For a Muse of Fire (For a Muse of Fire, #1) by Heidi Heilig

For a Muse of Fire (For a Muse of Fire, #1)

A young woman with a dangerous power she barely understands. A smuggler with secrets of his own. A country torn between a merciless colonial army, a terrifying tyrant, and a feared rebel leader. The first book in a new trilogy from Heidi Heilig.Jetta’s family is famed as the most talented troupe of shadow players in the land. With Jetta behind the scrim, their puppets seem to move without string or stick a trade secret, they say. In truth, Jett...

Details For a Muse of Fire (For a Muse of Fire, #1)

TitleFor a Muse of Fire (For a Muse of Fire, #1)
Release DateSep 25th, 2018
PublisherGreenwillow Books
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Young Adult Fantasy

Reviews For a Muse of Fire (For a Muse of Fire, #1)

  • Acqua
    “To the mad ones”I knew I was going to like this book right from the dedication.For a Muse of Fire is the first book in a YA trilogy set in a high fantasy world inspired by Southeast Asia during French colonization. It's the story of Jetta, a girl with bipolar disorder who is trying to get to a "magic" spring whose waters should be able to help her (because of the lithium which naturally occurs there).It means a lot to me when I find SFF in w...
  • Lauren ✨ (YABookers)
    Disclaimer: I received a free copy via Edelweiss for review purposes.Jetta is a member of a famed troupe of shadow players, where a story is told through the shadows cast by puppets. But Jetta and her parents have a secret to their success – Jetta's has necromancy powers and uses it to bind souls to her puppets so they can move without strings. With her skills and their fame, Jetta and her family are trying to make their way from Aquitan and Ch...
  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...In a vivid, rich world inspired by Asian cultures and French colonialism… A bipolar young woman with a dangerous power she barely understands. A smuggler with secrets of his own. A country torn between a merciless colonial army, a terrifying tyrant, and a feared rebel leader. Told from Jetta’s first-person point-of-view, as well as chapters written as play scripts and ephemera such as telegra...
  • Cori Reed
    I tried to read this book many months ago as a manuscript and couldn't get into it, but the audiobook is GREAT. An interesting and unique world that I have never seen before.PS - There is quite a bit of French in here, definitely not enough to take away from the story if you're 100% unfamiliar with the language. That said, if you're a non-French speaking Canadian (like me!), the basic education we learned from the back of cereal boxes makes all t...
  • Ricky
    Welcome to the fourth in my series of reviews of ARCs for which I traded this August, and for sure one of the best, brightest, and most unique new books of the year! Heidi Heilig impressed me a great deal with her first duology, The Girl from Everywhere and The Ship Beyond Time. Now, she starts a new trilogy in For a Muse of Fire, another stellar fantasy in Heilig's signature style. It's dark and deadly, very lavish, highly critical of colonialis...
  • Adah Udechukwu
    The cover art is good, the title is good, the novel is not so good. There is a spark of potential that needs to be exploited in subsequent books in the series.
  • laurel [suspected bibliophile]
    Gently to hear, kindly to judge, our review.Perform a shadow play before the General. Wow the General. Impress him so much he takes you to perform before Le Roi Fou. Get on a ship to Aquitan. Get cured.Simple, right?Wrong.I absolutely loved this book. It took the oft-used YA plot of special girl with powers+boy+evil government+rebellion and turned it into something fresh and new and exciting.There's necromancy as I've never seen it before. Shadow...
  • Scrill
    Blog | Bookstagram | Instagram | TwitterARC provided via Edelweiss for a fair reviewIn a land stricken with war between a country colonizing it and its local rebels, Jetta and her family make their way across the country to hopefully catch the eye of the Boy King as a shadow troupe. If they manage to catch his favor it may be their ticket out of the dangerous country and a new life.The Story-Okay, I’m not going to lie. For most of this book I w...
  • Hanaa
    “Never show, Never tell.” Okay, before i start the official review, i wanted to know: didn’t that line remind you of Frozen? Just me? That’s fine.I have a feeling a lot of you are going to like this book, and that’s good. Personally I am really not sure about my feelings regarding this book. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I read every page, i wanted to. But I didn’t devour it. There were some things that I didn’t predict, but u...
  • Lilly (Lair Of Books)
    ARC received from the Publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for a honest reviewFull RTC on LAIR OF BOOKSINITIAL THOUGHTS: There's so much to love about this uniquely dark tale told in play format, 3 acts where we follow our MC Jetta as she is uprooted from the only place she's known as home. A story about Colonialism, mental health, racism, and necromancy that I just could not stop reading. This story will appeal to those who loved Rin Chupeco's Th...
  • Glory
    Весь мир – театр, говорят в народе.Но эта сцена в рисовых поляхДля всей Вселенной может стать приютом.Ведь на простой бамбуковой платформеВладычица теней рисует сказку,Сама сокрыта шёлком, а за неюВзлетают искры в бархатное небо.Вспотевший лоб, ...
  • Alexandra
    I received an e-ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Review can be found on *Milky Way of Books*Jetta has an extraordinary ability...which must remain hidden if she and her family want to survive. In this world of Empires, conquered cities and full of spies, revolutionaries, and secrets Jetta will discover the extent of her own abilities and struggle with what she considers to be madness.There were many parts at the beginning of t...
  • Alexa
    It was a little hard to make sense of the world, language and storytelling format initially. But there was just enough of a draw to keep me interested in finding out how things would play out in the end.
  • Britt
    Necromancy with puppets...French and Asian influences.Magic and epic adventures.For a Muse of Fire is a story about a girl named Jetta. Her family is the Ros Nai – a troupe of shadow players that is on their way to being the most famous in the country. Their puppets seem to move and dance without strings and everyone is always captivated by the stories they tell with her father singing the old tales and her mother playing the thom and flute whi...
  • Rachel Strolle
  • Anny
    Nota: 3'5✯Ha sido una novela rara. Durante la primera mitad del libro iba super perdida sin entender lo que estaba pasando porque no me estaba acostumbrando al word-building de la autora y aparecían demasiados personajes y no entendía nada. Peeeeeero, a medida que los capítulos fueron pasando, así como la acción, me fue gustando (y por fin entendía lo que estaba sucediendo), aunque eso sí, casi que cuando le pillé el truco a la novela a...
  • Andrea
    3.5/5While I did like this, I generally feel a bit underwhelmed as a whole with this book. I think my brain was mostly in a "I don't want to listen" mood so a majority of the story probably went over my head. I think I'd really like this had I the time to sit down and read this book. For example, it took me way too long to realize that Jetta was performing necromancy when she'd put spirits into her puppets. And this was such an essential piece of...
  • K
    Heidi Heilig is a master of her craft.
  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]
    OH. MY. GOD.THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING.I started writing this review and it was basically a bunch of fangirling, so I’m starting over again. From the beginning this time. Here goes… PLOT So, Jetta and her parents are shadow players – they tour Chakra and put on plays with puppets. They’re famous for how easily their puppets manoeuvre. But what the audience doesn’t know is that the puppets are essentially alive: they’re animated by souls, b...
  • Susan
    Arc of For a Muse of Fire provided by Edelweiss and HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review. Warnings (mentioned by author in book): Mental illness (bipolar), blood use in magic, gun violence, war, colonialism, racism, descriptions of dead bodies, mention of reproductive coercion, mentions of torture, mention of suicideHeidi Heilig  has created a piece of art that is multi-faceted in characters, writing structures and plot points. Withi...
  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    FOR A MUSE OF FIRE captured my attention--and held it--with its unique magic and believable characters. Jetta contends with family secrets and the horrors of war. The novel pulls no punches and is all the stronger for it.Many readers will no doubt love the letters, telegrams, and plays that are scattered between chapters. For me, the play sections in particular jarred me out of FOR A MUSE OF FIRE. Jetta’s POV is a close first-person, so her sto...
  • Anniek
    Actual rating: 2.5I really wanted to love this. And I did love some parts of it. The concept, the format and the setting were very promising, and I loved the mental illness rep (even though I can't judge, as I'm not bipolar myself). However, it felt like there was hardly any plot, and the characters seemed pretty flat. I just didn't get drawn into the story as much as I would have liked. Maybe I'll give it a second chance at some point, but at th...