Theo (One Love, Two Stories, #2) by Amanda Prowse

Theo (One Love, Two Stories, #2)

There are two sides to every love story...Anna Cole grew up in care, and wants to start a family of her own. Theo Montgomery had a loveless childhood, and wants to find his soulmate. Then, one day, Theo meets Anna, and Anna meets Theo. Each shows the other how to love. And each shows the other what heartbreak feels like...This is Theo's story.

Details Theo (One Love, Two Stories, #2)

TitleTheo (One Love, Two Stories, #2)
Release DateMay 1st, 2018
PublisherHead of Zeus
GenreRomance, Fiction

Reviews Theo (One Love, Two Stories, #2)

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    EXCERPT: It was as he lay in his bed, wide awake and staring at the ceiling while the adults screamed their laughter below, that a sad realisation came to him. He didn't want to be anywhere, not at school, not in the back of his father's car, where cigarette smoke and fast corners had made him sick, not in the cold kitchen with the fuzzy TV, where there was no one to talk to, and certainly not in this bedroom filled with antiques from his grandpa...
  • Adele Shea
    I think the whole concept of the Anna and Theo books is great. When I read Anna, I took her side but then I read Theo and makes you realise there really is two sides to every story. Thank you Amanda Prowse. Xx
  • Teresa
    After recently reading Anna and loving it, I was very happy to receive a message from the author asking if I would like a sampler of Theo, of course I said YES!!As a young boy Theo has been shipped off to boarding school and he hates it, taken away from his home, away from parents who quite frankly don’t seem to know that he exists half the time, and he’s a loner until he befriends the groundsman, Mr Porter, who takes him under his wing and t...
  • Joanne Robertson
    After reading Anna, I felt like I had been left in emotional limbo and needed to complete the journey by reading Theo as soon as possible. So I was delighted that I didn’t have to wait too long to get my hands on Theos story, which I think affected me even more than Anna’s did! This gorgeous couple deserved so much happiness in their lives after their loveless childhoods so I went into Theo with everything crossed for a happy ending!They say ...
  • Sarah
    I first met Theo in the authors other book, Anna. Anna and Theo are novels that gives the reader the chance to find out more about each character as well as see things from their point of view. You don’t have to have read either book in any particular order, the choice is entirely up to you.We first meet Theo in his novel when he is at boarding school. My heart broke for the young boy who has to endure bullying as well as having parents who are...
  • Cal
    I loved ‘Anna’, the first half of Amanda Prowse’s ‘One Love, Two Stories’ tale, but absolutely adored ‘Theo’ which turns their love story into one delicious whole that I did not want to end. I read it in more or less one sitting and enjoyed every word of this heartwarming tale.Amanda Prowse is a gifted story teller, her characters come to life on the page and you can’t help but fall in love with them. I adore everything she writes...
  • Joanne
    Having read Anna, I was really keen to read about Theo's story not just to find out his take on their relationship, but also to learn more about his childhood. He came from a very rich background yet his childhood was not happy. His parents frequently fought and seemed to have very little time for him. His time at the same boarding school his father attended was far from happy. Theo was a shy, sensitive boy who didn't share the same passion for s...
  • Joséphine (Word Revel)
    Actual rating: 4.5 starsInitial thoughts: I really enjoyed Anna and Theo! Although, I preferred Theo a slight bit, probably because the prose was a little more fluid. What amazed me was that even though several events were already familiar thanks to Anna, it didn't feel like Theo was repetitive. Amanda Prowse indeed managed to craft to amazing individuals whose viewpoints were unique and brought something to the table. And while both their storie...
  • Linda Tilling
    My 5* review for Theo, the second part of this amazing complicated love story by Amanda Prowse.There are two sides to every love story...Anna Cole grew up in care, and wants to start a family of her own. Theodore Montgomery had a loveless childhood, and wants to find his soulmate. Then, one day, Theo meets Anna, as each shows the other how to love, each also shows the other what heartbreak feels like...This is Theo's story.I love the saying "No m...
  • Jacqueline
    What can I say except WOW. I absolutely adored this book. Now yes, I know I always say that about Amanda Prowse’s novels, but this was truly a wonderful read. I keep thinking, why has no one done this before? Why has no none written a love story (or any story) from two peoples perspective, one after the other... maybe it’s been done... I’m not sure, but I am sure it’s not been done so well. This book was amazing. I had unanswered question...
  • Gail Atkins
    Theo attends a private school in Dorset which has been the family tradition for generations. Theo is extremely lonely, he has no friends and his parents are more concerned about themselves.In a bid to escape the pressures of the constant bullying at school, Theo finds a friend in the form of Mr Porter, the school groundsman.Theo knows he has to follow family traditions but it's not what he wants in life.Finally he feels his life will get better a...
  • Jeanette
    I have enjoyed several books by Amanda Prowse and was so pleased to have received a copy of this Sampler through Netgalley. All I can say at this moment in time is that I was well and truly hooked from the first few pages. I loved it! Cannot wait to read the full book.
  • Liz
    It’s a well known saying that there are two sides to every story and Amanda Prowse has done a brilliant job creating the Anna/Theo novels. I had a great deal of sympathy for Theo at the beginning but do feel he made some wrong choices as the novel progressed. I found him to be a much more complex character than Anna. I was surprised that this second book managed to complete the story without too much repetition. I didn’t feel as involved emot...
  • Mo
    This sample definitely leaves you wanting more! Theo’s journey of life is upsetting to read bad once again Amanda’s style of writing leaves you immersed in the story . Cannot wait to read the rest .. thanks to the publishers and Amanda for my copy. ****update .. having just had the privilege of getting a copy of the full book I can say that the five stars above stick . Anna and Theo two books one love are both fantastic and my love for this a...
  • Julie Smith
    There are two sides to every love story...Anna Cole grew up in care, and wants to start a family of her own. Theo Montgomery had a loveless childhood, and wants to find his soulmate. Then, one day, Theo meets Anna, and Anna meets Theo. Each shows the other how to love. And each shows the other what heartbreak feels like...This is Theo's story.This is a great follow on to Anna. Lots of emotion, upset and love. Just what I needed to read today.5*
  • Sally Coles
    Theo is a lonely 7 year old boy when he is sent away to boarding school, he doesn't fit in and your heart goes out to him when one of the masters tell him he is weird...... and it can only get worse..... if it wasn't for the lovely groundsman Mr Porter his life would have been hell! This was just a taster and so I am really looking forward to being able to read the whole book but am excellent start
  • Christine Owens
    I’ve just finished this sampler and have preordered the book so I can read the rest. I loved reading about Anna and her side of their story but I already know that my heart is going to be well and truly squeezed with Theo’s story. While reading Anna’s book it was sometimes hard to see where Theo’s thoughts and actions came from, but just through this sampler I just want to hug him and hold him tight and make sure he knows he’s loved. Ca...
  • Amy
    This was an Advanced Sampler Copy, not the full book. Definitely has left me wanting more! The start of Theo’s life is filled with struggles. This is going to be an interesting coming of age story to read. Very much looking forward to the book!Thank you NetGalley and Head Of Zeus.
  • Madeleine Black
    So pleased to have finally read "Theo" after reading "Anna" a few months ago. Amanda Prowse is so gifted at story telling and my only complaint is that I didn't want it to end as wanted to know more of their story! Loved it and had me gripped from the start
  • Laurel
    This was just a sampler. As always Amanda Prowse creates such real and wonderful characters. I was drawn in from the very beginning. Just can’t wait to read the full book.
  • Megan Jones
    It is the small things, the things that go unnoticed that built the man who fell in love with Anna Cole. Theo Montgomery grew up surrounded by riches, his parents gave him everything, but they missed out on one crucial aspect, love. Then he got stuck in a lift with a young woman with dark hair and shy eyes. Everything changed. This is Theo’s story.Having already devoured, and loved, ‘Anna’, I came to this eager to see what Theo’s story is...
  • Jo
    Oh my heart! When you pick up an Amanda Prowse novel you just know that you're in for a treat. This is such a beautiful book. I loved Anna, and this story was just as wonderful. This is the other half of the story, it is Theo's story.As with Anna, we meet Theo as a young boy who attends a boarding school. The very same school that his father attended. We then follow him through his teenage years, into adulthood, and then when he eventually meets ...
  • Jeannette
    Book blurb...There are two sides to every love story. Anna Cole grew up in care, and wants to start a family of her own. Theo Montgomery had a loveless childhood, and wants to find his soulmate. Then, one day, Theo meets Anna, and Anna meets Theo. Each shows the other how to love. And each shows the other what heartbreak feels like. This is Theo's story. My thoughts…Before reading Theo, I read Anna’s story and here are some words used for tha...
  • Em Yarnell
    Theo is beautifully written and could be read as a standalone book. But it is, I feel, definitely enhanced by reading Anna first. It's thought provoking and funny and heartbreaking. It's full of complex relationships and family dynamics. It addresses sensitive issues like depression and trauma in such a clever way it pulls you further into Theo's world. The depth of character, the determination and to be able to understand so much more about Theo...
  • Sammy Jackson
    Brilliant as always
  • Belinda
    5 stars! Another FANTASTIC story by the super talented Amanda Prowse. Theo is the second book in the “one love two stories” novels about couple Anna and Theo. I was very interested to see how Ms Prowse would be able to tell Theo’s side of the story without repeating too much of what was written in the first book, Anna. Amanda Prowse absolutely nailed it! I read Anna a little while ago now so I’d forgotten a few little aspects of the story...
  • Peg
    4.5 starsTheo is the second book in Amanda Prowse’s One Love, Two Stories, Series. After reading, Anna, the first novel, I couldn’t wait to devour the second one. And, just as I expected, book two is an outstanding, heart-wrenching, and emotional read. Theo suffered from low self-esteem and bouts of depression all of his life. Although he had every material thing a person could want growing up, he craved approval and affection. His parents we...
  • DubaiReader
    Theo's side of the story.Having enjoyed the first book of this series, Anna, I was looking forward to reading the sequel, Theo, to tie up all the loose ends that were still hanging and understand his side of the relationship. The author has no problem writing equally well from the male point of view and I now feel as if I have the full picture.In the first book we met Anna and followed her through her sad childhood. About half way through that ...
  • Claire
    I thoroughly enjoyed Anna, the first book in this story so I was looking forward to reading Theo's story. I found it very interesting to get the story from Theo's side compared to Anna's. I went through many differing opinions of Theo, as a child I felt terribly sorry for him, when he meets Anna, I was so happy, then I disliked him immensely, I found him selfish and then events happened and I began to like him again, a lot, I finally came to hope...
  • Laurel
    I was excited to receive a preview copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Having read Anna’s story which I loved, I had very high expectations. Although I enjoyed Theo a lot, I found the first section of Theo's early life covered too much of the book.As always Amanda Prowse writes exceptionally well about real people with real issues. Her books are always credible with excellent characters. I particularly loved Theo...