a spade very refreshing. The content is firs...
  • Marks54
    If you get a chance to see Timothy Snyder give a talk, you should take advantage of the opportunity and go see him. He is a powerful speaker and an intense person. You need to pay attention in considering his work, but in my opinion the effort necessary to do so will be highly rewarded. Snyder gained attention for his work on mass murder in the lands between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union from 1930 to 1945. He makes sharp arguments, provides l...
  • Luba
    It is a must-read book about the genesis of fake news, Russian propaganda and inter-connectivity of the world. The Russia’s occupation of the part of Ukraine might seem marginal and obscure to the rest of the world. Yet, there is where the Russia's propaganda muscles were tested first to later be applied to the US and European elections. After learning who among US and European politicians and opinion makers are paid directly or indirectly by K...
  • Yonis Gure
    The only good portion of this book was Snyder's breakdown of the Russian war against Ukraine. Acute, historically-grounded, elegantly written. Every single Far-Right and Far-Left talking point on Ukraine is dispelled one point at a time with such precision that I don't think it could've been bettered. Unfortunately, everything else in the book is really not worth anyone's time. He subscribes to a Cold-War ideological framework of an evil East and...
  • Jeremy
    Most effective history books in our time rely on presenting and explicating a huge volume of data to make their case. I have to give Snyder points for taking a different approach, and writing something that is more philosophical, at times almost aphoristic.The Road to Unfreedom purports to tell the story of how right wing ideology developed in Russia following the soviet breakup, and how Putin and his propagandists were able to weaponize and expo...
  • Whitney Milam
    "To experience its destruction is to see a world for the first time. Inheritors of an order we did not build, we are now witnesses to a decline we did not foresee."
  • Ailith Twinning
    You know what hypothetical book I'd really love to see? One co-authored between Snyder, Stiglitz and Chomsky. A few years of them combining their perspectives and knowledge could produce something fantastic. Meanwhile, in the real world, this is a solid book.In fact, it's easily the single best commentary on what the Russian thing means -- but just read the book, my personality will probably undermine the point.
  • Bruce Knotts
    This book must be read before it’s too late. Our future depends on equality, the rule of law and respect for the fact-based analysis. Read this book to understand what’s happening to our country and to Europe. This book connects all the dots. Probably the most important book you can read during these dangerous times.
  • Liviu
    just propaganda and bad propaganda at that
  • B. Rule
    You can basically feel the seams in this one where Snyder decided he wasn't just writing a recent history of Ukraine and Russia, but an indictment of Russia's role in the rise of authoritarianism in the U.S. Like his shorter, pithier book "On Tyranny", Snyder often styles himself as a prophet speaking against power. Frankly, that's what he's best at doing. The parts where he speaks broadly about what authoritarianism looks like in practice, the s...
  • Tom Walsh
    I’m not sure how to react. This scholarly, well documented description and analysis of the philosophical underpinnings of Putin’s worldview is essential reading for our politicians and every citizen interested in the future of America. Snyder recounts in great detail the events of the takeover of Ukraine and the Crimea in the light of the writer Ivan Ilyin’s perception of a Greater Russia based on its past going back to its Viking roots. Sn...
  • Roz DeKett
    Forensically researched account of the history and recent years leading to Russia's engineering of the rise of populism in the West, the British vote to leave the EU, and the election of Donald Trump: all Russian goals, all targeted to de-stabilize America, the European Union, and democracy itself. It explains why and how people fall for huge lies; why and how Russia is running its campaign of information warfare. A staggering work that only gets...
  • Joe Zivak
    Absolútne zásadný text, ak chcete pochopiť súčasný politický bordel. Snyder zaviedol dva politologické termíny, ktorými dokážeme veľmi presne analyzovať súčasnú situáciu. Oba súvisia s vnímaním histórie a historického času. Elegantne sa tak vyhneme mätúcim pojmom ako ľavica a pravica, či siahodlhým sporom o tom, kto je a kto nie je moderný fašista. A všetko to sedí. Knihu začal písať ako históriu putinizmu a ...
  • Richard Stahlhut
    required reading for US and western world of 2018required reading for US and western world of 2018. starts slowly. but keep going. eventually the picture crystallizes and it is dangerous. disastrous if we ignore it.
  • Dan Graser
    Where Yale Professor Timothy Snyder gave a series of brief yet potent warnings and injunctions in his previous book, "On Tyranny," here in "The Road to Unfreedom" he has provided hundreds of pages into the recent historical context in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, and the United States as to why these warnings are so dire and necessary. This discussion is framed through either unconscious or cynically witting practices in the politics of inevitability...
  • David
    This book is astonishingly bad. “Bloodlands,” by this author, was a decent book. This one is confused in theory, biased in orientation, and paranoid in psychology. Essentially, the book is a Russophobic rant, with Vladimir Putin at the center of a global web of evil, with Donald Trump at one of its outer nodes. Putin, in the author’s narrative, pulls the strands connected to the Donald. I have many quarrels with this book. I will list them ...
  • Joseph Stieb
    A brand new and absolutely outstanding analysis of the new Russian menace and the authoritarian wave that is sweeping Western politics from an excellent historian. Snyder's chapters go year-by-year since Putin's return to official, permanent power in 2012, each chapter covering developments in Russia, EU, and the US in each year. The focus, however, is definitely on Russia, which Snyder portrays as in the thrall of a new fascism. He does a deep d...
  • Lysergius
    Reading this book is an experience, in the sense that one can feel the scales falling away from one's eyes and all the apparently contradictory pieces of information falling into place to produce a coherent and powerfully explantatory narrative.There is a wonderful clarity about the way in which Snyder approaches this most complex issue - modern history - the history of the last few years of the decade. Particularly impressive is his use of the t...
  • Conor Wilson
    This book is a very informative look at the actions and motives of Russia in its campaign to undermine democracy in Europe and North America. It argues that this conflict can best be described as a conflict between the Politics of Inevitability (Europe and North America) and the Politics of Eternity (Russia).Where the Politics of Inevitability assume that progress will move forward without the need of intervention and that democracy is a natural ...
  • John Edmiston
    Frightening recap/summary of the modern Russian state and ongoing effects on the world, Brexit, USA, social media.
  • Michael Siliski
    An occasionally brilliant but flawed book of huge importance. Every American and European should read it. It goes directly at the most important question of our times, even if it's only partially successful.The Road to Unfreedom is a history of Russia's foreign policy towards the Western powers in the 2010s, written by Timothy Snyder, a historian who specializes in Eastern Europe. Snyder traces the forces and philosophies leading up to the rise o...
  • Rodrigo Acuna
    "From Russian communism to Russian fascism & chaos"Essential and a must read, the best nonfiction book of 2018A nation that has never had actual freedom grows to create a culture that distrusts the very idea of democracy and individual rights; it has no place in its soul or in the very institutions that hold it together, and such a nation has been an empire it sees this very fact as a successful formula, a reason to conquer to dominate.This book ...
  • David Niose
    This is a very good and important book that, in my opinion, could have been better. It provides lots of insight into the authoritarian and malevolent nature of the Putin regime, from its philosophical groundings to its actual wrongdoings. Snyder relays loads of information, making for a very interesting read, on Russia's interactions with the outside world, whether it be in Ukraine, the European community, or the United States. His discussion of ...
  • Steve Greenleaf
    In his latest work, Timothy Snyder sets a high bar for himself: he compares his project to that of Thucydides in The Peloponnesian Wars. Snyder justifies the comparison by noting that Thucydides, like him, was writing about the events of his lifetime.Can history be so contemporary? We think of the Peloponnesian Wars as ancient history . . . . Yet their historian Thucydides was describing events that he experienced. He included discussions of the ...